Die with me by Elena Forbes (review


It's a fun to read and interesting story, though the dialects can be confusing to some people (my friends who read it said it was kinda difficult to decider what the characters were saying.The story involves the course of the investigation of a strange string of murders involving depressed teenage girls.The main protagonist Tartaglia, is a aging detective with little to no personal life apart from his flings with a pathologist(who is engaged). He has a loner complex in that he wants to be alone in his personal life.There are also other characters that offer a dynamic story of their own. We have Donovan the petite girl detective, Clark the father figure boss type ,Kennedy the brow-nosing pervert (who thinks hes pretty special), Steel the somewhat insecure female replacement for Clark. During the course of the investigation there a multitude of twists and turns, involving anything from murder pattern to witnesses to possible suspects. Most of whom you sorta rule out of our mental checklist , even though they still play a part in the story . One thing to mention is that this novel contains a fair amount of back story that does not necessarily interfere with the plot and fleshes out the characters a bit making them more likable, hell even one of the murder victims had a chapter dedicated to her which kinda stung when she collapsed sherley out of coincidence and/or plot convenience.

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