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PRESENTATION OF THE CANDIDATES (by the class adviser or the Principal) Dr. Cherry Mae L.

Limbaco, Schools Division Superintendent, I have the honor to present to you 9 candidates for the graduation, 5 of whom are boys and 4 are girls of Kimaya Elementary School for the school year 2011-2012. They have satisfactorily completed all the requirements prescribed by the bureau of education, department of education. May I request Mrs. Lorilyn C. Agbong our Cluster Principal to Certify their eligibility for graduation.

CERTIFICATION OF CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION School In-Charge /Principal: for the Public Schools District Supervisor: Text: Dr. CHERRY MAE L. LIMBACO, CEO V, SDS/ASDS/ES/PSDS Based upon the presentation by the Class Adviser/Principal/SIC that these candidates have satisfactorily completed all the requirements required for elementary education, I hereby certify that they are eligible for graduation, having completed satisfactorily the requirements for elementary curriculum prescribed by the Bureau of Elementary Education, Department of Education. May I therefore request (SDS/ASDS/ES/PSDS) to confirm their graduation? Test for (SDS/ASDS/ES) for confirmation of candidates for graduation (in separate sheet only for SDS/ASDS/ES/PSDS)

CONFIRMATION OF CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATIONS: (By the highest DepED Official present SDS/ASDS/ES) By virtue of the authority vested upon me by the Schools Division Superintendent, Division of Misamis Oriental and with the Presentation and Certification by the Class Adviser/SIC/Principal, that these 5 boys / males and 4 girls / females or total of 9 pupils of the elementary school have satisfactorily completed the elementary education curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education, I hereby confirm their graduation, and therefore, they are entitled to receive elementary certificates of graduation and to enjoy whatever benefits appertaining thereto. CONGRATULATIONS AND MABUHAY!