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Essex Conservative Group Manifesto

Essex Conservative Group Manifesto

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Published by Stephen Canning
Essex Conservative Group Manifesto
Essex Conservative Group Manifesto

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Published by: Stephen Canning on Feb 08, 2013
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Essex Conservatives

Creatin g a world cla ss County Cou ncil
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Trained more than 1300 new apprentices into skilled work Saved more than £370 million of taxpayers’ money and kept Council Tax low yet continued improvements to public services Reduced the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads Protected and invested in front line services Delivered two outstanding London 2012 Olympic venues and legacy

A Continued Record of Action: We have…

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Kept Council Taxes low year on year with no increase for three years Invested an extra £11 million to repair potholes and strengthen roads Called on the Government to reduce the UK’s payments to the EU and not allow any more powers to transfer to Brussels without asking you irst Invested £13 million directly into our communities for local needs Brought inward and international investment into Essex resulting in jobs

A Promise of More: We will…
➢ Keep Council Tax low through continued savings at County Hall ➢ Continue our campaign to return more of our money from the EU to invest directly into Essex ➢ Keep Essex as one of the safest counties in the UK by continuing to reduce crime ➢ Work with business by investing to create jobs and keep the Essex Economy growing ➢ Increase road safety and reduce speed limits in appropriate areas ➢ Maintain and increase high levels of investment in our roads ➢ Continue our record of excellent inancial management ➢ Give people a greater say in their communities ➢ Cut costs and help the environment by making it easier for more people to recycle ➢ Protect older and vulnerable people by providing world class care ➢ Continue to invest in young people and deliver their potential and employment opportunities

And we back the Conservative pledges • • • • •
Reform of the welfare state - it is not right that people can remain at home on more bene its than people who work. However, we will always stand up for those who genuinely need help. We back the Referendum on our future within the EU. We were the irst County Council to call on Brussels to tighten its belt and take less of your money. We always believe in value for money, cutting waste and red tape, and keeping tax low. We support tougher immigration rules and stopping bogus visa applications

Essex County Council Elections - Thursday 2nd May 2013

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