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An article I wrote for WIKIHOW:

How to Be Consistently Happy

Happiness is that "Good" feeling.

It can be a "Comfortable-good" or an "Excited -good" or a "Chilled-out-good"... it has

many flavours and faces- depending on whom you are with, or what you are doing.

The "secret" is to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of staying happy, by
stacking the "physiological and psychological" odds in your favour.

1. Give your body and mind what it most needs in order to function in an "optimal"
2. "Optimal" in this case means being the healthiest you can be, and the most
psychologically balanced you can be.
3. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and ensuring that you get all the vital vitamins and
minerals that your body requires for it's optimal biochemical functioning
4. Find out what vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in by doing a Hair
Tissue Mineral Analysis- and possibly blood tests.
5. Supplement your diet with the appropriate Vitamins and Minerals
6. Get Plenty of exercise- an hour a day is good- half an hour the minimum- this will
prompt the production of the "feel good" hormones that make you feel happy
(endorphins)- plus there are all the other obvious fitness and disease fighting
benefits , too numerous to mention here.
7. Minimise Environmental Stressors and Toxins.
8. Minimise Lead and Mercury in your body (avoid having silver fillings... no one
tells you this...but they are made from 50% mercury, which, next to Arsenic, is
about the most toxic thing you could put in your body - and NO amount is safe for
your body)
9. Drink PLENTY of filtered water ( you want to avoid all the excess flouride,
chlorine and copper that may be in your tap water)
10. Follow your "inner guidance system".... if the thoughts you are thinking are not
giving you a "good feeling".... then think about something else that will make you
feel good in that moment.
11. Monitor your thoughts consistently throughout the day and you will stay in a
happier and happier place.
12. Sometimes this may not be as easy as you think if you are stuck in a "negative"
train of thought and your brain chemicals are getting fired up and forming and
"anxiety or anger" pathway.
13. Anxiety, fear and anger patterns can be interrupted by focussing on doing a math
problem, counting backwards, counting in odd numbers, doing a sudoku puzzle
etc- this will dissapate the rush of chemicals that are making you feel bad...
14. Immediately then go back to picturing scenes/remembering things/ imagining,
planning stuff that makes you feel GOOD.
15. Get into the habit of ALWAYS recognising the "uncomfortable bad feeling" in
your gut, as soon as you start feeling it - and then consciously change your
thoughts to something that makes you feel happy. This will make you a person
that is more consistently happy.
16. As you practise these mental and lifestyle habits more and more, you will become
the person who more consistently is able to be in an optimal physical and mental
state and therefor you will simply "be more consistently happy".

• Getting all the vital vitamins and minerals that your body requires for it's optimal
biochemical functioning may be more and more difficult nowadays, considering
that most of our fruit and veggies are grown in nutrient -poor, degraded soils... so
go for "organic products" when you can get them- and supplement with the
vitamins and minerals that you know you are deficient in.

• Mercury is a definite causitive factor in thyroid problems, anxiety and depression.
• Educate yourself about this toxic metal which is freely dispensed by dentists
around the world

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