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It is said to be the number one problem of management. today. . • Communication constitutes a very important function of management.INTRODUCTION • The success of any business to a large extent depends on efficient and effective communication. • Effective communication is a flash of lighting and even more illuminating. • Every manager requires communication skills to get results from the subordinates.

• Communication skills • Communication process involves imparting a common idea and covers all types of behavior resulting there from.CONNECTIONS • Communication is an integral element of interpersonal behavior in organizations. . It is the process of conveying messages from one person to another so that they may understood.

3.IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION 1. Brings co-ordination. . Facilitates effective control. 5. 6. Creating of mutual trust and confidence. 7. Facilitates planning. 2. Motivating of employees. 4. 8. Helps in decision making. Building higher employees morale. Facilitates better administration.


Informality. Continuity 9. Time 4.up. Correlation between action and communication. Consistency 3. 6. 11. 5. 8. Co-ordination. . Follow.PRINCIPLES OF COMMUNICATION 1. Clarity and completeness 2. Attention. Politeness 7. Environmental factors 10.

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