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Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I

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Easy-to-learn biography about Elizabeth I. This documents is free for educational purposes
Easy-to-learn biography about Elizabeth I. This documents is free for educational purposes

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Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I was queen of England who reigned for 45 years (15581603). She is considered to be the most prominent queens. Under her rules, British reached it’s economic prosperity, advances in the field of literature, and the increased of military power. As we know, England has the most powerful navy in the world. Even now, The Commonwealth of Virginia, once a former of British Colony in the Northern America that is now to be one of the first 13 states in United States are named after the nickname of Queen Elizabeth I, “The Virgin Queen”. Born in Greenwich, England, 7 September 1533 and died March 24, 1603 at the age of 69 in Richmond, England. During her lifetime she never married until then she called as the Virgin Queen. Elizabeth I was the sixth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty. Her father, King Henry VIII and her mother, Anne Boleyn. Anne Boleyn executed to death when Elizabeth I was 3 years old because of the treason against the king. At the age of 13 to be exact in 1547, her father Henry VIII died. Elizabeth's step brother Edward VI, ascended the throne and ruled between the years 1547 to 1553. At that time there was a conflict between the Protestant and Roman Catholic. However, Edward VI was supporting the Protestant groups. But, after Queen Mary ascended the throne, the British monarchy were back supporting the Roman Catholic either the papacy. The Protestants then suppressed and many of their followers were executed. Elizabeth I was also detained in the Tower of London by the famous Queen Mary who also known as The Dictator Queen. Queen Mary died in 1558 and replaced by 25-years-old Elizabeth. Under her leadership, the UK experienced a period of enlightenment glory and prosperity. In the first time of her reign, Queen Elizabeth I had face many problems. Among others ; Bilateral relations crisis with Scotland and Spain, The State of Economic and Government Finances which also encountered crisis, and religious chaos in British society. To overcome religious chaos, Queen Elizabeth I authorize a law on supremacy and equality in 1559 by establishing Aglican as the UK official religion. This law managed to reduce the religions chaos. In the field of foreign policy, she was a famous by her thrifty, flexible and far-sighted. In the early of 1560 she organized the "Edinburgh Agreement" that ensured a peaceful settlement of conflict with Scotland. But the UK also involved in the conflict with Spain. Elizabeth tried to avoid the war, but for the 16th century Spain Catholic Militant, the war between the Spanish and English Protestant were difficult inevitable. Therefore, the war with Spain eventually unavoidable and erupted around the year of 1580. Known as Anglo-Spanish War.

It is unfortunate that Queen Elizabeth was childless because she never married. counterbalanced the power of England by building a military force. The fight clash out in 1588. was also lived in those ages. painting and Art Performance developed rapidly during her reign. Various exploration of the world done to expand the living space (Lebensraum). and an exciting sea battle ended with the absolute defeat of the British forces. Sir Walter Raleigh has successfully established settlements in North America. Spain forces had nearly balanced the British forces. In the economic arena. This situation made King Philip II of Spain. England was also growing and become the world’s empire. Although the British people had considered James and his son. including William Shakespeare. Reign of Elizabeth for 45 years was considered as the "Golden Era of England. music.Elizabeth gradually build up the British Navy until they finally had an enough and strong fleet for defending the UK and also for the war. Sir Francis Drake Atlantic Ocean navigated through the Atlantic Ocean (from the year 1577 until 1580) and reached California. But at the end of her life. Elizabeth has a big hand in the development of social culture in UK. Elizabeth was very carefully in managing the state finances. This was a big problem for the regeneration of the leadership in the United Kingdom after her death. Charles I as an authoritarian leader. In the reign of Elizabeth I. ." Some famous British writers. she was appointing King James II of Scotland (son of Mary of Scotland) to be her successor. The races of both military forces development finally led them into an open warfare. Also. England then solidify its position as the country with the most powerful navy forces in the world who still held it until the 20th century. Literature. Martin Frobisher and John Davis explored to the northwest direction towards the Far East ocean.

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