Pimp Easy Book

By: Robert Coates

Copyright ©2006 by Robert Coates All Rights Reserved

Introduction Step 1 Making Her a Good Bitch Prepare For A Bitch Step 2 Seek Out A Bitch Step 3 Go Get A Bitch Step 4 Keep The Bitch Step 5 King To A Bitch Step 6 Turning Your Bitch Into a Ho Train Your Bitch Step 7 Test Your Bitch Step 8 Market Your Ho Step 9 Sell Your Ho Step 10 Get Another Bitch Pimp Notes Conclusion to the Game

Introduction Disclaimer
This dramatic publication is for responsible individuals 18 or older, based on the strong language, sexual contents, and explicit nature. This book should not be viewed or purchased by anyone under the ages of 18, or 21 if your state law forbids. This publication is copyright 2006 with all rights reserved by Robert Coates. No parts of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission. No parts of this book may be copied, distributed, or used for derivative creations whatsoever. You further understand that the information contained in this book is an opinion of the author. Also the information contained in this book is for entertainment purposes only. The information contained in this book is not legal or personal advice, and should not be considered as such. You further understand that any actions you take in your own life are your responsibility, and not the responsibility of the author. Therefore any actions you decide to eventually take are completely your responsibility, and not that of the authors.

Introduction to Pimp Easy Book
Welcome to the Game of Pimpin. As everyone says, “The Game is sold and not told”. I say bullshit, I'm going to give you the Game from start to finish. All Pimps allude to the game, but not to the particulars of how to become a Pimp. They clearly speak of the Game, but don't tell you what the Game is? They speak of Pimpin, but what is Pimpin? First, let's take a look at the word “PIMP”. I.E.: Pimp my Ride, Pimp my Black Teen, American Pimp, The Pimp, so on and so forth. So what is a Pimp? Based on a popular book “Oxford American Dictionary” it's defined as “a man who solicits clients for a prostitute or brothel” but we know that's all bullshit. To Pimp, is to live. In other words, a Pimp is an individual who is on Top of the Game. Male or Female we all have the potential to become a Pimp. People change but the Game remains the same. Team Owners, CEO's, Business Owners, Photographers, all are Pimps. Either Pimp or be Pimped, it's a decision that only you can make. The Game is what we play as a Pimp, hence The Pimp Game. The Game is simple, it's what we do everyday as we live. Sports agent's sale players, Executives manage companies, Business owners own everything, Photographers sales pictures/videos. Realistically as a Pimp it's your job to make, market, and sell your Ho. The Pimp is you, and the Game is what you do. I'm going to show you from start to finish, how to be the best Pimp on Top of the Pimp Game. Most Pimps talk about how they Pimped, but not about how to be a Pimp. Most speak of the Game, but not how to play the Game. They say a Pimp is chose, but how do you get them to choose. They say this is by choice and not by force, but how do you get them to make this choice. Only a few can figure out how to Pimp in the Game with this little guidance. I'll show you every aspect of Pimpin in the Game. I'll also show you everything that most Pimps don’t want you to know. And these are new strategies that will work today. Not the old beat your Ho tactics that will put you in jail. I'll show you everything from How to Approach a Bitch, and then pushing the Bitch through the system to become a Ho. Also how to think, walk, talk, act, and perform like a True Pimp. And then taking the Game to the street, and getting paid from your Ho. Basically step by step instructions you can start and stop wherever you choose. No need to remember the whole book, just look at where you left off with a Bitch, and start from there, too fuckin easy. This book is useful for everyone, not just those wanting to learn how to Pimp. If you want to learn how to get a Bitch, this book is for you. If you want to learn

and feel better about yourself. If you choose to Pimp. and learn how to make her do what you want. it's for you. Don’t bounce her around she may get confused. It's your choice if you want to become a Pimp. However you don't have a choice about being in the Game. These new techniques will help you become great at what you do. and you can stop at any point you choose. The best way to use the book is keeping her within each step until it’s perfected. Also increase your self esteem to become a better person. These steps are easy to follow. and remember Pimpin ain't Easy.how to fuck a Bitch. you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get a Bitch. but I’ll make it easy for you. and get her to the Track. however she will submit. I cannot stress the fact that these new techniques. . Nor does it involve drugin the Bitch until she can't think. does not involve beating a Bitch to submission. this book is for you. or after you get control over her. however she’ll think. however you can stop after you get a Bitch. Well let's get started. Following each and every step will lead you to becoming a Pimp. It also includes not being fooled by her and being taken advantage of. before moving her on to the next. If you want to try new shit with your Bitch. after you fuck her. but only for you. This book is so much more than simply Pimpin in the Game. regardless of the Game you want to play. This book will help you take control over your Bitch and climb to the Top of the Game. Learn how to get control over your Bitch.

then release slowly to the count of 8 seconds. and mentally say “I am”. and feel yourself there for about 10 minutes. who you are now. You want to develop enough self confidence in yourself. everyday for self Pimp perfection. in a meeting. The bright light is cleansing all the negative feelings you’ve ever had. I. A Manager. or wherever it is you want to become successful. at the office. hold. and then release. or what some call meditation. Step 4. I must point out that you’ll need to have a healthy Pimps value. Relax. breathe. and hold it for 5 seconds. Mentally feel yourself there. You are what you think you are. warm and comforting. . or whatever you want to become. First close your eyes naturally and take a very deep breath. the lighting. Because a Pimps mind is a terrible thing to waste. You need at least ½ hour per day. A CEO. Now mentally project yourself to a place you want to be successful. acting.STEP ONE Making Her a Good Bitch 1. all the way down to your feet. the breeze. Step 1. Step 2. feel the environment. How you think about yourself will affect how well you’ll Pimp. This should be done alone in a quiet place. in order to become a successful Pimp. squeeze hard. Repeat 4 times. who you want to become. make a fist. Self Confidence is a vital ingredient when we think of a Pimp. This can be anything. Feel all the negative things you can think of. Any negative thought at this point just doesn’t matter now. Step 3.E. How much self confidence do you have? Luckily for you. such as on the Track. I’ll show you how to get it. Once you feel really good about being who you are. The Mind Let's start with the mind set first. flowing out the bottom of your feet and disappear. so think big. in the club. and just being whatever it is you want to become. Next you’ll need to think about what you want to become. Feel yourself walking. how you would have handled the situation then. the sounds. Feel how you would have acted. or what you make people believe you are. Mentally feel all the elements of your environment. talking. you'll need to enhance the way you condition your mind. this is your world and no one else’s. Feel how good it is being. Now think back to a time when you wish you were. A Good Lover.: A Pimp. Now feel a beam of light. You’ll need to take on the mind set of a Pimp. going through your body starting from your head.

squeeze. Next think about a future situation in which you will perform as who you are. and receive in order to give. Do Not. and then think it.What you would have said. And if you still don't get it. make a fist. You were put here to obtain the wealth of the universe. created it first in the mind. being who you want to be. here's a simpler approach. I Repeat. No one is more important than YOU. make a fist. You have to believe you can be who you want to be. Everything is going just as you wish it would. if time permits. When you find yourself in any situation needing confidence. and say “I am”. and a 0 is nothing. Energy is a reflection of money. Now let's talk about what we work for. You have to feel like a Pimp in order to become a Pimp. Feel yourself performing at your very best. believe it. who you are. Get it. You’ll need to decide how many 0's you want to collect. Step 5. Everyone is doing just what you want them to do. Once you feel really good about changing a past experience. the motha fuckin MONEY. how are people reacting to you now? Feel how the outcome would have been different should you have been. You have to take the time to keep your Game Tight. if not reread it. you will be. Instead of saying “I don't want to be poor”. and mentally say “I am”. in a future situation. Make a fist. The amount of money you receive is a reflection of the amount of energy you give. twice per day. And what you dream about is what you’ll have. squeeze hard. and feel good about yourself. Get a clear defined picture of prosperity you wish to achieve. in future situations. and everything is going just the way you would have wanted it. Believe and you will achieve. Use this technique at a minimum of once everyday. You are meant to have the wealth of the universe. Feel good about being who you are. if you think about not being poor. You have to feel confident in the fact that you can have what you dream about. The lack of finances is the root of all problems of the world today. squeeze hard. say “I will achieve wealth”. . Then feel yourself slowly returning from where you were. and live it. and money is a reflection of energy. Do Not let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. it is meant to be yours. Feel yourself changing the situation. And with enough conditioning you’ll perform at your best with little or no deviation. and confidence in yourself makes you a winner over everyone. before taking the necessary steps into reality. Everyone that has created wealth. being who you are. You can achieve anything you set your mind to achieve. You’ll attract to yourself just what you think about. in order to receive. The Value of Money is determined by you and how many 0's are on a bill. and mentally say “I am”. Open your eyes. You have to give. You need to keep your mind focused on success and prosperity. This is the most important part of being a Pimp. and this is the main part of the Game.

This will not only make you look good. even for a Top Player in the Game. You.See in your mind the money flowing to you with ease. weight lose products (Pimpin). eating as much as you want. but will also get you in shape. losing weight is extremely difficult. pasta. See yourself giving everyone what they need. or beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some people don’t run or have never ran in their life. See in your mind. first you need to get on the track. live longer. magazines. useless products. and here’s how: If you have never ran before. consult a doctor before you start. and brand cereals. newspapers. Before you put her on the track. by the way. You’ll need to take care of the Pimp. Repeat five times. Realistically we are attracted to an attractive body. and see them giving you just what you want (money). make Sundays your Good Job Day. But on Sundays eat one good meal which can include meats. You are going to need to get in shape. you handle large sums of money with ease. Visualize prosperity. Anything in regards to your health. don’t buy those unnecessary. The Body Now that we got The Mind right. Remember to check with your Doctor before attempting any exercise. and also increases your life span. but I’m not a Doctor in anyway. or better yet. Why do you think people are making millions selling. Each walk/runs should be done on Monday. I have a PhD (Pimpin ho’s Degree). advertisements. and Saturday. Week 1: Run 2 minutes. we all have a mind set of beauty. we'll move on to The Body. Next I will give you an outstanding running program for the beginner. Remember. and oh. Wednesday. but will make you feel better. except tuna. Running is good for the cardio vascular. Then walk 4 days for 30 minutes. YOU. Running will not only get your mind focused. just know that you’ll be in for a battle. First try for a month eating only fruits. I’m not responsible for anyone that tries anything I recommend. Running is also important. If you need to lose weight. Everyone that said those things were probably ugly as hell. if you need to lose weight. You must take care of the Pimp. I can’t express enough how important running will be for you. what does it feel like? You will receive what you think about. meaning all meats. Cut all the meats from your diet except tuna. Looking at television. Some say beauty is only skin deep. 2. as often as you choose. or better yet. However. If you need to lose weight. Let me be the first to tell you. begin by walking 4 days for 20 minutes. beauty is on the inside. vegetables. . Friday. walk 4 minutes.

walk 2 minutes. The Soul You’ll need to understand the soul of a Pimp. Week 7: Run 9 minutes. Repeat three times. walk 2 minutes. walk 2 minutes. A cat will not sit. In fact a cat will be able to survive even if you kick it out the house. he is a natural Pimp. Week 9: Run 14 minutes. this is very necessary. Repeat two times. A cat refuses to do all those tricks to make you happy. Week 10: Run 30 minutes. walk 3 minutes. This is a little more difficult than most could imagine. If a Lion picks up more Game (lioness) which includes babies from another male. yet millions of pet owners love cats. walk 1 minute. A . walk 3 minutes. walk 1 minute. is to keep his Game Tight or increase his Game. So please understand that you must take these steps to be a Boss Pimp. but yet he’s the first to eat. come. or roll over if you tell it to. Not to mention that you’ll need the stamina while putting it down on your Bitch. I’ll bring all this together for you at the end. He keeps 5 to 7 lioness (ho’s) in his stable at all times. then bring their catch home for the Lion to eat first. Repeat three times. Let's look at the analogy of a Lion. He does not go hunting for food. Repeat twice. then run for 8 minutes. Week 6: Run 9 minutes. Repeat twice. he will kill them himself. Repeat four time Week 4: Run 7 minutes. Week 5: Run 8 minutes. Repeat five times. Overall diet and exercise are critical to looking good and feeling good. Week 3: Run 5 minutes. walk 2. hunt. Repeat three times. These exercises will begin to get your mind focused and allow you to perform at a higher peak. and kill. Week 8: Run 13 minutes. 3. And you cannot over look this very important step. A cat is the type of animal that really doesn't give a fuck. And they’ll run. fetch.5 minutes. who all works together. A lion is the best Pimp in the world. because its natural hunting skill will automatically surface.Week 2: Run 3 minutes. The only time the Lion fights.

it’s the Kings job to boot her from the team. As the King you must show no interest in money. Also. But this is clearly not true. Feel the Power of a King. this is very difficult because sometimes you may feel as though you are taking advantage of people. by his stable. fearless. with expectation. either they’re with you. this is the soul of the Lion. As a Pimp . All these things should be given to you with expectation. If a lioness gets injured beyond repair. and a King. But just as the Lion. You must feel the Power of a King. except to act like a Pimp. or they’re not. You do not beg. money or emotions. Take the position of a King and stay there. that’s your job. and be a King. mysterious. and Lion. He will do just what is expected of him. he is treated as royalty. and then they’re expected to treat you with royalty. People love to take care of their King. If a Lion loses his stable to a bigger Pimp. His lioness wants to produce off springs from the most ruthless. and you must believe and act like the King. yet the cat won’t even come when they’re called. he’ll hunt for himself until he finds more Ho’s to hunt for him. or do tricks. This is very difficult for most people. They want to feel protected by the King. or emotions. just as the Lion. to be accepted. And these are the only people you will deal with. Lion. roll over. fearless. As the King you are to sit on your throne. You as a Pimp have to begin thinking and acting like a Lion. the King of the jungle. but expect so much in return. Do not be afraid to kick a bitch to the curb. toughest Pimp of all. They expect him to find the most productive environment possible. You must not pay attention to anything that does not involve your personal gain. we are not to perform these tricks for people. he’ll lose his ho’s. toughest King possible. Do not take any prisoners. He is only concerned with keeping his stable together. A Lion does so little. sex. You are the King of your jungle. If he’s unable to beat the male that came to buck his Game. Should a male enter the area. As a Pimp you do not have to perform for others. because we are so used to caring for other people. you stay vigilant only to your cause. for hunting and security. We want to be accepted by others. this has to be OK with you. and expect him to provide that protection. as long as you remain a King. you will eat once they bring the food (money) to you. Pimp. People love to take care of their cats. A Lion is withdrawn. You do not show any interest in sex. The heart of a Lion is fearless and brave. plain and simple. As a Pimp you must only be concerned about what someone will do for you. and completely self centered.Lion will have sex with whomever. For being the most ruthless. whenever he chooses. and you don’t perform tricks. There is no need to flip. and believe we must perform for others. Again. in fact everyone must do tricks for you. and this is the soul of a Pimp. and allow others to perform tricks for you. it’s his job to step up to the plate. Only concern yourself with those that are with you.

It’s just that he is way too connected to his inner emotions. If you answered yes to all of them. If you answered yes to a couple of them. But this is not to say that he can’t be a Pimp. If I could bottle it up. The law of expectation states. then you have what it takes to Pimp. Some aspiring Pimps will look at love stories. why are you doing this to me. realistically what is it that she'd just done for a drink or two? Society will tell her not to ho. or disgusting. Some Bitches will fuck what they call a married Sugar Daddy. and cry right along with his Bitch. So what are your thoughts on being a Pimp? And do you believe you have what it takes to become a Pimp? Could you handle it if you were isolated from the rest of normal society. you'll need to work on your inner emotions a lot. The Inner As many have said "A Pimp is born and not made". and exploiting Bitches unnecessarily. I love you”? Look deep inside of yourself to answer these questions. you'll need to work on your inner emotions. and some guys will buy her a few drinks. But the next morning her rent is still due. Marrying for money is ho’n. and then fuck the shit out of her all night long. because they believe they’re abusing. which 95% of men today will gladly pay to receive. First you'll need to understand what it is you are doing.you expect everyone to bring your pay. you receive what you expect to receive. Do you really believe you were born a Pimp? A lot of people do not like Pimps. Well. that's precisely what Bitches are doing. 4. and see how you would really feel about these things. and put it in stores. while she gags to the point of almost passing out? Could you walk away from your Bitch. or degrading. but when you look at TV. You need to rid yourself of all those emotional feelings most people seem to possess. possibly even your mother? Could you watch another man literally throat fuckin your Bitch. that you are working for the greater good. But society has told her that ho’n is unethical. A famous intern that worked directly next to the President was ho’n. also fuckin to move up in a company is ho’n. Some Bitches go to the club. while she crawls on her knees begging for you to stay? Could you piss in your Bitches face while she’s crying “Please stop. If you answer no to all of them. a Video dancer is ho’n. and why? And really believing in the fact. but don't make enough money to keep her cell phone on. Bitches have the one product. . then Pepsi would go out of business.

Jane in the big house will still go and fuck the pool boy. you must look. and then sell it to all the potential buyers. act. Image is important. and walk like a Pimp. or Daddy. talk. however. You must figure out what it is you want to portray and make the necessary changes. You cannot leave anything to chance. now just before the climax turn it off. every time. whatever you wear must be clean. and notice every detail about you before she chooses. just hang up the phone and see how you feel. either physically or emotionally. Practice by looking at the saddest movies you can find. so it’s your job to be just that. your hair must be neat. from your hair to your shoes. But you’ll need to practice disconnecting your emotions from all the physical things in your life. what should a Pimp look like? You should always look your very best every time you go out. and throw it away. Disconnect your emotions from what’s your real purpose in life. in fact throw all of them away. and groomed. While watching a TV show that you love. Most of them want a Pimp. and leave with no emotions then come back to do it again. you must be neat. Plus know and believe you’re really helping these Bitches become better then what they are. A Ho is going to be a Ho with or without a Pimp. The Outer Now let's work on the outer you. if she says something you don't like. Also. while we’re speaking of hair. This is why Mrs. and learn how to groom your own hair. but he's to busy telling the Bitch he loves her. Your hair must be groomed. clean. and groomed. Because the pool boy will fuck that Bitch relentlessly. There should be nothing in your life you’re not willing to walk away from in an instant. you must look neat. and then deal with your emotions.It's a Pimps job to go out and find the best product he can find. 5. Bitches will evaluate you from head to toe very quickly. and washed to give off a very pleasant smell. Every time you’re seen. Based on your status as a Pimp. This is just what she wants her man to do. I cannot stress more how important it is for you to look clean. While talking on the phone with a possible new Bitch. And . bottle it up. Bitches will respond to the image you portray. and improve her status. and that’s being a Pimp. and then try to disconnect your emotions. clean. Some Bitches need a certain kind of pain in her life in order to feel loved. dictates what you’ll wear. or Provider. Meaning every time you go out. This can be very expensive for the beginning Pimp. and see how you feel. your mustache and beard must also stay groomed. Consider buying your own hair styling tools (clippers). Take the phone number of that fine Bitch you once had. But every time you step outside. but with a Pimp she can pay the rent. You would be doing a great unjust not to find the Bitches that has a Ho mentality.

using polish or just plain soap and water. This will burn an associated smell in her mind. and if so get that Bitch. Bitches hate nose and ear hairs. but you must not. just ask them. when she’s ho’n. You should wash twice a day using a deodorant soap. Also find a type of cologne that Bitches loves to smell. that's way too much. Look at your current wardrobe. When you're just getting started. but a good buff shine is perfect. Next. and Bitches will see you as someone different. settle for one kind. is to pay attention to detail. Bitches will look at your color coordination just as she does herself. Bitches love the smell of a clean man. Clothes are very important when it comes to a Pimp. So sample several different types. Never step outside of your house without making damn sure. and then wear. At no time should you give off a foul odor. Today everyone just wash and wear. and may feel ashamed that a Pimp keeps his nails groomed. but repeat exposure tells the truth. iron. and the best way to find out what they like. Don't believe me? When you begin talking to a Bitch watch her eyes. which only identifies you. If the Bitches can't see you. and make sure they are clean. For a Pimp. clean those shoes. just to get started. Use this one particular smell everyday. that’s the wrong answer. insure you trim those nose and ear hairs. Put matching colors together. Groomed nails scream cleanliness. you’re looking your finest. and they also need to shine. is your Ho's. the Bitches will. and pressed. then they can't choose you. Everyone is wearing the long tee-shirts and jeans halfway down their ass (droopin). . You should wash. Rappers always show this image. but that's OK. they grow everyday and you must trim them away. but make sure they are clean. refreshing it during the day. and she doesn’t. The first impression is a lasting impression. all day. Bitches will notice your nails all the time. Your nails need to be clean and shaped. But not the shinny nail harder stuff. the only one that needs to show their asses. but there are so many Pimps out there that simply stink. consider rapping instead of Pimpin. and inevitably she’ll at some point. Besides being different is more noticeable. Use whatever you have for now. and the gators are sure to follow. do not droop. this may sound simple. Why? Because she want a clean shoe standing on Top of her head. And you never know if you'll see the same Bitch twice. you may not have the flashy suits and gator shoes to catch a Bitch. no snubs. whatever you have. look down at your shoes. if you keep that image. and the Bitches can see you. To Pimp. and stick with it relentlessly. because if you don’t.while you’re grooming hair.

or the highway. Have you ever gone shopping for groceries hungry? Try going shopping around 6:00pm after not eating all day. red. long. you'll work it to get paid. but you won’t put a lot of effort into it. What type of Bitch will get you excited? What kind of Bitch makes you want to throw her on the ground. with big titties and a big ass? What type of hair does she has. you can focus on what you want. But let’s not get this twisted. Also with so many Bitches out there. and not be distracted. or an Asian Bitch? Write down everything you can think of that you would want in a Bitch. The reason why you’ll need such a detailed description so you’ll get excited about Pimpin that specific type of Ho. and pound that pussy to death? Write down the type of Bitch that makes your dick hard just thinking about her. or medium? Is she thick. which will happen anyway. If you get some pussy before you go to the beach. So narrowing down what it is you want. White. and then look at all the asses in bikinis. and I’ll explain why. This is also very critical to the Game. Knowing what you require will help save you time and energy. and ready. Be specific about what you want. tall. but only by choice. before you go looking. Spanish. wet. Let's take a look at what kind of Ho’s you want to Pimp. and it must be your way. short. and you’ll see how confused you’d be. It’s like working a job that you fuckin hate. you’ll be able to narrow your search. Again. . you’re looking for. Any other Bitch must specifically pursue you without a doubt. allows you to focus on the type of Bitches you will pursue. What Do You Want You must focus on what the fuck you want. Start by writing down a detailed description of this Ho. however as you go through the Pimpin Game your qualities will change. A Pimp works smart not hard. Is she short. a Pimp gets paid regardless. thin. blonde? Do you want a Black. in order to get what the fuck you want. to just the kind of Bitch you want. And that's OK. brown. and you’ll see what I mean? If you have already eaten when you go to the store. You’ll want to buy all the shit in the store. you don't want to waste it. be very specific about what it is you want. but you will need to redefine what it is. Go to the beach after a week of not getting any pussy. and still won’t be able to figure out what you want for dinner. hot. After all it’s your world.STEP TWO 1. you’re more focused on the Bitches you like.

or better than your ideal Bitch. Some Pimps strive on a Rich Bitch because they are not street smart. or hair shops. Also be careful not to let others know of your dream Bitch. easy prey. bright skinned complexion. Or a White Bitch with red hair. because you won’t be focused on Pimpin the kind of Bitch you want. the closest mall. small titties. in order to find the perfect type of Bitch you want. Some go to the hood for exactly the same reason. big lips. then “save picture as” to your desktop. a big ass. Then look at this picture at a minimum of 6 times per day. You can't go to the hood in search of a Rich Bitch. You can’t run aimlessly for any Bitch. tanning salon. or to Bloomingdales to get a Ghetto Bitch. nails. So let's look at the concept. nice legs. If you’re not sure where these Bitches go. just ask one. go where they go. anything other than these two types of Bitches will not be considered. and may not be fuckin regularly. 5' 6” inches tall. no more than 2 types of Bitches should ever be considered. Can you imagine how many advantages this will hold for you? First. But. Look to your left and look to your right. Do not find a Bitch that is below your standards. 2. Right click. she possibly doesn't have a man. then you’ll need to find the most likely spots Bitches will go in the hood.Go on the Internet and find the Bitch that’s closest to your ideal type of Ho. Knowing and seeing what you want daily. small tight ass. A good place to look is the Internet. the pool. tanned skinned. small waist. big titties. she . the beach. so make it specific. do not show this picture to anyone. Now. Where To Look Bitches can be found everywhere you look. and then print her in color. or the closest college. Possibly the park. because that’s a Pimp’s job. local mall. more if possible. because a Pimp must get paid. local store. But you will need to go. 5' 4” inches tall. Second. a Bitch will have her picture on a web site looking for a man. Go to a Starbucks coffee shop. gets your mind focused on your prey. The same goes for the Rich Bitches. Put yourself in those places. Bitches is everywhere. where your type of Bitch goes. If this is too hard for you at first. IE: A Black Bitch with long black hair. you can figure what type of "knock off Bitch" you would consider. if it's Ghetto Bitches you want. All in all you must go find the Bitch. Unless you’re getting paid. which is mostly overlooked by a Pimp. This is the only type of Bitch you should consider. just use some imagination. then at the most. pretty smile. she must reflect equal to. therefore making them easy prey. You'll have to decide which type of Bitch you'd prefer to deal with. However. this is the kind of list you’ll need to make.

you just have to get her first. But don't be fooled by those Internet Bitches. So let's look at this concept and the advantages.5 seconds. What Will She Want Bitches will judge you by your first impression every time. But make sure to look at her laundry. so approaching her will be easy. so therefore you have no competition. they get tired of being in charge. "You must go out there. or a high energy environment. the Bitch is already selling her ass. and go get it. and find what it is you want. The strip club is a frequent spot for a Pimp to go hunting for a Bitch. no need to go looking for her. And she is used to taking a Tricks money. she also may have a stripper friend who’s in need of some Pimpin. the Bitch is stuck there for about 2 hours. Try the normal library. Third. who wants to keep a stripper. Just like hunting for Bitches on the street. Fourth. not to mention she’ll transgress that energy to you. and excited. or stay strangers in about 2. so you’ll know what you're dealing with. Go to the Laundromat. Fifth. these Bitches need someone that can control them. and has ambition. the Bitch is working for money. There are a numerous other advantages you will have using the Internet. You’ll need activity in order to find a Bitch. she is probably desperate. I. Other suggestions would be: An amusement park. kids draws. when you go to the club.doesn't frequent the places to find her ideal man. after all it’s her job. so you need to go where you can find them. thongs. she may be a little shy which you can help her overcome. 3. So keep your eyes open for all possibilities. You’ll need to be a little different than the Tricks. Fourth. Third. granny panties. you can't be a Trick in a strip club. You'll need to look around. plenty of time to get this Bitch. in any location. you’ll have to work some. However. . you can get a Bitch from anywhere. any time. therefore you have no competition. and be ready to Pimp. And don't forget. everything they say is not quite the whole truth. Second. Why? The Bitch is already half trained. great give a ways. just not fuckin yet. imagine what type of wild. A Bitch will figure out if she’ll become your friend. in any place.E. Again there are numerous advantages here. There the Bitches will be happy. lover. freaky Bitches you’ll find there. need a life. Also the men around her have not gotten her attention. she's already there. Any Bitch can be made into a Ho.: Men draws. But make sure you get the Bitches you want to Pimp. Fifth. you don't have to travel far to find her. First. and get the best ones you can find" (The Mack). and will fall for Game much faster than a content Bitch.

or where you live. Tricks tell her this shit all the time. She wants a strong confident Pimp. blah type of man. how you stand. She’ll want you to show her how fuckin special she is. never appear to be wimpy or scary. leave things unsaid. She does not want you to do everything she asks. so you must be approachable. out kissing her ass on every corner? In fact this makes her feel very insecure. After she leaves. the kind that puts her in her fuckin place when she’s bad. blah. someone with a presence. They like a Pimp that shows he is a very confident and secure individual. or what about that. you can never let her know everything about you. children. and be willing to spend time in order to do so. Mystery will keep her intrigued. and want to feel safe with the Pimp she chooses. she must never know everything about you. She’ll want to take the time to find out about her new potential Pimp. You must look and act confident about everything you do. who’s in need of no one. your confidence. how you look. and things she has worked so hard to make perfect for others to notice. assertive. She wants someone who will guide. everything. Mystery is also a key factor in getting her to choose. Never compliment a Bitch on her beauty. Ask her most of the "open ended questions" to keep her talking about herself. and direct her when she gets emotional and not sure of what to do. She does not want you to agree with everything she says. Bitches want to be protected. she doesn’t want to hear about how beautiful she is. She wants someone who is able to look her in the eye and tell her. attractive shoes. Even after you get to know her better. and this is the perfect place to keep a Bitch. You must keep a strong. This is a sign of weakness. She’ll want to know that you pay attention to her special qualities. . and wondering what about this. like work. However. she’ll be intrigued. but I don't know anything about him”. “HELL NO”. How can she feel safe if he’s a wimp. nice outfit. They love a Pimp with individuality. and dominant image. Someone who will tell her that he’s in charge and that she must follow. Bitches are more attracted to the strong silent type. when she needs it. While most Bitches will say they want an honest. This why it’s so important to look your best all the time. she’ll be interested in getting to know someone else. that is so far from the truth. in order for the Bitch to choose. You must show her that you are genuinely interested in her. she'll be thinking “I told him all about me. and she doesn’t like to feel that way. Mystery will keep her wanting to know more. Because once she does know everything. such as her nice hair style.She’ll judge you from head to toe quickly. open and caring. someone unique. or a shy guy. She doesn't want a complete freak. and what she says is important to you. a sure indicator of a wimp. And when she does you cannot be an open book. blah. If you have a mysterious air about you. Compliment the Bitch often on her special qualities.

and love to have drama in their lives. anybody. She wants a fairytale life with a white picket fence. Bitches will go through extreme measures to conceal their imperfections. A Bitch will talk on the phone all night as long as she’s getting gossip on somebody. All day a Bitch will watch soap operas. and the bases for their living. drinks. because it’s more lucrative. Check the Bitch. whatever you want”. or if you’ll wimp out and say “Sure. just to see if she's broken you down yet. so on and so forth type shit. just to see what you’ll do. and you must provide that drama. That Romeo and Juliet type. She loves romance and romantic ceremonies. CD’s. so what does that tell you? Weight loss videos. to ride up and take her away. She’ll test you all the time. it sets her back a little. she’ll think about it forever and attempt to change it. to become a plastic surgeon. but this is your job. because you’ll use it later for conditioning her mind. How Do She Think Now let’s figure out what’s on a Bitches little mind. or “Why she always act like that”? This works wonders on her mind. She wants that knight in shining armor on a white horse. and Bitches will sit and watch them for years. This is so important to them. Tell her that “She’s scared of something”. or weeks even. She’ll do things. She wants a little criticism from her Pimp. and some companies even mail you TV dinners. A Bitch will carry a romance novel or a tabloid around all day and night. 4. all for one reason. Take a look at the Bitch imperfections and make a note of it. Soap operas never end. they just go on and on. A Bitch will take personal everything you say to her that’s negative. A Bitch lives for drama. A Bitch will check to see if you’re strong. A Bitches mind is always wondering and never settled. They don't run soap operas at night (local). and ask for things she really don't give a fuck about. she’ll think about it for days. even after you get to know her. and will do anything to try and conceal them. and will not stop until she gets it. until she has read the entire thing.What she want is very difficult to understand. and spread gossip on the phone. targeted specifically for her. All of this is for the needed emotion of drama. or weak. no other reason. Dentist will change practices. . A Bitch knows of her imperfections. Plastic surgeons make a fortune helping them conceal their imperfections. imperfections. Bitches are very dramatic. pills. Just to see if you have the guts to tell her “No”. read romance novels. because that's when her husband will have gotten home. don't let her check you. You must be prepared to give her what she wants. So if you tap on one of these imperfections.

well if that was the case. Give the Bitch a task. and that you need her. big or small. nurturing. it all works the same. Most Bitches parade around as if they have a pussy lined in gold (well they do. ear rings. or basically just trying to fuck her. when she’s working for you. She is so used to a Square trying to get her number. shoes. because she needs the praise. cars. She loves to see lights. How To Think Like Her To think like a Bitch is also very difficult. and she’ll work hard just to get it. So whatever she asks of him. Start with small things first. she’ll want the biggest one. is the Power of Pussy. If you buy her a blouse. Put the Bitch to work and praise her for a job well done. and will fall in love with whoever provides that excitement. then make her go out of her way to perform a task for you. attention. which causes her to want to help someone. and she’ll fall in love. watches. New York. gawk at her body. camera. She wants you to ask her to perform. because the only power she really has. She'll feel important. and after completion praise her. She’ll begin to feel that she is important to you. let her work for you and be happy. Bright and brilliant things excite her to the point of fascination. she’ll want the brightest one. She also knows that a Square wants to . they want the brilliance of the lights in their eyes. she’ll like him more. in fact she’ll even begin to love you. Eventually she’ll come and ask you if there is anything she can do for you. She wants to feel as if she is contributing.Bitches love excitement. purple. And then she’ll say "I just came to dance". compliment her looks. This includes bright and shinny object: Your clothes (pink. and be happy for the good deed she has done. 5. Las Vegas. She loves to go to bright and exciting places such as: Atlantic City. She wants to work for you. California. make her work. or instinct. and white). Most Squares believe if they do something for a Bitch. and Movies. When actually it's the other way around. Call it motherly. Anyplace. and the likes. So don’t deprive the Bitch of her natural born instinct to nurture. then she’ll keep working. he'll run out and perform in the hopes of scoring points with her. and she also loves to help others. yellow. nails. As a Pimp it’s your job to give her something to do. and recognition. Clubs. if she’s doing things for you. so she can get the praise. and anytime. She also needs to believe that she is of some importance. she’ll like you more. but not the way she thinks). She'll go to the club all the while knowing she's not going to fuck anyone tonight. then why did she put on a dress that shows her ass cheeks? A Bitch will do anything in her power to feel powerful. and then praise her for the good work she has done. this will shoot chills down her spine. If you give a Bitch a ring. action. but very necessary for getting her to choose you.

The ugly Pimp. if it’s not in your world. Do not gawk at any Bitch that does not go out of her way to get your attention. but with a little practice you’ll perfect it. did not show that Bitch any attention. just to get noticed. and then sucked her ass in. walks with a switch. then it’s not there. do not give her any attention whatsoever. Of course you may not get the Bitch. but she leaves with her ugly Pimp showing you not even the slightest of interest. You've just made her day. Bitches will go completely out of her way to get the attention from a Pimp. or at least trying to get in your world. Once you have shown her that you are interested. you have just done what most Squares always do. why are you not after her like the other Squares? She'll be thinking. but every Bitch wants to be noticed. then acknowledge her. or how fine this Bitch is. which she feels is not attracted to her. and then tells him he can’t have any. After all she’s been conditioned for a Pimp to chase the pussy. wears perfume. I guarantee you. but acknowledge her. This is why she does her nails. Show no interest. but who's to say if you run up to her you’ll get her anyway? Besides as a Pimp. but you will not. I call them BBB's (Big Butt Bitches). You gave her some attention and that's all she wanted. she doesn't need you now. do not chase a Bitch. and she knows it. With this information you must flip the script. wears jewelry. big difference. or how short her shorts are. only making her feel more powerful than she really is. he left”. dresses seductively. so she gives him a whiff. “What is it about her that you don't like”? Or “He didn't see me. On the other hand if you don’t show her any interest and she decides to choose. even the BBW's (Big Beautiful Woman).conquer the pussy. Pay that Bitch no mind whatsoever. before she walks out her house. just to get noticed. This will be different for her and she’ll wonder why. Knowing that the Square will beg and beg. you leave the ball in her hands to decide if she wants to choose or not. This is why she puts on make up every morning just to get noticed. If the Bitch gets in your world (comes around you). Not just cute Bitches. You should only give her Power stares. Regardless of how high her dress is. want to be noticed. or at least acknowledges you. This is why she does her hair every morning. and do just what she doesn't want you to do. and shows you some interest. she’ll do everything in her power just to get him to notice her. or when he did (power stares). and everything else she does in the morning. This is a little hard to do at first. . Have you ever seen an ugly ass Pimp with a fine ass Bitch you believe you can pull? You try to get her attention. And then you’ll have all kinds of Bitches coming up to you for acknowledgement. I cannot stress more that contrary to popular belief. If a Bitch feels that a Pimp is not interested in her. the Bitch must chase you. then she is subject to get whatever it is you choose to give her. Reason being.

or why is she so attracted to you. Because you don’t need her. just as they have been conditioned that we’ll come after them. and really you don’t unless she is making you some money. .Make her come after you. This will be so different for he. she will not know what hit her.

This is clearly to show her Power (power stare). Here I’ll tell you how to get your first Bitch before turning her into a Ho. and later how to build your business. Most Pimps will tell you to get a Ho. Give her 3 minutes to respond. Of course you’ll need to move fast or you’ll lose her forever. First we’ll discuss how you’ll approach. Now I'm not saying you won't approach. If you lose her who fuckin cares. You have to come in the door with one. how else can she choose you. this is a very professional look plus they last longer. Everyone says this. So you’ll need to be mashing for your rations. you can make them on most computers. until she looks away. and she has entered your space for acknowledgement. but move on to the next one. Be creative and make them look professional. but no one shows you how to be chosen. A Pimp is chosen by a Bitch who is turned into a Ho. but remember she could have been your money maker. looking for a Ho”. then laminate them. so let them do their fuckin job. We’ll now get to the business of Pimpin. she must look for you and choose. you’ll need to have some business cards. in other words you’ll need to be walking around trying to get a Bitch. And also remember a Pimp don’t go around screaming out of car windows looking all stupid. on a drive by? After you see your target Bitch. but don’t tell you how. They shouldn't say “I'm a Pimp. Before you set out to get a Bitch. but just in a very different way. This is one of the biggest tricks to the Game. As a Pimp we are only looking for the right Bitch. and then how to get her to choose. like one aisle over. A Bitch believes they choose a Pimp anyway. and remember she craves this. and a Bitch. also make sure it includes an e-mail address. and they can say basically anything you want. Begin by looking her directly in the eyes and don’t break your stare. but something like “Photographer looking for a new model”. that we have spoken of all the necessary elements involved with the mindset of a Pimp. Situation One: You see a Bitch on the street you may never see again. so focus on your dream Ho. Park the ride and get out. But you can’t be a Pimp if you don’t have a Ho. and not the other way around. get . How To Approach Now. Change to a new location. This is very simple. and if she comes anywhere around you she’s choosing.STEP THREE 1. that’s the only way. you’ll need to get her to choose. I’m going to show you how to get them to choose you.

While talking with a Bitch. take it slow and let her choose. But for woman it’s more about how she interacts with you. Give her something small but menial. and power stares. You will have to exert your Power. You’ll need to hold pleasant casual conversations with her. she’ll feel more comfortable. and actions. But do not let anyone see you give it to her. Of course for you conversation is just a way of getting more information about her. of creating a Pimp and Ho relationship. and she must choose. What To Say There is one main reason you talk to a Bitch. Point out how well you get along. Bitches will determine if she’ll fuck you. and that’s to get her to Ho. it’s her fuckin job. Make it a Game to see how well you can use words. just the two of you need know you gave it to her. 2. you want her to feel a connection with you. A Bitch wants you to understand her when she talks. which you’ll use later. and end the conversation every time. Next. but not everyday. someone that you have repeated exposure with. Continue later on with compliments. and over time she will. because she must be there and can’t run and hide. If she feels that you understand her. She’ll also receive Power stares until she drops her head. based on how well she relates with you. to make her choose. Because most Bitches want to be with a Pimp she perceives to have similar interest. but you’ll have to cause her choose. this means a lot to a Bitch. Situation Two: You see a Bitch all the time like a store clerk. give her compliments. If you want her to relate with you. You’ll need to slow burn that bitch. and how good she makes you feel when you’re . you want a Ho. But she has already chosen you by coming around. moving in from the side. But don’t talk to long. or a little token for her desk just because you thought about her. You’re not talking to her because you really want to learn more about her. a little charm on her birthday.that Bitch. It’s important to get along with her if you want to see her again. You’re using conversation as a means to get closer to your goal. tell someone you’re sure will tell her “You are sort of interested in this Bitch”. and she’ll be more likely to be receptive to your advances (then later Ho for you). so get her. and how well you make her feel. While talking to her gather as much critical information from her as possible. or carry on a conversation. Then you’ll let this bitch choose. Then you must take the seductive approach. a Bitch working in your building. next door neighbor. you’ll have to create an emotional involvement. until she chooses. You'll need to point out to a Bitch how similar the two of you are. and make the first move. Often this is an easier pray.

“If you get that award. or anything that describes a very strong emotion will get her attention. You’ll just need to play it cool in the beginning. Bitches want a Pimp to show genuine interest in her life. until she feels an emotional connection with you. with you there. She doesn’t want a self-absorbed Pimp who is just trying to get her pussy. to feel as if she can trust you. and she'll start feeling good when she talks to you. If she wants you she’ll have to choose. Using very strong words such as “I hate”. than someone that thinks just like you do? If she believes you think like she does. These will drive an emotion deep down in a Bitches mind. You’ll also need to feel very confident with whatever you say to her. so you must wait until she does. makes her think about sex. because you won’t. I’ll make sure I come and see you” or “One day when you’re not so busy. and her contributions to the conversation. In order for her to see you she must make the first move. Saying things like “That’s hot and wet” or “This is big and hard” or “Together for extremely intimate closeness”. with you”. but you cannot come straight out and tell her. So you'll need to build that trust with her. Of course this is one of your goals. When a Bitch is projected into the future she’ll believe you are sure to be there. She’ll pick up on this. “When you cum. or simply asking you. . causes her to believe they are. and you’ll have to constantly tap at her emotions which cause her to think about you later. Ask questions about what she’s telling you. I’ll take you out for dinner”. you look so cute”. This transgresses the same feelings to her. and it’s the easiest way is to show her the similarities between the two of you. regardless if they’re true or not. Involving yourself in her future is very important because she’ll begin to see into the future. No Bitch will give you the time of day if she doesn’t believe she can trust you. because you have implanted this in her mind.talking to her. You will need to master the art in insinuation. Saying things like. her opinions. Using a lot of insinuations will surely cause a very emotional response. She knows that you want her. and involve yourself in her future. either by calling you. “I’ll kill”. Also use slips of the tongue such as. By you pointing these things out to her. Bitches are very emotional. “Fuck them”. I mean go. I mean good luck”. The Bitch doesn’t want a wimpy ass guy who’s not sure of himself. Who’s better to trust. because you are so much alike. and that's what you want. but this may take her sometime to build up her nerve. “I would love to cum. or “Meeting you is like a good fuck. I mean laugh. she’ll begin to think she can trust you. and want to be with you. And this is exactly what you want her to do.

this is the time to get connected with her. Jerry. without trying to move forward in the process. With that being the case. or possibly a museum. compliment her. but not too harshly. Instead talk about drama. and follow-up for the next. contrary to what most believe. Get A Follow-Up Getting the follow-up is one of the most important steps in making a Bitch choose.3. ball game. You cannot stay stuck on any level. just too much fuckin work. Tyra. or dinner. However this location or activity should be centered on some type of interest she may have told you about. then why would you be calling her? Well the opposite is true here. so you have her undivided attention while she’s thinking about you. never your house or her house. blah. You’ll need to ask of her feelings. Simply ask “How would you feel about going out for a walk in the park”? Or “Would you be interested in going out to dinner with me”? Get her to agree to a restaurant. But in order to get with you she must make the first move. a park. remember she loves drama. star loves and break ups. At any point the system stop then you stop. no loss. make her like you. blah. It’s a straight forward process. If not. But never a club. plus it’s her job to choose you. this also gives her some control. so now get another follow-up. give her a card and force her to call and inevitably she’ll call. Also most guys will ask for her number especially if she’s showing signs of attraction. make her happy. Talk about people around you. She knows that she can move on. You’ll have to get her to the next step each time you communicate. regroup. blah. and you’ll have absolutely no way of contacting her. well she’s Ho material. So why would you not ask for her number? Simply put. If she calls. and makes her feel better about you asking her out. After she calls. talk shows like Maury. coffee. if it doesn’t move forward. who cares. Yet your phone rings. and speak of the future with her. So if she is to choose. Your next step is to get her to agree to go out with you somewhere. do not ask for her number. you have made an impression and she’s interested. or art gallery. a movie. you should give her your business card (hopefully an attractive one) and wait for her to call. from start to finish. All in all. Not to mention it impresses upon her that you can care less if she don’t. Don’t talk about her job. just not yours. or anywhere you won’t have her undivided attention. or move on to the next Bitch. a zoo. her family. so what does that tell you? And lastly you know she’s not calling during her favorite show. Now you’ve gotten her out on a date. Don’t stay too . baby mama drama (not yours). because she’s not Ho material. Most Pimps believes when you first meet a Bitch you should get her number. then your going nowhere.

The goal here is to get into the touchy feely aspect of the date. and if its not 3 days from now tell her to call you. you have to send out a clear message. with value. play with it. it's time to hit that ass. Jamaica. when the price comes up to $6. something of little or no value has now become important. people will run out to the store and buy all the water they can. but time to move on. Next date same shit. and you don’t have a penny. let it run while they do something else. We know why. Talk of Panama. the barbeque or mildew date. It must be at either her house. and won't be appreciated. and end off with a kiss. Be creative.long. Hawaii. where you should go. another lunch. how do you feel? See. But hold yours. they'll drop it and don’t even stop to pick it up. when there isn’t enough around. they’ll throw it. Set up a follow-up date for 3 days from today. Very important to remember she will test you. Now. how much fun it’ll be. Time for the hand touching. and she knows it to. and just as she starts to get really comfortable with you. This is very simple to do. but a true Pimp. Most people don’t realize how much they miss something until they don’t have it. Europe. Water is not important to most people. however you must show her that you are of value. And this must also be a 3 day date. another trip to the zoo. Get follow-up for the next date. Do not settle for another clown act. even a penny or a glass of water can increase its value. The 3rd date is the make it or break it date. Bitches will take you or leave you with little or no care. . heavy compliments. If she believes you are the average type of Trick she’ll begin to demand things. Stop. Too much of any one thing will lose its value.01. She’ll test you for another dinner. or on a trip that will end up in a hotel. it doesn’t matter if you can afford it because you’re selling a dream. 4. deep eye stares. Not the average Trick that’ll turn flips for her. and where else you should go together. But hell no. don't fall for it. like a diamond ring. unless it’s one of these two places. But as soon as someone tells them not to drink it because it is contaminated. Speak of future dates. barely of any value. and you'll figure out another time. the only way you’ll continue to clown is for some pussy. So what I’m saying. she’ll try to give you another day. If she believes you are valuable she’ll cherish you. tell her you have to go take care of some business before it gets too late. They have little trays on counters that state “Give a penny. all the places you probably know she hasn’t been. which is the goal of the 3rd date. and end it nicely. then take it home and cherish it. Take a penny”. Increase Value Now that you have her interest you’ll need to increase your value to her. With little or no value. Look at the way most people treat a penny. slight body looks. no tongue.

this time. DRAMA. “Does this guy like me”? Doubt will set in.00 bill”. It's your phone and you don't have to answer it just because somebody calls. every time you go out with her. And that will end all questionings. or if she never wants to talk to you again. act as thou nothing has happened. and mixed emotions. she’ll be thinking about you. that's your choice. a little silence about 3 seconds. But don’t call her right back. the Bitch has to choose if she’ll accept you as you are. but I want a $100. and you’ll then become important to her. This is paying the Bitch way too much attention and you will decrease in value. Do not apologize for not calling. every time she want to meet. the bitch needs to submit and call you straight up. Just like the penny. “What were you doing when I called”? And “Didn't you get my message”? Don't answer these fuckin questions. you’ll pay. She may question you about why you didn’t answer. . However when she does call. she’ll become upset. This increases your value. Don't explain why you didn't call. Let the Bitch talk to your answering service a few times. then call her back. we’ll begin to jump at her beck and call. don’t sweat it. Ever see a man holding his Bitch hand. and she looks deep into your eyes? She’s saying. Don’t sweat it. she’ll probably be talking to him about you. she’ll act like nothing has happened. that you couldn’t answer your phone”? And then she’ll begin to rationalize with herself. never answer blocked calls. such as. remember. Every time she calls on the phone. and you’re glad to talk to her. we’ll answer. However when you do call her. Do Not call her back. if she calls you again don’t answer. that’s what she’s waiting on. While we’re at it. you’re burning a message in her head. we’ll say "OK". She’ll wonder “Why you’re not acting like all the other Tricks that just want some pussy”? And when she is talking to a Trick. and not even stop to pick you up. Not to mention she is testing you to see if you’re strong enough to control her. if not all the time. If she doesn’t call. Do Not.Sometimes we want to bang a Bitch so bad. Some bitches will take longer. hell. and then a slow “I have to go” will do the trick forever. give her about 3 days to call you. “I have a penny in my pocket. however save her number for future references. and act as though you're glad to speak with her. If she persist and some will. don’t give in. This lets her know that you are important and she must submit to your bullshit. "You sound upset”. make her wait an hour or so. Why would she call you after all that? Because you gave her just what she wanted. a simple “Are you OK"? Or. but you will not be the one to call. too much of you and they’re sure to drop you. Now she’s wondering: “What the hell are you doing. and act like she's not upset. and she’ll check her phone just to see if it's working.

but not this”. If the next step was to be touchy feely. either she moves up or she moves on. this book is about Pimpin and Ho’n. good pussy. If she calls you she is ready for the next step. You can't go from the Bitch about to Ho. you can't go back. let it go. and push your Pimpin in another direction. She’ll say. no fuckin do over’s. you will not be able to control her. she blows. Just when you thought you were working a Bitch. then she must start from there. but that Bitch has to be moving forward. Nice ass. regroup. she must start from there. and never settle for less. If her next step was Ho'n or her next Trick. Every step is leading up to the next step. And want you to do the things that made her happy. is sometimes the hardest thing to do. She’ll say. Fuck that shit. However. and you’ll need to put this Bitch in motion. she must choose if she’ll play hard. You . she starts where she left off. she must choose to King you. back to you dating the Bitch again. never start over. and you must be moving forward. If she’s not willing to go Ho. but she’ll test you for a do over. let it go. and after. or let it go. The Bitch will cry on you. she has to move on to her next Trick. This shit is by choice not by force. If her next step was treating you like a King. Never let her believe you’re not willing to walk. she must choose if she’ll fuck you. or she’s done.5. When she calls you. She must move on to her next Trick. don’t waste time or energy on any Bitch that don’t want to play. You have to be ready at any given time to let a Bitch go. so what. She’ll have told herself. her first Trick anyway. even after Pimpin her for that fact. Move On Cop and Blow. let it go. if pussy is all you wanted. or you move on. fuck her. she must choose if she’ll go out with you. This is a forward motion business. during. no matter how close you came to Pimpin this Bitch. she must choose to Ho. This book is not about getting some pussy. If the next step was fuckin. Never look back. Just move on to the next Bitch. Everything must be your way. If your Bottom Bitch chooses another Pimp. that she loved it when you done this or that. Either she chooses to do it your way. then she must start from there. If you screw up with a Bitch. You can practice your Pimpin. or you move on to your next Ho. or let it go. She must choose to call. Once a Bitch is in motion she’ll always continue to the next step. so what. You can stop. big tits. “She loves you and why are you having her do this”? Or “She’ll do anything for you. then let it go. then she must start from there. “I can’t do this”. If it’s not going your way. The Bitch will probably cry before. and if not. let it go. but you must not fall for this bullshit.

a Pimp. And if all else fails. panties. blouse. bra. then buy the shit. Instead of telling her to cook: Start with taking her to the store. and anything not in motion is not getting to the next step. but you must get there. and then fuck the Bitch. just simply move on.have to constantly attempt to take her to the next step. Regardless of how you get there. You may have to get the Bitch to the next step. or an instructor. pants. But she can't do any of that without a teacher. However. tell her how you’d like it prepared. she has to learn all the laws of the road. is where she left off. If she stops and you can’t get her to move. then she has to go on the highway. then a sock. and then she has to sit in the seat. the only point she has to go back to. Just like the Bitch learning to drive a car. She has to be moving forward or you’re not in motion. Instead of stripping the Bitch naked: Start with one shoe. if she stops at any point before she obtains her license. or better yet. and before long she has gotten her license. she has to put the car in the street. or break it down into smaller steps. and then the next. she has to learn all the controls. give her a reason to move. . First she has to want to drive. put it in the kitchen. by giving her smaller steps to achieve. she has to learn how to work all the controls.

but has never had it done. . she’ll allow more access than normal. Hold her hands. Why? Because she has exposed herself to you. Viagra does wonders for the less fortunate. That’s why the first fuck is so important. “Make the Bitch wait before you fuck her”. Again. and then you’ll be able to play with her emotions. you’ll need to beat the pussy up. Make her suck your dick while you're standing. Stick your finger in her ass. Push your dick down her throat. keep fuckin eating. This is one of the surest ways for another fuck. You will have connected that Bitch to you. When you get the Bitch to fuck you. and Sun. At any rate. if your dick doesn't do the trick. because Mon will inevitably cause a separation. so on and so forth. Smack the Bitch on the ass softly at first. then smack her harder. but not for a beginning Pimp. this is a Pimp Game. you’ll have to make her nut by any means necessary. making her do things she has never done before. Be very creative. Some people will say. make her perform small submissive acts. get the pussy as fast as you can. and she’s on her knees. Ass Last: So familiar. During the entire 3 days you’ll be pushing that Bitch forward. The best nights are Fri. regardless of under whatever the circumstances. pull her hair. rub the ass hole at first. just slightly at first. Sat. Not to mention you may tap a spot she’s always wanted. Just because a Bitch looks fine. you’ll need to start probing for access. However. and if she don't stop you. meaning you’ll have to make her orgasm at least one time. and more. push it in. make her gag. because of the conditioning from before.STEP FOUR 1. you’ll need that Bitch connected. and if she doesn’t stop you. and then make her wait. Test this Bitch for access. doesn’t mean she haven’t been fuckin. to make her want more. If time permits you’ll need to fuck her 3 days straight the first time. and if she doesn’t stop you. or haven’t been fucked hard. then stopping right before you nut. and most Bitches don’t work on the weekends. this tells you her experience level. Wrong answer. if she doesn’t stop you. you’ll have to fuck the Bitch before she’ll choose to give you any money. not a pussy game. and she’s given you something she thought would keep you. Fuck Her On Time Purse First. The simplest way is to just eat the pussy until she screams. it needs to be 3 days without a break. let her feel your Power. she will connect. The same thing is true for a Bitch. this gets her started for your Pimp Game. Give this Bitch everything you got. Also. remember you are of value. Imagine a Bitch sucking your dick. Once you've fucked the Bitch. choke her. Once a Bitch gives up the pussy.

blindfolds. vibrators. just short of your ass hole. this is where it all begins to happen for you. She is to go get you something to eat. While you’re fuckin her make her say “I’m your Bitch”. You need to send a lot of mixed emotions. or anything else you can think of that’s different from what’s she’s use to. and unable to . and she’ll be expecting you to do the same. and you repeat the command over and over and over again. and soul. you need to send her some emotional charges. She cleans up the house or room. she must ask to be fucked. Mixing pleasure and pain will snatch the heart right out of her. 2. You ever heard of the saying. now you have to make her begin giving you total control. there’s a big difference. At this point. handcuffs. Now that she has given you her body. but in order for you to fuck her. and you’ll guide her to where she needs to be. Make her bend over a couch arm. “A Pimp wants your soul”? Well I'm going to show you how to get it. You’ll have to get this Bitch to give you her soul. she brings to you.Make her lick under your balls. to whatever you want. because a Bitch will jump ship quick. If she says “No”. You'll need to give her pleasure and pain. she’ll want you to become her man. all fun stops until she does. to confuse her mind and take her soul. Anything out of your reach. This is so critical to set this Bitch up to ho'n. You can’t Pimp a Bitch unless she gives you her soul. At this point most Bitches will do anything to please you. before she knows what happen. until she moves. you’ll only fuck her once or twice a week. and put your cigarette in your mouth. Now that you’ve beat the pussy up real good. candles. She is to change the channel on the TV or radio. but a Pimp book. by not being nice all the time. Mixed Attitude This is truly the fun part of the Pimp Game. not mean but painful. She already wants you. Again this is not a pussy book. paddles. or gets your beer. NOW it’s time to make her wait. Do Not. This is to let her know that she is to serve you. But not the case. while you're standing and fuckin her from behind. She will not expect you to send painful emotions her way. She lights. oils. but not being able to do so she’ll try even harder. Calculated painful charges will make this Bitch fall in love with you. So now when you fuck her. mind. tie ups. you’ll have her do something she has never done before. Use butt plugs. Everything stops. Do Not lift a finger for shit. or call her your Bitch. you'll have to mix this Bitch up and make her give you her soul. give her just enough rope to hang herself. She’ll begin to push forward. it’s time to take her heart. she is to do everything for you. She is to fix your drinks. whips. dildos. She'll be ready to please you on every turn. or she cooks you something.

3. 2. Let her change it for a while. but a painful stab at her insecurities. don’t answer. I'm surprised. but you must hit this Bitch square in her insecurities. you can punch at anything you like. I thought you were the kind of person that could handle hers”? This is just an example. She’ll love you and hate you. This makes her believe that you don’t respect her. are you soft or something”? This simple statement drives a painful feeling deep into her heart. This is not being mean. She’ll try to prove herself to you. and then say “That has got to make you feel bad.leave. punching deeper and deeper. Now. that’s even better. one that’ll make her feel uneasy. Your next conversation should sound like “You know something. She’ll be so fuckin happy that you accept her. or under achievements. and then come back with “So how do you plan on getting that promotion”? She’ll want to change again. Punching at her insecurities will make her uneasy. She’ll do anything to try and make you believe she is worthy. and this is what you want. no compliments and no communication the very next day. Keep this shit up. You have to mix these up to the point that she will not know what type of day. but always come back with pleasure. just listen at how she’ll try to please you. and she’ll want to get back in your good graces. She’ll be wondering. <pause for affect> when you told me how much you love to take care of people. on the second day don’t call her she’ll call you. Leave her with this for a day or two. "Why are you doing this to me"? Or "Why are you being so cruel to me"? If you know something about her that has made her upset. That just mean she respects your words. you’ll have to wait until she does. and she will. if she don’t call. If you know she was looked over for a promotion on her job. and makes her uneasy. listen for it as she begins to speak of her accomplishments. . I really admire that aspect about you” and “I really wish we were together tonight because I love the way you make me feel”. giving her pleasure and then giving her pain. because she feels uncomfortable. 4 times the next day. but you’ll be her KING. poke at it. and drives an emotion deep in her mind. She’ll defend herself. and then you’ll come back with “Most of the people I know stands up and take what they want”. Who cares if she goes to work fucked up and gets fired. you’ll allow her have. If she calls. She’ll want to change to another conversation. you might say “I don’t see how you let these people do this to you. She’ll crave for your attention because she’ll want to be accepted by you again. These episodes should continue for as long as you know the Bitch.

If she wants to go right. go left”. do not raise your voice. Anything she suggests. to your . she’ll have to look for your approval. walk or talk. if she still doesn't comply. and no other way. After you leave. You’ll tell her what side she is to walk on. This reminds her that she have changed her identity. wear one of those”. Let me give you an example: she'll say “Let's go to the movies” you'll respond “Don't want to. you must change her name. just a matter of when. she gets a spanking then everything stops.3. Do not argue. just leave it's too late. it’s her job to choose if she wants you. you say “no. If she tries to stop you. sleep. just leave. “Why you can't try to please me the way I try to please you”? Tell her “I knew it was going to come to this”. time just freeze until she gets it right. unless she ask you first. Because of the pain you just inflicted. However she will call. Spank that Bitch with whatever words you choose. but you’ll need to spank her with just one line. or if she leaves a message call her back. Do not call her. This is a simple task because you’ve already conditioned her for your approval. and this is why this shit is fucked up". Here you are creating the Daddy effect. And when she does call after the 2nd day answer. Give her about 30 seconds to comply. lets go”. She Can't Win You are not to do anything she suggests. so what. turn it up”. let's go to the park” next you'll ask “What will you wear”? She'll say “Pants” your response “I'd like to see you in a dress. If she says turn it down. and do not repeat it. And then just hold the phone until she apologizes. that's right. you’ll spank her and then stare. If it’s not done to your likings (and nothing is). she only gets 30 seconds to comply. This drives a message to her that in order for her to do anything. look her right in the eyes until she complies. you say “no. You’ll tell her to wear thongs tonight. or it’s not good enough and she’ll need to fix it. You’ll tell her how to wear her hair. you’ll tell her “no. If she wanted to wear a skirt to the mall. She must agree to wear pants to the mall for your very next encounter with her. just a spank and a stare. Then. let the Bitch go. you must show her how grateful you are for complying. She is not to breath unless she ask you first. Tell her "She’s selfish. Then time moves on from there. if she begs you. If she says up. meaning anything. Everything must be done to your likings. she must ask you first. but you wanted her to wear pants. you say “no. she it not to eat. If she says stop. If she refuses to comply with something. do not answer your phone that day or the next. If she never call you again. you must do the opposite every time. This is also during the stage you’ll need to name her. then she need to start from where she left off. Ask her. down”. if she tries to comply.

you’re sure to make her a Ho. She must only address you by that name. Whatever it is. She must answer to this name. the Bitch must perform the trick correctly. she must always perform or you must make her comply. she must sit and wait for the treat. You don’t work unless you get a treat. or it’ll turn on you and bite you really hard. so the Bitch can recognize what is expected. or honey. Not to baby doll. and only give her that treat when she has performed the trick correctly. Developing a relationship . And it’s her job to make you happy. without giving it some love. Now if you hear her friends calling her this name. Now this is the time for you to lick her wounds. because if the dog performs for you. every time you’re together she is to wear a dress. This is one reason why they’re called a Bitch. the movie you want to see. and she just looks at you. but to Diamond. No trick. The relationship between a well-behaved Bitch and her Master is one that consists of limits. you'll give it a treat. but you must give it to her. the next time she won’t perform the trick correctly. and dug deep into her guts. sweetie. Daddy. Your name also must change to a Pimps favorite. You can’t continue to beat a dog. Goldie. She’ll try to get away with not complying. and rules about what is expected. If she doesn't agree. or any Pimp name you choose. meaning there is no compromising. something like. You don’t continue to romance a Bitch unless you get a treat. Find out what she really loves to do. or Master if you're good. she must tell people this is her name.compliance. Because anything she does without checking with you is just not good enough. And before you know it. but you should never give her any slack. Gift Her On Time You’ve made this Bitch pay dearly. As well as consistent training. that Bitch will be rolling over at your every command. Come up with a dress code for her. Make her go back home and get in uniform before she is to see you. everything stops until she does. your paycheck. before she decides to do anything. This Bitch needs to learn that she must perform for you. You don’t watch TV unless you get a treat. She has to understand that she must check in with you. Preferably to a name that represents money. some pussy. Treat this Bitch. and train her to perform tricks for you. or pink panties. No treat. or the image of money which is useful during her Ho career. yes lick her wounds. If you tell a dog to sit. because if you’re not happy. If you don’t treat her on time. or Jewel. then she won’t be happy. 4. or her hair down. she’ll be introduced by this name. and this will become her name. would you give her the treat? Hell no.

Maybe she is made to suck you dick before you go into the restaurant. and give yourself permission to drop everything for your Bitch. after she’s completed whatever task it is you want. or daily if your Bitch is new to the Game. its fun training your new Bitch. If she likes to eat out with you she’s only able to do this. But she must call you anytime she wants to talk. success will come more easily if you block out specific times during the week. or she must always get spanked first. and want to accomplish the goals you’ve established for your Bitch. you will realize how easy the whole process really is. Suppose she likes to fuck. If you have a problem or a new trick. will mean that you’ll always have a way to communicate with your Bitch. but you’ll begin to wing her off the treats. So let’s figure out what we’ll treat this Bitch with: This could be anything she really enjoys doing. because she enjoys it. Be very persistent of her performing her tricks correctly. until she performs without them. And she does not get the treat unless she performs the trick correctly. text her when you are ready to talk and tell her to call you. if she call and leave a message.through training. regardless of how much she resist. She’ll begin to look for her treat at the completion of each trick. maybe she’s made to wash and iron you clothes before she can eat with you. she must always strip tease for you. Train this Bitch to do specifically what it is you want her to do. a little guidance may be necessary so give it to her. You must never call her. you must insure she receives her treat. But if the Bitch performs the trick without error. If she wants to talk with you. well she is to do something for that such as. to call you. and pay for it. Or maybe she’s made to make reservations. You’ll appreciate how much fun it is to have a Bitch that works hard for you. Be creative. or she must always take naked pictures for you. then the only way for her to accomplish this is for her. before you’ll go eat with her. but it must always be performed before the fuckin start. Practicing on a regular basis is important if you want to become a good Pimp. and nip behavior problems in the bud or avoid them all together. She will learn to automatically perform her trick when she’s conditioned to do so. Designating a time to practice several times a week ensures that you will have lots of opportunities to experiment with techniques. and your Bitch will have lots of time to get the hang of working with you. . Whatever your desires may be. As you get good at including training in your weekly routine.

You should show absolutely no emotions whatsoever. An easy conquest has a lower value than a difficult one. will grant him a kind of Power. you should not laugh. to make Bitches come after you. she'll do anything to get back on his good side. It's in her nature to please her Pimp. If she wouldn’t let you fuck her in the ass. and you'll punch at her innate insecurity. she is only excited by what is denied to her. then you have not done something right. and that you may not really be interested. She’ll fear that you have gotten to know her. once you’ve made her uncertain of you.5. Bitches are inherently perverse. or that giving the Bitch what she want. Most Pimps miscalculate and surrender too soon worried that the Bitch will lose interest. ask now. and she believes you need her. With all other conversations. once you satisfy a Bitch. Withdraw On Time Withdrawing is one of the most powerful things you can use. Make your Bitch afraid that you may be withdrawing. because this is what you’re looking for. You should not smile. You’ll have to be self sufficient and let her know that you’re good being by yourself. vanity is critical in making the Bitch your Ho. If she doesn’t get mad at you. The truth is opposite. emotions is what you’re after. it is a sure sign of her enslavement. even if she leaves a message. you should remain silent. These insecurities are devastating. and you don’t need her or anyone else. reignite her hope. ask now. and will want the old you back. and watch your dick . this is also one of the Powers of a Pimp. So with her nurturing nature. If she wouldn’t try to swallow your dick. you no longer have the initiative and you open yourself to the possibility that she’ll lose interest at the slightest whim. all conversation should be about you. and she has become less exciting to you. and you should not talk (unless it's about you). and do things she would not do before. Don’t answer your phone when she calls. and of herself. Then. making her feel desired again. Begin to give her no communication until she starts to get angry. You’ll have to increase your withdraw to the point she doesn’t understand. and if he has withdrawn. delaying their satisfaction. to get and maintain control. she'll attempt to make you happy. Your greatest Power in Pimpin is your ability to turn away. Remember. she is not used to this side of you. and your advancement. This is very difficult and the basis of Pimpin. by what she cannot possess in full. She is already sure that she needs you. When you’re with her only consider yourself. so now she’ll become confused and want you back. Never be put off by your Bitch’s anger. and don’t return her calls. and see that ass open right up.

disappear down her throat. If she wouldn’t crawl on the floor for you, put a leash around her neck, and say “Crawl Bitch”. Now is the time to make her do whatever it is she wouldn’t even consider before. This Bitch will perform any trick, or performance you can dream of. Withdrawing is also a constant state of mind, you should do this often. When you want her to perform a trick and she refuses, no problem, withdraw and then ask for it. You’ll need to become very distant from her to the point she’ll begin to wonder, “What’s wrong”? She’ll begin to ask you “What’s wrong”? And you’ll just nonchalantly reply, “Nothing”. When she calls, act as though you don’t have anything to say. When you see her, appear to have your mind on something else. Appear to have no interest in her whatsoever, she gets no emotions. But of course remember she is emotional, and she’ll crave emotions, but you’ll remain emotionless. This is going to drive the Bitch crazy with emptiness, and no fulfillment. She’ll want to do anything to bring life back into your relationship, and trust me, she’ll do anything. So come up with something wild and fuckin crazy, to bring the life back. Such as making the Bitch toss your salad, or make her fuck her friend, or make her sleep with a dildo up her ass. Do not give her any emotions until she performs the task, and she will with pleasure.

1. Tell Her When And How
If you’ve gotten the Bitch this far, you’re on the right path for success. You’re feeling good about yourself and she’s falling right in place, good job, you’re on your way. However she is not ready to Ho yet. Far from it, we’re just starting and a lot more work has to be done. Next she’ll have to worship you as her King (Pimp), and perform in ways only a Pimp will accept. As a Pimp (King, Lion) you’re to not do anything, and everything must be done for your pleasure. A Pimp, a Lion, and a King, sits back and only responds when things are going wrong. You’re on your throne, and will respond only from there. Get up on the throne, and command her for the things you want. Now you’re on Top of your Game, and you must remain there. Not sure what I’m talking about? Watch an old King movie, or watch a Lion documentary, or a Pimp movie. Then look for the throne, how do they act, how do they command, how much work do they do? Get there and stay there, if you are not there go back and get it right. The Bitch needs to do things for you without you saying a word. She’ll begin to say things like: “We think so much alike”, or “I was going to suggest that also” or “I done this for you because I know how you are”. She’ll begin calling you and wanting praise for the good work she’s done for you. She must jump through hoops just to make you happy. Perhaps perform just as the clowns perform for a King, or just as a lioness bringing food to her man to eat first. This is your throne, and you are only to tell her how to make it better. This is your Kingdom, and if she doesn’t want to be cast out she’ll need to perform for you. She must put you first before anyone, even herself. She must insure you’re taken care of, before she attempts to take care of herself. As most have wondered, how does a King, a Pimp, or a Lion becomes so Powerful? It all starts from one Bitch at a time, and you’ll have to make her your servant. She must submit to your every wish without question, you won’t see a King asking if he can do something. No way, he’ll do whatever the fuck he wants, in his Kingdom. As I just mentioned, in your Kingdom this Bitch is fuckin with you, this is your Kingdom so she must perform as you wish, in your Kingdom. No one else should matter as much to her, and she should attend to your every need. If you call this Bitch she should stop whatever it is she’s doing, and come to you at your command. If she’s visiting family, call her and make her

come to you for no apparent reason. At 2:00am call her and make her come to wherever you’re at, just to suck your dick. If she’s at work in the middle of the day, call and make her get off just to fix you some food. She must completely treat you as the King you are. Make her hold your dick while you're taking a piss, make her dial your phone, make her feed you while you’re watching a football game. She’ll need to do things that most Squares will think is extreme. Make her sit on the floor, rub your feet, and when she’s done she should lick them for you. You’ll need to be the Pimp of your 100%, no need to compromise, no negotiations necessary. An old Army saying, “It’s not for you to wonder why, it’s just for you to do or die”. You’ll need to come up with some shit that’s way beyond the norm. She’ll begin to feel the Power of her Pimp, because she’s doing things that she’s been conditioned not to do. But do not make her perform these tasks in front of anyone except you. No one must see her doing these things, no need to show off your Pimpin, there will be plenty of time for that later. In front of others you should appear normal, and she won’t tell anyone because she’ll be too embarrassed. But she must submit and become subservient to her King, her Pimp.

2. Beat The Resistance
She will resist you constantly, but you must beat the resistance. When she tells you no, or she don’t do that, or that’s nasty, you'll need to get her to do it anyway just as you instructed. She was raised with values, now you must break those values and show her those values are stupid. Whatever values she has you must change it, you must find out what she’s against and change her mind about it. Therefore you’ll be changing her motivations and changing her life. Teach her that as a woman, she must walk 2 steps behind you. This will be a little difficult at first, but you must be persistent and she’ll comply. Just explain to her, “First you must meet all oncoming obstacles, thereby clearing the way for her passage, this is why she must always walk behind you”. Or “It’s always appropriate in your beliefs, for the woman to follow because life is a structure, and everyone must be in its place to become successful”. Teach her that she is never to look another man in his eyes, because it’s disrespectful. If another man is in the area she must look at the motha fuckin curb. This also takes some work, but with persistence she'll look down every time a man comes around. Just tell her, “As your woman she must always show you how important you are to her, and she must look down”. Or “Most men will

try to make eye contact with you in an attempt to steal your soul, and she must show no interest, ever”. Teach her that she is never to raise her voice to you. Say “This is clearly a sign of a woman wanting to take a man place, and if you wanted a man you’d be gay”. No hollering, screaming, and no overly aggressive behavior whatsoever. She should not snap at you regardless of what you tell her to do. Tell her "If a Bitch was made to be in charge she would have been the President", or "Bitches that want to be a man, need to find another Bitch to take charge of. But in your Kingdom a Bitch will be just what she’s supposed to be, a Bitch". Teach her excessive cleanliness, tell her that “She must shower 3 times per day washing away all of her evil thoughts. Staying clean as a woman is so difficult, that she must exert extra effort to cleanse away her evil thoughts”. Or tell her “Women are evil and showers will clear her mind, and takes her mind off all the drama of the day, so when you’re together she’ll be more focused on you”. If she believes men should open doors for her, change it and make her open doors for you. Make her pull out your chair so you may be seated. Make her drive for you, it’s her job to drive and not yours, she should escort you around. She should feel privileged to be in your company. If she believes that you are wrong about your beliefs, she is welcome to move on because some other Bitch will be glad to accommodate you. If she is tall, tell her “That short Bitches treat you better”. If she is black, tell her “White Bitches treat you better”. If she is bright, tell her “Dark skinned Bitches treat you better”. If she is older, tell her “Younger Bitches treat you better”. Regardless of whatever she is, tell her the other Bitches treat you better. This’ll punch a hole right in her fuckin resistance, she’ll begin to break down and perform as she’s instructed. Hopefully some of the things you'll have her do she begins to resist, because you'll need to work her through it. Realistically you want her to resist, and you must not stop until she does. When she resist, you'll have something to work on, by making her submit to your way of thinking. You'll need to continue pushing her until she says “Hell No, I won't do that”. Now you are able to work her through her resistance. Without her resisting you will not have anything to work her through. So give her something to do that you know she’ll resist, and when she does you'll have to work her through it. And after you work her through it, she’ll be more obligated to your way of thinking. She’ll believe you know what’s best for her, and all she has to do is what you tell her. She’ll love you for it.

Masters command to the point of submission. As a sex Master you must also perform. or persuade sex. they want to give their bodies up without resistance. feathers. When. and wearing Ho clothes to include Ho shoes. Tie . some ass. Who: just you. I need it. in the park. She’ll lose control and feel how hard she can cum when you’re in charge of her. toys. When: right now. Or masturbating herself until she orgasm using dildos.3. If she submits. Masters don’t ask "If they would like to"? Or "If it’s ok to"? Or "I would like to". a three some. and she must perform as such. She needs to understand that you are the Master. This is also the time to introduce the art of Slave and Master. Sex is performed whenever and however you choose. Get some bondage material. meaning no quickies. because she’ll need to know who's in charge of these sex acts. What. and this will be performed on a regular basis. You’ll need at least 2 hours for sex training unless she’s sucking your dick. acting. at her house. Make sure you set enough time aside for sex. Start slow by testing how responsive she is to submitting to you. and there should be a lot of surprises for her. You’ll need to let her know. toys. Next you’ll need to start the bondage training. holding her hands above her head while fuckin her. that sex is only performed when you want it. This is different than in the beginning. What: you want a blow. by commanding. or what ever else you may want. giving her the thoughts of submission. or on an elevator. and a lot of sticking. and she is your Slave. Bitches don’t need the visuals as a Pimp does. or next month. or you and your friend. next week. Or making her crawl on the floor and begging like a dog. and being a Master. tonight. Why: because I’ll love it. again start her slow if she’s afraid. Such as: stripping for you. or Why. tomorrow. fruits. Those two hours should consist of giving orders. submit to your every request. Start by testing her. a lot of licking. and making her perform sex acts she's not used to performing. She cannot beg. I want to have fun. She is not to put you off until it’s convenient for her. Blindfold her and take her to the next level. She’ll need to bust 2 or 3 orgasms while blindfolded. a swap. You’ll need baby oil. or go find us a friend to fuck. or because you love me. a rim. ask. or whatever else you can think of. Where. and this is just what you’ll want her to do. Is she willing to be blindfolded? If so. it’s only given when you choose to give it. vibrators. Very important. When you’re not sure if it’s going your way make her do it anyway. Where: At the hotel. Dominating The Sex Who. then everything else will follow. candy. you’re on your way to bondage. you’re now about to dominate the sex. lotions.

ass spankings. and then performs to your likings. Being a King/Pimp is no easy task. sorry. Most don’t understand why a Pimp looks so mean. You’re a King. feathers. Spank her ass all the time. Always check the pussy for moisture. a paddle. by smacking her ass a few times. You must sit on your throne and command from there. he’s hard on a Ho but that’s his job. it’s that simple. and hold her hands with yours. if it’s wet. The 7 cardinal sins are: . wimpy. whip. You are finished asking for favors. However. Being treated like a King is a key element. Act Like A King You can’t be treated like a King if you don’t act like a King. and no where else. Everything must be done for your entertainment. You’ll have to feel like a King in order to act like a King. Make sure she’s still blindfolded because this intensifies the sensation. This will begin the submission process until she’s completely at your mercy. She’ll perform well for you if you act and become a King. or hard. and that’s when you’ll know you’re on our way to a Kingdom. Again testing to see if she's open to the idea. you'll begin a lot of playing. if she moans then it's on. and you must prepare for the journey of being the only one that matters. he’s not mean or hard. you'll need to get harder as time progresses. In fact he is caring. oils. Now move on tying her wrist to the bed. Get her used to you spanking her ass at will. 4. she will treat you as such.her ankles to the bed spread eagle. and if she’s not making you happy she should change her acts. You are finished treating a Bitch like an equal. everything must revolve around you. However. Also she'll be anticipating what other pleasures you’ll provide. While her legs are spread open. Get as creative as possible using vibrators. So how do you get this same attitude and still keep your Bitch? Simple. or like a Square. and also get her a paddle key chain as a reminder. ice. You’ll need to become a King in your own world. if you act like a King. or cane. pound the pussy sending deep shivers through her body. while fuckin her and when not. you’ll need to stop falling for the 7 cardinal sins. or anything else you can think of. she loves it. Equipment such as. It's her job to make you happy. and don’t stop. play toys. While she’s completely restrained. she’ll love it as much as you do. After a blindfold. she’ll comply because she believes that she can trust you. or uncaring. tie up. You'll also need some spanking equipment to help you perform this task. it means you’re finished making request. she'll love it and get very comfortable with you doing it. she will equally treat you as such. If you act weak. Now introduce the art of spanking to this Bitch.

because none of that shit has any value. Because you are. what you think you are. And lastly Ho’s will make you mad and other Pimps will knock (take) them. She'll want to get a rise out of you. Envy. so his commands must be followed without question. and Wrath. Let the Bitch know she is beneath you. You are not equal to her. Sloth: just being lazy.Vanity. Wrath: anger. Gluttony: a person with a great desire or passion for something over and over. nothing disturbs you. but let’s take a quick look at these. Although you’ll make money. Lust: intense sexual desire for everyone and everybody. Although you’ll see beautiful hot Bitches. indignation. wanting the pay back. why you’re not grinning and smiling in their face like everyone else? This is clearly a sign of Power. The only smile you should give is when she gives you something of value. Not pussy. and others will respond accordingly. you must not fall short to Vanity. you are her leader and she is the follower. and always have a plan. Vanity: conceit. and not the other way around. and you’ll have to appear as though you don’t give a fuck about anything. and what makes you happy. Although money is the ultimate goal. smell good. Lust. Personal Power. but you must not show any. and she must remain in her place if she is to remain with you. do not fall short to Greed. and look good. Smiling at everyone is a form of Squares wanting to be accepted by other Squares. Also. with no motivation to do anything. do not fall short to Gluttony. you’ll need to understand the role of a Pimp. As a King or Pimp. Feel the Power of a King and you’ll be treated like a King. We’ve been conditioned to perform the task of smiling and wanting to be accepted by society. As a Pimp everyone must be accepted by you. do not fall short to Envy. Sloth. do not fall short to Wrath. you’re not to show it whatsoever. a kiss. do not fall short to Lust. Pimps are always right even if he’s wrong. Gluttony. do not fall short to Sloth. Envy: a feeling of discontent aroused by someone else's possession of things you would like to have. especially about one's appearance. Although there will be bigger and better Pimps. To act like a King. Greed. Greed: an excessive desire for wealth and keeps it to one's self. and she’ll do whatever is needed to make you happy. You must always appear to have a level head. you must also get rid of those cheesy ass smiles. Although you must dress well. . Bitches will wonder why you’re content. Although she’ll do everything for you. Nothing is to move or shake you. except to a Trick. If something does fuck with you. Not taking you to church. or a compliment. anything of value.

This is important when it comes to training your Bitch. Or point to the remote control until she responds with. she should respond with “You want another beer. also she is expected to understand your orders. and waiting. She is a part of the whole process. and she must verbally reassure you that you’re in control of her. “What”? She’ll repeat it for you. and then she’ll suck your dick until you nut”. and make her repeat what is expected of her. she’ll say “Yes”. She’ll clearly remember every time you walk up to a door. what is expected of her. here you go”. even more important than your own life”? Or. The message is implanted deep in her mind. until she’s made to repeats them. do you understand what I . Example: You’ll say. and of course she will comply. ask more difficult request such as: "What are you. you’ll then ask. “What are you supposed to do when I walk up to a door”? Her response “I'm to run around you. she’s to repeat the request. “Put on those Ho shoes and thongs. Before you start ask her if she understands what is expected of her. Tell her. Driving the point even deeper. Or ask her “Who is the most important person to you. and turn on the air”. stop and ask her to repeat what is expected of her. As you are giving her your keys. to me”? Her response should be “Your Bitch”. and dance like my Bitch. Also. Once she’s said it she’ll believe it's partially her idea. Make Her Say It Sometimes a Bitch won't clearly understand your orders. “You want the remote. Every time you give an order. “You’re going to fuck her in the ass. These are easy examples and will start her on the path of repeating what is expected of her. I’ll get it”. This is an on the spot correction that drives the message home. or “Your Ho”. She is not to perform anything until she’s repeats your order. To increase this affect you’ll need to increase your request to things such as: Telling her to “Go start your car. So what must we make her say? Starting with simple things such as: By raising your empty beer bottle in the air. It teaches her she must be willing to perform everything that is expected of her. And if she forgets to comply you’re to stop. then resume my position behind you”. making it easier for her to accomplish the task. Also this drives a message deep in her mind that she must perform because she said she would.5. By now these should become common request by you. when she says it she’ll be reminded that she’s not in control. hold the door open until you enter.

“I'm a dirty Ho”. “Yes”. Another trick is to get her to repeat the boldest most bizarre statements as possible. your reply will be. make her repeat all sorts of crazy shit.want”? Her reply is. Pushing her for more profound statements shows you the amount of control you have over her. . making it difficult for her to want to repeat it. because she’ll be repeating the orders in her mind. and then I want to feel your cum slide down my throat" as an example. so if she fucks up you can discipline her correctly. “Fuck me Daddy”. and insure that some things are very vulgar. or “Yes Daddy”. Make her say things like. or “Yes Sir”. You’ll need to be persistent to the point she starts asking you. Especially when you're fuckin her. "I want you to fuck me. “What do I want you to do”? After several session of conditioning her mind to repeat orders. These statements will take root because what comes out of her mouth is what she’ll begin to believe she is. she’ll do so automatically. “You're my Pimp” or “I'm your slave”. This also reassures you she clearly understands what you expect of her. Some things she’ll be reluctant to say. “Am I your Bitch Daddy”? Stay at this Bitch until she’s willing to repeat exactly what is expected of her. “I'm your nasty Bitch”. Be very specific about what you want her to say. Making her say things like. but once it comes out her mouth you’re in control. More then likely she won't fuck up. so I can suck the pussy juices off your dick.

No mistakes. everything must be performed with perfection. Here is where you’ll start controlling her every move. . So if you’re still reading you’re going to learn how to make her Ho for you. no fuckin do over’s. go back and see what you're missing. let her go. Your new well behaved Bitch is now ready for the next levels of your Pimpin. her every thought. but you’re well on your way. You'll also introduce other Slave and Master tactics. or think about what you're doing wrong with this Bitch. and just be happy with how well your Bitch performs. such as putting a collar around her neck with a leash. you must tell her how far from the door you are to get before she’s to run around you. she’s now told how much time she has to make you nut. if you can't get her to comply. She must make sure she’s thinking clearly. Don't fall short to Greed. Pushing her to the limit is as simple as letting her know that she has no limits. This Bitch has to be willing to do anything for you. she’s now told how fast she should get it. she’s still not ready to Ho yet. If she is to suck your dick. drop the Bitch. and more interesting toys. If not. By now you should be receiving nothing but total obedience. The spankings will get harder and lasting longer. regardless of the amount of work you've put into her. then start over. She’ll need to perfect everything you’ve taught her so far. Don't ever fear dropping a Bitch. This is also the time you’ll introduce bigger dildos. If she is to open your door. say fuck it. and then walking her on her knees like a good little Bitch. and become a true Pimp. If all else fails. If she is to iron your clothes. Push Her To The Limit If you’ve gotten the Bitch this far. and waiting for your commands or approval. She’ll have to perform at above level perfection without question. If she is not performing something to your likings. so on and so forth. almost magically. If she is to get your beer. and find another one. Most will stop at this point. without thought. she’s now told how much starch to use. you must stop and train her to perfection. her every action. But everyone knows a real Pimp must get paid.STEP SIX Turning Your Bitch Into a Ho 1. no I forgot.

These fixes are permanent. which shouldn't be much. especially under her arms. and then spank her while she’s on her hands and knees until she begs you to stop. you'll make her grow them. Teach her how to talk seductively. Fix What's Broke Sit back and evaluate your Bitch. If her nails are short. You should begin making her perform things beyond her wildest imagination. so teach her how to switch her ass when she walks. and don’t look back. no one else has to see but she must prove it. So let her know that all fixes will be checked. she must go on a diet. you'll make her dye it blond. . and shape those pussy hairs up. to making her run naked outside in the rain or snow. Make her pull up her dress in public and show you she has no panties on. and then fix it. If she has black hair. and anything you believe you don’t like make her fix it. frog legs). hell make her destroy them while you watch. but your request must be bizarre enough to make her say “Damn. and on the spot corrections will be conducted. What you’re doing in this phase. and think about what makes her more appealing. in fact destroy all of her pants. you must now make her do it. Make her fuck herself with 2 dildos at the same time. She'll need to walk like a Ho. or sound aggressive. Remember she’s here to satisfy you. If she’s slightly over weight. She must perform any request that you can imagine. is teaching her how to act and be sexy. Whatever you can think of that seems bizarre. Whatever you tell her to fix. Like putting a butt plug in the Bitch and making her go to the store. Make her arch her eyebrows if they're not done. to include how to be seductive. You should be pushing this Bitch up and pass her normal limits.e. 2. Evaluate your Bitch. Put a collar and leash on this Bitch. Teach her how to walk in Ho shoes and tight dresses. When she sees you. her legs. so if you don’t like something she must fix it. you must now make her do it. She is never to talk loud. tell her how high or how low you want her to talk. I can’t believe I done that”. Push her as far as possible.She is also to start wearing dresses without panties. Make her shave. she is to prove that she does not have on any panties. this will be her new outfit. you'll have to check it every time because she will slip. No pants allowed. no one time quick fixes. Everything from making her eat something she’s never eaten before (i. Whatever she has been reluctant to do. one in her ass and one in her pussy.

lying about facts. with friends and family. look at everything she does and change everything you don’t like about her. Cut her down to 1 hour per week. Look at every aspect of your Bitch life and anything you can think of that needs fixing. by changing shit around. make her fix it. Or. or tell her. One hour for her family and one hour for her friends. But she needs to perform task that are beyond the normal realm of Squares acceptability. she’s to kneel before your feet every time you enter the house. and then start working on them. fuck her family they’re not giving you shit. Let the Bitch know this is a privilege not a right. and she wouldn’t see them at all. "If she wants to talk about someone. you'll need to fix it.If she talks on the phone too much. If the Bitch says she has to piss you’ll tell her when she’s allowed to go. Or hell. after all this is your Bitch and she must perform exactly as you instruct her to. And of course you'll need to be fuckin with her. She should call you before she goes. it reminds her that you’re in charge. And every intricate detail of her life will be to your likings. then she is prohibited from watching it also. If you don’t like a particular food. she gets no more than 2 hours per week. this is suffice. If she spends too much time with her friends or family. adding new shit. Come up with some standards she must follow. so don’t abuse it. Everything must be to your approval. every action or reaction. so she should be smart enough to do the right thing. or gossips too much. By now she’ll only need a little tweaking here and there. be creative and then make her comply. The important part of changing shit around is when she objects you’ll make her comply. She’ll have to earn that hour back. . whenever she fucks up. Teach her that she’s never to answer her phone in your presents. you must fix it. but you have to insure she gets tweaked. in fact the Bitch must immediately turn her phone off when she's with you. and if she goes over fix it for her. talk about how she’ll help you become successful". You'll need to time her. from head to toe. Everything about her must be to your likings. Take a good look at your Bitch. you can cut them out all together. Nothing is left to chance. this is your call. If you don’t like a particular TV show. from what time she gets up in the morning to what time she goes to bed at night. Sit back and make a list of the things she'll need to fix. and anything you know she’ll object to. and calls you after she’s done. then she is prohibited from eating it also. Give her a time limit to be on the phone. Have fun with it. every intricate detail of her life will be controlled. You need to control her every move. such as she’s to call you at the top of every hour without fail.

We are trying to break a bitch down with private humiliation. I’m sure you've heard. lacking sensitivity or noble qualities. but with a little breaking you can ride until you get tired. She'll need to do things that most people find disgusting. Now when you fuck her. unless you have her Soul. and this is what you want. and now we’re about to make a Ho. is completely under the control of another person. . She'll give you her soul almost instantly with the art of humiliation. STOP. And the quickest most sure fire way to break a Bitch down is to use humiliation. and the start of pushing her to Ho’n. Just like a wild horse won’t let you ride at first. “A Pimp wants your soul”. especially in sexual matters. Check to see if she's complying with everything your heart desire and if not fix it now. Because this is so important I’ll take my time to explain the process. No Ho will ho for you. or better yet. either way it’s OK. go back and get it right. She will truly need to become your sex slave performing sex acts unheard of by normal people.3. and make her decide if she wants to stay or go. it should only be done when you decide. other than that lets make a Ho. moral. Pimps are born but Ho’s are made. But making her normal is not what we’re trying to do. because they have not learned how to properly break a Bitch down. or Simp Pimp. Immortal (dictionary version). Break Her Back Breaking this Bitch down is a delicate practice. This is where most ‘want to be’ Pimps fuck up. She'll need to do things Squares would believe is disgusting. not conforming to the accepted rules of morality. Fuckin her need to become brutal. She’ll at this point be too far gone not to comply with being broken in. You cannot proceed without the proper conditioning. performing acts that the mortal wouldn’t consider. If she’s not complying to your satisfaction at this point. Pleasure and Pain is the art of humiliation. and you’ll become a Temp Pimp. impaling. Humiliation will dig at the Bitch soul until she gives it to you. or down right nasty. and with humiliation. which is also the art of making her feel disgraceful. So what is the soul? It's the Bitch spiritual or immortal element. (based on the dictionary version) a Bitch mental. a Want to Be Pimp. so stay with me. or this section will be in vain. morally wrong. You'll be pushing her to another level of your Pimpin. or emotional nature. She’ll need to do things for you that the normal person would not even consider doing. Just like a fraternity won’t let you pledge until you've been broken down or conditioned. is being opposite of mortal. her soul. so let’s take a look at the little steps and move up to the bigger ones.

After all she is your female dog. stick a vibrator in her pussy. And if she needs to piss. Just before she’s about to cum. by any means necessary. If you see where I’m coming from here. Or clamp the Bitch nipples with clothes pins and also clamp her pussy lips. Or. every word should be recited verbatim. however she is only to cum when you allow her. then spit and nut on her while calling her your slave. and then use a flogger whip on them. she must sit on the floor by your feet. no smiling or laughing. Make her beg you before she's allowed to cum. Come up with whatever saying or creed you choose. and one more time before she leaves you. As an example: “I’m in love with my Pimp.These are examples of humiliation: Put a leash around her neck. or whenever you request. or 6 times. it has to be bazaar enough to make her think. and I will be pleased”. I will obey his every wish to my best potential. 5. She has to remember this creed flawlessly. you'll need to get very creative. Put a butt plug up her ass and leave it in all day. a Bitch. Or tie the Bitch down. If you take the leash off. Inflict the pain and then give her some pleasure. and never stop until he is pleased. if you’re good make her eat it (extreme). Humiliation is the key here. Spank that Bitch until she pass out. Tease the Bitch all the way up until she cums. again during the time she’s with you. However. . You'll need to make up a creed that she has to recite every time she sees you. Or lock the Bitch in a dog cage. But the pleasure has to be earned. Make her crawl where ever she goes. your Ho. inflict pain. and everything I do is for his pleasure. but she must learn and repeat your creed at a minimum of 3 times in your presents. “Damn. If you got a dog. or anything else you can think of. she must take this creed seriously. the Bitch must piss on herself. and must be treated as such. she is not allowed to walk upright like a Pimp. and work her up again. make her lick it up while spanking her with a paddle. also put one in her ass. I can’t believe I done that”. She is not to sit on the couch. but more importantly the Pleasure. however you will need to make her orgasm 4. and you must guide her with the leash. Stick your hand in her pussy and fist fuck her. Gag the Bitch with your dick repeatedly until she vomits over and over again. However. and leave them in for hours while making her say “I love you Daddy”. and walk her like a dog with a cucumber sticking out her ass. work her up to the pleasure. don’t just stop and please the Bitch. cum on the kitchen floor. this will take some work though. your bitch. She’ll need to be standing at attention and repeat this creed with conviction. For that he will love me. and then spit in her mouth and make her swallow it. stop. you'll need to make this Bitch feel the Pain. She’ll need to constantly wear a collar and leash. then the collar must remain around her neck. make her suck his dick.

Pimpin is about setting limits and having rules about what is allowed and what is not allowed. should be allowed in the highest. Pimps initiate attention and games. not the Bitch. and now she must pay”. Pimps go first through doorways and up and down stairs. Having guidelines is essential if your Bitch is going to do as you wish. Being a Pimp is when you control the resources the Bitch wants. Punching her in the eye. if she's in your way. 5. . 6. she doesn’t get whatever you were about to give her. let alone a Bitch with a behavior problem (especially a recall problem). Nothing in life is free. Your Bitch must do something to get something. No Bitch on the furniture.This will thoroughly condition your Bitch for Ho’n. this is how you’ll keep her down and keep her around. Bitches with firm. Dominating the sex. 7. Don't step over or around your Bitch. and space (including sleeping places). 4. she’ll see you as her Master every time. No Bitch in your house. and moves about without interference. Respond quickly to commands. a strong Pimp controls resources that the Bitch wants access to. being more powerful. You call them to you later when it's your idea to play. should be ignored until they give up. the outdoors. your house. Quite simply. and being in charge. that you force or bully the Bitch in anyway. most privileged spot to a Pimp. in fact. or anger. Pimps control all space. Pick a number of seconds that you’ll give your Bitch to respond to the command. Your ideas and decisions rule. Teach your Bitch to wait and let you go first. including her dinner. under any circumstances. tell her "She was bad. strong Pimps almost always comply because you are in charge of everything great. 4. Being a Pimp does in no way imply being a bully or forcing your Bitch do something. Yes. No Bitch. 3. Command Your Bitch Ninety percent of a Bitch recall has to do with who’s in charge. she’ll even start telling you "She was a bad girl and need to be punished". If she fucked up earlier. So Pleasure and Pain will deliver her soul to you. make her move. attention. But you can beat the Bitch during sex. You can’t smack the Bitch around like in the old days when you could get away with it. and your judgment is worth trusting. your Bitch should be on the floor or in the bed. She'll begin to love this shit. 1. 2. true Pimps never have to force a Bitch to do anything. Pimpin entails being first. It does not mean. No. if she doesn’t respond on the first command within the time frame you’ve chosen. affection. Pushy Bitches with annoying calls.

is take her somewhere she has not been before. and won't trust your judgment. Having rules is essential for a Bitch that’s content and relaxed. completely away from her daily surroundings. When the Bitch gets them for free. and to a spot she’s never been before. full of Pimp Power. and having Pimp rules. Open Her Eyes Most Bitches will be blinded by all the shit that's in her current living arrangements. A Bitch doesn’t need to think. . you're in charge. Regardless of the area she lives in. and allow your Bitch privileges without losing Game. so that they can enjoy just being a Bitch. This is not the time to act wimpy. and a whole lot of activity. So you'll need to take her out to see the world for everything she's been missing. but you must act. and be strong. you'll need to take her somewhere with lights. you must command her. she knows she'll have to go to bed at the usual time. Staying up later in the summer is a special thing for the child (Bitch). and what she's allowed to have. Absolutely no familiarity. camera. If you are strict at first you can relax your rules later. with brilliant displays. make sure she understands the command you have given her. is the key to control the Bitch behavior. once September comes. she just needs to think about performing correctly for her Pimp. Some will bust a nut just looking at something different. You. she doesn't need you. she doesn’t get what she wants. Take her out of her area. Controlling whatever it is the Bitch wants. Tell her everything you want her to do. Do not ask this Bitch. but she’ll need to see more. The only thing around her that should be familiar is you. action.When you require that your Bitch earn privileges. Think of it as similar to allow a child to stay up later in the summertime (when you allow). look her right in the eyes and tell her what to do. as the Pimp can control what your Bitch wants by controlling her options. Currently all this Bitch knows is what’s around her on a daily basis. everything must be new to her. hopefully those times are over. 5. Just like children. When your Bitch behaves in a more acceptable way in a few months time. You'll need to take the Bitch out and open her eyes to the real world. and with expectation insure your command is obeyed. a whole lot more. and only you. If she violates a rule. One of the best ways to open your Bitch eyes. and then wait for her obedience. Take her somewhere with a lot of lights. you can relax some of the rules here and there without losing your status as Pimp. Tell her exactly what you want. A Bitch loves to travel and see new and exciting things. The rule is that when you are experiencing behavior problems you need to be strict about allowing privileges. Bitches take comfort in the fact someone else is in charge.

. but mainly able to describe her feelings during the trip. a park. Thank her for being with you on this trip. California. Rub her feet. She's there to enjoy herself and caters to you only if she chooses to. Tell her that you’ll need to come up with a plan to continue enjoying these trips. She won't be able to forget how good you’ve made her feel. but want so much more. and nothing of familiarization surrounds her. with so many things around they're not sure what to do first. Explaining to her how much you enjoy these types of activities. In fact you must be doing things for her. a play. and making her feel as if you’re there specifically for her. as long as it’s with her. an amusement park. and funds are limited. For example: "How much you enjoy doing things with her and how she’s making you feel so complete". No arguing. a boat ride. You'll need to make her feel really special by using your words (no smiling though). If you can afford it take her to Hawaii. and make her feel good about herself. There are plenty of places she would enjoy but have never been. or away from anything that's familiar. and continue making her feel as good as possible. Spain.There are thousands of places to take her such as a club. a casino. Believe it or not. And it also must be a place or activity that you know she'll enjoy. but just allude to the fact how you’ll do anything to stay this happy. Because no one is around that she knows. Explain how this is a special trip. Mexico. some Bitches have never visited another city in their own state. or Nevada. New York. nothing but making her feel good about being where she is right now. you should not be commanding her to do anything for you. wash her back. no commanding. a concert. a nice restaurant. The Bitch looks to you and waits for guidance before she proceeds. Taking her to places such as these will drive a lasting impression in her mind. so she’ll listen and obey. She will have no one to turn to except you. Don’t go into complete detail. Explain how you’ll sell your own mother to stay this happy. You must capitalize on this great opportunity by telling her how important she is to you. a museum. no time freezing. that you love her and she need to do whatever it takes to please you. but of course she will. making her feel happy just being with you. she’ll look to you for her Pimpin. And how it’s so important that you continue to travel and have fun. designed only for the two of you. But it must be away from her normal surroundings. or anywhere that’s bright and attractive. long after the trip is over. but also ecstatic with joy. She'll be like a child at an amusement park. If not. take her to the other side of town. You’ll need to drive very emotional feeling down inside her heart. Jamaica. Ten years after the trip she'll still be able to describe the trip in detail. and she'll be proud that you have all the answers. comb her hair. While on the trip.

but create emotions in her. Stay focused and don’t get too emotional. She’ll be so open to pleasure so make her feel just that.All of this attention will make her want this dream to come true. . pleasure.

look at her and ask “How much is that watch”? Whatever price she gives. take it from her. She must look to you in order to survive. earrings. Tell her "It’s a Pimps job to work with money not a Bitch. Do not force her to give up her shit. or whatever else she has. If she offers you her candy bar only eat half. or you'll take it. Everything she has is yours and she is to only keep it.STEP SEVEN 1. such as a candy bar. take her plate and eat it all because she didn’t offer it to you. tell her you need the same amount. weed. Anything you see her with. she’s not to decide what or when something gets paid. rings. shoes. If she doesn’t offer for you to eat first. start small and work your way up. If not. just to get her moving in the right direction. watches. Whenever she sees you. then money. if she doesn’t offer it to you. that's your job. This is very important for her to know. If she has money. You'll need to implant in her mind that everything she owns is yours. and of course money. These acts will test her ability to trust you for her well being. If you believe . whether to give it to you or not. Do the same thing for rings. She'll need to offer you even the smallest of shit. if you allow her. When she eats. Anything of value she must give to you. and then give it back. then you must teach her to do so. but you must work her up to it. She must choose. Don't expect her to offer you her TV set. This begins to put in her mind that she must offer things to you. with her money. she should only be concerned about how to get it". take it and eat it all. or credit cards you must take it from her. she must surrender all monies and you'll pay for everything. She is not qualified to handle money. TV. stereos. radio. earrings. or whatever else she has that’s not cash. she must offer it to you. All the money comes to you and she must trust that you'll handle her business. even with her own money. and then on to TV's. If she’s eating a candy bar and don't offer it to you. she must offer for you to eat first and then she'll eat your leftovers. Bitch Gives Everything Your Bitch need to start giving you everything she owns (to include her soul). take it from her. The process is simple and she'll begin to give you everything she owns. Remember. If she has a nice watch. Especially focus on something you believe she has a sentimental value to. Start with food. If she doesn’t offer to sell it for you. Don't get stupid at first. sometimes you'll have to break things down for her. stereo.

this is also a fairly simple process. don’t fight or get mad just stop and leave. Make sure you pay her shit (bills) on time. time. then and only then will you treat her with what she wants. If she refuses you completely. a shirt. So you'll need to nip at it until she offers it to you. time has frozen until you get what you want. and then leave. Anything she gets. but in order for her to get it she must perform a sex act. You'll need to find something she really wants. No need to argue. nothing until she performs a sex act. Not in those words of course. no bills. Remember. a dress. Don’t call. 2. You'll stop doing anything for her financially such as no dinners. her phone bill paid (she really need to perform for this one). Make Her Fetch Although some Bitches have an instinctive talent to perform this behavior. she’ll test you for weakness and she'll attempt to argue with you. replace it with a $300. but just getting her comfortable offering you her shit. This should begin to come automatically for her. then you’ll decide what should be paid. If she performs a sex act such as suckin your dick. dinner. and no actions necessary. jeans. Work her up to the point she'll be happy to give you her money. you'll need to break it down into steps for her. A big . just make her suck your dick or do something simple. don’t do shit. the higher the cost the more she has to do. and if she does trust you life will be better for her. replace it with a flat screen. Explain to her that she can get this thing from you. masturbating for you or whatever else you can think of.00 watch. with no words involved. but insure she understands that she must perform first. especially a paycheck should be given directly to you. give her shit back. she won't feel comfortable giving you her money if you let her lights get cut off. To shape the process of getting money. Shaping the Bitch to bring you her money should be taught. gas bill paid. with something better. no trips. or anything she may want or need. If she gives you a $100. For small things or a quick request. don’t come by. don’t answer calls. and when it should get paid. just stop. You'll need to get her to start performing sex acts for money. You’re training her to trust you with everything she has. taking it will be difficult. If she gives you her TV. a movie. Be prepared to replace anything she gives you. fuckin you. even the most untrained Bitch can learn to fetch (get money) with proper conditioning.she is connected to something emotionally.00 watch. no clothes. and it won’t start again until you get it. You’re not trying to take her shit YET. First we'll need to condition the Bitch mind to understand that money comes from sex. and rewarded with perfection.

or your brother. After she has accomplished the task. This is the exact effect you want to create. tell her she didn't try hard enough She'll run to you happily when she get the money because she knows you'll be happy. get her nails. Every time she is to bring you the money and then you'll smile. Then go buy her something nice. and get $10. her dealing with men and bringing you the money.00 next. You’ll need to mix this up for her without her knowing if she’ll succeed or not. so she may not be able to talk a man out of his money. And of course give him the money to give her. This is the only time she is to see you smile and seem happy. Your friends know what to expect and will be prepared with no out of pocket expenses. by informing your friend that she’ll be coming to get this money from him. Again starting small. she must work for it. she is guaranteed to succeed and that's what you want. All the while reinforcing how proud you are of her for getting the money. kiss her and smile. but before the treat she must perform a sex act. Make it simple for her and build her confidence.00. Keep her confused and she'll try harder each time she goes out. You'll be standing close by waiting for her to bring you your $10. and at least a minimum of once per day. and treat the Bitch to something. and she'll feel as though she can easily talk a man out of his money. you’d scold the Bitch on the spot and she doesn’t get shit. Tell her what to say to him and she must not come back without it.00 from him. however she'll begin to not be able to retrieve the money. but she need to work hard for it.00. so he’s not out of pocket. that’s about the highest you'll need to go. and bring the money to you. tell her to talk to your friend. but remember she must perform a sex act on you before she gets anything. and then take it up to $100. because you'll give them the money anyway. This need to happen repeatedly with perfection. Just tell your friends not give her any money no matter how hard she tries. Also make sure you change friends with as many different men as possible. This builds her confidence. Let this go on for about a month. Tell her to ask for $50. just by talking him out of it. If she gets the money you're happy.ticket item will require a good ass fuck. Remember her skills are not up to par yet. . But you'll know because you'll be setting it up for her therefore preparing yourself for what outcome will occur. your cousin. Next you'll need to train her to perform sex acts on your friends for money. Plus. preferably 5 times a day. Next you'll need to up the dollar amount she's to ask for. When she comes to you empty handed. reward her for her good work. if she doesn't. or a cucumber fuck. seem happy. Tell him to resist slightly before giving the money to her. or hair done. or any other creative thing you can thing of.

If she refuses. beside how could a friend pass up a free blow job? Explain to him that he'll need to be extremely ruff with her. you'll have to make her work harder in order to get it. by causing her to perform the sex act in a location she’s not comfortable being. time stops and it only resumes when she agrees to get the $200. Explain to her that you have a friend who is willing to give her $200. “I thought you wanted to take care of me” so on and so forth. Plus you'll know that the act was performed. in a location she’s not comfortable being. it’s just a fuckin blow job”. like “If you love me”. she now need to sell that ass for you. Your friend should put the money on the seat next to him. and make sure he’s the ugliest friend you have. or simply because you want it. she gets the money and get out the . The reason is to keep her uneasy while performing the blow job. After she’s used to asking men for money. “Just this one time”. Most wonder “How does a Pimp get a Ho to give him her money”? Pimps are born and Ho’s are made. and she knows that money comes from sex. This is also a staged process. is because she’ll want to feel protected while she's ho’n. is for you. and not getting jealous.00 for her to get. She’ll also feel obligated to completing the act. and not back out at the last minute. prearranged by you and your friends. Give him the $200. tell her you have a better plan. And it should be done at a location away from her area. Also explain to him the blow job has to be done in the back seat of his car. she'll have to begin giving sex for the money.3. After scolding her for about a week. hopefully by now you are seeing the process. with you sitting in the front. and if it’s a rich Bitch take her to the hood. Next. and make her work hard for the money.00 for you.00 for a simple blow job. She now needs to learn that pussy is for sell. Think about it. she'll need to know that you’re OK with her suckin another mans dick. You'll need to be there her first time ho’n for many reasons. Again pushing her to the limits. and you'll need to teach her. and what corrections you'll need to make later. with all the other shit to make her feel comfortable. After a week of being completely unsuccessful of getting men to give her money by talking. and the reason. you have already conditioned her to perform sex acts for money. Pussy For Sell Now that she’s been conditioned to fetch for you. Tell her “Damn. After he's done. Tell her you really need this money for this or that. If it’s a broke Bitch take her to a nice area. One. where she can see it while she's suckin him. After time has resumed you'll set up the blow job act with your friend. She’ll need to be reminded of why she's suckin a dick anyway.

but no other talking is allowed after she’s done. she'll want to feel as if you’ll take her with you when you get these things. cuddle up with her and share your dreams with her. Take her home and let her dwell for a couple of days before you talk to her. so try to make her happy (no kissing though). Pimpin. But remember she must still earn this trip. Talk to her about all the big ticket items you want. As soon as the money touches your hands. You brought the Ho and the Trick together. dream as big as possible. somewhere you know she'll like. Tell her how you want to fly to Hawaii and party for weeks. No holds bar. maybe out to dinner. No smiles yet. Go back a few chapters if need be and perform the entire sex slave game. Talk to her about all the money you want to have and about the nice cars you want. and got paid. you already got her to ho once. this was her first Trick. She’ll need to be uplifted. This is important because she'll need to decide if she wants to fuck with you anymore. Go get the Ho and take her to a nice hotel. Tell her you want a limo to drive you wherever you choose. Congratulations you are now a PIMP. always make her perform before you do anything for her. bring your entire Ho making equipment. you are on your way to Kingdom. . the only thing that matters is you got her to ho. After you've sexed her down completely. that because of her you’re able to do these things. explain to her how proud of her you are. nowhere expensive or anything. if she calls you. She will have a lot of things going through her mind. You may have to give some instructions along the way. Now take her someplace special. She’ll need to be fucked hard until she cums as many times as humanly possible. all out Ho making time. However you'll need to take her to the next level of your Pimpin. and then fuck the shit out of the Ho. Also include her in all of your dreams. priceless. praise that Ho.car. get in your car with silence and wait for her to give you the money. which she’ll need to work out with herself. Tell Her To Ho As you can see ho’n is a step process. It doesn't matter if it was your money. This will drive even deeper in her mind the fact she must perform in order to receive. This is a Kodak moment. 4. And explain to her. Although you’ve told her that she would only have to ho one time. so make her suck your dick before you take her. Now smile and be happy. Never give this Bitch anything without her earning it. now tell her that you want her to be a Ho. make it a memorable moment and take advantage of this. Let this process take hold.

And Pimpin is something you’ll be able to perfect. . either she ho. and then open the business you’ve always wanted. and you won’t have to do anything to keep her there. After she’s absorbed all that shit up. Tell her she can be your Bottom Bitch. fuck up and she'll still be in the Game but with another Pimp. Also. at this point all you want her to do is agree to ho for you. And you'll need to buck the system to get everything you've always dreamt of. explain your plans to become a Pimp. However. Don't beg her. and together you can make millions before you get out the Game. and how the system is designed to keep you down.Next. You are only to give her 2 choices. explain how difficult it is to break into the system. and you won't have any time to deal with a girlfriend. At this point you’ll have to let her decide if she wants to be a part of your great plan. After you ask her if she wants to be your Bottom Bitch. Once she’s in the Game she’ll stay forever. Explain that as your Bottom Bitch she’ll have the best status in the business. Keep your Game Tight and she'll stay yours. but short enough for her to see the light at the end of the tunnel. don't say anything else and just look at her. By telling her 2 years. She’ll know that she has to put in a little work. After 2 years you’ll have enough money to become legal and take over an industry. either ho for you or leave forever. Tell her after 2 years of hard work. the both of you will be free to become whatever it is you want to be. You can use any verbiage you feel will work best with your Ho. and once you get in you'll make the system work for you. Tell her this is something you've always wanted to do. she must choose to ho for you. Explain you’ll only Pimp for 2 years. No other options are available to her. and everyone will respect her just as they'll respect you. it's long enough to make her believe it won’t happen overnight. Also it’s the CEO position in the company. you'll be in a position to take care of all the people we love most. which won’t give you enough money to pay rent. Also as a Pimp. after 2 years of hard work. but there will be an end to the Game. All of your time and energy will be directed to your Ho's. with no room for anything else. Tell her she’ll be in charge whenever you're not around. or she goes. Explain how much money you can make being a Pimp. right next to you. and this is the way you've decided to break into the system. you’ll be able to complete yourself as a man. You'll be a Pimp. and you know she'll never be let out. and make more money than a normal 9 to 5. But realistically you just want to get her in the Game. Now ask her to choose which direction she'll take. and ride first class with you wherever you go. Tell her that you just need a jump start to get things rolling for you.

Of course she doesn’t want to ho. She’ll have alternate plans that won’t involve her ho’n. Look at it as an investment. These are the basics of a real Pimp. She must always walk behind her Pimp. Forget about all the time you've spent on this Ho. She should be willing to comply to your every wish at this point. Forget about how submissive this Ho is to you. After all. she’s not going to make you any money. Now that she’s agreed to ho for you. which Bitch you know will say she want to ho? All of this stuff must fall on deaf ears. sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll lose. She’s going to beg. and she’ll just be your girl on the side. but you can’t win if you don’t play. besides she may not resist at all. and will do anything else for you that don’t involve her ho’n. After everything you’ve brought her through. she’s not going to make you any money. and nothing in between will work. it’s a choice she must make. but just be prepared in case you do. All you are asking her to do now is agree to ho for you. No resistance means you’ve done an outstanding job at turning this Bitch into a Ho. she must ho for you or she's gone. and when a Pimp is in the area. but you'll need to hear her say it. Basically if the Ho is not going ho’n. She should understand she’s never to look a Pimp in the eyes.5. keeping your Game face on. You should only look for money. She is . if it's ho lets go. Remember the Ho must choose if she’ll ho for you. you just have to say fuck it and forget about her. She'll need to know how to treat her new Pimp. which is now her new position. If you lose let it go. you must give her the Game Rules. She must always sit on the floor when her Pimp is in the room. Now that you’ve given the Ho two choices. it should go in one ear and out the other. cry. You have to be able to look a Ho in the eye. and basically just act a fool on you. Forget about all the work you've put into this Ho. She'll tell you she loves you.if it’s no then the Ho must go. she must look at the ground. doesn’t matter. Either or. . she must now choose. You should not receive any resistance. you’ve only given her 2 choices. No alternate plans will work at this point. Forget about all the training you've done with this Ho. she’s not going to make you any money. She’ll say you can Pimp. having fun and making a Ho. Keep It Or Forget It You’ll have to stay Pimp Tight. plead. you cannot fall short to the power of pussy. more than likely her answer will be “Yes”. either ho up or blow up. and say “You’re dismissed”. if you win make her ho. congratulations. she’s not going to make you any money. and all the other fun stuff is just that.

From this day forward she will be. she now has status. make her comply now. Of course your friend is already prepared for what’s going to happen. Now make her hold the money in her hand while she gets fucked. regardless of his orders. make her look at the floor. she gets a smile and now you're happy. here you are lowering the price of the pussy. but she still need to be Initiated into your Kingdom. just nod for acceptance. She must always comply with her Pimp wishes. make her sit on the floor. Now call your friend over. You have made her a Ho. Start training this Ho. you’ll stay completely silent until she gets up and brings you the money. You have just sealed her Ho commitment. When she does. you’ve only given him $30. Tell your friend to pound that Ho as hard as he can.never to speak when her Pimp is around. but after Initiation she'll be your Ho.00. before she gives him sex. She is never to question anything you do. Tell her to get the money first. When he's done he walks out. But. . and act like your Ho. Explain to her that she'll have to be developed into a good Ho.00 to give her. he should try to gut bust this Ho. and she’ll look at you. Congratulate your Ho for being your Bottom Bitch. unless spoken to. she is about to get fucked for some money. When he arrives he gives her $30.

Next take that Ho out and get her nails done. you'll want her to look and feel fresh and clean. ankle bracelets. this will relax the Ho out. bracelets. nobody wants to fuck a nappy headed Ho. with some type of shiny design on them for about $65. Also get that Ho a collar to go around her neck as a constant reminder of who's her Pimp. if it’s clean it’ll sell for more. and let her spend a few hours getting her hair done. She'll need to feel good for about $100. Dress Her Fresh You'll need to tighten this Ho up before you hit the track. Just like a boxer she'll need to get limbered up for the fight.00. . she’ll need to have long hair because most men are attracted to long hair. And don’t forget to get her some accessories. also she'll need some Ho shoes. stripper shoes may be hard to find because not everybody sells them. you'll need to clean this Ho up and market her. You'll have to invest in your business before it’ll make any money.00. after all you know what will attract men. High heel Ho shoes. Your Ho need to look like a million bucks. Take the Ho out and get her hair done. Short ho dresses that are tight body forming. She'll know why she’s getting a facial and massage. Her hair needs to be fresh and clean. Now take her out for some Ho clothes. take her to a good nail shop. she'll need to dress like a Ho in order for her to feel like a Ho. they're just fuckin for a hit of crack and that’s it. Have you seen the crack head Ho’s out there? They don’t make any money. Get her some thongs to wear. Her nails need to be fresh and clean. take her to a nice beauty salon. she’s preparing to go ho’n. Take that Ho out for a facial and a massage. nobody wants nubs holding his dick. and let her spend a couple hours getting her nails done. or whatever else she needs that will make her look fresh for about $200. if you expect her to make a million bucks. and fits her like a glove. She'll know why she’s getting her hair done. If she has short hair put tracks in that shit.STEP EIGHT 1. Make your Ho look like a high priced Ho. Get her skin scrubbed to help reduce pimples and dead skin. she's preparing to go ho'n. Just like selling a car. like earrings. She is to wear what you like. she’s preparing to go ho’n.00.00. So track that shit up for about $100. She'll need to have long designer nails. She'll know why she's getting her nails done.

And of course she knows this. even if you have to borrow the money.The Ho is dressed up. the Tricks comes back at another time just to fuck your Ho. feels good. a big house. Make her believe.00 fucks. Explain to her once you've made enough money you'll be able to get out the Game. Sell The Dream Selling the dream is an intricate part of Pimpin. If you put your Ho down next to a Ho in blue jeans.00 for a perfectly looking Ho. be proud of your investment because she'll make a whole lot more. because money is what makes you happy. she'll sell for more. Tell her as a team. This is called residual income. also you trust in her to do that. She has to believe in your ability to make this Pimpin and ho'n thing work. Let her know that the royal treatment she just went through is only a start to what’s coming. She has to believe that you have all the answers to make this dream come true. By any means necessary you'll need to dress this Ho as fresh as possible. ten $50. One of the biggest secrets. Because you’ve took the time to dress your Ho. she has to believe in you. If she wanted to get married. and she'll be able to do whatever it is she's always dreamed of doing. Some Tricks will wait in line just to fuck her. and your money is back. is you'll need to touch on her emotions. Your Ho will get your money back quickly. because Ho’s always buy on emotions. 2. She knows why she's gone through all this work. looks good. If she wanted to become a model. more then likely in the first night. and she'll be targeted by all the Tricks. and when he does fuck her you can best believe he'll be back for more. that through you all things will be possible. you can make enough money to get whatever you want. you'll make it happen for her. Bottom line. you'll make it happen for her. you'll make it happen for her. So you’ve spent about $500. If she wanted to be an actress. she doing all of this to go ho'n. no one wants to fuck a sloppy Ho. Not to mention. she'll give up some good ho’n. that's just bad business and reflects on you as a Pimp. smells good. you’ll want your Ho to be the finest Ho on the track. So explain to her how important it is that she works hard to make the money. But do not send that Ho to the track looking sloppy. She'll be popping dicks happily all night long and feel good about doing it. Because she feels good. you’ll make all the money. In fact. and looks good. she gets a smile. you’ve shown her when she brings you money. and live happily ever after. She also need to believe that what she’s doing is all for a purpose. Also explain that she is the only one capable of making you happy. and ready for the track. don’t let the Ho off the track until she does. . Tell her how you depend on her to make you happy. Don’t put the Ho on the track in fuckin blue jeans (I’ve actually seen this before). have kids.

and she’ll proceed forward. but you'll need to drive the point home until she really feels that she'll be making a difference in the world. They depend on you being successful. Also explain how most people that get ahead are at least a little crooked. because that is what you’ll be selling to her. A little hard work at first. . Once she believes in the dream she’ll work hard to achieve it. Saying things such as. Michael Jackson. “Can you see us doing this or that”.Using her senses helps drive the point home. or “I’m sure people would become successful if they learned how to bend the rules a little”. But make sure you know what she really want. “Can you hear them telling us. That through her life will be better for everyone she knows. Tell her life has a place for all of us. Donald Trump. Also get her to agree on general statements referring to a specific idea such as: “Don’t you just hate it when people are scared to make money”? Or “Don’t it upset you when people always try to do the right thing. Using her senses and placing her in the future gets her motivated to perform. Then close out with “I’m glad we have a plan to make money”. “Can you smell the fresh paint in our new house”. and they still don’t become successful”? These types of questions will always be answered with a “Yes”. with a little practice. This will motivate the Ho to overcome her fears. Bill Gates. Everyone has a little background. and we should be the best at whatever we do. “Can you feel that pure mink coat on a cold day”. and because of her you'll be able to help everyone she loves. You would then come back with “I’m sure people would make money if they had a plan and stick to it”. but in the end it'll all pay off. all had a little background. Martha Steward. or “I’m glad we’re not afraid to bend the rules to become successful”. This will touch the Ho’s heart. Also tell the Ho you'll be able to take care of her friends and family. This’ll help her get in touch with her emotions. you'll be able to save the world from all the pain everyone is going through. or Bill Cosby. but you have to go through something before you can get something. look at Jesse Jackson. “Can you taste that big steak in a 5 star restaurant”. Selling the dream becomes very easy for you. yes you can have the Cadillac”. Remember these statements and adjust them to whatever best fits you. Because of her.

this is her job. that’s her job. you’re the Pimp and the problem solver. and you don’t need that kind of shit. then she need to be a damn good Ho and work for her money. she should be thinking "How can I get him to come back"? This is how a real Ho gets the big bucks. or "I’m going to enjoy sucking this dick”. This will get your Ho stomped or get her ass kicked. and that he made her cum twice". and fuck the shit out of this Trick. keep that Ho focused. If a Ho is running her damn mouth her mind is not focused on getting the money. in order to get the money. with her ass. She'll need to be a kind and gentle type of Ho. Not so. She should act like a Beauty Queen Type Ho at all times. and it should be a walk that makes men say “Damn”. She should look the Trick deep into his eyes with the look of lust. A good fuck and a good blow job is what the Trick pays for. Then she should give him the best blow job he's ever had. Develope Her Talents This Ho should be very skillful at her job of ho’n. and very seductively. and when he does . if she’s going to be a Ho. Some Ho’s think they can just lay there and let the Trick hump her. Walking with a twist. the Tricks will stop at your Ho. She should be able to attract a Trick with just her walk. You’re not making a thief. she should fuck this guy with everything she has. She should shut her fuckin mouth and make the Trick happy. quiet and submissive. If she has a dispute she is to let you handle all problems. I love this dick". Although she’s getting paid this time. he'll come back. the customer is always right. Some Pimps believe his Ho's should be stealing from Tricks. Besides an out spoken Ho is very unprofessional. If she does her job well. She should be telling the Trick "How good he is. you want repeat business. She’ll need to treat the Trick as good as she possibly can. so she should do her fucking job. Maintaining eye contact as she lowers to suck his dick. and this is exactly what you want. with precise calculated steps. If she’s going to fuck a Trick. third or twentieth time. the next time he'll pay some other Pimps Ho. with moans and all the other good shit to make him feel good.3. You'll need to teach her everything she needs to know. She's not to argue with a Trick for any reason. and in all fairness he should get it. While those crack head Ho’s are running and chasing Tricks. she’s a Ho and for her to get the money she needs to work for it. As I said before. A happy Trick will come back for more. and the Trick won’t come back. Plus the Trick won’t come back the second. and then say “Damn baby. If the Tricks not happy.

Some spots need to be avoided. Find out about the area before you put your Ho down on the scene. the price is right. she'll charge $70.00". If fucks are going for $50. You'll need to find the most nonthreatening spot around. Some Tricks will fall in love with your Ho. She is not to perform any freaky shit without your approval. however she’ll continue to ask him “I would like you to fuck me in the ass for $500. equals big bucks. but for now stick with the easier spots. Know that you'll end up sacrificing price slightly. or "I would like you to tie me up for $500. before you try the more lucrative spots. And by making him feel good about himself will surely make him come back for more. the more money she can charge. but you have to get your money up before you can take chances.00.00”.00. and without a lot of cop action. he'll at some point agree to the more freaky shit.00. they'll expect to get more. and this is what you want. no less than $500.guess who he'll be looking for? 1 Trick. 5 fucks. Know The Market This is going to be your part of the business. and make him feel like he's the best thing that ever happened to her. In about 30 days you’ll be ready to move up. because the service will be worth it. This Ho need to work the Trick for as much as she can. Ass fucks or freaky shit will cost him dearly. She should lead him down this road because the further down he goes. because you’ll need to know the market. so she better give more or they won’t come back. especially you don't want her going to jail. After all this is her first time out and you'll need as little resistance as possible. . You’ll need to get your money up and get the Ho trained. 4. For them to pay more. and will return for more pleasure.00. because of all the bullshit that goes along with Pimpin. A Trick will love all the compliments. Initially you'll try to get your money back from your investment. So you don’t need a lot of bullshit the first time out.00. She’ll need to press on the Tricks ego. and about the other Pimps in the area. she'll charge $40. Make sure you know where you can take your Ho for profits. If fucks are going for $30. Based on the area is what depends on how much she’ll charge. Find a spot where the Pimps aren’t too ruthless. also about the going prices. And once he’s in love. Put your Ho on the wrong track and she’s going to get snatched. now she should get him hooked on her. She'll always charge more than the going price. about the cops. He’s already hooked to the Game. Ask other Pimps about the rules in the area.

and also find out if she can ho in the club. just because it shows the commitment and dedication. and disgusted. work the Ho until she's broke. Some will. you can’t let the Ho wait because this’ll break her spirits. Do your homework before you take her to school. this would be a great spot for her. Find out how much money the Ho's is making in there. You'll need to get her out as fast as possible. Study the Internet business. The Internet business is booming. because you don’t have time for all that stuff. Watch how the Pimps are getting at their Ho’s. meaning big money. Personally. Search around until you’re comfortable with where she’s going to ho her first night out. Study everything you can about the spot. I believe a Ho should be walking the track. prepare to open an Internet site. It’s best to just have someone build it for you. Please understand that your Ho will have to take some chances. and find the best deal possible. This is important for your Ho’s first time out. because some hosting companies can be costly. the Internet. check out the VIP room to see if they're selling pussy in there. and how the Ho’s are getting at the Tricks. this will insure she makes high grades. Don't rule out the strip clubs. and of course you can use some of that revenue. unless you’re good at it already. You'll greatly reduce her chances of going to jail. plus you'll have bouncers around her. so you'll have a good idea of how much you can expect her to bring home. also recon the spot at night so you can watch the action for yourself. She won't have to walk the streets. and it'll be a lot safer for her. . she’s a Ho. There are plenty of people out there that will build your site for you. Go out before the action starts. if it’s not right find another spot. and escort services are all acceptable practices. and the easiest way to break in is to have a Ho. busted. so strip clubs. this can also be a very lucrative business.Find out if there’s any Guerilla Pimps in the area. and don’t leave until it’s over. Sex sites brought in 8 billion dollars of revenue last year and expected to increase. but for all practical reasons. because once she brings in the cash. put her on the track at least one time. Look on line. If so. and some will not. Find out how much it'll cost you to bail your Ho out of jail in the event she gets picked up. and your material is your Ho. so you can make sure your Ho steers clear. or better yet high marks. Work the spots that you're most comfortable with. In the strip club she can work during the day or night. You just need the material. Do not leave this money to chance. So make sure you have some cash available to jump this Ho if she gets locked up. Find out as much as you can about the area. if she is successful it’ll build her confidence. Study the spots and make sure your Ho has the best possible chance of survival. But Pimpin is changing.

4 slow. she must practice. At 12:00am she'll need to be blindfolded. walking behind you. she'll have to be Initiated in. she is to remain on the floor on her back. This Initiation should start on Friday. and taken outside with you guiding her. not 6:01 or 5:59. And while she’s reciting the Creed. you must kiss her with passion. 7. You are now to take the blindfold off. for 1 hour in complete silence. But she cannot go to sleep whatsoever. and she’s made to perform as if she was on the track ho’n. Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes. She is to show up at 6:00pm. acting and reacting as if she was really ho’n on the track. 2. Talk to her and let her talk as much as necessary. signifying: I-AM-YOUR-HO. and walk around her again 4 times in complete silence. Then instruct her to lie on her back. She should not be late. and told to recite the Pimp Creed you've developed 4 times. 4. 6. Once outside hopefully with no traffic around. you'll touch her forehead 4 times during each Creed she recites. talking too fast or too slow. as your Ho. but precisely 6:00pm she will knock on the door 4 times. and you know this because it came out of her mouth “I will be your Ho”. distinct knocks.5. She is then blind folded while lying on the floor. and ends Sunday morning. but when the clock strikes 6. You'll be correcting her on everything she does. This gives her time to wonder what the hell is going on. blind folded. But she should be acting and performing just as if she was on the track. in your Pimp uniform. 1. . and then you'll walk around her 4 times in complete silence. You then take the blindfold off and she is to guide you back into the hotel with all the Pimp respect. Explain to her in order for her to become your Bottom Bitch. 3. walking too fast or too slow. After every 15 minutes you must kiss her lightly. At the completion of the Creeds. 5. Ho's Initiation She has agreed to ho for you. and practice. she must be let go to stand by herself and in complete silence. Once back inside she must continue to perform her Ho show. Now she'll need to be Initiated into your Kingdom as a Bottom Bitch. and remaining completely silent. She must be completely dressed head to toe. to get the Ho tactics perfected. practice. She'll need to walk all night with her Ho clothes on. where you'll already be waiting for her in a hotel (preferably a 5 Star). even if she has to wait for an hour. After the 4th time she must be spanked 4 times extremely hard. opening doors. Instruct her to get on her knees. and you’ll also be dressed head to toe. When you open the door there must be complete silence.

At 6:00pm put her in bed and let her go to sleep. She’ll help you by guiding the Ho around and you'll have them fuckin each other. Initiating your Ho is one of the most important parts of making her your Ho. With every trick in the book. but you must do it if you expect to get paid. but you must make her focus. but your Top Bitch need to be personally Initiated by you. she'll want to disrespect you. besides you’ll also need your sleep. and leave. She will be tired and want to sleep. This will implant in her mind so many different thoughts. and traumatizing.8. on her knees. not even for a second. Between 2:00am-4:00am she’ll become delirious. do not accept any bullshit from her. she won’t know what to believe. but she’ll be . She'll be cranky and may want to get rude. barely remembering what happen. Her first night out will be scary. You’ve not only Initiated the Ho. but you’ve also altered her sleep schedule. by the time she awakes it’s almost time to go ho’n again. Tricks or no Tricks 6:00am is close of business. while she looks you right in your eyes. Put her in the tub ass naked. Then you'll piss all over this Ho. And keep her out all day long having the time of her life. 10. but you’ve just added a slight twist because this Ho won’t be able to think straight. whips. But at 6:00am she must get anointed. and so will you. drop her off. Fuck this Ho every which way but loose. She'll attempt to bite at you. This is why it should to be as real as possible. Don’t cut this Ho any slack. At 10:00pm you are to wake her up and give her 1 hour to get as fresh as possible. She'll probably awake around 6:00pm so expect a call. around 3:00am she'll try to give out on you again. but you must bite her harder. Once out ho’n. Work her all night long and don’t let her get any sleep. so you'll need to make sure she’s still performing with perfection. After that she is to shower. but no way. Make her ho for no less then 6 hours straight and then take her home. just everything you can imagine. spankings. Make her get dressed in her Ho clothes and take her out to eat breakfast. So her only choice will be to ho. be as hard as possible because this is exactly how she'll train your future Ho’s. no holds bar. This is when you’ll need to command her from the Top. She'll assist you with your Top Bitch (explained later). ass licking. but she's to stay up until the sun comes up. But she is not to nod. She'll pass out quickly. She must get dressed. 9. and to ho for you. She'll be exhausted. It will be a lot of work trying to stay awake yourself. but this will be difficult for her because she'll want to sleep. and she is to start reciting the Pimp Creed. It’s ho time and she must go ho’n. she cannot come off the track until 6:00am. because it’s time to go ho’n. After the Initiation she has just became your Bottom Bitch. dildos. and then you'll break this Ho off something proper. and get ready to go ho’n. because before long she'll be doing the Initiations. personally Initiated by you.

And each Initiation need to be very memorable. no Ho gets on your team or works for your company without it. however only in your presents. that’s why it’s done in your presents. All Ho’s must be Initiated. It’ll become one of her jobs to Initiate all other Ho’s.anointed by you. even the ones your Ho’s perform should be memorable. and they'll all be anointed by you. . Make sure they do it right and make sure it's supervised.

Her mind will be spinning with all kinds of crazy shit. she may have been thinking up until this point that it might not happen. She should perform exactly as she has done during Initiation. now she has to go make the money. and if she’s not going to ho for you. so make it memorable. this is her first night out and all you’re looking for is perfection under fatigued conditions. regardless of how she feels. however more is better any less and she keeps working. If she’s not performing correctly. This is a Ho now. so she won’t feel comfortable. Repeatedly fuckin strangers is also new to her. She’s to fuck or suck and bring you the money after each trick. She has proven herself as your Ho. a woman. you must take her there.STEP NINE 1. You can’t smile at a Ho while you’re telling her to go sell her pussy. make her stay even if the Tricks are gone. But don’t take your eyes off your Ho you must see every move she make. it's time to take her out on her first night. so she’ll feel fatigued. you'll need to command her. not a Bitch. You have not allowed this Ho much sleep.00 fucks in 6 hours equal $600. but this will be her easy night only 6 hours. She is a Ho now. then the next Pimp doesn’t have any work to do. and she'll be scared. this is your money back for all her ho clothes and . Twelve $50. After each trick. Remember. stop and correct it for her. for as high a price as possible and then bring you the money. This is her first night out. and simply tell her “Get Ho’n” and watch what she does. she is now a Ho. a girl. Take Her To The Spot Regardless of where you choose to make her ho. Her job is to find the Trick and sell her pussy or mouth. no need to watch her fuckin. Move your location slightly so she'll need to look for you in order to give you the money. Her first night out she should catch a trick at a minimum of every 30 minutes. This will be a very memorable experience for her. and then comes find you to deliver your money. This is acceptable. so you'll need to be on her ass. She turns a trick. She must go. go get me some more”. She of course may hesitate but it’s too late now.00. Pull up to the spot. but clearly the last part of her Initiation. tell her “Good job. there’s no turning back and there's only one thing for her to do. she needs some motivation. You made her a Ho. or whatever else you want to call them. After you've Initiated her and her mind is confused. so get the money before someone else does. but don’t tell her how long she'll be out there. If 30 minutes pass with no money then go scold that Ho.

times that by 2 or 3 Ho's. When the Ho returns the next night. with a $100. guiding.000 here or there. no foul.000. plus you'll need this money to up your Game (Game Front). you do the math. she can't stop at $500. Your Ho should work for 30 nights straight with no breaks. Now. do not try to get another Ho during this time. well now is the time to put it on. Now times that by 30. you're clearly on your way. Many people will say that you’re wrong. there will be Ho’s. Besides. and as long as there’s Pimps. It is also good to be able to say give or take $10. plus she's not ready for this yet and may leave. you must not show any signs of weakness. Do not. Staying Game Tight involves you keeping yourself together. Instructing her. So she'll need someone who has all the confidence in the world. and know that you're a Pimp. priceless. coaching. Don’t get wimpy now. especially when she brings in the loot.00 because you'll only break even.000. This is the least amount you'll be accepting tonight. no less than $800. 2. of a King. Although it'll be a little easier for her. there will be Pimps. You’ll need to empty all the bullshit from your mind. At the slightest sign of weakness this Ho will run as fast as she can. training. but as long as there’s Ho’s. This can be hard sometimes. but you'll still need to take her to the spot. he must remain stone faced. Pimps are not out laughing and joking with his Ho's. of a Lion. she is your Ho and she must ho accordingly.00 in one month. Make a profit for all your work because if this Ho doesn't come back out. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Put on your Game Face”. and Pimpin Ho’s is what you do. Keep Your Game Tight This Ho is going to be nervous her first night out.00 who fuckin cares if she does. it's time to make some real money.00 profit. Your only focus should be on the Ho you’ve got. She has to know that you'll Pimp her under any circumstances. and stay Game Tight. motivating. Being a Pimp requires work on your part. teaching. easy math. You'll need to stay on Top of Your Game. and Pimpin her for 30 days straight. Besides after $24. Feel the Power of a Pimp.00. You'll also learn a lot about the Game talking to and watching other Pimps at their Game. Especially now. you command her. But now she should work at a minimum of 8 hours. You don’t ask a Ho anything. your mind need to be right for Pimpin. . by acting and performing like a Pimp. although it'll be tempting. and you’ll need to be with her every night. that's $24. and not falling for any shit that may come your way.shit. this Ho should be looking at the motha fuckin curb anyway. no harm. from one Ho.

and the only thing makes you happy is money. Furthermore it reminds her of why she’s out ho’n. which includes stripping. No one will follow you if you can’t lead. marrying for money. Get your soul right. The soul of a Pimp does not fall to any of the 7 cardinal sins. And you don't want just any money. so you'll need to lead this Ho to become a successful Ho. now she depends on you to possess it. do not let your emotions get in the way of Pimpin. a Pimps position. if you don’t have it now don’t worry. you chose to be a Pimp and you made a Ho. Most people look at Pimpin all wrong. Your Ho should be looking fresh. Not insinuating that any ones mother is a Ho. this is your position now. Make her sell that ass until you get tired. some will ask "Would you want your mother or sister out there ho’n"? The answer is “Hell Yes”. She'll rely on you to be a strong Pimp. but money from a Ho who gets it from a Trick. she has given you her soul.Get your heart right. and you should be looking better. Hold your head high and feel the Power of a Pimp. except another Ho who wants to be a part of your Kingdom. you’ll need to have the heart of a Lion. there is only one thing a Pimp wants. . and you are the King. this’ll remind the Ho of all the bright lights she's had with you. You cannot turn a Ho into a housewife. fuckin for food or a drink. for what? That's human trafficking and she has to choose to ho for you. once the Ho gets to work you will. You may not have the gators yet. but at least your shoes should be clean. modeling. This is your Kingdom. and you must give her nothing less. And a good Pimp will insure he has happy Ho’s. Some Pimps want to beat down on a Ho. Besides she's bringing pleasure to a person who chooses to receive that pleasure. she’s a Ho now and she won’t be a housewife. but most Ho’s have kids. Nothing else should move a Pimp. A Pimp shows no anger because he has no reason to. Command from the throne. You should wear bright clothing. and that's money. If you’re not happy then no one is happy. after all she chose you to Pimp her. it can't be done. And do you think they’ll tell their child she was a Ho? 95% of all Bitches have had thoughts about ho’n. it’s all ho’n. Dress as fresh as possible. and that’s to get more bright lights. and if you don’t Pimp her someone else will. You need to sit on Top of the throne you've earned and stay there. dancing. Most people mothers was a Ho at some point. Fuck all that shit. she must perform to your likings. Do not move from your throne as she brings you your money. A Pimp shows no emotions because he's not emotional. And you would be doing her an unjust if you let someone else Pimp her. if she’s a Ho she need a Pimp. but remember a Ho can only go so far without rest and refreshments. they just don’t know it.

when you feel it’s time to pay. If she knows that everything she's worked for is in your pocket. She'll work hard for you. This Ho does need things. If she’s invested all her money in you. if she was to get 50% of $24. When she tells you she needs something. There is only one percentage to take. and her. but it doesn’t come out. how much money should she get? Some give 50%. But everything will be paid for by you. and that’s 100%. take her to get it. The Ho doesn’t need a calculator. with all that money. give her any percentage and some other Pimp will get it.3. rent. You’re her bank and her calculator. She believes someday you and her will get out the Game. get married and live happily ever after. With no money what is she going to run with? However. And with that kind of money the Ho is guaranteed to stop ho'n. this will make it too hard for her to go anywhere. Let that Ho take 30% and you can kiss your Ho good-bye. you’ll need to put her mind at complete ease. or leave. Get . child care. but this is not a percentage business this is a Pimpin business. some give 40%. medical bills. she takes home $12.00. All the money comes to you. Not to mention she'll start to distrust you over her money.000. she’ll want to get something out of it. she'll have to leave all the money she’s made behind. when the money comes in you’ll add it up. she doesn’t get any of it. and she'll get them but only when you buy them for her. By filling her refrigerator with food and meats so she can eat well. She might have bills. some only take 10%. The Ho doesn’t need a bank account. This will make her stay because if she leaves. wondering how much money to take? After all she’s selling her ass. she can get a bank account and a calculator. and won’t stop working until she’s accomplished her life goals. need clothes. Now she'll be adding up how much money she's made every night. or need simple toiletries. food. because she won’t have any money. the Ho has to live and she'll need shit. So she’ll keep working for the other dream she believes she’s working for. by never being late on the rent. with no benefit. and working hard. And also she’ll start wondering if you're cheating her out of her cut. Reason: If you give her any percentage. However. she should not handle any money not even to buy tampons. which causes her to start stashing on you. You know none of that shit will happen.000. Do not give her the money to get it herself. Some things are a must. but you do need to sell her those dreams. because she won’t be adding up any dollars.00 after one month. until the next Pimp gets her. Take The Money This is where certain types of Pimps differ.

"Good Job" the Ho and leave again. but a horse doesn’t pay its own bills and the horse doesn’t have a bank account. neglect the horse and it’ll lose. Explain to her if she wants guidance you'll give it to her. You should scold her harshly for not producing. take her to the doctors for a check up. Besides money is supposed to circulate. Do not leave your Ho . She’s just gotten her mom rent paid. For the next 2 weeks you'll keep up this practice. She'll see what a little hard work can get her. Come back and she'll probably be short. win. then bring you all of your money. "Good Job" the Ho. and magically keep working for more. and fill her refrigerator up. now you’ll need to crawl back in that Ho’s ass and make her overproduce. and who’s better to give to than your Ho and her family. If you give a little she'll give a lot. Of course she’ll be ho’n when she gets there. and no one especially her family will try to stop her from ho’n. and she’ll be happy doing it. No Time Off Remember the first 30 days you'll need to be knee deep in her ass. The Ho shouldn't have to ration cigarettes. the horse will run its ass off to win the race. but only as fast as she makes the money. plus she'll know that the other Ho’s out there don’t get shit. either praise or scold. VIP. This way everyone will be happy. after an hour of her working with you there. She should learn how to be self sufficient and able to ho on her own. with no stashing allowed. However.the Ho a better TV or better furniture. Then try it again. Her moms rent need to be paid also. Take her on a first class flight to Hawaii and stay at a Resort. But this shouldn’t be done all at once. because she doesn’t have any guidance and will want to take a break. leave for an hour and come back to count your cash. and too really fuck with her buy her dad a used car if he doesn’t have one. Stay and watch her work without interruption. 4. only to return in an hour and take the appropriate actions. After 30 days you'll leave her for an hour. but not all at once. you can’t receive if you don’t give. This Ho will feel so good for what she’s done. You should know at this point how much she's capable of bring in. if it’s sufficient. she is then to bring you your money. After 2 weeks you'll increase your disappearances to 2 and 3 hours at a time. and then return to see how much money she's made. this will scare the Ho. but she'll gladly sell as much pussy as you tell her to. However after 30 days you can begin to wing off the Ho. much better than what it was before. win. Make her life much. get her a whole pack. Step the Ho’s level up to where she’s never been before. How can a horse win a race repeatedly if it doesn’t get VIP treatment? Take care of the horse and the horse will take care of you.

but always go VIP and front row. with a Jacuzzi. regardless of what’s going on. Every hour she’s working must be accounted for. and when she sees you she'll feel protected. and come back fresh to Pimp. she goes to the track from 2:00am until 6:00am. Not Saturday night. Her Sundays should consist of rest in possibly a 5 star hotel. or maybe 2 hours. . preferably from 10:00pm until 6:00am. however she does not need to know when you'll appear. After her first month without a break. Full scale with a lot of pampering. and keep her on that schedule. Next. or scolded. Every hour she’s on the track is monitored by how much money she brings in. and nails. That way she won't be confused with what is expected of her. see people with your permission. just make sure she understands what’s expected of her. and room service. However you'll need to figure out the best money making times. She'll need to feel the closeness with you. and she also works on holidays. or 3. During the day she can do all her other shit like her hair. and feel as if you’re taking care of her. She needs protection. and her routine will become consistent. and if they do they'll only get at the most 3 hours of pay. Example: If she's ho'n in the club she might work 9:00pm until 2:00am when the club close. Don’t keep her out all night. But feel free to change it as you see fit for best results. or whatever else she wants to get done. Everyday should be accounted for. Because if she's gone the money's gone. she should work until you get tired. Maybe go somewhere exciting and entertaining. plus we're not out to get a Ho killed.on the track for more then 3 hours at any time without your appearance. don’t worry you'll be able to afford it after a year. Of course you won’t get tired because some of those 3 hours disappearances will be for you to get some sleep. The only night she gets off is Sunday. It’s her 1 year Ho Anniversary. she shouldn't have a whole nights work on her in case someone robs her. You may show up in 1 hour. Now that you’ve winged this Ho. And everyday she should work no less than 8 hours. you'll begin to give her Sundays off. because if she’s not making any money she doesn’t need to be there. Next is for safety reasons. she should work everyday except Sunday. give her a week vacation somewhere extremely nice. but whenever you show up the money better be right. make sure she gets some sleep because the next week she'll be working hard. and then. She'll need to be on a schedule that she must follow daily. you can't drop the Ho off. This is for several reasons: She needs to be reminded that you'll be back and she'll either get praised. Once she has worked for 1 year. come back the next morning only to find that she's gone. but Sunday night she can rest and recuperate. basically it’s her birthday treat her well.

no explanation necessary.00. It’s your job as a Pimp to make sure you’re not selling a rotten product.00. You do not want anyone busting a nut in your Ho. She should also get regular check ups from her doctor. never going to fuck. but if she gets herpes on her mouth. or “She'll have too many babies”. She should get the pussy checked. A box of 10 should bring in anywhere from $250. If this happens one time. no lending them out to other Ho’s unless the Ho gives her the Tricks money. that if she runs out of rubbers the ho’n stops until you bring more. you could lose your Ho for good. based on fucks for $50 and blows for $25. you'll lose money. avoid pregnancy at all cost you can’t afford it. This also helps you count how much money you should have. She needs to understand. And there's a lot more rumors out there. She is never. If you go to the store you wouldn’t buy a rotten apple. meaning you'll have to buy them. Sell A Good Product We've all heard them. and no Trick wants to fuck an 8 month pregnant Ho. if she comes up pregnant the baby won’t have a daddy. Although you will not be kissing this Ho. You’re a Pimp and they call you “Daddy”. it wouldn’t be with her. and fuckin this Ho not knowing can be disastrous. or “Her pussy will become nasty from fuckin all those men”. or suck anyone. Pussy stinks after someone nuts in it. it’s not that serious. “There’s too many diseases out there”. Most Bitches get burnt and don’t even know it. until she burns someone else and he tells her. Besides. Anything less then $250. You want her to ho but you don’t want her to die. without a rubber. she'll still be sucking your dick sporadically and we all know what that means.00 and she'll need to explain. She'll need to account for all her rubbers. You'll need to figure out the price in your area. and then you can count the cash by counting the rubbers. now imagine two.00 to $500. she does not fuck or suck without a rubber. ever. or four different people nutin in her everyday. she may be careful but she is in the ho’n business. and no one wants to buy rotten pussy. which will try to deter Ho’s from ho’n. Bottom line. Some Tricks will move on because of this and that’s OK. You'll also have to sporadically fuck this Ho. She should not be scolded for this. but you don’t have time to care for a Tricks child. This drags you and your Ho down. Because that shit shows up sporadically and if someone wanted his dick sucked. but the money better match the condoms used. this is the same thing. AIDS is out there and it's spreading rapidly. but you still got your Ho. three. to include . so lets not be fooled.5. and she must provide them herself. anything over $500.

lotions. if she looks good she need to smell good. and that’s what you call a good product. Checks should be done at least every 3 months.getting checked for diseases. Why? Because the pussy was good. hell they don’t care as long as the bill is paid at the end of the day. he don't want to wrestle with the pussy trying to get a nut. she smelled good. perfumes. and showers don't count. And don't forget to check the Ho's breath. or 4 times a year. baby wipes. there's nothing worse than a fine Ho with stinky breath. make him happy and he’ll be back. If the pussy gets dry she'll need to lube it up. Make sure the Ho keeps herself as clean as humanly possible. and tell the doctor what she does so they'll know what he or she is dealing with. She is not authorized to maintain any body odors whatsoever. and hand sanitizers. Plus they'll respect her for constantly getting regular check ups. He should slide in and slide out. You may want to insure she soaks the pussy in vinegar and douche on a regular basis. She'll also need to take some lube with her while she’s out working. . this helps keep the pussy tight. and she treated him good. Get him in and get him out. and caring for her body. She needs to bathe at least twice daily. with all the female products like douches. Stick with one doctor. Some Bitches with a stinky pussy seems to not even smell it themselves. a dry pussy is too hard to fuck.

especially you. if your Game is leaking. opening doors. you could lose the one you got. you will leak Ho’s. If you only have one. You’ll have to always check and make sure you’re Tight. Go Pimpin You’ve now gone through the steps of becoming a Pimp. That’s really not that bad for 2 months pay. stone faced no nonsense Pimpin. And most Bitches are catty. Do not fuck this Ho up. so Tighten up your Game.000.000. stop. as a Pimp ANY money really is not what you’re . Moving too fast your money is stopped. Your Ho’s will be dedicated to making money for you. draining the Bitches evilness out of her. your Game is cracking or leaking. with a great product to sell. then don’t. You'll have to make sure your Ho is performing to standard. no compromising. Make sure your Pimpin is Tight with no cracks in it. eating after you. It’s now time to increase your Kingdom. By now you should be making plenty of money off your Ho. and will continue to do so. Moving to fast you’ll end up starting all over.00. You’ve been on the streets to see it all come to light. and sometimes evil. very territorial. and can be down right mean. and that’s to have a Ho. There’s only one way to be a Pimp. however in less than 6 months you'll top $100. and you want your money to keep coming in. However. you can fall out the Game overnight. Moving up in your Kingdom requires that another Bitch surrenders her soul to you and becomes your Ho. also there’s no need to move too fast. everyone must be performing with precision including you. and Soul is together. go back and insure everyone is operating professionally. she is working hard for you. without any hesitation. After 60 days you should be in about the $40. and seen some extraordinary things. And with this you’re in jeopardy of losing the one Ho you got. go back and get it right. you’ve learned the ins and outs of getting her to sell her pussy. If something is not operating exactly as it’s suppose to. some Pimps fuck up trying to move up too fast.00 bracket after expenses. before you try to move up. This is why they get drained every month. sitting on the floor. You'll have to make sure your Mind. Nothing is to go any other way. You're A Pimp. But if you feel your Pimpin is not ready to move up. we tend to do too much fuckin smiling. eyes to the ground. but play it right and you’ll only need to start over making another Ho. up until now it’s just been you and her. you won’t survive with one Ho.STEP TEN 1. but only if you’re ready. After the money starts coming in. Body. If you fuck up trying to move up. After about 60 days you should be ready to move up.

but only about how to Initiate a Ho. and looks comfortable. What Bitch you know wants to stay in a ghetto. because she’s already experienced it when she transitioned to Bottom Bitch. and all the other Ho’s will just fall in line. When your Game Front is right you'll attract more Ho’s. You'll need to make a little more money before that happens. If your house is bright. The Ho need to fuck or suck a Trick. It’s a proven fact you can do it. However you'll need to personally Initiate another Ho for the Top Bitch position. that ain’t shit. She won’t know everything about the Pimpin. you only want the money from the Ho you built who sold her pussy to a Trick.after. The second Ho (Top Bitch) will want the Bottom Bitch position. Up Your Game Front You'll need to show your status as a Pimp. And your Bottom Bitch will now learn how to initiate a Ho. clean. That’s really the beauty of the Game! If a Bitch gets a loan from a bank for you. but don’t run out and get a Cadillac Escalade yet. she ain’t done shit. You'll always need 2 personally trained Ho’s in your Kingdom at all times. Ho’s will want to move in. and it’ll also help you keep your current Ho. this is not the time. and then bring you the money. . a nice detail. than you do today. if she does she’ll feel that something is wrong and jump ship. or at least they’ll be thinking it. and a move in the right direction. A couple pairs of gators will be nice though. anyone that looks at you should say “He’s a Pimp”. That’s why you don’t want to put all your money into one item. it will be with a little more work. Although a limo is not in your driveway yet. A Ho can never see you move backwards. but the time will come soon. like a car. You got some money now. You’ve upped your Ho. 2. With the making of the next Ho your Bottom Bitch will learn how to do it for you. and maybe some ground effects. You should always work on polishing your Game. Should you lose your Bottom Bitch. but this is hopefully the last one you'll have to make. and you’ll need to invest it in your newly profitable business. the Top Bitch that was personally trained by you now moves up. or get it painted. now it’s only fair to up yourself. drug infested part of the hood? They all want to get out and go to the other side of the tracks. so if anything goes wrong you won’t be seen as. a nice box. So now it’s time for you to start making another Ho. that’s Pimpin and that’s the only money you want. Set off your current car. with a few nice suits. This is a step up from where you were. you can never look worse tomorrow. any Square can get a Bitch to get a fuckin loan from a bank. get some rims. just as she was Initiated when she joined. losing Game. You’ll need replenishment money.

or sunglasses. Your second Ho should always be finer and opposite from the Bottom Bitch. Getting another Ho will be much easier now. any other time you’ll be wearing some nice dress down clothes. shoes. get yourself some nice suits. watches. everything must match. because this will cause several effects. and anything can happen. Make sure you wear the appropriate jewelry with the right outfits. a different size. this’ll cause her to work much harder in order to not get bumped. than the Ho you've got now. this keeps them working hard for the position right next to you. This will be very necessary. Your dress down clothes should be slightly over the Top. she’s always took the other Bitches man. Therefore. King Ho. Because if you lose the 1 Ho you have. but don’t go crazy. Make sure you color coordinate. earrings. Being on a 1 Ho level. because your Game Front is up. dark skinned). You're a 1 Ho Pimp and still new to the Game. and of course the suits. The concept is very simple and I’ll explain it. a neck piece. also get as many bright colored clothes as possible. She has never lost out to anyone that she looked than. a few trinkets here and there will suffice. and feel her position is being threatened. and stick out to the point that someone will compliment you. ties. and make sure they shine. But these are your track clothes. then you’re not Pimpin anymore. you cannot go overboard. She has always lost out to the finer Bitches. you’re doing much better than you’ve ever have. you must keep some fall back money. The new Ho. or a different complexion (light skinned. hat bands. As a business owner you can only expand as big as your investors. but not to expensive right now. Not to mention you'll want to grab a Bitch that looks much better. and it makes you look as if you’ve got money. . the finer of the two will feel like she should be Bottom Bitch. Step up. Go out of state or town to get them so no one can copy you. over a Ho that looks better than she does. now she’s on Top. You'll have to get a Bitch that's extremely fine. Of course you should dream big. meaning the next Ho should always be a different race. and will also work hard to obtain that spot. Consider using the opposite technique. Buy yourself some rings. expanding to big or too fast the company will fail.Your wardrobe should be fresh and clean. but dream during the day with your eyes wide open. You were able to get the first Ho with much less than you have now. glasses. Your first Ho who is your Bottom Bitch will feel very uneasy. Also get a little jewelry for both styles of clothing. Plus she'll be proud to be your Bottom Bitch. But don’t go to big just yet. Bitches love to see a little jewelry that compliments the outfit. belts. hankies. your Game Front is up and you’ll be able to attract better Ho’s.

because she'll be involved with the process. when they are out there. No other Ho will be a part of this process. then your Top Bitch becomes your Bottom Bitch because she was personally Initiated by you from start to finish. especially when the Bitch is finer than she is. and all the other Ho’s are workers. but hell they don’t even know why they're ho’n for you. and keep you informed of everything that's happening. and one day it’ll be just the two of you. and she is the only one that’ll be working directly for you. And you'll need more money so you can keep doing things for them. the Pimp. you are telling her what’s going to happen. Up To Bottom Bitch This is the most important position in the business. Tell her she's the CEO of the business. you'll need her the most. The Manager should be ready to move up. Let’s go back and remember that up until now it’s only been you and her. Tell her the money is running low from all the stuff you've done for her. Your Bottom and Top Bitch will think they know the process. not the CEO and she cannot over rule the CEO. Bottom Bitch is the CEO. but her status is of a Manager. Just explain to her that the business needs to expand and you’ll need another Ho. she is in charge of this Ho not equal to her whatsoever. so one day she'll be able to get off the track. When you introduce another Bitch. because their dedication is not there. As in any business there’s structure. She’ll be very important within the company and also has status. However. and her family. except your Bottom or Top Bitches. However. She needs to keep all the Ho's tight. and your Bottom Bitch will be the CEO. just not as high as your Bottom Bitch. and everyone must operate accordingly. Top Bitch position is new to most Pimps. when another Ho is standing right next to her bringing you her money. train her right and she'll feel like a Mini Pimp. Tell her the new Ho will work under her. it’ll free up some of your time to begin working on the other businesses. but work wonders in the company. This is very critical. and in order for the business to work. you're not asking this Ho shit. The whole process of making a Ho is only known by you. If your Bottom Bitch jumps ship. Explain how close the two of you are. your Ho is bound to get catty. order. Just so it’s not a surprise to her. You are the business owner. Never pull a Ho from your stable to become Bottom or Top Bitch. But don’t get any of this wrong.3. positions. The Pimp is the Owner. if the CEO is fired she now automatically moves up to her new status. They’re ho’n for you because from start to finish . The Bottom Bitch helps you train and Initiate the Top Bitch. and one that you can't operate without. Top Bitch is the Manager. Tell her that with her in place.

The Bottom Bitch will have the responsibility of being the overseer of the company. She'll also take part in the Initiation of the Top Bitch.you’ve built extreme dedication. If your Bottom Bitch leaves. If anything does become a problem. which is the Pimp. uprisings. you cannot have 2 Bottom Bitches. If you lose any one of these two Ho’s. it’s your job to get in and make it all work. because these two Ho’s will need constant bonding. your Top Bitch will move up and she’ll be happy. that’s really the only time you'll have to go to work. from start to finish. There is only 1 CEO and only 1 Bottom Bitch in any stable. The Bottom Bitch is responsible for insuring all the Ho’s are working. They should work extremely well together. you’re the Pimp. and that all the Ho’s are producing happily. her respect is equal to yours when you’re not around. or rebellions within the company. And really these Ho’s can’t be trusted either. because they’re also struggling for position with you. If you can’t keep these Ho’s from trippin. giving you time to make another Ho. cop and blow comes from those Ho’s beneath them. ultimately she’s the Mother Ho. They go outside the company and find the most qualified person to hold the position. and then make them fuck and make up. 4. She takes care of any Ho's problem that’s unbeknown to you. These two Ho’s need to work relentlessly together. and then she gave you her soul. If your Top Bitch leaves. this . It is also your responsibility to insure they know exactly what’s expected of them. giving you time to make another Ho. or King Ho. so they can perform to your standards. there should be no shown animosity between them. And then she’s to report back to you about any problems. they'll need to run your company precisely as you have instructed them. Except your Top Bitch. Your Bottom Bitch will be worshiped just as you are. Anybody that disrespects her gets banished from the Kingdom. Some call them “Wife In Law”. and any Ho with a problem will report to the Bottom Bitch for resolution. therefore you’re responsible for everything that happens or fails to happen. You are ultimately the sole owner. You will never fail because you'll always have a Bottom Bitch personally Initiated by you. If you didn’t build that Ho don’t trust that Ho. Instruct And Train Once you have gotten your CEO and Manager. She’s looking for any issues that'll cause a problem. your Bottom Bitch will be happy she out lasted the fine Ho. you'll have to bring Pimpin in and settle that shit to the lowest denominator. you’ll need to really work on your Pimp skills. they deserve to have a problem solver. Most companies don’t hire a worker from within to become a Manager or CEO. and producing as much as possible.

Also if a Ho is in need of some Pimpin. there should be no shown animosity. Any issues should be quickly dealt with. and how to get the most money she can from a Trick. She’ll also be getting her ass. which will make her more committed to them. and then everyone else will feel comfortable working for you. and what will be tolerated. pussy. She'll also find out about the hot spots. this is symbolic of her becoming your Ho. just as long as it’s not shown or acted upon. and specific instructions to your Bottom and Top Bitches. all the training. Then she reports back to you any problems that may affect your company. discussing any problems and solutions within the company. and you may or may not allow her into your Kingdom. the Bottom Bitch should be licking ass. And she'll get pissed on or anointed only by you. With these two company keepers swarming these Ho’s.shows stability within the company. You should have a nightly formal meeting to receive your reports from your Ho’s. this will bond these Ho’s. pussy. If there is a problem fix it on the spot. It shows that the leaders within the company have a great working relationship. and allowing her to see you giving exact. swiftly and completely. Everything that has to do with ho training is the Top Bitch responsibility. They'll also need to be fuckin the shit out of this new Ho. and skills will come from them. everything will remain in place. explain their responsibility. You’ll need to insure they are well rehearsed on their positions. She gets right out next to the Ho’s on the track. toes. She'll be responsible for insuring all the Ho’s are trained to your perfection. what Pimp is leaking and which of his Ho’s is ready to jump. She should know where the cops are and who they're busting. and train them on their Ho skills. But these two Ho’s need to basically love each other. everything is done by your choice. during her Initiation these two Ho’s will be the ones doing it. mentoring. The only ones authorized to attend is the three of you. But everything else comes from these two Ho’s. how to make a Trick nut quick. you'll check on their love for each other. However you do know that deep down animosity that will occur. not you. in the event you need to relocate. During the meetings. She'll insure the Ho’s know how to suck a dick properly. . and they’re instructing and training to standard. no one outside of management are allowed to attend. Any working mechanics of the company will be reported. You'll be looming around dressed as a King (Pimp). She needs to understand that you’re the Pimp. Once a Bitch say’s she’ll ho for you. During the Top Bitch Initiation. by the way they’re acting towards one another. The Top Bitch will have the responsibility of being the sole trainer of the company. and toes licked by the Top Bitch. and anything else you can think of. Although you will be present so the new Ho can see that everything happening comes from your Power. and Ho’s that are unable to catch on to the ho’n.

they'll need to snatch them up. Five Ho’s at $1000. but they are clearly not worth . remember you don’t want to sell a rotten product. So you should send your Ho’s out to recruit more Ho’s. This is easy pickings.5. Food Service. the other Ho’s will wish they had what she does. But you'll need to check this Ho out and see if she’s worth investing in. And this is the smallest stable you want to Pimp. because you won’t have to do much Ho training. Some Pimps won’t do shit for their Ho’s. they'll need to do whatever they can to get another Ho for you. she'll want to talk to your Ho about making money. but also the easiest to manage. That’s why your Ho’s should look fine as hell. Your math may be different. They'll also need business cards to pass out with their names on it. escorting. equals $30. she already knows what she's doing. however she will need to conform to your sable standards. Because after they've brought in 5 dedicated Ho's.000. They'll need to constantly try to find another Ho for the company. It’s much easier for them to approach a Bitch about ho’n than you. Five dedicated Ho’s bringing in a minimum of $1000. Models. two more Ho’s $48. they shouldn’t go out asking a Bitch to ho. don’t just accept any Ho she must meet your standards of acceptance. if it’s good you’ll see them tomorrow. best friends. They’ll begin to wonder why her Pimp is not providing for her.00 a week.00 a day. star search. not yours. Next Door Neighbors.000. Cashiers. However. they all have the potential to become a Ho.00 a day. so you need to get the best ones you can find.00 a year.000. and feels good. Just like selling a bag of weed. Strippers. they also should disguise the business as modeling. or anything else creative. and act happy about what she’s doing.000. these Bitches will quickly becomes envious and want some of what your Ho's have. Because your Ho's look good. They’ll need to become their girlfriends. House Wives. When she’s out happy ho’n. and they'll at some point become disgruntle about working for him. No crack head Ho's period. if it’s bad they’re not coming back.560. get one more Ho and that’s $36. their ho'n days stop (yea right). Make sure they know what type of Ho's you want in your company.00. Once she’s a part of your stable she becomes a sole reflection of you.00 a week minimum. They’ll get very curious and wonder if the grass is greener on the other side of the Track. of course they'll want to get in. or whatever else they need to become. When these Ho's begin approaching your Ho's. as you’re providing for your Ho’s. Because when the Bitch calls. working 6 days a week. Ho' Find Ho's The more Ho’s you have the money you get. will gross you $1. so make sure you’re using the 52 week system.

natural as hell. In fact she'll believe that she would be better off if she does sell some pussy. With two Ho’s working on one Bitch is overwhelming.the troubles. She’s a Ho that’s found by another Ho. It's evidence that she'll be OK if she sells a little pussy. Especially a Bitch that has never ho'd before. She'll need to be Initiated in. don't let her in. They're not saying you're a bad person. she'll conform easier with Ho persuasion. but you just don't have what they are looking for. by being friendly all the way up to the point of Initiation. They'll need to treat this Bitch well. and work for the greater good. . Also when a Bitch sees another Ho perform sex acts for cash. because you may not have what the company's looking for. of her own free will and of her own choice. Just like at a job interview. and treated as one of your Ho’s. You cannot put poison in your company. because she’s a worker. Your Ho’s should work together. When she sees your Ho's conforming to your Pimpin she'll fall right in. But she'll never hold any weight in your company. they'll work to bring down the whole industry. they seem to feel a little more comfortable doing it themselves. and they’re more likely to succeed. As fine as she may be. if she's bringing in the bullshit. Then she is no longer a Bitch but has just become your Ho. you won't get every job you apply for. after all your Ho's look good.

Pimpin comes from the mind and we need to Pimp these Ho’s with perfection. Just get in the Game and play until you win. These steps have done wonders for me and friends. I even known of a Pimp that went to jail for terrorist threats. I have. the trafficking laws. Hopefully this has cleared up some of the bullshit that most Pimps don’t tell you. Please tell us what you think RobertCoates@pimpeasybook. but some techniques may be a little too harsh for you. With that in mind “Happy Hunting”. best Pimp wins. A real Pimp knows that he’ll win. I'll get at yours and you can get at mine. and if you don’t play you can’t win.com Happy Pimpin Daddy C -------------------------- . before moving her on to the next. and I don’t want young Pimps going to jail believing that it is. Old school is over. Just make sure you run her through the structure. no fowl. and will continue to receive all kinds of bullshit about publishing this book. Too many Pimps go to jail based on the enslavement laws. and get started making money. however you're free to alter any technique you choose. I could take you back to biblical times but no need to. put your Ho down. this is a Pimp Game. this is a skull Game. No harm. Pimpin is fun. Use it as a reference or guide to get you through your Pimpin. Everything in this book is a structure. you want to Pimp so get started. after all it's your Pimpin. so step up and get at this Pimpin the right way. You can’t beat a Bitch to submission any more. Pimpin stems from you. the Pimp. this is the Pimp Game. I put my Ho down you put your Ho down. and the domestic laws. the ruler of your Kingdom.Pimp Notes The best way to use the book is keeping her within each step until it’s perfected. just straight Pimpin. Don’t bounce her around she may get confused.

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