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Equipment & Materials

for 3DIC and Wafer-Level-Packaging
The second complete REPORT and exhaustive DATABASE analyzing in details the equipment and materials tool-box for packaging at the wafer scale

November - 2012





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Table of Content
• • Scope of the report & definitions ..……. 4
– Objectives, key features, glossary

2) 3DIC & WLP technologies process flows & manufacturing trends analysis ……...... 110
– Focus on Flip-chip wafer bumping …………….. 112 o Introduction & background o Typical manufacturing process flows o Equipment & Materials suppliers involved o Key process challenges and issues Focus on WL CSP packaging …………………... 118 Focus on FO WLP packaging ………………...... 136 Focus on 2.5D silicon interposers ................... 148 Focus on 3D WLP …………………..…………….. 162 Focus on 3DIC & TSV „Via Middle‟ …………….. 170 Focus on “Via first” TSV for WLP MEMS Oscillator with TSV……………..205

Executive Summary ….………………… 11

1) 3DIC & WLP Equipment & Materials 2011 – 2017 market forecasts ...………. 41
– Equipment market forecasts (in units and M$ revenues) …………………………………………………....…… 48
o Breakdown details for Wafer Bonders / die bonders / C2W Bonders / DRIE etching & other drilling tools / CVD / PVD / ECD Plating / Exposure & Lithography / Spray coating / Cleaning / Temporary Bonding & DeBonding / Grinding-Thinning-CMP / Wafer-molding / Inspection & Metrology / Test tools

– – – – – –

Competitive landscape and market share of main equipment suppliers detailed

3) DATABASE in excel format …...……...… 275
– Detailed analysis of the activity of the 375+ key equipment & material suppliers of the wafer-levelpackaging tool-box solutions (activity profiling & key contacts)

Materials market forecasts (in M$ revenues) …………………………………………………......….. 86
o Breakdown details for Photoresist & coatings / Adhesive tapes / pre-applied & wafer-level underfills / Molding compounds / Plating & cleaning chemistries / Slurries for CMP / Temporary bonding materials/ Gas & precursors / sputtering targets

• •

Conclusions & Perspectives …...……... 281 Appendix ………………….……....…….…. 286

Competitive landscape and market share of main material suppliers detailed

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Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved.

(carriers. metrology.5D interposers Flip-chip wafer bumping on BGA Complete Equipment & Materials Tool-Box covered in this report! Photo resist & coatings Gas / Indirect mat. plating. test. deposition. cap. thinning . All rights reserved.Scope of this report coverage Wafer-level-packaging Platforms Wafer-Level Interface / Encapsulation 3D WLP For MEMS & sensors (also called 3D SiP sometimes) Wafer-Level Electrical Redistribution Flip-chip & Wafer-Level Stacking / Integration 3D IC & TSV Glass / Silicon WL CSP ‘Fan-in’ FOWLP ‘Fan-Out’ Embedded IC in PCB / laminate 2. dicing. precursors adhesive tapes & underfills CMP slurries…) interposers…) FE / BE / LCD / PCB related equipments (litho & exposure. bonding. etc…) …) © 2012 • 3 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. etch. cleaning. Substrates Dry film & Mold compound (chemistries. . handling. molding.

we are noticed that a real infrastructure has emerged by itself into what is now being called the “Mid-end” of the semiconductor manufacturing environment.0 3DIC Volume (in Munits of 300mm wafer eq. namely Fan-in WLCSP packages. solder bumps and today copper pillars.0 WL CSP 2.The emerging flavors of the “Mid-end” • « Mid-end » infrastructure is growing and is the main leading driver and the fastest growing semiconductor packaging technology with more than 18% CAGR in units over the next 6 years to come Global Wafer-Level-Packaging demand (in Munits of 300mm wafer eq.0 5. As this wafer-level-packaging industry develops over time. 3D WLP.5D Glass / Silicon interposers and of course 3DIC integration with TSV interconnects. All rights reserved.) Yole Developpement © October 2012 35. wafer-levelpackages are true “Mid-end” technologies in the sense that they can all be served in the „blur zone‟ of overlap between the IDMs or CMOS foundries' back-end-of-line (BEOL) wafer fabs and the back-end wafer bumping assembly facilities of the OSATs and wafer bumping houses Copyrights © Yole Développement SA.0 25.) 40.0 10.5D interposers Flip-chip 0. – © 2012 • 4 . wafer-level-packages are actually coming in many different flavors.0 20.0 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 – Wafer-level-packaging technologies are a huge business opportunity in the future: historically supported by the market growth in flip-chip wafer bumping with electroplated gold. 2. FO WLP packages.0 3D SiP FO WLP 3D WLP 30. Indeed.0 15.

. All rights reserved. & SMT materials SMT equipment suppliers 5 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. new business models in orange Substrate material suppliers (FR4. etc…) Package substrate laminate suppliers PWB suppliers (motherboard) Design of chip & package Silicon Manufacturing « Front-end » Wafer Level Packaging « Middle -end » Package Assembly & Final test « Back-end » Sub-Module / Sub-systems Design & Assembly System / Product IDMs (Integrated Device Manufacturers) Fab-smart players (foundry services + focused internal investment in manufacturing & critical IP) Integrated wafer / package manufacturing foundries ODM / EMS / DMS (electronic design & manufacturing services) OEMs (Original Equipment Makers) Fab-less IC players OSATs (Open Source Assembly & Test houses) Wafer foundries WLP houses (no need for traditional substrate) Wafer Bumping houses SiP design houses PCB / PWB houses with Embedded die capability Front-end related materials suppliers FE related equipment suppliers © 2012 • BE Packaging materials suppliers BE Packaging equipment suppliers Passive comp.Transforming IC Packaging Supply Chain* * Existing business models represented in red. BT resin. Cu clad.

3D WLP. yield. 2. . Fan-in WLCSP. All rights reserved. front-end related technologies are more expensive initially but could be preferable because of higher repeatability. FOWLP.Detailed 3DIC & WLP Process Flow Analysis • It‟s worth noting that there‟s a significant difference in how manufacturing is generally performed in the front-end versus in the back-end worlds – – The back-end has generally a much greater cost sensitivity but can face scaling issues with time when semiconductor ICs continue to reduce in chip size while increasing in pin-count number On the other hand. including flip-chip wafer bumping trends.5D silicon interposers. 3DIC Via Middle & Via Last process scenarios © 2012 • 6 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. throughput and because of better perspectives in the long run when it comes to be able to scale down the technology to smaller pitch dimension while maintaining cost pressure • Yole‟s analysts have updated the previous report “equipment & materials” based on the different alternatives offered by the present equipment and material tool-box for waferlevel-packaging – All main scenarios are analyzed.

Market Forecasts For 3DIC / WLP equipment & materials • The wafer-level-packaging market remains a huge business opportunity and shows the greatest potential for significant future growth in the semiconductor industry. All rights reserved. . – That can be explain by the 3D IC technology which is fundamentally changing how processing is done and offers the opportunity for new equipment modifications and new materials development Global Equipment & Material market forecast for 3DIC & Wafer-Level-Packaging (in M$) $4 000 M Yole Developpement © October 2012 $3 500 M $3 000 M Sales forecasts (M$) $2 500 M $2 000 M $1 500 M $1 000 M $500 M $0 M 2011 $869 M $596 M 2012 $646 M $714 M 2013 $867 M $890 M 2014 $1 208 M $1 190 M 2015 $1 725 M $1 503 M 2016 $2 579 M $1 962 M 2017 $3 773 M $2 186 M Equipment market Material market Equipment market Material market © 2012 • 28% 24% 7 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA.

4% KLA Tencor $3M 4% Okamot o $2. . 40% SUSS ~$11 M 22% SAMPLE EVG ~$2 M 12% AMA T ~$5M 18% TEL/NEXX ~$1M. 9% Nanometrics: ~$2M. 10% Othe rs: $0.4M.6M 12% Tango Systems $16M 23% Oerlikon $20M 28% FOGALE ~$3M. 3% SUSS $30M 30% SUSS ~$51M 38% SPTS $8M. 5% $30. 10% TEL/ NEXX $9.7M 10% ACCRE TECH ~$4. 5µ Others: ~$3M TOK ~$4M 15% TAZM O/ 3M ~$11M 25% SPTS $10M 33% AMAT ~$5M.6 M 65% © 2012 • 8 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA.1M. 3% LAM Research/ Novellus: $0.5M 0. 10% TEL $6M 12% DNS $8M 8% ASML ~$23M 17% TEL/NEXX ~$28M 20% Ebara ~$35M 25% Others: ~$6$. 3% TB & Debond $43M TEL ~$7M 5% Spin coating/ Developer Spray coating ~$100M Others: ~$2M.4M. Starsbaug 5% h $1. 15% EVG $33M 63% TEL $60M 60% SUSS ~$13 M 82% EVG ~$11 M 25% Ultratech $57M 43% AMAT/ Semitool $69M 50% LAM/ Novellu s $12M 39% AMAT $24M 34% Rudolph Technologi es:~$32M 44% DISCO ~$17.6 M ~$81M Others: ~$2M.6% Inspection/ Metrology ~$72M Grinding ~$27M Others: $1. 6% Lithography ~$134M ECD Plating DRIE CVD PVD $138M Novellus/ LAM Research : ~$7M.5M ~$12M Others: $3.2011 Global equipment market for 3D TSV & WLP TOTAL: ~$870M Wafer bonding $52M Others ~$2M.1M 15% SUSS ~$11 M 25% Camtek ~$26M 36% SPTS ~$5M. All rights reserved. 2% ~$15M DNS $1M.

2M. All rights reserved. 22% Others $3. 2% Solder paste $46M Others $5M. 4% Sumito Bakelite/ Promerus $7M.8M 10% Cleaning chemistries $62M Others: $1. 2% Others $14M 13% AZ Electronis Materials $3M. 7% Fujifilm $23M. 8% AZ Electronis Materials Shin-Etsu Micro Si $4M.3M 30% Honeywell $5.2011 Global materials market for 3D TSV & WLP TOTAL: ~$590M Strippable plating resists $130M Permanent dielectric resists $106. 2% Slurries for CMP $48M Others.7M 70% ATOTECH $19M 40% Zeon Chemicals $16M 25% Cabot Micro $36M 75% JSR Micro $52M 40% HD Microsystems/ Dupont $28M 26% Dynaloy $16M 25% Mitsubishi Materials $14M 30% © 2012 • 9 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. $0.5$ Hitachi Chemi $1M.0M. $4M 3% OM Group Ultra Pure Chemicals $10M 20% $6. 2% Dow electronic materials $3M. . 10% Shin-Etsu Chemical $6M 10% OM Group Ultra Pure Chemicals Air Products ~$5M 10% AGC ~$6M 12% Indium $7M 15% TOK $26M 20% Nippon Micrometal $9M 20% Enthone (Cookson Elect) $14M 30% $12M 20% Sekisui Chemicals $14M 30% AZ Electronis Materials $39M 30% DOW Chemical $26M 25% Nagase $7. 3% Shin-Etsu Chemical. 5% Dupont $3M. 3% JSR Micro $4M.2M Wafer Molding compound $11M Plating chemistries $48M Others $4.

0 M 60% * SSEC. TAZMO. SUSS MicroTec and Dai Nippon Screen  TEL has strong leadership in the middle-end packaging market especially related to the coating + developer track equipment set  SUSS Micro is a key leader in spinc oater dedicated to WLP applications Copyrights © Yole Développement SA.) $60. All rights reserved.3 M 2% SUSS Microtec $30. © 2012 • 10 .0 M 8% Others* $2.0 M 30% Yole Developpement © October 2012 TOT ~ 100 M$ TEL (Tokyo Electron LTD. Toray engineering. Ushio • • Total market related to the spin coater & developer equipment market is assessed at $100M in 2011. EVG. TOK. The key providers active in spin coating & developer equipment are: – TEL.2011 Spin-Coater/ Developer Equipment Market 3D & WLP Market share per equipment supplier Spin coating & Developer equipment for 3D & WLP 2011 Market Share Breakdown by supplier (in M$) Dai Nippon SCREEN $8.

Dupont. Shin-Etsu MicroSi • • Total market Strippable Thick Resists materials (including negative and positive resins) is assessed at $130M in 2011.0 M 10% Yole Developpement © October 2012 TOK (Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co. AZ Electronic Materials . 11 .0 M 30% *Dow Electronic Materials. Shin-Etsu Chemical..2011 Strippable Thick Resists Material Market 3D & WLP Market share per material supplier Strippable thick resist for WLP applications 2011 Market Share Breakdown by supplier (in M$) Others* $13. The Strippable Thick Resists materials market is fragmented into 3 main leaders: – © 2012 • JSR Micro.0 M 20% TOT ~ 130 M$ JSR Micro $52.TOK Copyrights © Yole Développement SA.0 M 40% AZ Electronic Materials $39. LTD) $26. All rights reserved.

. All rights reserved.More slides extracts (1/1) © 2012 • 12 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA.

© 2012 • 13 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. in March 2012. Back-end assembly. Tokyo Electron. . All rights reserved. enabling the company to expand and enhance their position in advanced packaging by being involved in electrochemical deposition (ECD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems. Yole is delivering an excel database screening and profiling the detailed activity of more than 375+ small to medium to giant equipment & material suppliers coming either from Front-end. PCB. LCD or Solar industries and providing actual solutions for the 3DIC & wafer-level-packaging tool-box • One of the main move this year was the acquisition of NEXX by TEL.DATABASE with 375+ key Equipment & Material Suppliers for 3DIC / WLP • The database wad steadily updated with new key equipment & materials suppliers – Along with this new research and updated report.

. Ltd. oak-mitsui technologies. Canon ANELVA. Furukawa America GE Sensing & Inspection. Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments (ASTI). SOITEC. Inc. Nippon Sheet Glass – NSG. tok. Mitsubishi Electric. Inc. picoDRILL. DYNATEX International. Hamamatsu.. TEL (Tokyo Electron LTD. OPµS. Pac Tech.. PVA TePla AG.. Inc. Jet Metal. LTD).. Dynaloy. OEM group. EEJA. Ltd.. Tamar Technology. ULVAC Inc.. AML. Linde Gas. TRESKY. Ltd. Barth Electronics. ICOS Vision Systems NV. Auros Tech. Hesse & Knipps. Saint-Gobain. Fico molding (BESI). Starfire Systems Inc. SCS . FOGALE Nanotech. Adtec Engineering. Panasonic Denko. Schmoll Machinen. Zeon Chemicals L. Momentive performance material. SolMateS. . Nissan Chemical Industries.. Cyantek.. Doublecheck Semiconductors.. Dongjin Semichem Co... Berliner Glass. Oxford Instrument..Smart Equipment Technology... MECO. Nypro Inc. ALSI. Eastman Chemical. Enthone (Cookson Electronics). Newport. Ltd. Sumitomo Chemicals. Inc. Ltd. Polymatech. Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation. 4Pico. FASSE CO. Ltd... Nikon Corporation. DJ DevCorp. JENOPTIK. tecnisco. Ltd. Dai Nippon SCREEN. Mühlbauer. TOK (Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co. Shanghai Sinyang. DEK semiconductor. Datacon Technology GmbH (BESI). Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.. Inc.. Advanced Inquiry Systems. YoungTek Electronics Corp. Ablestik. Altatech Semiconductor. ATI. Thin materials AG. Finetech. ADEKA CORPORATION. JSR Micro. Cascade Microtech. Air Products. Hitachi High Technologies Corporation. Singulus. SolVision. NEXX Systems. Viscom AG.Ltd. Namics. Gore. ESI. . Dow Corning Corporation. Sumco Corporation.. MSG Lithoglas AG.). Nordson ASYMTEK. Praxair.. EXCICO. Asahi Kasei E-Materials Corporation. Bruker AXS . Takatori Ltd.. ASML Netherlands B.Speciality Coating Systems. nScrypt Inc. Metryx. STIL SA. MTK Co. YAMADA CORPORATION. Anji Microelectronics. Kester. rasco. Koh Young Technology Inc. Akrion systems.V. Ebina Denka. LAM Research Corporation . West-Bond. SUSS Microtec. FSI International. Assembleon. Applied Spectra.. Etched in Time Inc. AMEC. Timbre Technologies. All rights reserved. Sysmelec. Brewer Science. .... Young Chang Chemical. ATOTECH.Solid State Equipment Corporation. D-Tek Technology Co.Ltd.Ltd. Cyber-Technologies. Axcelis Technologies. Solvay. Protavic America. Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. GPD Global. Ikonix Imaging.. SHINKAWA LTD. Inc. ECI Technology. Austin American Technology Corp. MicroFab Technologies Inc. LincoTec. Ltd. Strasbaugh.com. IceMOS Technology... TOWA Corporation.. Micronics Japan Co. NEC / SCHOTT. Teradyne. Replisaurus Technologies. OM Group Ultra Pure Chemicals Pte. Applied Materials. AIR LIQUIDE. REC Silicon. Zetta Core. Kyzen Corporation. Senju Metal Industry Co. AJI – dvanced Jisso Technology. Frontier Semiconductor. Toray engineering Co.. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Zygo Corporation. Ultratech . CHAPMAN. SSEC . Verigy. Exelsius. Hoya.. Inc. Norcom Systems Inc. Ajinomoto Fine Techno Co Inc. Lauffer Presses. Shin-Etsu MicroSi.. Ultraspray. Materion. BASF. Seto Engineering Co. Tamarack Scientific..P. Heraeus GmbH. Toray Industries. NOVELLUS. Uyemura Co. Takada. Amicra Microtechnologies GmbH. Ricmar Technology GmbH. RENA GmbH. Advanced Chemical Company . PANASONIC Factory Solutions. Evest Corp. Olympus-ITA. Ayumi Industry Co. AI TEchnology Inc..375+ companies cited in this Report / Database 3M. Sokudo Co. SONIX. . Daxin Materials Corporation. Nitto Denko Corporation. ESEC AG.. KG. Ltd. Potomac Laser. Mitsui Chemicals. Corning. Aimsolder. Micronic Laser Systems AB. SPP (Sumitomo Precision Products Co. Umicore. Delta Design. Kulicke & Soffa. Nippon Electric Glass – NEG. 3MTS. Orbotech Ltd. Loadpoint. LORD Corporation. Silecs... ASYS GmbH. DuPont Electronic Technologies. CAMTEK USA. © 2012 • 14 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. AGC. Shinko Seiki. TEGAL.. Tango Systems. Xradia.. Mitshubishi Gas Chemical. Semprius. Rudolph Technologies... CSM Instruments. AkroMetrix LLC. Philips Applied Technologies. Nagase & Co. Nippon Kayaku Co. ENF Technology Co . Nordson March. Ltd. Lasertec Corporation. Palomar Technologies Inc. HamaTech APE GmbH & Co. Uyemura International Corporation.. Zymet. KiyoKawa Plating industry. LG Chem. TRIOPTICS. Henkel Corporation. Boschman Technologies B. DRY PLASMA SYSTEMS. Ltd. Applied Relay Testing. ERS – gmbh. Disco Corporation. Alchimer. Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI). SENTECH Instruments. Plan Optik AG GmbH. Indium Corporation. Electroglas Inc. Ishihara Chemical . Frt Of America..V. Lintec. Blue-M. Mapper Lithography. Veeco. Schott AG.. Sumitomo Bakelite. Advantest.. Nanda Tech GmbH. Inc. AST (Samurai). SONOSCAN. Sekisui Chemical Co. Laserod.). DCG Systems. Nusil Silicone Technology. EBARA Technologies Corp. DELO. Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment . LTD. ASM Pacific Technologies. Denka. Nitta Haas Inc. Nanovea. KLA-TENCOR. Enterprix. Laird Technologies. AZ Electronic Materials. Ramgraber GmbH. EV Group. Shibuya Kogyo. Ltd. HD MicroSystems. Rorze. SPTS.Ltd. Life Bioscience.. Mechatronic Systemtechnik. Fuji Polymers. Promerus LLC.. FUJIFILM Electronic Materials. Mattson Technology. Cabot electronics. HORIBA Semiconductor. SET . Bergquist Company. Epoxy Technology Inc. ATMI. Hitachi Chemical Co. Leybold Optics USA Inc. ACCRETECH. Honeywell Electronic Materials. Nordson dage. Okmetic. Zebra Optical. Inc. Azores Corp. Oerlikon.Ltd. Mitsubishi Materials. Nikko Metal. NANOPLAS. Chomerics. Dow Electronic Materials. MicroChem. MEMC Electronic Materials. Ismeca Europe Semiconductor SA. Corning Incorporated. SAMCO Inc. Surface Science Integartion..

equipment and material levels. with a specialization in Semiconductors and Nano Electronics Technologies. France Contact: baron@yole.fr © 2012 • 15 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA.fr Jerome Baron Jerome is leading the MEMS & Advanced Packaging market research at Yole Developpement.About the authors of this report Amandine Pizzagalli Amandine recently joined Yole Development Advanced Packaging and MEMS manufacturing teams after graduating as an engineer in Electronics. . All rights reserved. He has been following the 3D packaging market evolution since its early beginnings at device. He was granted a Master of Science degree in Nanotechnologies from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon. She worked in the past for Air Liquide with an emphasis on CVD and ALD processes for semiconductor applications Contact: pizzagalli@yole.

challenges and issues for each 3D packaging scenario – © 2012 • 16 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. challenges and precise requirements for each 3DIC / WLP scenarios Screen competition activity. All rights reserved. CMOS foundries & OSAT players – Get an exhaustive list of the 350+ equipment & materials companies supplying solutions in the different 3DIC and wafer-level-packaging areas Understand technology trends and benchmark several different 3DIC & WLP scenarios including the future trends for PANEL scale packaging based on LCD / PCB infrastructures – – – • R&D organizations & Investors – Monitor the global activity and consolidation currently happing in the semiconductor equipment & material business in order to identify new partners. .Who should be interested in this report? • Equipment & Material suppliers – Assess the TAM – total accessible market of your company‟s related products in the wafer-level-packaging areas Identify technology trends. identify possible partnerships or targets for M&As in areas close to your current business • IDMs. targets and take the right decision before committing to one particular supplier • PCB substrate manufacturers – Get the complete list of semiconductor packaging equipment & materials companies supplying solutions in the blooming 3DIC & wafer-level-packaging area Identify technology trends.

.Yole Developpement Company Presentation © 2012 • 17 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved.

Yole activities in Advanced Packaging Market research. All rights reserved. All rights reserved.yole.fr Technology & Marke t Trends IR HB-LED Packaging Osram © 2009 Copyrights © Yole Développement SARL. Technology & Strategy Market Research Reports Media business News feed / Magazines / Webcasts Consulting services www. © 2012 • 18 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. .

 perkins@yole.fr Yole Japan  katano@yole. © 2012 • 19 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA.tsai@yole.fr 30% of our activity is in Asia Yole Korea  yang@yole.fr Yole Europe  eloy@yole.fr  meiling. All rights reserved.tw Yole Taiwan Yole Développement Lyon (HQ).Our Global Presence & Activity 40% of our activity is in EU Countries 30% of our activity is in North America Yole Inc.com. .

Technology Evaluation and Business Plan Assessment for clients along the entire value chain © 2012 • 20 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved.Supporting the Entire Value Chain Institutions Investors & Advocates Material & Equipment Suppliers Device & Module Makers Integrators & End Users  Yole consultants provide Market Analysis. .

6 & 6 mm © 2010 6 & 6 mm Copyrights © Yole Développement SA. All rights reserved. .5D Glass & Silicon interposers . All rights reserved.today SMT SOIC & Die Down 2006 Stacked Die QFN FO WLP & Embedded die WL CSP 2012 Report update 2. All rights reserved.today SMT SOIC & Die Down 2006 Stacked Die QFN ~125 sq mm 1995 Sidebraze DIP 1996-2002 Plastic PDIP ~100 sq mm ~25 sq mm 1999 . ~125 sq mm 1995 Sidebraze DIP 1996-2002 Plastic PDIP ~100 sq mm ~25 sq mm 1999 .2010 Report IPD . All rights reserved.Our latest advanced packaging market research reports LED Packaging HB-LED Packaging Market & Technology Trends Technology & Market IR MEMS Packaging Market & Technology Trends 3D IC & TSV 2010 Market Analysis F r e e s c a l e S i l e x D u P o n t I M E C Via First / Via Last? 3D integration Scenarios N o k i a N o k i a F r e e s c a l e S i l e x D u P o n t I M E C Osram © 2009 Copyrights © Yole Développement SARL. © 2012 • 21 Copyrights © Yole Développement SA.Thin-film Integrated Passive Devices N o k i a TSV+ Cost Analysis Tool for your 3D IC manufacturing TSV Scenario Cost structure breakdown $27 7% $23 6% $168 41% $109 26% Via / Etching Drilling Via Isolation Via filling Temporary bonding Wafer Packaging Fabs DATABASE Equipment Packaging Advanced & Materials for 3DIC & Wafer-Level-Packaging Flip-chip 2011 Report Equipment & Materials DuPont NEC-Schott EVG Thinning Stress release BEOL (Pads) SUSS STS Brewer Science $8 $31 $9 $37 2% 7% 2% 9% Bonding © 2010 Copyrights © Yole Développement SARL.

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