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A Call For Moderation. Une Demande de la Modération.
Class War Guerre de Classe Dark Matter Thoughts Down With The Government An Old Gandma Head Turns I Have Caught Myself Out Je Me suis Pris Sur le fait I Remember Many Times The Hang Of Life The Whistle Has Been Blown Trouble For 2011

Governments are the bane of so many people in everyday life. They manage to award themselves unreasonable amounts of payments of tax payers hard earned money for their dubious work. Une Demande de la Modération. Les agents gouvernementaux comme les politiciens sont moi la portion. When governments wage wars between each other for their dubious causes then innocent bystanders die caught up in a senseless power struggle that is government based. Governments are out to control. Les gouvernements sont le fléau de tant de personnes dans la vie quotidienne. Ils . some more than others. They seek to use the general public for their own ends and so as we are outraged we are PUNK. So when you see the protests of (A)narchists and the reflections of dissidents as graffiti. All governments by their nature tend to be corrupt. Government agents such as politicians are self serving. we are moderate in comparison.A Call For Moderation.

We got no time We got no one We got nothing at all We got a class war. Class War The rising The rising I want to. nous sommes modérés dans comparaison. certains plus que d'autres. Ainsi quand vous voyez les protestations d'Anarchistes et le les réflexions de dissidents comme le graffiti. class war. I am the underclass. Quand les guerres de salaire de gouvernements l'un entre l'autre pour leurs causes douteuses les spectateurs alors innocents meurent attrapés en haut dans une lutte pour le pouvoir insensée qui est le gouvernement basé. Ils cherchent à utiliser le général le public pour leurs fins propres et afin de nous sommes outragés nous sommes PUNK. Les gouvernements sont sortis pour contrôler. Tous les gouvernements à leur nature ont tendance à être corrompus. This is class war! This is for the thought. .réussissez à se décerner des quantités déraisonnables de paiements des payeurs fiscaux a durement gagné de l'argent pour leur travail douteux.

We got nothing at all We've got to fight for it all We've got to fight for it all. We get nothing. fight for it all. We are the underclass. This is class war for sure. We work all our lives to get no more. . Guerre de Classe Le fait de monter Le fait de monter Je veux à. We work all our lives. We are the underclass we work for nothing. This is class war! Oh yeah! This is class war for sure. Je suis l'underclass. This is class war! Why is it all the goods against us? It's not a good existence.

. Nous n'avons reçu aucun temps Nous n'avons reçu personne Nous n'avons reçu rien du tout Nous avons reçu une guerre de classe. Nous n'avons reçu rien du tout Nous devons lutter pour tout cela Nous devons lutter pour tout cela. Nous sommes l'underclass. Nous travaillons toutes nos vies. C'est la guerre de classe! Pourquoi c'est toutes les marchandises contre nous ? Ce n'est pas une bonne existence. Nous ne recevons rien. Nous sommes l'underclass nous ne travaillons pour rien. C'est la guerre de classe! Oh vraiment! C'est la guerre de classe mais sûrement.C'est la guerre de classe! C'est pour la pensée. C'est la guerre de classe mais sûrement. la guerre de classe. lutte pour tout cela. Nous travaillons toutes nos vies pour arriver pas plus.

. Maybe my thoughts one day can create an object that will not die. Thinking becomes sub atomic particles that create and die. and generate Our thoughts that we share as spontaneous creations from the dark matter that is space. Paradoxically the hyper dimensionality of the infinitesimally small has more room than the heavens above. Quantum objects appear from the dark matter space. these quantum objects are our thoughts.Dark Matter Thoughts In a place so remote infinitesimally small our minds go to this place.

Down With The Government down with the government politiians and the like we caught you steeling our money we caught you and now you will pay down with the government for all that has been done to control us down down down with the government I want a good life not controlled by idiots i want a great life not this life we have been controlled for too long we have been ruined .

down down down with the government en bas avec le gouvernement en bas avec le gouvernement politiians et autres de ce genre nous vous avons attrapés steeling notre argent nous vous avons attrapés et maintenant vous paierez en bas avec le gouvernement pour tout ce qui a été fait pour nous contrôler en bas en bas en bas avec le gouvernement Je veux une bonne vie non contrôlé par les idiots je veux une grande vie pas cette vie .

nous avons été contrôlés trop longtemps nous avons été ruinés en bas en bas en bas avec le gouvernement et en bas avec ceux qui nous possèdent le starter et meurt c'est une guerre de classe le starter et meurt les gens ont parlé les gens tueront car l'injustice a été faite vous ne pouvez pas nous traiter comme cela en bas en bas en bas avec le gouvernement et tout qu'il représente pour ceux qui marchent sur les gens pour ceux qui contrôlent les gens .

So thin and frail with wrinkly skin this old lady I go round to visit.pour ces parasites qui mangent des gens nous prédominerons et vous vous étoufferez et mourrez le starter et meurt le starter et meurt en bas en bas en bas avec le gouvernement en bas en bas en bas avec le gouvernement by Ceil Bleu X An Old Gandma An old grandma sits uncomfortably in an arm chair. .

stoically laughing at things that most of us would complain about. play piano. This lady is in hospital now I go and visit again. This old lady. wit fully taking us all along. Sitting in an arm chair laughing and joking with nursing staff this old lady laughs and lights up our day. but that was long ago. paint and draw. Now through disability this lady cannot do anything. . brought up in a town of long ago. raising our spirits with good humour. born to an old school. this old lady: As a young girl could sow.Within a loving family.

as a pendulum of indecision: Cold crystal jewelry dangles.Head Turns Her icy thoughts hang. .

This self analysis has reduced me into a demented shell that is washed up in a sea of a turbulent mind and the salt of my thoughts. the brine of fishiness has caught me out.I Have Caught Myself Out I cannot find myself. How much more can I do to sort this out? Dreams come to me at night but in the daylight I examine myself to a meticulous degree and the piercing of my sight has destroyed the human in me. I have lost myself somewhere in my past. The window of opportunity still shines its sunshine rays . Like a robot I stand alone.

Je me suis perdu quelque part dans mon passé.into my house of dreams. . Je Me suis Pris Sur le fait Je ne peux pas me trouver. Cela moi analyse m'a réduit dans une coquille démente c'est nettoyé dans une mer d'un esprit turbulent et le sel de mes pensées. but the window is behind me. Encore combien peut je faire le régler ? Les rêves me viennent la nuit mais dans la lumière du jour Je m'examine à un degré méticuleux et la pénétration de ma vue a détruit l'humain dans moi. A place in time that is unreachable. Comme un robot je me tiens debout seul.

I Remember Oh yeah you tell me right and I do come from and all the memories that we had all the times that we spent all the days that we had and all the thimgs that we said I remember times like it was just yesterday I remember all the things that we did and I remember all so many different ways all so many different times . Un endroit à temps qui est saumure de fait d'être douteux m'a pris sur le fait. mais la fenêtre est derrière moi. La fenêtre d'opportunité toujours brille ses rayons de soleil dans ma maison de rêves.

I've seen it setting in the dusk.I can remember those things that we said so true and I remember all those people that go down I remember. Many Times I've been here many times. but I don't know no more. I've had so many chances I decided not to take and now I sit here skulking for fuck sake. I've seen it through the floor. Hope is eternal. The Hang Of Life . many times before and I don't know what I can do any more.

Anything. To get a hold of. Don't know what to do. And I tried my best to make my way. Don't know what to say. And I tried my best to make my way. And all the people go through their lives just looking for something. Just learning to sing and shout and watch the people as they go by their business. And I never got the hang of life. I never really got to know what it's all about. Just what it is like we don't know what to say. The Whistle Has Been Blown .We're looking around and we're trying to find a way.

this world should be for everyone but some will steal it because they can in a sick society where trauma is found A government plunders its people and the ruling class divides meanwhile as power goes to corruption corruption becomes the law the wage slaves work like robots and subjects go to war this world is not for everyone but the privilaged make it for themselves. Trouble For 2011 .

big wage. Obviously that is not good. It is not a happy life to be unemployed. but with the purks they get on top. anymore? Governments look after themselves. it's obscene. With the expenses on top they have a rediculous amount of money. not happy about it at all. There is always plenty of money for wars.Something has been bugging me. Just their wages alone is about five times more than mine. talking about the unemployed taking tax payers money. And as for the government what does it do for the people. the right honourable this. There is always plenty of money for politicians who get a big. They argue amongst themselves. Most of us: The general hard working people are going to have some problems if these austerity measures take a hold. talking about tightening the belt. Just lately the government. they . Some of us are in it and some of us are not. the right honourable that. because it is the poorest people who get hit the hardest and I am sick of the government. They get alot of money and that is without expenses. And they keep calling themselves honourable. governments have been talking about austerity. "We are all in it together" rubbish! We are not all in it together. when politicians take tax payers money and their lives are vastly improved because they get such alot of money. politicians. Well just how honourable are politicians? In my book they are parasites. it's wrong.

weekends? We used to get more money. let's make an instance. There is alot of trouble and alot of it is caused by governments. then they sort it out and then they say you need us to sort this trouble out and the governments start the trouble in the first place. If you put an extra days work in into the week then you have . we used to get double time. but it is acceptable now people accept it. We used to get time and a half. power struggles. a break from the responsabilities of work. And there is alot of organised trouble caused by governments. who like to divide and conquer. I have this idea that. The way people are treated. people are gradually accepting less.fight each other (one government against another government) but what about the real people in this world? They get dragged along pushed into battles. if you cannot make a full time job pay. but what about unsociable hours? What about working nights. We all need time off. Now we don't get anything more it is flat rate all the way through. they cause the trouble. then there is something wrong. by governments. Let's take the hourly rate: So you do your job and you get your hourly rate. desperately somewhere. That is all we get. not the people in the street. Little things turn into big things. What has happened to civil rights? I have noticed what little rights people have now as to what they used to have. I know how this works.

that is good grounds for getting double pay. telling us and they don't know what they are doing. These employers should pay for that. suddenly it seems a good idea. I don't think they know what they are doing. If you think about it. because not only to you gain extra working time. don't be silly. What a load of rubbish this government is. They go on about competition. print more money. quantitative easing. that's daft!" Well it seems to be a good idea. you lose your free So don't believe the hype. but they don' . What a load of idiots! http://www. Just a load of rubbish. So if you think about it all overtime should be double time. Who are we competing against? Governments can print money. For some reason. They are guessing and they are no better than anybody else. They are guessing.also lost a days free time and you are not going to get it back. now. They expect us to believe what they tell us and they don't know. That is all they do just guess and these politicians making out that they know what they are doing. So why is it a good idea now? I don't think these economists know what's what. What a load of rubbish the people in charge are. Why are they being so mean? Quantitative easing It is something you say as a kid: Why don't they print more money? And I know I've been told "Well there will be inflation.

com/watch?v=oGMC-QzSnqo .

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