Speak Bulgarian with confidence

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“Global scale” of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, assessment (CEFR)
Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. Can summarise information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation. Can express him/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations.

Proficient User


Speak Bulgarian with confidence
Mira Kovatcheva & Michael Holman

TY Level 5 CEFR LEVEL C1 TY Level 4 CEFR LEVEL B2 (A Level) TY Level 3 CEFR LEVEL B1 (Higher GCSE) TY Level 2 CEFR LEVEL A2: (Foundation GCSE) TY Level 1 CEFR LEVEL A1

Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning. Can express him/herself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions. Can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. Can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices. Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialisation. Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options. Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. Can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken. Can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). Can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need. Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. Can introduce him/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has. Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

Basic User

Independent User

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Part 2: Finding your hotel . . . .32 Part 2: Going to the doctor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Part 2: Renting a car. . . . . . . . . . .28 Part 2: Taking a coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Part 2: Giving your order at a restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 word order 10 Contents Track listing. . . . . . . . . . . .38 84 Contents v 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Part 2: Buying drinks to take home . . . . . 28 Part 1: Catching a train . . . . 2 Only got five minutes? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Part 2: More socializing with the locals . . . . . . . . . . 3/1 saying how you feel 8 s/he is not in 8 telling the time 8 the 5 the with adjectives 9 there is 3 there isn’t 3 this 3 verbs: personal endings 1. . . 16 Part 1: Getting to know the locals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Conversation 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Part 1: Being unwell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 Conversation 9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . address forms 8 agreement 2 announcements 3/9 (to) be 6 (to) be. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mrs 1 must do 7 negation (adj. . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Cultural information. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Subject index Numbers refer to the conversations on the CDs containing the material. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . v) 31/03/2010 14:38 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 future tense 5 gender 2 greetings 1 have 6 introducing yourself 10 money 4 Mr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pages(84. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Only got ten minutes? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Conversation 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Part 2: Correcting more mistakes. . . . . . . 1 Only got a minute? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Part 1: Booking a table . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Conversation 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Conversation 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (noun) 2 negation (verb) 5 negation (multiple) 3/2 permission 1 plural of nouns 4 polite plural 1 possession 9 pronouns 6 questions 4 requests 4. vii Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Part 1: Asking for directions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Part 1: Shopping for food . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .indd Spread 5 of 48 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Conversation 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Conversation 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . past tense 8 comparison 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Part 2: Completing your order. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Conversation 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Part 1: Getting a taxi . . . . . . . .32 Conversation 8 . . . . . . . . . 18 Part 1: Ordering drinks at the coffee-bar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Pronunciation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Part 1: Sorting out misunderstandings. . .

what’s up/ wrong? kakvo. . . . . . 54 Conversation 3/7: Finding your way round a building. . . . . . 62 Grammar reference. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Listening skills . 52 Conversation 3/6: Buying coach tickets. . . . . . . . 44 Conversation 3/2: Ordering cold drinks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Conversation 3/1: Paying a business visit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 English–Bulgarian glossary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vashiya (pl) vi English–Bulgarian glossary 83 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kakvo tee eh?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Conversation 3/8: Visiting a pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . ~ is the matter with you?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83) 31/03/2010 14:38 . . . . . . . kakuf?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .underground metro where. . 66 Essential vocabulary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Conversation 3/4: Shopping for gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 Bulgarian–English glossary. otkuddeh which koy who koy why zashto wife: my ~ zhenna mee will (future) shteh Conversation 10. . . . . . . . . . . amee… (you) were besheh (sg) what. . . . . . . .Pages(vi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .indd Spread 6 of 48 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . do you ~ ? iskam. . vee-eh (pl) you may mozheh (sg) you were byahteh (pl) your tvoya (sg). . . . iskatteh lee? (pl) warm toppul (he/she/it) was besheh water voda we nee-eh weak slap (the) weather vremetto well. 46 Conversation 3/3: Ordering a quick lunch . . . . . . 50 Conversation 3/5: Discussing time and distances . . . . . . . . . . 40 Part 1: Making new friends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Part 2: Staying in touch and meeting up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ is the time? ~ kind of?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . kolko eh chassuh?. kakvo eema? when koga without bess wonderful! choodesno! (is) working rabboti would you like? iskatteh lee? (pl) (I) write (down) napisha write! napishetteh! (pl) (I am) wrong eemam greshka yes da yesterday fcherra you tee (sg). . . . . . . . 58 Conversation 3/9: Warnings and instructions. . . . . . . . . ~ from kuddeh. . . . . . . . . . 60 Conversation 3/10: Keeping in touch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 Subject index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Glossaries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 (I) understand razbeeram until doh unwell: I’m feeling ~ losho mee eh up nagorreh very. . . . slet malko vitamin vitamin vodka votka wine veeno (we) wish you success! zhella-em vee oospeh! (pl) with suss/s wait! chakaiteh! (pl) (I) want. . . . . . . . ~… dobreh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ soon mnogo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

gara stomach korem stop spirka stotinka stotinka straight ahead napravo street oolitsa subway (US) metro success oospeh sugar zahar super sooper switch off! isklyoochetteh! (pl) tea chai telephone telefon (I) tell. stantsiya. take! vzemma. izvinnetteh! (pl) soup soopa (I) speak. I’ll ~ you pokazha. vzemetteh! (pl) taxi taksi tram tramvay translator prevodach (I) travel puttoovam typically tipichno 82 vii 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. za garata today dness toilet toh-alletna tomato domat tonic tonik tonight tazzi vecher too sushto. shteh vee ~ side dish garnitoora signal signal sir! gospodinneh! (do) sit down! sednetteh! (pl) skiing ski slot (appointment) chass slowly bavno small maluk so… znachee… soda water gazirana voda some malko something neshto soon: very ~ slet malko (I’m) sorry suzhalyavam. etto ~ there is/ are eema there isn’t/ aren’t nyama there’s no need nyama noozhda there you go! zuppovyadaiteh! (pl) they teh thing neshto (I) think that misslya cheh this tozzi ticket. kassa time vremmeh to. ee total fsichko tourist toorist track kolovoss traffic lights svetofar train vlak Track listing CD 1 Track 1: Introduction Tracks 2–7: Conversation 1 part 1 – Getting to know the locals Tracks 8–11: Conversation 1 part 2 – More socializing with the locals Tracks 12–16: Conversation 2 part 1 – Ordering drinks at the coffee-bar Tracks 17–20: Conversation 2 part 2 – Completing your order Tracks 21–25: Conversation 3 part 1 – Booking a table Tracks 26–29: Conversation 3 part 2 – Giving your order at a restaurant Tracks 30–35: Conversation 4 part 1 – Shopping for food Tracks 36–40: Conversation 4 part 2 – Buying drinks to take home Tracks 41–45: Conversation 5 part 1 – Getting a taxi Tracks 46–48: Conversation 5 part 2 – Renting a car (start) CD 2 Track 1: Conversation 5 part 2 – Renting a car (end) Tracks 2–7: Conversation 6 part 1 – Catching a train Tracks 8–11: Conversation 6 part 2 – Taking a coach Tracks 12–16: Conversation 7 part 1 – Asking for directions Tracks 17–20: Conversation 7 part 2 – Finding your hotel Tracks 21–25: Conversation 8 part 1 – Being unwell Tracks 26–29: Conversation 8 part 2 – Going to the doctor Tracks 30–34: Conversation 9 part 1 – Sorting out misunderstandings Tracks 35–38: Conversation 9 part 2 – Correcting more mistakes Tracks 39–43: Conversation 10 part 1 – Making new friends Tracks 44–47: Conversation 10 part 2 – Staying in touch and meeting up CD 3 Track 1: Introduction Tracks 2–4: Conversation 1 – Paying a business visit Tracks 5–7: Conversation 2 – Ordering cold drinks Tracks 8–10: Conversation 3 – Ordering a quick lunch Tracks 11–13: Conversation 4 – Shopping for gifts Tracks 14–16: Conversation 5 – Discussing time and distances Track listing table massa tablecloth pokrifka za massa tablet tabletka (I) take. ~ office billet. speak! govorya. vii) 31/03/2010 14:38 .(I) show. (underground) ~. ~ the station doh. over ~ tam. za. govoretteh! (pl) sport sport square ploshtat stand! stoyteh! (pl) station: coach ~.Pages(82. tell me! kazha. (railway) ~ aftogara. kazhetteh! (pl) temperature temperatoora terribly oozhasno thanks! mersi! (I) thank you bluggodaryuh that cheh that’s right tochno takka their tehniya there.indd Spread 7 of 48 .

ako obeechatteh (pl) pleased to meet you priyatno mee eh pleasure: with ~ s oodovolstvee-eh plus ee Recorded at Alchemy Studios. Mira Kovatcheva. (I) ~ noozhda. nyama problemi Cast: Andrei Drenikov.Pages(viii. 81) 31/03/2010 14:38 . eemam ~ ot never mind! nishto! next. razbeera seh office aggentsiya ok dobreh! on na once again/more oshteh vednush one eddin only samo or illee open. (won’t you) take a ~! myasto.Tracks 17–19: Conversation 6 – Buying coach tickets Tracks 20–22: Conversation 7 – Finding your way round a building Tracks 23–25: Conversation 8 – Visiting a pharmacy Tracks 26: Conversation 9 – Warnings and instructions Tracks 27–29: Conversation 10 – Keeping in touch Track 30: Conclusion need. ~!. that is to ~ kazha. portokallof (made from oranges) order. zuppovyadaiteh! (pl) (I) send pratya she tya shortly slet malko should tryabva da viii English–Bulgarian glossary 81 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. neh rabboti other droogo our nashiya over there etto tam (I) owe dulzhuh railway station gara ready gottof reception (desk) retseptsiya (I) reckon that misslya cheh (I) repeat poftorya reservation rezervatsiya restaurant restorant right: to/ on the ~. magazina rabboti orange portokal. if you ~ mollya. ~ course na. ~ to sledvasht. no ~ problem. priyaten no/ not neh noisy shoomno nothing nishto now segga number nommer phone telefon pill tabletka pizza pitsa place myasto platform kolovoss pleasant priyatno please. tochno takka! right away segga room staya salad salata packet kootiya pain bolka park gradina (I beg your) pardon mollya parking lot.indd Spread 8 of 48 . Vladimir Karakashov. tova znachee season sezon seat. doh nice hoobaf. Sarah Sherborne of. dobreh!. in the ~ parkink. that’s ~! vdyasno. the shop is ~ otvoren. na parkinga passport pasport peach praskova perhaps mozheh bee pharmacy apteka sandwich sandvich (I) say. Tsvetana Racheva. out of ~ poruchka. London o’clock chassuh policeman politsai (it is) possible mozheh present podaruk price tsenna problem.

my ~ is eemeh. 100 metres from here mettur. it’s not ~ bleezo. ~ the car park. zna-etteh lee? large golyam late kussno leaves /is leaving zaminava left: to/ on the ~ vlyavo lemon limon let’s… (do something) da… lev lef lift assansyor (I) like harresvam. it’s ~. eating out. na parkinga. and. neh eh ~ juice sok just. sorting out problems and misunderstandings. subject word lists and just a few grammatical tables. which also contains English-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-English glossaries. consists of twenty carefully graded conversations. Especially if you wish to manage without having to learn the Cyrillic script and don’t want to be involved in a great deal of writing. gospozhitse! (he’s/ it’s) missing nyama goh mistake greshka mobile (phone) mobillen (telefon) moment momment money. na bulgarski. We have much enjoyed working together on Speak Bulgarian with confidence and hope you will find it fun and useful. we have chosen conversations to mirror these initial situations. tochni ~ month messets more oshteh. Course element 1. po (in comparisons) (in the) morning sootrinta most nai (in comparisons) Mr gospodin Mrs gospozha much mnogo muscle mooskool must tryabva da my moya my wife zhenna mee name. you may mozheh lee?. In Course element 2 on CD 3.I’m feeling unwell losho mee eh in. these introduce you to key Bulgarian words and phrases that you will need in real-life situations. harresva mee likewise sushto litre litur little. 1) 31/03/2010 14:38 . understand and speak simple. ~ Bulgarian. on the first two CDs. ~ a moment samo. a ~ maluk. ~ fifteen minutes. na sto metra ot took milk mlyako mineral water mineralna voda minute minoota miss. Accompanied by plenty of straightforward explanations. correct Bulgarian. do you ~? znam.indd Spread 9 of 48 . miss! gospozhitsa. This audio course has been recorded by Bulgarian native speakers and is based on lots of listening and carefully guided repetition. mozheh (that) means tova znachee meat messo (don’t) mention it! nyama nishto! menu menyu metre. Like getting to know the locals. Do write and tell us how you like it – also how you think it might be improved. at the ~ booth informatsiya. ~ that so? nyama. press septemvri information. using public transport. initially teaching Bulgarian to students at Leeds University. We have worked in tandem as authors for over twenty years. if things don’t go quite according to plan. malko (for how) long? za kolko vremmeh? lot: a ~ mnogo (I) love obeecham luggage bagash 80 Introduction 1 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN.Pages(80. exact ~ parri. You will find all the conversations – and their English translation – in the accompanying booklet. We introduce further useful words and phrases. kazvam seh. Our Teach Yourself Bulgarian (1993) was widely acclaimed and is still going strong. encouraging you to listen carefully and work out the essential meaning yourself. zuppovyadai (teh) (there) is/are eema isn’t: there ~/ aren’t. We have divided the course into two distinct but interrelated elements. slet petnaiset minooti. na informatsiyata interpreter prevodach is eh is that so? takka lee? (here) is/are etto. nallee? it toh it’s not neh eh lukewarm toppul lunch obyat Introduction With the publication of Speak Bulgarian with confidence it has got a whole lot easier to learn. Communication and conversation are at its heart. ~ eh. ~ September vuf/f. Thank you! Mersi and bluggodaryuh! Mira Kovatcheva and Michael Holman madam! gospozho! many mnogo marvellous! choodesno! (what’s the) matter with you? kakvo tee/ vee eh? may I/ may we?. eemetto mee eh near(by). eddin momment kilo kilo kilogram kilogram (I) know. going shopping. but give fewer explanations.

~ hurts (me) fsichko. dobreh! ~ afternoon dobur den I ass ice let icon eekonna if. ~ you please ako. (the) fifth ~ etash. I don’t ~ eemam. allo (on the phone) (I) help pomogna her neyniya (adj) here. Bulgarian vowels are generally clear and straightforward. mozheh lee? expensive skup half. ~ seh choostvatteh?. in the ~ vecher. vecherta everyone fsichki everything. fine! hoobaf. with which it shares usage of the Cyrillic script.indd Spread 10 of 48 . I’ll give you dam. zdraveyteh! (pl). Bulgarian is the first language using Cyrillic in the European Union. nyamam have a nice day! lek priyaten hoobaf den! have to (should) tryabva far (away) dallecheh (I) feel choostvam seh (I’m) feeling unwell losho mee eh fetta cheese seerenneh fine. za kolko vremmeh?. zuppovyadaiteh (pl) hi! zdravey! (sg). ~ many?. dobreh! firm firma fish ribba floor. Try the place name Englishman anglichanin English woman anglichanka er… amee… espresso espresso euro evro evening. za men. ~ are you feeling?. zdraveyteh! (pl) his negoviya holiday pochifka hot toppul hotel hotel (the) hottest nai topliya hour chass house kushta how. ~ much does it cost? kak. Bulgarian pronunciation is not difficult for English speakers. ~ obeechatteh (pl) I’m called kazvam seh 2 English–Bulgarian glossary 79 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. shteh vee ~ give me…! daiteh mee…! gladly s oodovolstvee-eh glass chasha (I) go otidda go ahead! mozheh! good. ~ a kilo polovin. two hundred ~s gram. Most closely related to Macedonian and Serbian. ~ you are took. ~ steh? (pl). zuppovyadai (sg). ~ meh bollee exactly! tochno takka! excuse me! izvinnetteh! (pl). petiya ~ flu grip food hrana for. ~ see? (sg). Bulgarian belongs to the family of Slavic languages and is the official language of the Republic of Bulgaria.English (language) angleeyski (ezik) ~ evening dobur vecher ~ health! nazdravveh! ~ luck! na dobur chass! ~ morning dobrootro. ~ much?.Pages(2. The consonants too do not usually present problems – unless they come in combinations which may initially test the English-trained tongue. 79) 31/03/2010 14:38 . dobur den goodbye dovizhdanneh gram. kolko?. (dvesta) grama (I) guess that misslya cheh Only got a minute? This course aims to help you learn to speak simple. ~! hoobaf. ~ kilo (a) half polovinna (I) have. kolko stroova? (it) hurts bollee garden gradina (I) give. za kolko dooshi?. ~ how long? ~ me. kolko?. ~ are you?. correct Bulgarian without having to learn the Cyrillic script. za vass free svoboden from ot he toy hello zdravey! (sg). ~ how many people?. With the aid of three CDs recorded by native speakers and an accompanying booklet with all the texts. you will quickly master the sounds of Bulgarian practising a variety of words and phrases essential in everyday discourse. dobur. It is spoken by more than seven million people within Bulgaria and by several hundred thousand more in neighbouring countries. ~ you (pl) za.

nouns only change their endings from singular to plural.. Just as in English. ~ stand. in which ~? possoka.? cream krem credit card kreditna karta cucumber krastavitsa cup chasha CV seevee Koprivshtitsa.. In many important respects it is very similar to that of English. ‘the taxi’ is taksito. possolstvotto na Vellikobritanniya engaged za-etto (n) 78 3 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN.. This is a particularly interesting time to be learning Bulgarian.. So while the word for ‘taxi’. ~ stop aftoboos. zuppovyadaiteh! (pl) conference konferentsiya corner uggul corridor korridor (it) costs stroova (of) course razbeera seh could you/ I. kak seh kazva? (you) came doydohteh (pl) can kootiya (I) can moga can I help you? moga lee da vee pomogna? cappuccino kapoochino car. kuddeh da vee ostavya? during press early ranno elevator (US) assansyor e-mail eemeyl embassy. ~ woman bulgarin. But even here the trilled or rolled pronunciation of the letter ‘r’ will come naturally enough to the Scots! Neither is the structure of Bulgarian difficult..bravo! bravvo! British Embassy possolstvotto na Vellikobritanniya Bulgarian (language) bulgarski (ezik) Bulgarian man. stoodenno mee eh colleague kollega (I) come. The language has been changing fast in recent years. ~ of Great Britain possolstvo. The order of words in sentences is much the same in both languages. Another similarity is the use of an equivalent of the English definite article ‘the’. is that in Bulgarian it is placed not before the word but attached to the end. come in!/ won’t you ~ vlesteh!. vuf koya ~? director dirrektor doctor doktor (as term of address) don’t mention it! (nyama) nishto! door vratta down nadolloo drink: something to ~ neshto za pee-enneh drop (me). ~ station aftoboos. they’ll be flattered and pleased that you are making the effort to do so. what is it ~? kazvam seh.. Bulgarians have a lively interest in foreigners. ellatteh! (pl) (I) come from. vizitna ~ cash point kassa centre tsentur change.? mozheh lee. (have a nice) ~! den. very conveniently. is taksi. small ~ resto. (I’m) cold stooden. bulgarka bus. aftogara coffee kaffeh coke kola cold.Pages(78. An interesting difference. where shall I ~ you? ostavvetteh (meh). business/ visiting ~ kartichka. noh café kaffeh calendar kalendar (I’m) called. it will ~ doyda. ass sum ot. adapting to the unchallenged influence of English in all spheres of life.. spirka na aftoboossa busy za-et but a.indd Spread 11 of 48 . 3) 31/03/2010 14:38 . ~ rental kola. and although they won’t expect you to speak Bulgarian.. ~ park. for example. Only got a minute? day. rent-a-car card. drebni cheap eftin cheers! nazdravveh! chemist’s apteka (fetta) cheese seerenneh chicken pilleh chocolate shokolat cigarette tsigara (are) closing seh zatvaryat coach. priyaten/ lek den! delay zakusnennee-eh departs zaminava deposit depozit dessert dessert direction. shteh doydeh come! ella! (sg). sektor. though. parkink.

go straight to Teach Yourself Bulgarian. Individual Bulgarian words are generally given in their standard forms. shteh pristigneh (I) ask pittam aspirin aspirin bad losho baggage bagash banana banan bank banka bathroom (US) toh-alletna bay sektor (to) be sum (see Grammar reference) be able moga beach plash beautiful hoobaf because zashtoto beer beera besides that osven tova best. will arrive pristigga. a vee-eh? another one oshteh edno (n) anything else? neshto droogo?. it really is quite easy! And the sounds of Bulgarian are not difficult either. Bulgarian is a Slavic language and like Serbian. fsichko hoobavo! better po dobreh big golyam (the) biggest nai golyamata (f) bill smetka booking rezervatsiya bottle bootilka boulevard boolevart box kootiya (Bulgarian) brandy rakiya at vuf/f. (you) ~. okey and dobreh. oshteh vednush agency aggentsiya ahead: straight ~ napravo a little malko all (together) fsichko all the best! fsichko hoobavo! allergy allergiya along po a lot mnogo also sushto (I) am sum and. Even now. It is an original combination of Roman and Greek letters – with a few extra ones added to cope with the sounds of Bulgarian. If you want to get by – for the time being – without using the Bulgarian alphabet. Moreover. (they) ~. more and more people are learning Bulgarian. so adjectives are in the masculine singular. sooper! There couldn’t be a better time to start.Pages(4. we’d like to tell you a little more about Bulgarian as a language. Bulgaria is now a full member of the EU and is open to the world. You see. although it may sound presumptuous. Serbian and Macedonian it uses the Cyrillic alphabet. ~ (what about) you? ee. so you won’t be alone in your undertaking. Cyrillic is under siege from the English alphabet. once ~ pak. why we think we are well prepared and ideally matched as authors to help you to learn Bulgarian. Ukrainian. smeh. na ~ seven vuf seddem ~ the traffic lights na svetofarra ~ what time? vuf kolko chassuh? ~ work na rabbota attention (please)! vnimanee-eh! 4 English–Bulgarian glossary 77 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Cyrillic traces its origin way back to the ninth century. without making any great effort. and the Scots will find the rolled Bulgarian letter ‘r’ a positive delight! Before we tell you about the course and. you want to have a go at Cyrillic right away. oshteh neshto? apartment apartament appointment chass (we) are. Like Russian. super! Or as we say in Bulgarian. dobreh! ‘fine!’ Welcome to Speak Bulgarian with confidence*. This is the course for you! It will show you that learning to speak Bulgarian is fun and not that difficult either. Croatian and Macedonian it belongs to the South Slavic sub-grouping. that’s okey. verbs in the I-form and nouns in the singular non-definite form. see (sg).indd Spread 12 of 48 .5 English–Bulgarian glossary Only got five minutes? So you want to understand and speak Bulgarian – excellent. a/an eddin (I am) able to moga about okolo absolutely! apsolyootno! (in) addition osven tova address adress after slet (in the) afternoon sledobet again. for as you walk * If. three important Bulgarian words: sooper. For the non-Cyrillic user this is not such a bad thing. (all the) ~! nai hoobavo. Cyrillic as it is called. steh (pl). on the other hand. in this paragraph you have already met and probably remembered. sa (he/ she/ it) arrives. There are no ‘difficult’ vowels or consonants for the English speaker. 77) 31/03/2010 14:38 . In Bulgaria at present.

vashto (n). vashteh (pl) your (pl) (za) vass? 3 for you? vdyasno 6 on/ to the right vecher 3. So you will have a good start in getting what you want and knowing where you are. engaged zahar 3 sugar zakusnennee-eh 3:9. the order of words in the sentence is very similar to English. but listen carefully and you’ll soon learn to recognize them. it has lost almost all those complicated inflectional endings still found in nouns and adjectives in Polish. Verbs (doing words) will need to fit into an accepted verb pattern. German and. vashta (f). (zat) uggulla corner. the huge number of English words in use in contemporary Bulgarian will help you decipher a fair number of words you come across when learning the language. round the ~ ~ seddem 3 at seven (shteh) vzemma 3:3 I’ll take vzemmetteh! 3:5 take! vashiya 9 (m). and just like English. za-etto (n) 3:7 busy. it has a system of verbal aspects. ~ vass for. Firstly.Pages(76. French. 6. for me. from English. to. So. Russian. 3 at ~ mommenta 3:0 at the moment ~ nedellya 10 on Sunday za 3. there you go round the streets in the large cities you will find a great number of shop signs and notices in English. (We say ‘borrowed’ or ‘loaned’. vecherta 3:8 evening. on the ~. I don’t ~ zuppovyadai 1 (sg). So ‘I am printing’ is printeeram. Most. (in) the ~ (oshteh) vednush 3:6 once again vee-eh 1 you (pl) veeno 4 wine vitamini 8 vitamins vizitna kartichka 3:10 visiting/business card vlak 6. for how long? vremmetto 3:2 the weather vuf/ f 8 in. Greek. zuppovyadaiteh (pl) (won’t you) please come in/ get in/ take a seat. take on some Bulgarian characteristics to help them ‘go native’. that means/ is to say zna-etteh lee? 5 do you know? znam 5. Secondly. The ‘borrowed’ words will also be slightly camouflaged by the way they are pronounced in Bulgarian. Over the centuries Bulgarian has ‘borrowed’ thousands of words from other languages – from Turkish. for example. Nouns will have to adopt one of Bulgarian’s three genders: masculine. but they are never actually given back!) A few of these ‘permanent loans’. which allow any action to be seen either as completed (perfective) or as continuing (a process rather than an event – imperfective). (na) uggulla. however. vlaka eema ~ delay. neh znam I know. slightly changing the ending of the English verb. the ~ vlesteh! 3:1 (do) come in! vlyavo 7 on/ to the left vnimanee-eh! 3:9 attention (please)! voda 1 water votka 1 vodka vratta 3:7. Many street signs too are posted both in English and Cyrillic letters. however. ‘I love to 76 Only got a minute? got five minutes? Only 5 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. especially in the last twenty years. zdraveyteh! (pl) hello. Also. Bulgarian has plenty to offer you here. along with Macedonian. for you ~ koga? 3:6 for when? za-et (m) 3:10. 5) 31/03/2010 14:38 . particularly in the verb. it lacks an infinitive and often omits the personal pronouns. It has to be said. In addition.uggul 7. departs zashto 8 why zashtoto 3:2 because zat uggulla 3:7 round the corner (seh) zatvaryat 3:9 are closing zdravey! 2 (sg). depending on the final sound. The disguise is only skin-deep! Two further related characteristics of Bulgarian make it one of the easiest Slavic languages for the English-speaker to learn. usually one of the more common ones.indd Spread 13 of 48 . hi zellennata 3:4 the green one zhella-em vee oospeh! 3:10 we wish you success! zhenna mee 10 my wife znachee… 3:0 so…. Firstly. So the Bulgarian for ‘e-mail’ eemeyl is masculine and the Bulgarian plural is eemeyli. vlaka train. the ~s vremmeh 3:1 (za kolko) ~ ? time. the train is late zaminava 6 leaves. Russian and Serbian. words such as cha-oo! (‘ciao!’) ‘bye!’ or mersi – one of the Bulgarian words for ‘thank you’ – remain much as in the original language. ~ men. vratteetteh 3:9 door. feminine or neuter. here you are. that it is often the ways in which one language differs from another that make it interesting and also a challenge for the learner.

This is a practical course for non-linguists. stantsiya 3:9 station staya 9. hot chocolate tova 3 (n) this toy 6 he tozzi 3 (m). exactly. juice. slabba (f) weak sledobet 3:10 (in the) afternoon sledvashta (f) 3:9 next slet 5. ~ s soopa 3. tova (n) this tramvay 7 tram tryabva da 7 must. tazzi (f). simple. stoodenna (f) cold stoodenno mee eh 10 I’m cold stotinka 4 stotinka stoyteh! 3:9 stand! stroova 4. who is English.. tvoyto (n). skiing as a sport skuppa (f) 3:4. svobodni (pl) free tabletki 3:8 tablets. is that ~? taksi 5 taxi tam 7 there tazzi 3 (f). that’s right! toh-alletna 3:7.. (bus) stop. ~ desset minooti after. though. is Emeritus Professor of Russian and Slavonic Studies at the University of Leeds. but also many years teaching Bulgarian to English speakers. ~ kakvo (moga) da vee pomogna? 4 how can I help you? ~ neggo 9 with him ~ vashto eemeh 9 in your name suzhalyavam 3 I’m sorry svetofar 5. Michael and Mira have been working in tandem for more than twenty years and well know the difficulties and delights of the English-speaker determined to communicate in Bulgarian. shoomno 3:6 noisy shteh 5 (future marker) ~ doydeh it will come ~ napisha 3:10 I will write (down) ~ otidda I’ll go ~ pristigneh 3:9 will arrive ~ vee dam I’ll give you ~ vee pratya 3:10 I’ll send you ~ vzemma 3:3 I’ll take signal 3:0 signal ski 3:6. spirkata na . is Associate Professor of English Historical Linguistics at the University of Sofia. tvoyteh (pl) your (sg) tya 6 she 6 Bulgarian–English glossary 75 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Michael. hot. skup (m).indd Spread 14 of 48 . the ~ tonik 2 tonic took 8 here tooristi 10 tourists toppul 2 (m). learn and speak without having to endure a great deal of theory. ~ s. people who want to listen. tyahnoto (n). They both know Bulgarian culture and speech habits from the inside – Michael is married to a Bulgarian – and they write in clear. and sometimes the letter combinations may seem a little strange. English is not ideally suited to this technique. by two specialists whose selection and presentation of the carefully graded material combine not only knowledge of the theory. ~ sporta 3:6 skiing. what about the course and its authors? As Speak Bulgarian with confidence does not use Cyrillic. in ten minutes ~ malko 3:3 shortly. using English letters to convey the authentic sound of Bulgarian. tonight tee 6 you (sg) teh 6 they tehniya (m). at the ~ svoboden 3 (m).. the ~ of. ~ shokolat warm (not cold). sta-ee room. topla (f). toh-alletnata toilet (bathroom). should tsennata 3:4 the price tsentur 3: 9 centre tsigari cigarettes tvoya 9 (m) tvoyta (f).Pages(6. literally ‘(I) love that (I) travel’. But enough technicalities about the language. who is Bulgarian. ~ vecher this. and you should get pretty near to the right Bulgarian pronunciation. ~ s sooper 2 super sootrinta 3:8 (in the) morning spirka 7. Most interesting of all. we have designed our own transcription. informal English with a fine sense of humour. but try and read the words as if they were English. they cost sum 6 I am sushto 10 too. svobodno (n). lukewarm. sokoveh.. stroovat it costs. Mira. tehnitteh (pl) their telefon 10 telephone temperatoora 8 temperature tipichno 3:4 typically tochni parri 3:8 the exact money tochno takka! 9 exactly!. ~ lee? so. It has been written. pills takka 9. spirki. svobodna (f). ~ evening.travel’ is obeecham da puttoovam. na svetofarra traffic lights. is the parallel verb system which allows the speaker – or writer – to show whether s/he was a witness to the events being recounted. ~ s steh 6 you are (pl) stooden 2 (m). likewise suss/ s 3 with. very soon smeh 6 we are smetkata 3:3 the bill sok 8. tyahnata (f). skuppo (n) expensive slap (m) 8. 75) 31/03/2010 14:38 . however. soopi soup.

~ a kilo polovinna 3:5 a half pomogna 6 I help portokalli 3:2 oranges portokallof 3:2 (made from) orange(s) poruchkata 3:3 the order possoka 7. press septemvri during.pak 10 again parkink 5. nyama problemi problem. in 893. thereby avoiding assimilation by the Greeks. vuf koya ~? direction. only sandvich 2. I’m very ~ problem 5. Bulgarian has the distinction of possessing the oldest written records of any Slavic language. is open (of shop). the ~ pochifka 10 holiday podaruk 3:4 present. when. commissioned by the Bulgarians’ first Christian ruler Boris 1. I’ll show you pokrifka za massa 3:4 tablecloth politsai 7 policeman polovin 4. I don’t ~ razbeeratteh 9. for drinking pilleh 3 chicken pitsa 3 pizza pittam 7. He realized that only by wholeheartedly adopting Christianity could he become his own man among equals rather than a vassal constantly under threat from the neighbouring Byzantine Empire. I’ll ask him plash 7. Only very few ‘Proto-Bulgarian’ place names have survived into the modern period. besheh mee ~ 3:10 pleasant. neh ~ is working. is out of order (of things) rakiya 2. right away seerenneh 3:3 (fetta) cheese seevee 3:10 C(urriculum)V(itae) sektor 6 coach stand/ bay sezon 10 season shokolat 2 chocolate 74 7 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Only got ten minutes? s (see suss) 3:5 with s oodovolstvee-eh 3:10 with pleasure. restoranta. and an additional barrier to assimilation. in which ~? possolstvoto na Vellikobritanniya 7 the British Embassy praskovi 4 peaches (shteh vee) pratya 3:10 I’ll send you press/ prez 10. tee besheh na ~ restaurant. ~ skuppiya (m) 3:6 more expensive. my ~ (za) pee-enneh 3:2 to drink. The medieval tsar’s grand undertaking was a clever political move. along po 3. salati salad. in the ~ parri 5. These date back as far as the 9th century and are translations. However. two ~ es sednetteh! 3:1 (do) sit down! see 6 you are (sg) segga 9 now. no ~ (na) purviya etash 9 (on) the first floor puttoovam 5. you travel 10 Only got ten minutes? In Speak Bulgarian with confidence you will find the colloquial idiom of Bulgarian as spoken today. parritteh mee money. it was a pleasure for me ~ mee eh 10. (isn’t) working. ~ kilo half. gift (da) poftoritteh 3:2 (you (pl)) repeat pokazha 9. prevodachka (f) translator. neh ~ I understand. better ~ bavno 3:2 more slowly ~ ranno 3:6 earlier ~ skuppi (pl) 3:6. in September prevodach 3:1. on account of the texts’ religious nature. of Greek liturgical books. Tsar Boris created a further rallying point for national identity. ~ dobreh more (comparison). you were at a retseptsiya 3:0 reception (desk) rezervatsiya 9 reservation. the Bulgarian state was swallowed up by the Ottoman Empire and vanished from the map of Europe. interpreter pristigga 6 arrives (shteh) pristigneh 3:9 will arrive priyaten den! 7 have a nice day! priyatno 10. puttoovatteh I travel. the ~ ploshtat 3:5 square po 7. it is only by looking to the past and following how Bulgarian has developed through the ages that you can properly understand the structure and vocabulary of the contemporary language. na parkinga car park. shteh vee ~ I show.Pages(74. could he forge a genuine sense of national identity. shteh goh ~ I ask. two brandies ranno 3:6 early razbeera seh 1 of course razbeeram 9. gladly sa 6 they are salata 3. dveh raki-ee Bulgarian brandy. he proclaimed the Cyrillic alphabet as the official script of his newly Christian state. ~ lee? you understand. ~ s samo 2 just.indd Spread 15 of 48 . Between the 14th and 19th centuries. do ~? rent-a-car 5 car rental resto 3:8 change restorant 3. 7) 31/03/2010 14:38 . my ~ pasport 9. the ~. The language of these texts is known among specialists as Old Bulgarian or more commonly. dva sandvicha sandwich. plazha beach. Old Church Slavonic.Bulgarians – descendants of a Central Asian people who in the seventh century AD crossed the river Danube to found the Bulgarian state in alliance with the local Slav population.or Old. And only by creating for his people a liturgy conducted in their native language and not in Greek. mnogo mee eh priyatno I’m pleased (to meet you). rabboti 3:8. booking ribba 3 fish Preserving the language The language spoken in Bulgaria today acquired its name from the socalled Proto. pasporta mee passport.

~ edna (f) 3:5 more. ~ eh bleezo. at ~ bulgarski 9 in Bulgarian ~ dobur chass! 3:10 good luck! ~ men sushto 10 to me likewise. literature and culture that helped Bulgarians preserve their sense of ethnic identity. you will hear the e/ya split in doublet pronunciations such as mlyako or mleko for ‘milk’. the (your) ~ s moga 6.mnogo 1 very. mleko. There existed both a developed system of schools and what would today be called ‘centres for continuing education’. not. a thing. good health! 8 Bulgarian–English glossary 73 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. On both the Bulgarians subsequently built with great success. and the collective memory of great past achievements in art. neynitteh (pl) her nishto 9. something to drink neyniya (m). so you find byal for the masculine singular of the word for ‘white’ but beli for the plural. Similarly. much. nommera 3:10 number. neynata (f). beli. with pleasure oolitsa 5 street oospeh 3:10 success oozhasno 3:2 terribly oshteh 3. nashto (n). besides that ot 6.indd Spread 16 of 48 . first predominantly to Russia and later to other European countries. mesta seat. negovoto (n).? myasto 3. I beg your pardon momment 2. moyta (f). nashteh (pl) our nazdravveh! 2 cheers!.. negovata (f). there aren’t. ~! nothing. can I help you? mollya 1 please. my luggage is missing ~ nishto! don’t mention it! ~ ya/goh 8 s/he is not here. (for) us too ~ pochifka 10 on holiday ~ sto metra ot 7 one hundred metres from ~ svetofarra 5 to/ at the traffic lights nyamam 6. ~ mee bagazha there isn’t. you may ~ bee 8 perhaps ~ lee? 1 may I/ we…?. 73) 31/03/2010 14:38 . neynoto (n). anything else?. (sok) ~ portokali from. mobilnitteh telefoni mobile (phone). eddin ~ moment. Links with other Slav peoples beyond the reach of the Ottoman Empire – in particular the Russians. Increasing numbers of young Bulgarians travelled abroad for education and enlightenment. the ~ noozhda 9 need nyama 3. a lot nee-eh we negoviya (m). another one ~ neshto? anything else? ~ vednush 3:6 once again/ more ostavvetteh meh 5 drop me osven tova 3:3 in addition. Books. it’s not near neshto 2. ~ s na 7 on. it was the national language. just a ~ Nineteenth century national revival In the 19th century. negovitteh (pl) his neh 1. 2 excuse me. can I have. By the time the long-awaited liberation by the Russian armies of Tsar Alexander II came in 1878. (for) me too ~ nass sushto 10 to us likewise.. mooskooli 8. so Bulgarian national awareness grew. is it possible…?. no. many. never mind! noh 3:2 but nommer 5. Bulgarian belief in the power of learning and education was already much in evidence. the majority of politicians. ~ droogo? ~ za pee-enneh 3:3 something. nashta (f). place. anything. moyto (n). orange juice otidda 5. it’s missing During this ‘dark age’ of Ottoman domination. could you…?. ~ noozhda ot nishto I don’t have. of. (shteh) ~ I go. mobillen (telefon) 3:0. one ~ . I don’t need anything o-azis 7 oasis obeecham (da) 10 I love (doing something) (ako) obeechatteh 3:3 if you please obyat 3:3 lunch okolo 3:5 about (s) oodovolstvee-eh 3:10 gladly. writers and other public figures came from the central and nadolloo 3:7 down nagorreh 3:7 up nai most (comparison) ~ golyamata (f) 3:4 the biggest ~ hoobavo 10 the best ~ topliya sezon 10 the hottest season nallee? 6 isn’t that so? (shteh) napisha 3:10 I will write (down) napishetteh! 3:4 write! napravo 7 straight ahead nashiya (m). the Cyrillic script.Pages(8. could I…?. ~ lee da vee pomogna? I can/ am/ be able. In the period immediately after the liberation. Serbs and Czechs – were strengthened. In the west all forms have e: bel. moyteh (pl) my mozheh 1 it is possible. won’t be a ~. Bulgarian is divided into eastern and western accents which make use of differing descendants of a single vowel: e or ya. the ~ moya 9 (m). centred on the language and the Eastern Orthodox religion. mooskoolitteh muscles. as Ottoman power declined. newspapers and magazines began to be published in Bulgarian by Bulgarian emigrants. In the standard and eastern varieties of modern Bulgarian e and ya alternate in different forms of the same word depending on stress and the environment. I’ll go otkuddeh steh? 3:1 where are you from? otvorenna (f) 3:8 open The evolution of a national standard Phonetic shape Historically. go ahead!.

malki (pl) little. it lacked the terminology for government. how much are…? ~ dooshi? 3 how many people? ~ eh chassuh? 8 what’s the time? ~ limona? how many lemons? ~ vee dulzhuh? 3:8 how much do I owe you? kolleggiteh 8 the/ your colleagues kolovoss 3:9 platform. tendzhera ‘saucepan’. the ~ mettur 7. very soon maluk 2 (m). shortly. can of beer. ~ stroovat …? how much? how many?. Romanian and Albanian. na informatsiyata information. with ~ Contact with other Balkan languages During the Ottoman period. kolata car. Mersi and pardon are still in common usage. dva levva lev. kassitteh ticket office. ko-eh (n). small massa 3 table menyu 3:0. sto metra metre. the ~ kolko? 4. Serbian. the language required a major overhaul. one hundred metres mineralna voda 2 mineral water minoota 5. there were attempts to rid the language of Turkish and Greek words and replace Only got ten minutes? 72 9 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. places metro. ~ sa kassitteh? where. would you like? isklyoochetteh! 3:9 switch off! izvinnetteh! 5 excuse me!. menyuto 3:3 menu. do ~?. This geographical concentration of literary and political talent determined the dialectal basis for the newly evolving literary standard. thereby enriching Bulgarian culture and expanding the reach of the rapidly developing Bulgarian language. ~ lee? you want. dzham ‘glass’. subway. kakvo? (n). ~ s misslya cheh 3:5 I guess/ reckon/ think that mlyako 3. kooti-ee. Greek words such as ella! ‘come!’. which krastavitsi 4 cucumbers kreditna karta 3:0 credit card krem 3:8 cream kuddeh 5. track konferentsiya 3:10 conference kootiya 4. yes.illee 2 or informatsiya 7. Also lacking adequate literary samples. I’m feeling unwell malko 1. ~ seh choostvatteh? how. some. malko (n). can. sciences. was to the east of the dialectal divide. Enrichment through literature and education For nearly five hundred years of foreign domination. Greek. I’m sorry kaffeh 1 coffee. When liberation came. 9) 31/03/2010 14:38 . the first capital of the independent state. ~ mee eh 8 bad. cash point. suss ~ milk. ~ shall I drop you?. the territory where Bulgarian was spoken continued to be the meeting place of the different cultures and languages in the region: Turkish. Russian too provided a familiar Slavic pattern for the creation of many abstract and literary words. ~ are the ticket offices? kushta 10 house kussno 3:6 late eastern part of the country. two ~ s lek den! 3:8 (have a) nice day! let 3:2 ice limon 4. and komsheeya ‘neighbour’.indd Spread 17 of 48 . at the ~ booth/ desk iskam 4 I want iskatteh 4. the ~s kazha 7 say kazhetteh! 7 say. especially words designating objects from everyday life such as chorap ‘sock’. dva limona lemon. army and court and could not meet the liberated nation’s need of a national standard. boxes. what is it?. ko-ee (pl) who. packet of cigarettes koremma 8 the stomach (po) korridora 3:7 (along) the corridor koy 6 (m). my name is kilo 4 kilo kilogram 4 kilogram koga 10 when kola 1 coke kola 5. metroto underground. fashion and in polite society throughout Europe. ~ tsigari box. café kak 7. tell (me). Bulgarians kept abreast of the times by adopting from French many words used in the arts. lee 1 (question word) lef 4. Many of the country’s most accomplished writers and poets translated into Bulgarian the leading works of world literature. two ~ s litur 4 litre losho 3:0. ~ beera. kakvi? (pl) 3:2 what kind of? kakvo 7 what ~ eema? 3:7 what’s up/ wrong? ~ tee/vee eh? 8 what is the matter with you? kalendar 3:10 calendar kapoochino 2 cappuccino kartichka 3:10 card kassa 6. The superior status of the East Bulgarian accents was boosted further by the fact that Veliko Turnovo. From their Russian liberators came terms for the civil and military administration. malka (f). ~ do you feel? kak seh kazva? 3:8 what is it called? kakuf? (m). In the decades immediately after the liberation of 1878. Much Turkish vocabulary entered the language. the Bulgarian language had been used primarily for everyday oral communication. This came in a tremendous rush in the latter decades of the nineteenth century when the world opened up for Bulgarians. the ~ mersi! 1 thanks! messets 3:1 month messo 3 meat mesta 3 seats. hora ‘people’ and daskal ‘teacher’ also took their place. and Bulgarian ‘borrowed’ a great number of words from the major European languages.Pages(72. koya (f). slet ~ a little. can I help you? (kak seh) kazva? what is it called? kazvam seh 9 I’m called. minooti minute. ~ da vee ostavya?. kakva? (f).

I’m wrong. ~! well. large gospodin 1. here is. French gave the language peron ‘platform’ and gara ‘station’ – both terms social rather than technical – while English gave Bulgarian the more technical boofer ‘buffer’. golyama (f). especially to Germany. ~ hoobavo!. eddin 1 (m). eekonni icon. for example. (A lucky break. in (see vuf) fcherra 8 yesterday firmata 3:1 the firm fsichki 3:2 everyone fsichko 4.da doyda lee? 5 shall I come? espresso 2 espresso etash 9. plus. however. but being of Greek origin it was replaced with oochitel. icons eema 3 there is/ are eemam 6. my ~ eemeyl 3:10 e-mail eftin 9 cheap eh 5 is gram 4. so ‘I want to know’ is rendered by iskam da znam. speak! gradina 1 garden. Its place in Bulgarian is taken by a clause. shteh vee dam I give. I’ll give you den 1. edna (f). madam! gospozhitsa 8. I need eematteh lee noozhda ot neshto? do you need anything? eemeh 9. ‘(I) want that (I) know’. expressing disdain for teachers and what they represent. golemi (pl) big. Modern Bulgarian has also borrowed from neighbouring Balkan languages a number of structural features. for the English-language speaker!) Bulgarian also shares with Modern Greek and Romanian – and with Albanian too – the loss of the infinitive. the equivalent of ‘-er’ in ‘teach-er’. on the first ~ etto 7. by an influx of German. a word combining two Slavic elements oochi. ~ (ey) segga. it’ll ~/ will be here doydohteh 3:10 you came drebni small change droogo 2: (neshto) ~? other. gottovi (pl) 3:3 ready govorya 9. hoobava (f) nice. hopes for the development of the country turned to Western Europe. fine. sir! gospozha 1. Sofia’s ~ garnitoora 3. literally. Romanian and Bulgarian. over there. govoritteh. all together. park Into the twentieth century With the advance of industrial capitalism in Bulgaria in the first decades of the twentieth century. In many cases. ellatteh! (pl) 9 come! Bulgarian–English glossary 71 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN.indd Spread 18 of 48 . ~ greshka. Daskal has now been relegated to teenage slang. This was accompanied. too eekonna 10. uniquely among the Slavic languages. eemetto mee name. (shteh) doydeh (I) come. beautiful. gospozho! Mrs. both the foreign and the native words remained in use. until doktor (as term of address) 8 doctor domati 4 tomatoes dovizhdanneh 4 goodbye doyda 5. all the best!. right! dobrootro 1 good morning dobur 1 good dobur den 1 good morning/ afternoon dobur vecher 1 good evening (na) dobur chass! 3:10 good luck! doh 5 (next) to. dvesta grama gram. anything else? dulzhuh 3:8 I owe f 3:6 at (time). when the first railway crossed the country. particularly in science and technology. where many of the Turkish words remain as the only option. is often attributed to this process. edno (n) one. greshkata eh moya mistake. two hundred grams greshka 9. daiteh mee…! 4 give me…! dallecheh 3:5 far (away) dam 8. I’ll be right back evro 5 euro them with words of Slavic origin. everything. indeed. good hoobavata gradina 9 the beautiful garden hoobaviya plash 9 the nice beach (fsichko) hoobavo! 10 all the best! hottel 5 hotel hranata 8 the food 10 ella! (sg) 9. the ~.Pages(10. gospozhitse! Miss.(‘teach-’) and -tel. fine!. you ~ . The resulting stylistic diversity sets Bulgarian apart from Macedonian and Serbian. ok. The fact that the equivalent of ‘the’. for example. ~ noozhda ot I have. dirrektorra director. toonell ‘tunnel’ and relsa ‘the rail’. 71) 31/03/2010 14:38 . ee 4 and. Along with vocabulary. France and England. na purviya ~ floor. had been one of the most respected titles throughout the nineteenth century. everything hurts (me) gara 5. how many ~s? depozit 5 deposit dessert 3:0 dessert dirrektor 3:0. gospodinneh! 1 Mr. my ~ grip 8 flu harresvam 10 I like hoobaf 1 (m). does a ~ go with it? gazirana voda 4 soda water golyam 2 (m). the Turkish or Greek word acquiring a pejorative or jocular colloquial nuance. the ~ dness 3:2 today dobreh 8. total. thereby bearing witness to the unification process so typical of the extended and intensive language contact that is a feature of the Balkan linguistic melting pot. 2 good!. kolko denna? day. ~ meh bollee all. So is the fact that. a/ an ee 2. Daskal. ~ tam. Interestingly. garata. govoretteh! I speak. Miss! gottof. eema lee ~? side dish. French and English words. garata na Soffiya railway station. only Bulgarian and Macedonian have lost their case endings. is added to the end of the noun in Greek.

we ~ bolki 8 pains bollee (meh) 8 it hurts (me) boolevart 5 boulevard bootilka 2. the ~ chai 8 tea chakaiteh! 3:10 wait! chasha 3:3. slang and foreign words invaded the media. meat is grilled on a barbekyoo ‘barbecue’ and everything that is ‘in’ is kool. glass. beerata beer. as with change. the ~ bavno 9 slowly beera 4. billetti ticket. Bulgarian played host to a second wave of Russian words which flooded the country following its transformation into a Soviet satellite. the ~ besheh 8 you were. Russian sociopolitical terminology dominated all walks of life. chervennoto red. ~ language. me too assansyor 3:7. So menidzhurri ‘managers’ have taken over in industry. Mostly. slots. but demonstrating once more the ability of Bulgarian to adopt and adapt. aftoboossa. your ~? aftoboos 6. shall we (do smth). s/he/it was bess 3. have proved largely unfounded. and you have to go with the flow. Initial fears that this sudden influx of English would lead to a demise of vast numbers of Slavic words and also – pazzee Bozheh! ‘God forbid!’ – radically change Bulgarian grammar. but sometimes. ~ sushto I. wonderful! choostvam seh 8 I feel billet 6. The numbers indicate the unit in which the word or phrase first occurs. its innate creativity was suddenly released. even when perfectly good native words existed. er… angleeyski 9. they are left in their original English spelling. Huge numbers of words made their way into Bulgarian from British and American English. let’s (do smth) cheh 3:5 that chervenno 4. statistical Only got ten minutes? 70 11 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. tickets bleezo 7 near(by) bluggodaryuh (vee) 1. But fashion is fashion. English language. the ~ one choodesno! 3:2 marvellous!. shocking the purists. five hours (pet) chassuh (five) o’clock (f seddem) chassuh 3:6 (at seven) o’clock bagash 6. elevator. the ~ . a 3:5 but. in English anglichanin 10 Englishman anglichanka 6 English woman apartament 3:0 apartment apsolyootno! 3:0 absolutely! aptekata 3:8 the chemist’s. and in everyday interaction ‘comrade’ in the shape of male and female terms of address soon replaced ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’. rent-a-car and wi-fi. ~s bravvo! 4 bravo! bulgarin 10 Bulgarian man bulgarka 5 Bulgarian woman bulgarski 9. bootilki bottle. office ako 3:3 if ako obeechatteh 3:3 if you please. politicians need bodigardi ‘bodyguards’. however. Swiftly as these terms were adopted. billetta. chashi cup. The literary standard was suddenly expanded. Held firmly for over forty years in the stultifying embrace of socialist conformity. the pharmacy aspirin 3:8 aspirin ass 4. ~ mee luggage. chassoveh. Many terms have been cleverly translated using traditional patterns of word formation. assansyora lift.Bulgarian–English glossary Bulgarian words and phrases are listed here in the forms found in the dialogues and explanations on CDs 1. 2 and 3. if you would (be so kind) allergiya 3:8 allergy allo 8 hello (on the phone) amee… 3:0 well. Just one such example is tursachka ‘search engine’ which sounds very homely by echoing an old pattern of forming names that end in -ka for tools and machines. na ~ Bulgarian (adj).Pages(70. the ~ aftogara 7 coach station aggentsiya 5 agency. appointment. bus. twenty to nine da 1 yes da (+ verb) 5 to (do smth). Another period of rapid change The breathtaking transformation of Bulgarian political and economic life since 1989 was accompanied by similarly breathtaking changes in the language. hours.indd Spread 19 of 48 . 11) 31/03/2010 14:38 . bluggodarim (I) thank you. baggage. (pet) chassa hour. Moreover. adressa vee? address. and ~ vee-eh? 1 and (what about) you? adress 5. bagazha. na ~ English (adj). coach. the/ my ~ banani 10 bananas banka 5. A veritable flood of colloquial. devvet ~ dvaiset without. words of English origin are transcribed into Cyrillic. bankata bank. ~s chass 8. slot. when the Cyrillic forms would be particularly outlandish. in ~ bulgarskitteh (adj) 10 the Bulgarian (pl) byalo 4 white In the second half of the twentieth century. and long-established boundaries between styles blurred. old grannies have to put up with a tokshow ‘talkshow’ at praimtaim ‘primetime’ – whether they understand or not. just as swiftly were they abandoned after the fall of communism in 1989 in favour of the traditional gospodin and gospozha.

feminine masculine neuter plural singular something American 12 Glossaries 69 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN.Glossaries research has shown that it is primarily the high frequency of only a very small number of English words that has created the impression of a contemporary language totally dominated by English. months. many of which also have parallels in English. So. but in separate lists on the immediately preceding pages.indd Spread 20 of 48 .Pages(12. This time English. 69) 31/03/2010 14:38 . history is merely repeating itself. In Speak Bulgarian with confidence we have focused on the most basic structures of modern Bulgarian. the favoured communication medium in the global village – rather than Turkish. but also makes language learning easier. This not only brings the two languages and cultures closer in a global world. days of the week and colours you’ll find not in the glossaries themselves. although it might seem that both Cyrillic and Bulgarian are mortally threatened by the latest foreign invasion. Russian or French – is spearheading the process of language enrichment. The following abbreviations are used: (adj) (f) (m) (n) (pl) (sg) (smth) (US) adjective. We have also made use of many words adopted from English. It is always good in a strange environment to meet old friends and familiar faces! Words for numbers.

ko-eh. in principle. the stress is not necessarily on the o or e before the v. kolko how many what what kind when where where to which who to whom whose why kakvo kakuf. This is considered less abrupt and more polite than a single neh or da. A long history of subservience within alien empires has led them to what’s the time? kolko eh chassuh? yesterday fcherra 68 Cultural information 13 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. kakvee koga kuddeh zakuddeh koy. SAYING YES AND NO brown kafyavo green grey zellenno seevo TIME EXPRESSIONS at 5 o’clock at what time? early five hours vuf pet chassuh vuf kolko chassuh? rano pet chassa QUESTION WORDS how kak how much. however. whatever it looks like.indd Spread 21 of 48 . swift upwards movement. koya.MONTHS January February March April May June yanoo-ari July fevroo-ari August mart april mai yuni Sepember October November December yuli avgoost septemvri oktomvri noh-emvri dekemvri COLOURS black blue cherno sinyo orange oranzhevo purple red white yellow lillavo chervenno byalo zhulto Cultural information In this course. 13) 31/03/2010 14:38 . So. We have drawn attention to them in passing. They live in a beautiful country blessed with mountains. Surnames of women usually end in -ova or -eva. sun and sea and they like to appear laid-back. LAW AND ORDER Bulgarians are Balkan Slavs and. as a people. for instance. kakvo. you will encounter a number of situations in which Bulgarian practice differs confusingly from English. it still means ‘no’! BULGARIAN SURNAMES You can tell by the ending of most Bulgarian surnames whether a person is male or female. but feel that the following additional observations might further contribute to your fun with Bulgarians and their language. At the same time. neh! may be accompanied by what looks like a repeated English nod. kakva. You will often hear neh. they like to think of rules and regulations as applying more to others than to themselves. But listen carefully as you learn: as in these two surnames. Antonov and Zlatev. readily accept the need for rules and regulations. In practice. pronounced Antonof and Zlatef. neh! or da. Surnames of men usually end in -ov or -ev. the wife of Mr Antonov is Mrs Antonova and the wife of Mr Zlatev is Mrs Zlateva. da is sometimes accompanied by a sideways rocking of the head and neh by a single. ko-ee koy na kogo na kogo zashto five minutes ago predee pet minooti how long? how long for? in five minutes last week late next week today tomorrow kolko vremmeh? za kolko vremmeh? slet pet minooti minalata sedmitsa kussno sledvashtata sedmitsa dness ootreh Be careful with head movements when you use da ‘yes’ and neh ‘no’. they respect efficiency and. are generally relaxed and easy-going. da! repeated in quick succession and accompanied by the appropriate repeated movements of the head. as individuals. But beware: although the polite double neh. In Bulgaria.Pages(68.

cultural and economic life. The city centre is compact. a word of warning to help you hold on to your levs. almost one-fifth of Bulgaria’s total. Essential vocabulary NUMBERS 0 noola 1 edno 2 dveh 3 tree 4 chetiri 5 pet 6 shess 7 seddem 8 ossem 9 devvet 10 desset 11 eddinaiset 12 dvanaiset 13 treenaiset 14 chet(i)rinaiset 15 petnaiset 16 shesnaiset 17 sedemnaiset 18 ossemnaiset 19 devvetnaiset 20 dvaiset 21 dvaiset ee edno 30 treeyset 40 chetirset 50 peddesset 60 sheyset 70 seddemdesset 80 ossemdesset 90 devvedesset 100 sto 200 dvesta 300 treesta 400 chetiristotin 500 petstotin 600 shestotin 700 seddemstotin 800 ossemstotin 900 devvetstotin 1000 hillyada ORDINAL NUMBERS (without the) (m) and (pl) 1st purvi (f) purva ftora treta chetvurta peta shesta sedma osma devveta desseta (n) purvo ftoro treto chetvurto peto shesto sedmo osmo devveto desseto DAYS OF THE WEEK Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday ponnedelnik ftornik sryada chetvurtuk pettuk subbota nedellya 2nd ftori 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th treti chetvurti peti shesti sedmi osmi devveti 10th desseti 14 Essential vocabulary 67 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN.become masters of improvisation and ingenuity. In Bulgarian. SOFIA – THE CAPITAL CITY Sofia – pronounced Soffiya. easily explorable on foot and has many fine buildings dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. it dominates the country’s social. however. These are the forms you will hear used in Bulgaria. 67) 31/03/2010 14:38 . The official currency continues to be the traditional lev – pronounced lef and meaning ‘lion’. Unless you have the right change. the more common plural form of lev is levva and the plural of stotinka is stotinki. It will be interpreted as ‘keep the change’ and you will soon be out of pocket. following the practice of English. who loves to take short cuts and. except when settling your bill in restaurants and taxis. is the stotinka. The smaller unit. both in Bulgarian and in the English spoken by Bulgarians. MONEY MATTERS Bulgaria joined the European Union in January 2007. do as Sofia does! Finally. best avoid saying ‘thank you’ when handing over your levs. inventiveness and good humour. stotinkas. not Sophia – takes its name from the Greek for wisdom and has been Bulgaria’s capital since 1879. should logically be levs and the plural of stotinka. but has not yet introduced the euro. The plural of lev in English. One of their folk heroes is ‘Wily Peter’. With a population of over 1.Pages(14. Usually.5 million. immediately after Bulgaria’s liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Both units were introduced in the late nineteenth century. with a mixture of guile. in Bulgaria. So. when in Sofia. quietly finds ways around obstacles placed in his way by authority. ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are trusty companions. one hundred to one lev.indd Spread 22 of 48 .

indd Spread 23 of 48 . try Teach Yourself Bulgarian. published by Hodder & Stoughton. please once again. The bold h is pronounced as ch in loch. mollya napishetteh goh (na latinitsa) Pronunciation Bulgarians normally write using the Cyrillic alphabet. please write it (with English letters) mozheh lee da platyuh suss kreditna karta? mozheh lee da poftoritteh. however. * If you would like to learn Bulgarian using Cyrillic. concentrate on listening to and imitating the authentic sound of spoken Bulgarian on the recordings. 66 Pronunciation 15 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN.Pages(66.* In this course. pronounce the letters as you would in English. The letter h – when not bolded – is silent in final position in the combinations -eh. mollya oshteh vednush. 15) 31/03/2010 14:38 . We have indicated this stressed syllable by showing it in bold type. o in pot and u in but. Otherwise. -uh to represent the sound e in pet.Listening skills SURVIVAL PHRASES can I pay by credit card? can you repeat please? do you have a map? do you speak English? I don’t know I don’t understand (Bulgarian) I speak a little French more slowly. -oh. we have used English letters to render the approximate sounds of Bulgarian. mollya?/ poftoretteh. This results in some letter combinations that are unusual for the English eye. please what is … in Bulgarian? what is …? write down the price. ako obichatteh eematteh lee karta? govoritteh lee angleeyski? neh znam neh razbeeram (bulgarski) govorya malko frenski po bavno. So. Some single-syllable words are stressed and some longer words have two stresses. also by Michael Holman and Mira Kovatcheva. We have shown these too in bold type. Pronounce the combination zh like the sound of the s in measure or the g in genre. as in naïve. The hyphen (-) divides two sounds that have their own individual value and are not run together. mollya kak seh kazva … na bulgarski? kakvo znachee …? napishetteh tsennata. when following the written dialogues in the booklet. Pronounce double oo as in foot and double ee as in feet. 2008. Pronounce the letter u like the a in asleep. REQUESTS AND WARNINGS (In the polite plural) come! come in! give! go! help! pay! repeat! show! sit down! stop! tell/say! watch out! write! ellatteh! vlesteh! zuppovyadaiteh! daiteh! otiddetteh! pomognetteh! plattetteh! poftoretteh! pokazhetteh! sednetteh! spretteh! kazhetteh! vnimavaiteh! napishetteh! All Bulgarian words of more than a single syllable have one syllable pronounced with greater emphasis and more clearly than the rest.

Maria Dobur den. It is then the opposite of mnogo ‘a lot’. zuppovyadaiteh.Pages(16. e. 65) 31/03/2010 14:38 . she. neh kaffeh. If you want to say that something is ‘small’ or ‘little’. Dobur den. A vee-eh.Conversation 1 PART 1: GETTING TO KNOW THE LOCALS LI CD1. bluggodaryuh. malka gradina ‘a small garden’. we. Mozheh lee malko voda. Hoobava gradina. goh him ya her moo to him ee to her goh it nee us vee you gee them moo to it nee to us vee to you im to them nee-eh we vee-eh you teh they 16 65 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Victoria Collins Maria Victoria Collins George Collins Maria Victoria Collins George Collins gospodin Collins. he. hoobava voda. Bluggodaryuh. TR8 Maria Victoria Collins Maria George Collins Maria George Collins Maria Kaffeh. zuppovyadaiteh. Mollya. Mnogo hoobava gradina. you have to change the word for gender (masculine. razbeera seh. gospozha Collins? Neh. it doesn’t change.indd Spread 24 of 48 . gospozha Collins. gospodin Collins? Neh. Bluggodaryuh. HOW TO VARY PRONOUNS I. feminine and neuter). Mozheh lee? Mozheh. Zuppovyadaiteh. it. you. mollya? Mozheh. Da. razbeera seh.g. Mnogo bluggodaryuh. Maria. Mmm. Mersi. TR2 PRONOUNS AND VERBS IN THE PRESENT to have eemam eemash eema eemammeh eematteh eemat to not have nyamam nyamash nyama nyamammeh nyamatteh nyamat to be able to moga mozhesh mozheh mozhem mozhetteh mogat Victoria Collins Dobur den. ass tee toy tya toh nee-eh vee-eh teh I you he ⎫ she ⎬ it ⎭ we you they PRESENT AND PAST TENSE OF THE VERB to be WITH PERSONAL PRONOUNS I am/was you are/were he is/was she is/was it is/was ass sum/byah tee see/besheh toy eh/besheh tya eh/besheh to eh/besheh we are/were you are/were they are/were nee-eh smeh/byahmeh vee-eh steh/byahteh teh sa/byaha PART 2: MORE SOCIALIZING WITH THE LOCALS LI CD1. they ass tee toy tya toh I you he she it meh me teh you mee to me tee to you na/za/suss men to/for/with me na/za/suss tep to/for/with you na/za/suss neggo to/for/with him na/za/suss neya to/for/with her na/za/suss neggo to/for/with it na/za/suss nass to/for/with us na/za/suss vass to/for/with you na/za/suss tyah to/for/with them Grammar reference Insight When malko is used to say ‘a little’. you. mnogo hoobava voda. Mollya.

nice water. of course. 17) 31/03/2010 14:38 . Maria. Mmm. Here you are.Pages(64. And you. Mrs Collins. many Masculine Feminine Neuter vlakoveh massi taksita trains tables taxis vlakovetteh massitteh taksitata the trains the tables the taxis HOW TO JOIN ADJECTIVES AND NOUNS (‘the’ underlined) one Masculine Feminine Neuter hoobaf hottel (a) nice hotel hoobava gradina (a) nice garden hoobavo pilleh (a) nice chicken hoobaviya hottel the nice hotel hoobavata gradina the nice garden hoobavoto pilleh the nice chicken Maria Victoria Collins Maria George Collins Maria George Collins Maria Coffee. Thank you. do sit down. Mr Victoria Collins Maria Victoria Collins George Collins Maria Victoria Collins George Collins Collins. many Masculine Feminine Neuter hoobavi hotteli nice hotels hoobavi gradini nice gardens hoobavi pilletta nice chickens hoobavitteh hotteli the nice hotels hoobavitteh gradini the nice gardens hoobavitteh pilletta the nice chickens 64 Conversation 1 17 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. A very nice garden. A nice garden. Yes. Please. Maria Good morning.indd Spread 25 of 48 . Mr Collins? No.Grammar reference HOW TO SAY one/many AND the (underlined) one Masculine Feminine Neuter eddin vlak edna massa edno taksi a train a table a taxi vlaka massata taksito the train the table the taxi Victoria Collins Good morning. May I? You may. thank you. of course. Thank you. not coffee. very nice water. Thank you very much. May I (have) a little water. come in. Please. Thank you. Mrs Collins? No. please? You may. Good morning.

only not on the third of October. twenty-nine.indd Spread 26 of 48 . Spot the difference – the plural forms are always longer! PART 2: COMPLETING YOUR ORDER LI CD1. mollya. too: zdravey! ‘hello’ (to a friend) zuppovyadai! ‘come in’. … Dobur den. ‘here you are’ (to someone you know well). 63) 31/03/2010 14:38 . On the twenty-first I am free. I’ll tell you right away. Me too. Good. I’ll send you my CV. Marvellous! Have a nice day! All the best! Good luck! Waitress Milena Waitress Milena Waitress Milena Waitress Nikolai Waitress Milena Za vass? Eddin sandvich. For me too. Neshto droogo? Ee edna bootilka mineralna voda.Conversation 2 PART 1: ORDERING DRINKS AT THE COFFEE-BAR LI CD1. eddin momment..Pages(18. eight eight five. Zdraveyteh! Edno kapoochino ee eddin toppul shokolat. I’ll be coming again in October. Have you a calendar? Yes. It was a pleasure for me. My e-mail address is on my business card.. Za vass edno kapoochino ee eddin sandvich. mollya. Stoodenna lee? Neh. TR17 It’s nice that you came. Dobreh. here you are. My number is zero. I’m at a conference. eddin momment. In the morning or afternoon? In the morning. addressing more than one person or showing deference. They have singular. Bluggodaryuh. mersi. Zuppovyadaiteh! Za vass toppul shokolat ee mineralna voda. Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria *** *** Insight The words zdraveyteh! and zuppovyadaiteh! are plural and formal. Malka illee golyama? Malka. TR12 Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Mozheh lee…? Da. We’ll be needing you. Neshto droogo? Ee edna malka bootilka mineralna voda. Thank you. fourteen. Do you have a mobile phone in Bulgaria? Yes. neh stoodenna. All the best! We wish you success – cheers and good health! 18 Conversation 3/10: KEEPING IN TOUCH 63 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. ninety. I’ll write the number down right away. Come again! Gladly. Are you busy on the twenty-first of October? Wait a moment. eddin momment. Please give me your e-mail address. Dobreh. Da. intimate forms.

Conversation 2 62 19 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Eemeyl adressa mee eh na vizitnata kartichka. Eematteh lee kalendar? Da. chetirinaiset. Shteh eemammeh noozhda ot vass. Choodesno! Lek den! Fsichko hoobavo! Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Could you…? Yes. Na dvaiset ee purvi sum svoboden. daiteh mee vashiya eemeyl adress. Ass sushto. Shteh vee pratya moyto seevee.Pages(62. Bluggodaryuh. Mollya.indd Spread 27 of 48 . devveddesset. Na men sushto. For you. TR27 Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria Boyan Victoria *** *** Hoobavo eh. segga shteh vee kazha. won’t be a moment. Ellatteh pak. etto. zuppovyadaiteh. … Good morning. Sootrinta illee sledobet? Sootrinta. Ok. Won’t be a moment… Here you are! For you. ossem ossem pet. cheh doydohteh. Moya nommer eh noola. Cold? No. segga shteh napisha nommera. one moment. Anything else? And a small bottle of mineral water. Na dobur chass! Fsichko hoobavo! Zhella-em vee oospeh ee nazdravveh! Waitress Milena Waitress Milena Waitress Milena Waitress Nikolai Waitress Milena For you? A sandwich. please. thank you. Small or large? Small. please. S oodovolstvee-eh. dvaiset ee devvet. samo neh na treti oktomvri.Conversation 3/10: KEEPING IN TOUCH LI CD3. One cappuccino and one hot chocolate. Na konferentsiya sum. Ok. a cappuccino and a sandwich. Za-et lee steh na dvaiset ee purvi oktomvri? Chakaiteh malko. hot chocolate and mineral water. Dobreh. Thank you. Hi. Yes. Shteh doyda pak press messets oktomvri. not cold. Eemmatteh lee mobillen telefon vuf Bulgaria? Da. 19) 31/03/2010 14:38 . Besheh mee priyatno. Anything else? And a bottle of mineral water.

Waitress Za kolko dooshi? Boyan Antonov Za chetiri dooshi. Edna massa za shess dooshi za tazzi vecher vuf seddem. za tazzi vecher. eema massa za shess dooshi. Attention please! The train for Istanbul has a delay of one hour and thirteen minutes and will arrive at eleven ten. Boyan Antonov Zdraveyteh. Eema lee golyama massa? Da. So.Waitress Milena Waitress Milena A da. TR21 5. Boyan Antonov Waitress Boyan Antonov Waitress Boyan Antonov Waitress 20 Conversation 3/9: WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS 61 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Doors closing. 1. ee edna bootilka topla mineralna voda. Po dobreh vuf ossem. Nyama svobodna massa za chetiri dooshi. Train number three hundred and forty-five for Roussé leaves from platform six at twenty eighteen. mollya. when you’ve ordered a coffee. Waitress Dobreh. Next stop Tsentur Station. neh topla. Edna massa za tazzi vecher vuf seddem. Bluggodaryuh mnogo. neh. Za tazzi vecher lee? Da. Insight See how useful the little word lee is in Bulgarian – put it after a word or phrase and it becomes a question. Sooper. Attention please! The train in the Lyulin direction will be arriving at Serdika Station in one minute. vuf ossem. Attention please! Train number one hundred and sixteen for Vidin leaves from platform three at fifteen thirty. the waitress might ask you a variety of questions. Waitress Restorant Tino. Train number two hundred and seventy-four for Bourgas leaves from platform two at seventeen thirty-five. Please switch off your mobile phones. Dobreh. Dobur den.indd Spread 28 of 48 . Boyan Antonov Neh. Stand away from the train! 3. 2. 4. all formed just by adding lee: Espresso lee? ‘Espresso?’ Golyamo lee? ‘A large one?’ Suss mlyako lee? ‘With milk?’ Conversation 3 PART 1: BOOKING A TABLE LI CD1. razbeera seh! Samo neh stoodenna. 61) 31/03/2010 14:38 . Waitress Suzhalyavam.Pages(20. Topla lee? Eh. mollya edna massa za shess dooshi.

Vnimanee-eh! Vlaka za Istanbool eema zakusnennee-eh eddin chass ee trееnayset minooti ee shteh pristigneh vuf eddinaiset chassuh ee desset minooti. Better at eight. Super. and just as in French has the stress on the final syllable. Insight Bulgarians are rightly proud they can now cross their capital city Sofia from north-west to south-east by the underground/ subway: s metroto. For this evening? Yes. Vnimanee-eh! Vlak nommer sto ee shessnaiset za Viddin zaminava ot treti kolovoss f petnaiset chassuh ee treeyset minooti. All right. Stoyteh dallecheh ot vlaka. Vlak nommer treesta chetirset ee pet za Roosseh zaminava ot shesti kolovoss f dvaiset chassuh ee ossemnaiset minooti. isklyoochetteh mobilnitteh telefoni! Waitress Milena Waitress Milena Oh. Waitress For how many people? Boyan Antonov For four. Good afternoon. at eight. 3. yes. Sledvashta spirka stantsiya Tsentur. for this evening. TR26 1.Conversation 3/9: WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS LI CD3. Vlak nommer dvesta seddemdesset ee chetiri za Boorgas zaminava ot ftori kolovoss f seddemnaiset chassuh ee treeyset ee pet minooti. Mollya. A table for this evening at seven. Boyan Antonov No. Boyan Antonov Hello. a table for six people. there is a table for six. 21) 31/03/2010 14:38 . and a bottle of warm mineral water. Warm? Well. Waitress I’m sorry. Waitress Fine. There isn’t a free table for four. Is there a big table? Yes. The word metro – without the definite article – is neuter. of course! Just not cold. Vratteeteh seh zatvaryat. of course. not warm. Boyan Antonov Waitress Boyan Antonov Waitress Boyan Antonov Waitress 60 Conversation 3 21 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Vnimanee-eh! Vlaka f possoka Lyoolin pristigga na stantsiya Serdika slet edna minoota.indd Spread 29 of 48 . Thank you very much.Pages(60. 5. 2. please. no. please. Waitress Tino Restaurant. 4. A table for six people for this evening at seven.

TR30 Maria Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Maria Eddin kilogram domati ee tree krastavitsi. Here you are. mollya. Fine. Do you have the exact money? No. chetiri. Here’s one lev thirty change. Thank you. but I also need something for an allergy. the pharmacy is open now. No problem. when is the pharmacy open? From eight in the morning to eight in the evening. yes. What do you need? Some aspirin. Tazzi vecher eema hoobavo pilleh ee mnogo hoobava ribba. mollya. I’ll give you some aspirin. Kolko soopi? Edno.Insight The equivalent of ‘this’ has a masculine form (tozzi). Kolko stroova edno kilo krastavitsi? Conversation 3/8: VISITING A PHARMACY 22 59 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. George Maria George Maria George Maria *** PART 2: GIVING YOUR ORDER AT A RESTAURANT LI CD1. zuppovyadaiteh. Za men ribba suss garnitoora. pet – pet salati. Have a nice day! George Pharmacist George Pharmacist George Pharmacist George Pharmacist George Pharmacist Conversation 4 PART 1: SHOPPING FOR FOOD LI CD1. 59) 31/03/2010 14:38 . Bluggodaryuh. Good morning. Tree krastavitsi – polovin kilo. eema. Golemi illee malki krastavitsi? Neh mnogo golemi. Anything else? And something for an allergy.indd Spread 30 of 48 . mollya. tree – tree soopi. Some aspirin. TR26 Waiter Boyan Antonov Waiter Boyan Antonov Waiter Milena Boyan Antonov Waiter Nadya Boyan Antonov Waiter Boyan Antonov Dobur vecher. Za vass eema massa za shess dooshi. You use tova in the statement Tova eh… ‘This is…’ and in the question Kakvo eh tova? ‘What is this?’. I’ll give you ten levs. cream. Cream or tablets? Yes. This cream is very good. Za vass. Kolko salati? Edno. dveh. Eema lee topla soopa tazzi vecher? Da. dveh. Here you are. gospodin Antonof. How much do I owe you? Eight seventy.Pages(22. Oshteh dveh pitsi. a feminine form (tazzi) and a neuter form (tova). Za men pilleh ee salata. Marvellous! That’s all. tree. please. mollya. I don’t know how to say it in Bulgarian. Maria. gospozha? Za men neshto bess messo – edna pitsa ee edna salata.

How many salads? One. Lek den! Waiter Boyan Antonov Waiter Boyan Antonov Waiter Milena Boyan Antonov Waiter Nadya Boyan Antonov Waiter Boyan Antonov George Pharmacist George Pharmacist George Pharmacist George Pharmacist George Pharmacist Good evening. Dobreh. have your stotinkas at the ready! Maria Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Maria A kilogram of tomatoes and three cucumbers. For you. So when out shopping.Conversation 3/8: VISITING A PHARMACY LI CD3. Big or small cucumbers? Not very big. Eddin aspirin. Nyama problemi. Neh znam kak seh kazva na bulgarski. Tozzi krem eh mnogo hoobaf. three – three soups. Ot kakvo eemash noozhda? Ot aspirin. there is. krem. da. Two more pizzas. three. Choodesno! Tova eh fsichko. something without meat – a pizza and a salad. For me. two. There is a table for six for you. How much is a kilo of cucumbers? Conversation 4 58 23 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Zuppovyadaiteh. please. Dobrootro. Kolko vee dulzhuh? Ossem ee seddemdesset. chicken and salad. noh eemam noozhda ee ot neshto za allergiya. please. Insight When accepting payment for small purchases at checkout desks. Mr Antonov. two. shteh vee dam desset levva. TR23 George Maria George Maria George Maria *** Maria. Is there any hot soup this evening? Yes. Neshto droogo? Ee neshto za allergiya. Krem illee tabletki? Da. four. the assistants are usually keen to take your small coins.indd Spread 31 of 48 . please. segga aptekata eh otvorenna. mollya. five – five salads. please. Zuppovyadaiteh. For me. Thank you. Three cucumbers – half a kilo. Etto leff ee treeyset resto. madam? For me. They will often ask Eematteh lee tochni parri? ‘Have you the exact money?’ or Eematteh lee drebni? ‘Have you any change?’. Ass shteh tee dam aspirin. How many soups? One. fish with a side dish. 23) 31/03/2010 14:38 .Pages(58. koga rabboti aptekata? Ot ossem sootrinta doh ossem vecherta. Eematteh lee tochni parri? Neh. Bluggodaryuh. Tonight there is some nice chicken and very fine fish. welcome.

Yes. The first door? No. A da. Iskatteh lee neshto droogo? Tree litra hoobavo veeno vuf kootiya. Where is the café? It’s over there. Insight The Bulgarian equivalents of ‘a bottle of’. Dovizhdanneh. Eema samo bootilki. Dva limona – treesta grama. Fsichko dvaiset levva. there is…. George Bell-boy George Bell-boy *** Excuse me. kolko limona iskatteh? Dva limona. is there a toilet here? Chamber. eddin litur illee dva litra? Dva litra. Kolko stroova fsichko? Fsichko seddem levva ee sheyset ee pet stotinki. Good morning. yes. but it’s engaged. Oshteh neshto? Da. eema hoobavi praskovi.Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Dva ee dvaiset. now I understand.Pages(24. Daiteh mee polovin kilo praskovi. TR36 George Chamber-maid 2 George Chamber-maid 2 George Chamber-maid 2 George Chamber-maid 2 Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Kolko stroova kootiya beera? Suzhalyavam. where is the toilet? Straight ahead along the corridor and after that to the right. I don’t understand ‘assansyor’. Thank you. sir. ‘a kilo(gram) of’ and ‘a packet of’ need no linking word like ‘of’: kilogram domati ‘a kilogram of tomatoes’ bootilka veeno ‘a bottle of wine’ kootiya beera ‘a can of beer’ kootiya tsigari ‘a packet of cigarettes’. You’d better go to the restaurant on the ninth floor. George Chamber-maid 2 PART 2: BUYING DRINKS TO TAKE HOME LI CD1. Come with me. Dobreh. 57) 31/03/2010 14:38 . Eema lee limoni? Da. I think it’s the third one. A white door. Bootilkata stroova dvaiset stotinki. Kolko stroova edna bootilka beera? Beerata stroova seddemdesset stotinki. Thank you.maid 1 Oh. Iskam ee edna kola. noh nyama kooti-ee. this way! What’s the matter? Is the lift out of order too? It is working.indd Spread 32 of 48 . Chervenno illee byalo? Chervenno. You can go to the café. Polovin litur. Zuppovyadaiteh. ee edna bootilka gazirana voda. daiteh mee ossem bootilki beera. 24 Conversation 3/7: FINDING YOUR WAY ROUND A BUILDING 57 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. but it’s engaged at the moment. the red door on the left. What is ‘assansyor’? It travels up and down. not the first. George Excuse me. You can go George *** to the second floor. Is that the toilet? Yes. Zuppovyadaiteh. The lift is round the corner. But it’s out of order.

. Red or white? Red. noh eh za-et vuf mommenta. Misslya. Goodbye. one litre or two litres? Two litres. there are some nice peaches. 25) 31/03/2010 14:38 . Mozheh da otiddetteh vuf kaffetto. Tova lee eh toh-alletnata? Da. noh eh za-etto. Gospodinneh. da. Da. The bottle costs twenty stotinkas. Half litre. Bluggodaryuh. Would you like anything else? Three litres of good wine in a carton. give me eight bottles of beer. Neh razbeeram assansyor. Conversation 4 56 25 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. ellatteh! ellatteh! Kakvo eema? Assansyora sushto lee neh rabboti? Rabboti. cheh eh trettata. Are there any lemons? Yes. Ok. Kuddeh eh kaffetto? Etto tam. Here you are. Oh yes. How much all together? All together seven levs and sixty-five stotinkas. Izvinnetteh.Conversation 3/7: FINDING YOUR WAY ROUND A BUILDING LI CD3. plus a bottle of soda water. Dobur den. I want a coke. TR20 George Bell-boy George Bell-boy *** Izvinnetteh. George Chamber-maid 1 George *** George Chamber-maid 2 George Chamber-maid 2 George Chamber-maid 2 George Chamber-maid 2 George Chamber-maid 2 Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai Shop assistant Nikolai How much is a can of beer? I’m sorry but there aren’t any cans..Pages(56. Purvata vratta lee? Neh. segga razbeeram. kuddeh eh toh-alletnata? Napravo po korridora ee slet tova vdyasno. too. Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Maria Shop assistant Two twenty. eema. Assansyora eh zat uggulla. All together twenty levs. neh purvata. There are only bottles. how many lemons do you want? Two lemons. Bluggodaryuh. Mozheh da otiddetteh na ftoriya etash.indd Spread 33 of 48 . How much is a bottle of beer? The beer costs seventy stotinkas. Give me half a kilo of peaches. Edna byala vratta. chervennata vratta vlyavo. noh neh rabboti. There you go. Anything else? Yes. Po dobreh otiddetteh vuf restoranta na devvetiya etash. Kakvo eh assansyor? Puttoova nagorreh ee nadolloo. Two lemons – three hundred grams. eema lee took toh-alletna? Oh.

za vass lee eh taksito? Victoria Collins Da. mollya ostavvetteh meh na svetofarra. tova lee eh aggentsiyata rent-a-car? Office worker Da. It’s very noisy. 55) 31/03/2010 14:38 . zuppovyadaiteh. Kuddeh da vee ostavya. ostavvetteh depozit sto ee peddesset evro. Adressa vee? Oolitsa ‘Tsar Simmeh-on’ nommer eddinaiset. Bluggodaryuh. TR41 Victoria Collins Operator Victoria Collins Operator Victoria Collins *** Edno taksi za garata. PART 2: RENTING A CAR LI CD1. but the tickets are more expensive. Eight levs and sixty stotinkas. Slet desset minooti shteh doyda suss parritteh. mollya. Is that so? Why? Because everyone wants to travel early. Office worker Dobreh! Mollya.Pages(26. na Victoria Collins *** parkinga lee? Neh. Milena One ticket to Borovets. Are there any tickets for earlier on Sunday? There’s a bus at seven o’clock. Tree ee peddesset. Office worker Za kolko denna? Milena Za dvanaiset denna. Once again. Skiing as a sport is not cheap… 26 Conversation 3/6: BUYING COACH TICKETS 55 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Neh znam adressa. give me a ticket for Sunday at seven o’clock. Golyama kola lee iskatteh? Milena Neh. kuddeh eema aggentsiya rent-a-car? Boyan Antonov Eema edna aggentsiya doh garata.Conversation 5 PART 1: GETTING A TAXI LI CD1. Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Taxi driver Dobur den. Taxi driver Tova eh garata. za men.indd Spread 34 of 48 . Dovizhdanneh. Fine. *** Milena Izvinnetteh. eleven o’clock is very late for skiing. Kolata shteh doydeh slet petnaiset minooti. I beg your pardon? What is that you’re saying? The tickets for the bus at seven o’clock are more expensive. Taxi driver Zuppovyadaiteh. gospodin Antonof. Oh. of course. Well yes. mollya. Milena Shteh otidda doh garata suss taksi. shteh otidda doh bankata. And how much is the more expensive ticket? Eight sixty. iskam malka kola. Taxi driver Mersi. On Saturday there are tickets only for eleven and twelve o’clock. Milena Oh. please. TR46 Izvinnetteh. Victoria Collins Zuppovyadaiteh. For when? For Saturday.

Amee da. please. Oshteh vednush. Three fifty. Conversation 5 54 27 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Your address? Number eleven Tsar Simeon Street. I want a small car. Taxi driver Thank you. Milena Oh. Milena Excuse me. Mr Antonov. is this the rent-a-car office? Office worker Yes. Milena I’ll go to the station by taxi. 27) 31/03/2010 14:38 . Taxi driver Good afternoon.Conversation 3/6: BUYING COACH TICKETS LI CD3. Where shall I drop you? At the car park? Victoria Collins No. F subbota eema billetti samo za eddinaiset ee za dvanaiset chassuh. *** Milena Excuse me. Office worker For how many days? For twelve days. Ee kolko stroova po skuppiya billet? Ossem ee sheyset.Pages(54. Eema lee billetti za po ranno vuf nedellya? Eema aftoboos f seddem chassuh. Thank you. please. Za koga? Za subbota. Milena Office worker Right! Please leave a deposit of one hundred and fifty euros. for me. Dobreh. Goodbye. where is there a rent-acar office? Boyan Antonov There is an office by the railway station. eddinaiset chassuh eh mnogo kussno za ski. I’ll be back with the money in ten minutes. Mnogo eh shoomno. Do you want a large car? Milena No. TR17 Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Ticket clerk Nikolai Eddin billet za Borovets. noh billettitteh sa po-skuppi. The car will be along in fifteen minutes. mollya. Oh. Takka lee? Zashto? Zashtoto fsichki iskat da puttoovat ranno.. I’ll go to the bank. Victoria Collins Operator Victoria Collins Operator Victoria Collins *** A taxi for the railway station. Taxi driver Please get in. is the taxi for you? Victoria Collins Yes. *** Taxi driver This is the railway station. razbeera seh.. Ski sporta neh eh eftin . Mollya? Kakvo kazvatteh? Billettitteh za aftoboossa f seddem chassuh sa po skuppi.indd Spread 35 of 48 . come in. Ossem levva ee sheyset stotinki. daiteh mee eddin billet za nedellya f seddem chassuh. please drop me at the traffic lights. I don’t know the address. Victoria Collins Here you are.

How many stops is it by tram? Hm… Slaveykov Square is the first stop.Pages(28. PART 2: TAKING A COACH LI CD2. Nyama problemi. er… about twenty-five minutes. Garibaldi Square the second. But is there a tram that goes there? Yes. four stops. Alabin Street is the third. 53) 31/03/2010 14:38 . tova myasto svobodno lee eh? Fsichki mesta sa svobodni. In how many minutes can I get there? Well. Vee-eh neh steh ot Soffiya. Izvinnetteh. Za koy aftoboos? Za aftoboossa vuf devvet ee petnaiset. ass sum anglichanka.Office worker Milena Office worker Nyama problemi. moga lee da vee pomogna? Eematteh mnogo bagash. Zuppovyadaiteh. Yes. I’ll take a taxi. mollya. and another one – so. Thank you very much. it’s not far. Ot koy sektor zaminava aftoboossa? Conversation 3/5: DISCUSSING TIME AND DISTANCES 28 53 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Tova eh vlaka za Plovdif. yes. Oh. TR8 Maria Ticket clerk Maria Ticket clerk Maria Eddin billet za Soffiya. Conversation 6 PART 1: CATCHING A TRAIN LI CD2. that’s too much. Don’t mention it. But I have no time! I have to be at Macedonia Square at half past six. Now it’s twenty past six. it’s not near. is Macedonia Square nearby? No. Billetta stroova dvanaiset levva ee dvaiset stotinki. Eema myasto ee za bagazha. *** Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Victoria Collins Ticket clerk Victoria Collins Ticket clerk *** Eddin billet za Plovdif. TR2 Victoria Collins Izvinetteh. Seddem levva ee peddesset stotinki. mollya. kuddeh sa kassitteh za billetti? Information Officer Kassitteh sa vdyasno. You’d better take a taxi. on the corner. tram number twelve. Is the stop far? No.indd Spread 36 of 48 . Izvinnetteh. Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Passenger 1 Victoria Collins Passenger 1 Victoria Collins Passenger 1 Passenger 2 Victoria Collins Excuse me. Over there. Bluggodaryuh mnogo. Kuddeh eh kolata? Na parkinga doh aggentsiyata. I reckon that in ten minutes you’ll be there. It’s a long way. Za koy vlak? Za vlaka vuf ossem ee chetirset. nallee? Neh.

cheh slet desset minooti shteh steh tam. Victoria Collins Excuse me. bleezo lee eh ploshtat Makedoniya? Neh. Segga eh shess ee dvaiset. O. Maria Ticket clerk Maria Ticket clerk Maria A ticket to Sofia. For which train? For the train at eight forty. A eema lee tramvay do tam? Da. Thank you very much. please. For which coach? For the coach at nine fifteen. The ticket costs twelve levs twenty stotinkas. please. Mnogo vee bluggodaryuh. Which bay does the coach leave from? Conversation 6 52 29 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Shteh vzema taksi. This is the train to Plovdiv. is this seat free? All the places are free. Do take a seat. Passenger 1 Victoria Collins Passenger 1 Victoria Collins Passenger 1 Passenger 2 Victoria Collins Insight In English two negative words together are either bad grammar or logically make a positive. There is room for the luggage. Dallecheh eh. tramvay nommer dvanaiset. ploshtat Garibaldi eh ftorata. Nyama nishto. neh eh bleezo. Misslya. tova eh mnogo. Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Maria Passer-by Izvinnetteh. Za kolko minooti moga da otidda tam? Amee… za okolo dvaiset ee pet minooti. Excuse me. da. ploshtat Slaveykof eh purvata. Excuse me. Etto tam. *** Victoria Collins Ticket clerk Victoria Collins Ticket clerk *** A ticket to Plovdiv. TR14 Office worker Milena Office worker No problem. Da. Kolko spirki eh s(uss) tramvay? Hm.indd Spread 37 of 48 . No problem. Seven levs fifty stotinkas. Dallecheh lee eh spirkata? Neh. ee oshteh edna – znachee chetiri spirki. I’m English. are you? No. You aren’t from Sofia. 29) 31/03/2010 14:38 . neh eh dallecheh. where are the ticket offices? Information Officer The ticket offices are to the right. na uggulla.Pages(52.Conversation 3/5: DISCUSSING TIME AND DISTANCES LI CD3. Po dobreh vzemmetteh taksi. can I help you? You do have a lot of luggage. Where is the car? In the car park next to the office. oolitsa Alabin eh tretata. In Bulgarian more than one negative word in the same statement is the rule and is both good grammar and still negative. So you hear Nishto neh razbeeram ‘I don’t understand anything’ and Nyama nishto ‘There isn’t anything’ or ‘Don’t mention it’. Noh ass nyamam vremmeh! F shess ee polovinna tryabva da sum na ploshtat Makedoniya. too.

thank you. that’s fine. Write the price down. Of course. Maria Driver Maria Driver Maria Driver George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant Good afternoon. ass neh sum ot Soffiya. Is there a bigger one? Now I’ll show you the biggest one. Izvinnetteh. sir? Could you show me this cup? The red one? No. Tova eh aftoboossa za Soffiya. neh znam. zuppovyadaiteh. nyamam. TR12 George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Maria Passer-by 1 *** Izvinnetteh. Daiteh mee billetta. it’s not expensive. kak da otidda doh possolstvoto na Vellikobritanniya? Neh eh bleezo. How can I help you. Here’s another cup.Pages(30.Ticket clerk Maria Ticket clerk *** Sektor tree. Kuddeh eh tozzi sektor? Doh kassitteh. nallee? Da. if you would be so kind. Kolko spirki tryabva da puttoovam? Tree spirki. I don’t understand. I want something typically Bulgarian as a present. There you go. I’m sorry. Is that (too) expensive for you? No. Maria Policeman Maria Policeman Maria Policeman Maria *** Maria Passer-by 2 Maria Passer-by 2 Maria 30 Conversation 3/4: SHOPPING FOR GIFTS 51 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Wonderful! That cup I do like. Zdraveyteh. Zuppovyadaiteh. Conversation 7 PART 1: ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS LI CD2.indd Spread 38 of 48 . oolitsa Moskofska nommer treeyset ee tree. Bluggodaryuh. Is it for a present? Yes. Kazhetteh. zna-etteh lee kuddeh eh possolstvoto na Vellikobritanniya? Suzhalyavam. Spirkata eh doh aftogarata. Good afternoon. Eematteh lee bagash? Neh. Is it expensive? No. no. Koy nommer? Tramvay nommer dveh illee dvanaiset. mozheh lee…? Suss kakvo moga da vee pomogna? Kak da otidda doh possolstvoto na Vellikobritanniya? Zna-etteh lee adressa? Da. I like it very much. the green one. the one on the left. but it’s small for tea. How much does it cost? Fourteen forty. Aftoboossa zaminava slet pet minooti ee pristigga vuf Soffiya vuf eddin ee petnaiset. Is that to your liking? Yes. 51) 31/03/2010 14:38 . I don’t like red. vdyasno. mollya. There you are. Shall I show you this red tablecloth? No. Tryabva da otiddetteh suss tramvay. Puttoovam bess bagash. Here you are.

Thank you. Zuppovyadaiteh. Kolko stroova? Chetrinaiset ee chetirset. Conversation 7 Maria Policeman Maria Policeman Maria Policeman Maria *** Maria Passer-by 2 Maria Passer-by 2 Maria 50 31 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Give me your ticket. I’m travelling without luggage. I don’t. It’s not near. 31) 31/03/2010 14:38 . The stop is next to the coach station.Conversation 3/4: SHOPPING FOR GIFTS LI CD3. Do please tell me how to get to the British Embassy. in you get. noh eh malka za chai. George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Shop assistant George Dobur den. isn’t it? Yes. You’ll have to go by tram. neh eh skuppa. This is the coach for Sofia. TR11 Ticket clerk Maria Ticket clerk *** Bay three. Where is the bay? Next to the ticket offices. Napishetteh tsennata. gospodinneh? Mozheh lee da mee pokazhetteh tazzi chasha? Chervennata lee? Neh. Razbeera seh. I am not from Sofia. Maria Driver Maria Driver Maria Driver Maria Passer-by 1 *** Excuse me. Izvinetteh. The coach leaves in five minutes and arrives in Sofia at one fifteen.indd Spread 39 of 48 . Excuse me. Tova skuppo lee vee eh? Neh. Hello. Here you are. tazzi vlyavo. Da vee pokazha lee tazzi chervenna pokrifka za massa? Neh. zellennata. bluggodaryuh. iskam neshto tipichno bulgarsko za podaruk. Choodesno! Tazzi chasha mee harresva. What number? Tram number two or twelve. Etto. Suss kakvo da vee pomogna. ako obeechatteh. do you know where the British Embassy is? I’m sorry. neh razbeeram. Do you have any luggage? No. I don’t know. Etto oshteh edna chasha. to the right. Harresva lee vee? Da. neh. tova eh dobreh. number thirty-three Moskovska Street. How many stops do I have to go? Three stops. Skuppa lee eh? Neh. Za podaruk lee eh? Da. mnogo mee harresva. Eema lee po golyama? Segga shteh vee pokazha nai golyamata. could you…? How can I help you? How can I get to the British Embassy? Do you know the address? Yes.Pages(50. Zuppovyadaiteh. Dobur den. neh obeecham chervenno.

Conversation 3/3: ORDERING A QUICK LUNCH 32 49 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Good afternoon. Anything to drink? A glass of mineral water and an orange juice. Zashto neh see na rabbota? Losho mee eh. Napravo po tazzi oolitsa. Milena. da. No problem. Tam eema restorant. Shteh pittam na informatsiyata. Possolstvoto eh vlyavo. Are you ready with the order? We are ready. I’ll just take a tomato and cucumber salad and a little fetta cheese. mozheh lee? Dobur den. do you want soup? No. Boyanneh. mnogo hoobaf plash. I’ll come back shortly for the order. Is that all? Give (us) the bill too. Tam eema edna malka gradina. Etto eddin politsai na uggulla. Here you are. if you please. Bluggodaryuh mnogo. because we don’t have much time. Nikolai Policeman Nikolai Policeman *** Policeman Hottel O-azis eh bleezo. Zlatkeh. With cheese? Exactly! In addition. Hotella eh doh Nikolai Policeman Nikolai Policeman restoranta. Izvinnetteh. Priyaten den. Bluggodaryuh vee. suss kakvo moga da vee pomogna? Zna-etteh lee kuddeh eh hottel O-azis? Eddin momment.indd Spread 40 of 48 .Pages(32. Kolko eh chassuh? Dobrootro. vlyavo. I’ll take a chicken sandwich and a juice. Hottella eh na sto metra ot parkinga. Devvet bess dvaiset eh. I’ll be right back. Nikolai Vuf koya possoka? Policeman Napravo. Priyaten den! PART 2: FINDING YOUR HOTEL LI CD2. one chicken sandwich. Etto tam. Ostavvetteh kolata na parkinga. na uggulla. Bleezo lee eh plazha? Mnogo eh bleezo. One tomato and cucumber salad. Anything to drink? A glass of mineral water.Passer-by 2 Maria Aha. TR17 Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Milena Nikolai Milena Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Milena Waitress Milena Nikolai *** Neh znam kuddeh eh hotella. TR21 Boyan Antonov Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov Dobrootro. O. ee ass neh sum ot Nessebur. Conversation 8 PART 1: BEING UNWELL LI CD2. this is the menu. Shteh goh pittam. Kazhetteh. We would like something for lunch. Nikolai Kuddeh eema parkink? Policeman Etto tam. 49) 31/03/2010 14:38 .

Neshto za pee-enneh? Edna chasha mineralna voda ee eddin portokallof sok. It’s twenty to nine. I’m not from Nessebur either. Excuse me. There is a restaurant there. Thank you. Is the beach near? Very near. Over there. Shteh doyda slet malko za poruchkata. The Embassy is to the left. TR8 Passer-by 2 Maria Ah. Nikolai Policeman Nikolai Policeman *** Policeman The Oasis Hotel is nearby. Boyan Antonov Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov Good morning. Milena Nikolai *** I don’t know where the hotel is. could you…? Good afternoon. Ass shteh vzemma eddin sandvich suss pilleh ee eddin sok. Etto segga. The hotel is one hundred metres from the car park. Have a nice day. ako obichatteh. Tova lee eh fsichko? Daiteh ee smetkata. on the corner. 33) 31/03/2010 14:38 . zuppovyadaiteh. Leave your car in the car park.indd Spread 41 of 48 . iskash lee soopa? Neh. Gottovi lee steh suss poruchkata? Gottovi smeh.Pages(48. Iskammeh neshto za obyat. The hotel Nikolai Policeman Nikolai Policeman is next to the restaurant. zashtoto nyamammeh mnogo vremmeh. to the left. Suss seerenneh lee? Tochno takka! Osven tova. I’ll ask at the information booth. Nikolai Where is there a car park? Policeman Over there.Conversation 3/3: ORDERING A QUICK LUNCH LI CD3. a really nice beach. Thank you very much. What’s the time? Good morning. Milena. what is it? How can I help you? Do you know where the Oasis Hotel is? Just a moment. Nyama problemi. Oh yes. Nikolai In which direction? Policeman Straight ahead. Boyan. There is a little park there. Why aren’t you at work? I’m feeling unwell. there’s a policeman on the corner. yes. Neshto za pee-enneh? Chasha mineralna voda. Have a nice day! Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Milena Nikolai Milena Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Nikolai Waitress Milena Waitress Dobur den. Conversation 8 48 33 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Edna salata ot domati ee krastavitsi. Look. Tova eh menyооto. Straight ahead along this street. shteh vzemma samo edna salata ot domati ee krastavitsi ee malko seerenneh. I’ll ask him. Yes. eddin sandvich suss pilleh. Zlatka.

Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov Kakvo tee eh? Choostvam seh slap. Hello! For you? Can I have a cold beer? I’m sorry. Could you repeat? Waitress There is no cold beer. tam lee eh doktor Petrova? Neh. I understand. Everyone wants cold beer. Izvinnetteh. Wonderful! PART 2: GOING TO THE DOCTOR LI CD2. Do you want ice? Yes. the personal pronoun (mee. nyama ya. (lit. there is some orange juice. what about YOU? Good evening. nyamam svobodni chassoveh. Fsichko meh bollee. Now there isn’t any cold beer.indd Spread 42 of 48 . George Collins Just a moment. (lit. because today the weather was terribly hot. ‘today’ (adverbs) or ‘not’ are added to phrases expressing a physical or mental state. Pardon? What kind of juice? Juice made from oranges. er. TR26 Zlatka Antonova Doctor Kostov Zlatka Antonova Doctor Kostov Allo. eemash. ‘Today to me is bad’) Neh mee eh losho. Waitress The weather today was very hot. George Collins Waitress George Collins Waitress Insight In Zlatka’s question Zashto neh see na rabbota? there is no word for ‘you’. I don’t understand anything. dobrootro. Etto. If you say Zashto TEE neh see na rabbota? you put a strong emphasis on tee and imply that everybody else has gone to work. still in second place. George Collins Please speak more slowly. vee etc) must come immediately after. Neh eh ot hranata... of course. (lit. razbeera seh! Mozheh bee eh grip. Do you want some? Fine. please.Pages(34. ‘Very to me is bad’) Dness mee eh losho. but there isn’t any cold beer. Conversation 3/2: ORDERING COLD DRINKS 34 47 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Hranata besheh hoobava. give me two glasses of orange juice. ‘Bad to me is’) Mnogo mee eh losho. zdraveyteh. It is quite normal for the subject pronoun (‘I. Is there anything cold to drink? Insight When extra words such as the Bulgarian for ‘very’. Doktor Kostof. George Collins Aha. because the weather was terribly hot today. Eematteh lee svoboden chass? Suzhalyavam. Eemash lee temperatoora? Neh znam. ‘Not to me is bad’). Took eh doktor Kostof. See how it works for ‘I’m feeling unwell’: Losho mee eh. s/he’ etc) to be left out in Bulgarian. Fcherra tee besheh na restorant suss kolleggitteh. tee. (lit. 47) 31/03/2010 14:38 . you. Waitress George Collins Waitress George Collins Waitress George Collins Well.

Mollya. daiteh mee dveh chashi portokallof sok. Fsichki iskat stoodenna beera. Aha. Zlatka Antonova Doctor Kostov Zlatka Antonova Doctor Kostov Hello. she’s not in. Za vass? Mozheh lee edna stoodenna beera? Suzhalyavam. Iskatteh lee let? Da. Mozheh lee da poftoritteh? Stoodenna beera nyama. There. razbeeram. zashtoto dness vremmetto besheh oozhasno toplo. remember!) In Bulgarian iskam ‘I want’ is perfectly acceptable and will not cause offence. mollya. razbeera seh. Segga stoodenna beera nyama. Eddin momment. govoretteh po bavno. Eema lee neshto stoodenno za pee-enneh? Amee . Do you have a temperature? I don’t know. Conversation 8 46 35 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN..Pages(46..Conversation 3/2: ORDERING COLD DRINKS LI CD3. eema portokallof sok. Excuse me. Everything hurts. is doctor Petrova there? No.indd Spread 43 of 48 . TR5 Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov Zlatka Antonova Boyan Antonov George Collins Waitress George Collins Waitress George Collins Waitress George Collins Waitress George Collins Waitress George Collins Waitress George Collins Waitress George Collins Dobur vecher. Do you have an appointment free? I’m sorry. Insight When asking for something in English ‘I would like’ is considered more polite and less abrupt than ‘I want’. (‘I want never gets’. good morning. of course you have! Maybe it’s flu. Vremmetto dness besheh mnogo toplo. 35) 31/03/2010 14:38 . hello. I don’t have any free slots. Zdraveyteh. Nishto neh razbeeram. Mollya? Kakuf sok? Sok ot portokalli. The food was fine. Choodesno! What’s the matter with you? I feel weak. Yesterday you were at a restaurant with your colleagues. zashtoto dness vremmetto besheh oozhasno toplo. It’s not from the food. noh stoodenna beera nyama. Doctor Kostov. Doctor Kostov speaking. Iskatteh lee? Dobreh.

45) 31/03/2010 14:38 . eddin momment. Priyaten den! Doctor Petrova Boyan Antonov Doctor Petrova Boyan Antonov Doctor Petrova Boyan Antonov Doctor Petrova Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins May I? Nadya Please. Gospozha Collins? Nyama rezervatsiya suss vashto eemeh. Is Mr Nadya Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Antonov in? He’s here.. No problem. Eematteh grip. Zdraveyteh. Hm. My name is Victoria Collins. Kazvam seh Collins. Mrs Collins? Very pleased to meet you. Mnogo suzhalyavam.indd Spread 44 of 48 . Zuppovyadaiteh vuf eddinaiset chassuh. toppul chai. Thank you. Where are you from? From Manchester.Pages(36. I am the director of the firm. for you. Kakvo droogo? Sok ot limoni. Bollee lee took? Neh.. How long are you in Bulgaria for? For one month. Eemam bolki vuf mooskoolitteh. do come in. Eemeto mee eh Collins. koremma neh meh bollee.Zlatka Antonova Doctor Kostov *** Doktor Petrova shteh doydeh lee? Da. na chetvurtiya etash. I have time now. Dobur vecher. Dovizhdanneh. TR30 Victoria Collins Dobur vecher. da. Conversation 3/1: PAYING A BUSINESS VISIT Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins 36 45 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Etto rezervatsiyata mee. Victoria Collins Good morning. Eemam temperatoora. Victoria Collins. Tova hottel Ellit lee eh? Da. Bluggodaryuh. eematteh rezervatsiya za pet denna. Da. I am a translator. Za staya chetiristotin ee ossemnaiset. Razbeeram. Mozheh bee eema greshka. Conversation 9 PART 1: SORTING OUT MISUNDERSTANDINGS LI CD2. please. Greshkata eh moya. topli soopi. Just a moment… Mr Antonov. tya shteh eh took slet eddin chass. a lot. Won’t you take a seat. Shteh vee dam vitamini. Kak seh choostvatteh? Neh seh choostvam dobreh. Tochno takka. Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Eema rezervatsiya za men. Do you like it here? Yes. Iskatteh lee staya na petiya etash? Nyama problemi. Noh vuf staya chetiristotin ee ossemnaiset eh gospozha Colliss. Just for five minutes. neh Colliss.

For room four hundred and eighteen. Gospodin Antonof. just a moment. samo za pet minooti. Come at eleven o’clock. I’ll give you some vitamins.. eddin momment. hot soups. That’s right. I’m very sorry. Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Collins. you have a reservation for five days. It’s my mistake. Have a nice day. Za kolko vremmeh steh v Bulgariya? Za eddin messets. hot tea. My name is Collins. yes. Is this the Elite Hotel? Yes. Good evening. mnogo. Yes.. You’ve got flu.Conversation 3/1: PAYING A BUSINESS VISIT LI CD3. How are you feeling? I’m not feeling well. I have a temperature. Segga еemam vremmeh. Hello. sednetteh! Bluggodaryuh. Conversation 9 44 37 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN.. 37) 31/03/2010 14:38 . But Mrs Colliss is in room four hundred and eighteen. on the fourth floor. I have pains in my muscles. not Colliss. my stomach doesn’t hurt. Gospodin Nadya Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Antonof took lee eh? Took eh. Doctor Petrova Boyan Antonov Doctor Petrova Boyan Antonov Doctor Petrova Boyan Antonov Doctor Petrova Boyan Antonov Victoria Collins Good evening. The final -ka is the clue! For nationalities too: compare bulgarin and bulgarka. Mrs Collins? There is no reservation in your name. Victoria Collins Mozheh lee…? Nadya Zuppovyadaiteh. Ass sum dirrektora na firmata. Here’s my reservation.Pages(44.. Gospozha Collins? Mnogo mee eh priyatno. My name’s Collins. Hm. Vee-eh otkuddeh steh? Ot Manchester. Would you like a room on the fifth floor? No problem. A ‘female director’ would be dirrektorka and a ‘female translator’ prevodachka. Kazvam seh Victoria Collins. Maybe there is some mistake. Goodbye. Anything besides that? Lemon juice. There is a reservation for me. I understand. TR2 Zlatka Antonova Doctor Kostov *** Will doctor Petrova be coming in? Yes. Victoria Insight In Bulgarian the words dirrektor and prevodach generally refer to a ‘male director’ and a ‘male translator’. Ass sum prevodachka.indd Spread 45 of 48 . Harresva lee vee took? Da. Does it hurt here? No. she’ll be here in an hour. Nyama problemi. za vass. anglichanin and anglichanka. Thank you. vlesteh! Victoria Collins Dobur den. Zuppovyadaiteh.

Maria PART 2: CORRECTING MORE MISTAKES LI CD2. the second of June is not on Sunday. When will you be coming again? In September. Eematteh lee noozhda ot neshto? Neh. Our telephone is 0044 161 973 12 19.Pages(38. yes! My mistake.indd Spread 46 of 48 . I love to travel. Thank you. Here. bluggodaryuh. Ass govorya bulgarski mnogo dobreh. Staya petstotin dvaiset ee shess eh svobodna. You have my address and telephone. ‘my’ and ‘the’ are combined and used together. So the Bulgarian for ‘my name’ is either eemeto mee (lit. TR35 Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist *** Allo. Ass govorya angleeyski. Maria. shteh vee pokazha vashta staya. Suss kakvo moga da vee pomogna? Tova neh eh moya bagash. kazvam seh Victoria Collins… A. Victoria George Victoria Maria George Maria Victoria Maria Victoria Maria Victoria Mitko Victoria Collins Mitko Victoria Collins Mitko Victoria Collins Mitko Victoria Collins Mitko *** Cheers. Greshkata eh moya. 43) 31/03/2010 14:38 . Super. nallee? Neh. ‘name+the my’) or mo-eto eemeh (lit. na shestiya etash smeh. don’t you? Yes. All the best. My wife and I don’t like the hottest season. Yes. Sunday is the first of June. Yes. I have a ticket for the twentysecond of August. in September it’s not very hot and there aren’t many tourists. won’t you? Yes. Noh tova eh staya shestotin dvaiset ee shess. Victoria! When are you leaving? On Sunday. Problem lee eematteh. Tochno takka. Vee-eh razbeeratteh bulgarski mnogo dobreh. you’ll be coming to England in August. Na petiya etash smeh. noh neh mnogo dobreh… Insight Note that. razbeeram fsichko na bulgarski. Victoria. Segga shteh doydeh Mitko.Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Mnogo dobreh. Bluggodaryuh. We’re travelling on Monday. ‘my+the name’). Ellatteh suss men. George! Cheers. ot staya petstotin dvaiset ee shess. Da. Razbeeram. Mitko Victoria Collins Maria Victoria Good. da. Maria! 38 Conversation 10 43 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. Govoretteh suss neggo. gospozho? Nyama mee bagazha. Etto vashiya bagash. Segga nyamam noozhda ot nishto. Tova neh eh vashta staya! Stayata mee eh petstotin dvaiset ee shess. this is our address. in contrast to English. da.

Nee-eh puttoovammeh vuf ponnedelnik. aren’t we? No. da. Eemam billet za dvaiset ee ftori avgust. Sooper! Etto. Nedellya eh purvi yuni. madam? My luggage is missing. My mistake. devvet. That’s right. Nee-eh suss zhenna mee neh harresvammeh nai topliya sezon. Maria! Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist *** Hello. This is not your room! My room is five hundred and twenty-six. Victoria. Conversation 9 Mitko Victoria Collins Mitko Victoria Collins Mitko Victoria Collins Mitko Victoria Collins Mitko *** Mitko Victoria Collins 42 39 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. my name’s Victoria Collins… Oh. dvanaiset. Da. Bluggodaryuh. tova eh adressa nee. Is there anything you need? Thank you. I speak English. Telefonna nee eh noola noola chetiri chetiri.Pages(42. we’re on the sixth floor. but not very well… PART 2: STAYING IN TOUCH AND MEETING UP LI CD2. Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Victoria Collins Receptionist Very good. Here’s your luggage. Yes. Thank you. Is anything wrong. nallee? Da. I speak Bulgarian very well. devvetnaiset (0044 161 973 12 19). But this is room six hundred and twenty-six. 39) 31/03/2010 14:38 . Now I don’t need anything.indd Spread 47 of 48 . yes.Insight Bulgarian makes great use of the verb ‘to be’ and the preposition na to indicate participation in a whole variety of activities: na pochifka ‘(to be) on holiday’ na restorant ‘(to be) at a restaurant’ na rabbota ‘(to be) at work’ na kaffeh ‘(to be) having coffee’ na ski ‘(to be) skiing’. tee shteh doydesh vuf Angliya press avgust. eemam greshka. Dobreh. We are on the fifth floor. Come with me. Speak to him. press septemvri neh eh mnogo toplo ee nyama mnogo tooristi. Maria. I understand everything in Bulgarian. I’ll show you your room. Fsichko hoobavo. Victoria! Koga puttoovatteh? Vuf nedellya. How can I help you? This is not my luggage. TR44 Maria Victoria George Victoria Maria George Maria Victoria Maria Victoria Maria Victoria Maria Victoria Nazdravveh. yes. Koga shteh doydetteh pak? Press septemvri. Room five hundred and twenty-six is free. You have a very good understanding of Bulgarian. Mitko will be up right away. no. seddem tree. from room five hundred and twenty-six. obeecham da puttoovam. George! Nazdravveh. Vee-eh eematteh moya adress ee telefon. ftori yuni neh eh vuf nedellya. I see. edno shess edno. nallee? Da. Da.

Very pleased to meet you. George Collins Da. Pleased to meet you. Zlatka Antonova Eemetto mee eh Zlatka. nee-eh sushto. TR39 George Collins Boyan Antonov Dobur den. Victoria Collins Hello. Boyan Antonov Yes. In Bulgarian the definite ending is attached only to the first adjective. Boyan Antonov Me too. we do too. Can I help you? George Collins What is the Bulgarian for this? Boyan Antonov Eekonna. I do like Bulgarian icons. Are you in Bulgaria on holiday? George Collins No. Nee-eh suss zhenna mee mnogo harresvammeh tazzi tsurkva. Mnogo mee eh priyatno. bulgarin sum. we have a small house here.indd Spread 48 of 48 .Conversation 10 PART 1: MAKING NEW FRIENDS LI CD2. aren’t you? George Collins Yes. Ass obeecham bulgarskitteh eekonni. Na pochifka lee steh vuf Bulgariya? George Collins Neh. Vee-eh bulgarin lee steh? Da. that’s right. nee-eh eemammeh malka kushta took. Hello. A tova eh moyta zhenna. how do you do! My name’s George Collins. Victoria. Vee-eh steh anglichanin. too. I am. Victoria Collins Zdraveyteh! Priyatno mee eh. Are you Bulgarian? Yes. Victoria. Boyan Antonov Ass sum Boyan Antonof. Zdraveyteh! Moga lee da vee pomogna? George Collins Kak seh kazva tova na bulgarski? Boyan Antonov Eekonna. George Collins Yes. 41) 31/03/2010 14:38 . You are English. priyatno mee eh. Mnogo mee eh priyatno. Very pleased to meet you. George Collins Na nass sushto. George Collins We are. Boyan Antonov Da. So you have: eekonnitteh ‘the icons’ but bulgarskitteh eekonni and hoobavitteh bulgarski eekonni stayata ‘the room’ but golyamata staya and moyata golyama staya. Boyan Antonov Me too. And this is my wife. Insight In English ‘the’ remains in the same position no matter how many adjectives you add to the noun. Boyan Antonov Na men sushto. 40 Conversation 10 41 103410 TY SPEAKING BULGARIAN. nallee? George Collins Da. eekonna.Pages(40. My wife and I really like this church. Boyan Antonov Ass sushto. Zlatka Antonova My name is Zlatka. George Collins This is my wife. tochno takka. ‘eekonna’. Kazvam seh George Collins. George Collins Tova eh zhenna mee. Boyan Antonov I am Boyan Antonov. George Collins Boyan Antonov Good afternoon.

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