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Saija Landscape Conservation Area

Saija Landscape Conservation Area

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landscape conservation
landscape conservation

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Published by: Lakshmi Balakrishnan on Feb 08, 2013
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The village of Saija is located in eastern Lapland, 40 km north of the village of Salla. It is 17 km from the village to the Russian border, 950 km to Helsinki and 2950 km to Brussels, the core of the EU. The village has 66 inhabited houses and 154 residents. Its economy is deeply rooted in primary production, agriculture and forestry, and reindeer husbandry. Saija is a dynamic community, boasting skiing events, the Saijazz jazz festival, boat trips, petanque matches and Saija Day, when those named Saija celebrate their name day.

The traditional agricultural areas and meadows that form the foundation of the cultural landscape will be kept cleared by cutting brush and by mowing and then grazing overgrown sites. Guidance and support for plans to promote natural biodiversity in agriculture will be provided by the Lapland Regional Environment Centre and the Rural Department of the Lapland Employment and Economic Development Centre. Management of the slope and hilltop forests that dominate the village landscape will draw on a combination of landscape management principles, recommendations for good forest management, and the values of forest landscapes. The management and use plan for the conservation area includes guidance and recommendations for landscape-conscious forestry. The local Forest Management Association will adhere to the relevant silvicultural recommendations in its work. Farm milieus will be kept intact, and repairs to buildings or additional construction will give due consideration to styles, materials and colour schemes appropriate to the area. Guidance and support on adhering to the building tradition will be available from the Land Use Unit of the Lapland Regional Environment Centre and the building authorities of the Municipality of Salla.

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The landscape conservation area encompasses the core of the inhabited part of the village, as well as the immediately surrounding ridges and hills used by the residents. For additional information, please contact:
The Municipality of Salla: tel. 016 879 111 Lapland Regional Environment Centre: tel. 020 490 113 www.salla.fi Homepage of the village of Saija: http://personal.inet.fi/koti/kari.saariniemi www.ymparisto.fi > Lappi > Luonnonsuojelu > Maisemansuojelu ja -hoito www.lapinliitto.fi > Kaavoitus ja kaavakartat > Itä-Lapin maakuntakaava www.metsakeskus.fi > Metsäkeskukset > Lappi The rivers in the village flood in late May.
Photographs: Annakaisa Nivakoski, Erkki Yrjänheikki, Jouni Rauhala, threshing: Jaakko Törmänen’s album; flood: archives of the Municipality of Salla Text and lay-out: Päivi Posio Printed by: Sevenprint, Rovaniemi 2007

In and around the village. the people of Saija clearly rose to the task. headlands and farmhouse courtyards. The farmhouses were rebuilt along the highest edges of the fields. Most of the buildings in Saija are wooden houses and outbuildings dating from the post-war reconstruction. A designated landscape conservation area offers a valuable asset in marketing tourism. a significant bird wetland. in the form of environmental subsidies for agriculture and forestry. enhancing landscape values and natural biodiversity locally. dry pine forests meet the lusher vegetation of river valleys. A highly valued landscape also improves the prospects for agriculture and related livelihoods. Particularly distinctive of the landscape is the line of ridges running northwest to southeast and cut by the Kuolajoki. The plan identifies the factors making the landscape valuable and recommends restoration and management measures. The Centre made an affirmative designation decision in April of 2007. for the most part in their original locations. historical interest or other special value. It also provides an extensive account of the village history and the development of the landscape and land use in the area. COMMUNITY AND INITIATIVE Designation of a landscape conservation area requires close cooperation between area residents. LAND TO PROTECT THE LANDSCAPE The Nature Conservation Act makes it possible to designate a nationally and regionally significant landscape conservation area in order to preserve and manage a natural or cultural landscape of outstanding beauty. ALLURING SAIJA The village of Saija sits amid a distinctive landscape featuring the meandering rivers Tenniöjoki and Kuolajoki. Here. . rolling farmland. It brings with it opportunities to further nature and culture tourism in the village and to keep the community viable. The terrain features rounded hills. and chains of ridges and wooded hills. gentle moraine slopes and strings of sharply peaked ridges that alternate with mire and river valleys. landowners and authorities. A working group was set up in the early stages of planning to describe the area’s history and present use and to set out how it might be used in the future. The Municipality of Salla and the Regional Council of Lapland were unanimous in recommending to the Lapland Regional Environment Centre that the area be set up. West of the village one finds the Joutsenaapa-Kaita-aapa mire protection area. Village residents. landowners and authorities joined forces in 2006 to produce a landscape management and use plan for Saija. To the south of the village rises Sarivaara Hill. These conservation areas protect regionally significant cultural landscapes. for example. The conservation area proposal was ultimately an initiative of the villagers themselves. Funding for landscape management is available.AUSTERE.

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