By: Joey Mattingly PharmD/MBA Candidate University of Kentucky

y Hometown: y Bardstown, Kentucky y High School: y Nelson County High y Undergraduate: y University of Kentucky

My Old Kentucky Home

Why Pharmacy?
Small Scale
y Directly help patients y Work as a community y y y y

Large Scale
y Have a bigger impact y Improve healthcare policy y Manage several pharmacies y Explore industry

pharmacist in one pharmacy Face-to-Face interactions Become a medication expert Provide for a family People don t care about how much you know until they know how much you care

opportunities y Climb the corporate ladder y Run for public office y Sky is the Limit

My Core Values
Patient 1st Organizational Involvement

Networking Advocacy

Influence Development

Finding My Path
Legislative Committee College of armacy e ator C a ter resi e t

eaker of t e House

i Lamb a igma eaker of t e House

Vice C air of Natio al ta i g Committee

What is next?

My Experiences
y Community Pharmacy y Kroger Pharmacy y Medica Pharmacy (Independent in Bardstown) y Clinical Pharmacy y Internal Medicine at Department of Veterans Affairs y Government y British Columbia Ministry of Health y Research y Pharmaceutical Policy at the University of Kentucky y Organizational Affairs y Board of Directors, Kentucky Pharmacists Association

Canadian Experience
y British Columbia Ministry of Health y Drug Use Optimization y Presentations y Expanding the Role y Health Literacy y Experiences y Week in Victoria y Differences in system y Some culture shock

Why Canada?
y Universal Healthcare y Learning A Different Health System y International Experience y Similar Standard of Living y Minimum Language Barrier y Wanted To Think Globally y I Love Politics & Government

Not Just Business
y Hobbies y Golf y Interests y All Sports

Especially basketball

y Politics y Comedy & Satire y Bourbon - Woodford y Cigars - Montecristo

Short Term
y Build a strong foundation y Get my foot in the door y Keep other doors open y Networking y Personal: y Start a family y Live comfortably y Own a Lincoln Navigator

Long Term
y Become a strong leader y CEO or Own a business y Start a 501(c)(3) y Run for the Senate y Leave an imprint on society y Personal: y Family success y Build a large net worth

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