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This DVD video takes you on a step-by-step tutorial about casting bullets. From all the equipment needed to the final bullet sizing, it is all here in this full-color video. Produced in conjunction with, this video is perfect for the beginning bullet caster. Save money on ammunition costs while you enjoy a great new hobby!

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.December 2009 Volume 44. VanDenburg. . Petty The Vernacular of BPCR Silhouette Mike’s Shootin’ Shack Mike Venturino Hodgdon H-335 Propellant Profiles R. . . Big Business Charles E. . Page 60 .H.220 Swift Speed and Accuracy John Haviland Page 42 . Number 6 ISSN 0017-7393 Issue No. Petty Ruger LCR Little Guns. 263 8 12 16 18 Personal Best Reloader’s Press Dave Scovill 22 26 30 34 Die Adjustment Tips From the Hip Brian Pearce 42 52 60 Cast Bullet Myth Busting Nothing but the Truth Mike Venturino . 4 Background Photo: © 2009 Royal Tine Images Handloader 263 . 3 Sixgun Cartridges . . .45 Colt. Jr.300 Weatherby Magnum Bullets & Brass Brian Pearce Trigger Time Pistol Pointers Charles E.44 Special. Page 52 .275 H&H Belted Magnum Cartridge Board Gil Sengel New Powders in the . .44 Magnum Brian Pearce .


Ste. 82 86 90 Sierra MatchKing Palma Bullet Inside Product News Clair Rees Editor in Chief – Dave Scovill Managing Editor – Roberta Scovill Art Director – Gerald Hudson Production Director – Becky Pinkley Contributing Editors Associate Editor – Al Miller John Haviland Ron Spomer Brian Pearce Stan Trzoniec Charles E. 6 issues. . Publisher assumes all North American Rights upon acceptance and payment for all manuscripts. $22. The Thompson/Center Contender rifle is chambered for the . possessions – single issue. Photo by Stan Trzoniec Page 52 Page 42 Page 34 70 78 .00.. All rights reserved. 2625 Stearman Rd. $5.Stefanie Ramsey stefanie@riflemag. Subscription prices: U. . A. Prescott.riflemagazine. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Handloader®.com Subscription Information: 1-800-899-7810 www. Send both the old and new address.99. and additional mailing offices. Is Bigger Better? In Range Terry Wieland Advertising Advertising Director . Box 25542. Wolfe Publishing Co. Stan Trzoniec Rampro AmmoCheck Universal Reloader Gauge Product Tests R. dba Wolfe Publishing Company (Don Polacek. Please allow 8-10 weeks for first issue. VanDenburg.S. Prescott..00. Periodical Postage paid at Prescott. Arizona 86301 (also publisher of Rifle ® magazine). Ste. 2625 Stearman Rd. Handloader ® (ISSN 0017-7393) is published bimonthly by Polacek Publishing Corporation.H.97. Clair Rees Mike Venturino Gil Sengel Ken Waters Gun Digest 2009 Book Reviews R. A Prescott. $51. Bleuchip International. to Circulation Dept. Arizona 86301. 2625 Stearman Rd... AZ 86301 Tel: (928) 445-7810 Fax: (928) 778-5124 © Polacek Publishing Corporation 6 Background Photo: © 2009 Royal Tine Images Handloader 263 . No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Arizona. Although all possible care is exercised.Tom Bowman bowmant@sbcglobal. Publisher of Handloader™ is not responsible for mishaps of any nature that might occur from use of published loading data or from recommendations by any member of The Staff. Change of address: Please give six weeks notice. Prescott. Handloader® Magazine. the publisher cannot accept responsibility for lost or mutilated manuscripts. 12 issues. Advertising rates furnished on Advertising Information: 1-800-899-7810 Circulation Circulation Manager – Michele Elfenbein circ@riflemag. . 12 issues. . Petty R.22 Remington Jet. London. 2625 Stearman Rd. Jr. Canadian returns: PM #40612608. Ste. $5. Issue No. A. Ste. Pres ident). Arizona 86301.99.H. Foreign and Canada – single Advertising Representative .On the cover . VanDenburg. plus mailing label if possible.00. ON N6C 6B2. $39. Jr. 263 December 2009 AMMUNIT ON REL NG JOUR AL AMMUNITION RELOADING JOURNAL Publisher/President – Don Polacek Associate Publisher – Mark Harris Page 82 .22 Remington Jet T/C rescues defunct handgun cartridge in rifles. Jr. A. P. Tele phone: (928) 445-7810.. 6 issues $29.


however. a sportscaster. Kenny Moore. In high school. Not just losing. if ever. And before anyone gets the wrong idea. It made no sense. a distance runner out of South Eugene High School was a classic example.500 S&W Bullets Bonded Cores Available • www. losing. . I noticed true winners never quit. writer for Sports Illustrated and. either way we must remind folks that we have a scapegoat. “ PO Box 1487. The entire nation knew the “Ducks” were the team to C 8 www. He was a task master.PERSONAL BEST RELOADER’S PRESS by Dave Scovill • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ber of one of the great track teams of the 1960s and 70s. Many years ago. During my undergraduate and graduate years at Oregon. What Kenny and most of us at Oregon ultimately learned is that there was no use in making excuses since no one on the team would listen. Bowerman and the Men of Oregon. I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon – the art of “scape goating. olympic marathon runner. Those who chanced to admit defeat were. So.” One day they were there. but doing so in front of the home-town crowd. he changed. this is about a mindset not any particular politician or the present administration. never offered excuses and never blamed someone else for a loss. Ken was not a serious challenger to top-notch runners.44. and like it or not. as Kenny put in his book. opposite Mariel Hemingway. least of all Coach Bill Bowerman. Kenny went on to become a world-class distance runner at Oregon. It was no longer enough to just be a mem- Reloading manuals are not just suggestions. it’s the former president. Who would offer a precursor to cover a win or a loss but a politician? I n this politically charged societal evolution. Kenny was a part of it. it was clearly another to be embedded in the tradition of worldclass distance beat. . . As a freshman at the University of Oregon.377. . the current administration rarely. gone the next. that was filmed on the Oregon campus.handloadermagazine.Clearwater-Bullets. .” It doesn’t matter if we win or lose. .375.312. a masterful coach. Nowadays. We owned the legend. I watched Kenny overcome the dread of his greatest fear .45. ID 83536 • Tel: (208) 935-1024 Handloader 263 . He even managed a passable appearance in Personal Best.224 Hunting Rounds . . runners who competed at the U of O. during various track and field events. Kamiah.458 & .com ustom Bullets Heavy Jacketed . So it was that I overheard the notion on national television news that it was important for folks to know that the present economic condition was “inherited” from the previous administration. misses the opportunity to mention that difficulties were inherited. a tyrant and to most.

kneeling. i. it’s easy enough to produce Tel: 575-756-1409 • E-mail: www. So it is with most of life.O. one-shot 9 . that it never occurs to him that the success of the show might include being responsible enough to put in some “serious” rifle practice – offhand.” If a hunter is serious about such morality.The answer is simple enough. Box 57 • Chama. *** The following comments were December-January 2010 Top Quality Hunts for Elk. unless of course. but short on commitment. If the host had been a serious student of the rifle and hunting. Any hunter with half a brain is aware that a clean kill is particularly desirable. I suppose the point of all this is that it is possible to be a lousy shooter/hunter and still be “seen on TV. a follow-up should not have been necessary.. etc. not platitudes. We make ‘em work! www. I watched the host on a TV hunting program shoot two different animals three times before bringing them to the ground. I’ve also heard a great deal about the necessity for a “clean. as this is written.rboutfittershunt. Having to explain one’s moral high ground is superfluous.handloadermagazine.” and he darn sure won’t have to explain himself to his audience. Those who continue to shirk responsibility with an “inherited” caveat are building a case for a scapegoat and are not fully committed to the task. Not long ago. shooting sticks or whatever – so he doesn’t have to be concerned about “needless suffering.bellmtcs. a distraction to divert attention from responsibility. he said he was simply trying to prevent needless suf fering by following up on the wounded animal as quickly as possible.” And. Inc. Mule Deer. Antelope and Turkey! RB Outfitters and Guide Service Ron Schalla • P. Noble possibly.. it is possible that the host is so busy with production. it is simply an effort to conjure a scapegoat for lousy shooting. In the roundup with the talking head (the host).net Thompson Center Arms Company Encore & Contender/G2 Accuracy Solutions by Bellm TCs. NM 87520 www.e.

Almost all manuals contain a warning along the lines of: “These loads were safe with the components listed. Hours: Tues . NE 69201 shooting supply companies that ships to all 50 states! www. Reloading Equipment: Hornady. I pulled a few bullets and weighed the charge. the max listed in your manual for that bullet weight.” If you change anything. PA 19406 (610) 491-9901 Roger’s Better Bullets www. There is a reason for this.lockstock. Your Knowledgeable Source for over 10. Barnes Brass: Remington. and it takes a lot to impress me. As stated. namely so customers can reload safely.getagripgunbooks. Buy • Sell • Trade (Class 3 Dealer) Firearms Bullets Roger’s Better Bullets Zero • Frontier • Sierra Hornady • Winchester Reloading L S B 10 ock tock & arrel Shooting Supply.3 grains of MRP powder – but for the 150-grain FMJ training bullet. we’ll see. “Err.The 45-120-3 ⁄4 A Guide to Reloading and Shooting the Mighty 45-120 1 recently received from Dr. sir. “The reports on these bullets are fantastic. Wilson. Winchester. Vihta Vuori. I have seen many such bullets. Norma. “Oh. Yesterday a fairly well known Scandinavian journalist came to see me with a new brand of bullets available in Norway.000 psi. you should reduce the charge by 10 percent and work up. You guys should seriously consider loading them in some of your lineup. Swift.m. Nosler.” Hmmm.m. Saturday: 9 a. and there was only a little stickiness when I opened the bolt. Box B years of experience has made us one of the most reliable Valentine. Speer.” Hmmm.300 Winchester Magnum and wanted them pressure tested and accuracy measured in test barrels. RELOAD™ 124 W.O. . . King Shooters Supply Inc. .m. to 5 p.” came from the IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED .handloadermagazine. 1-800-228-7925 www. Alliant-Hercules. Pressure was a rather enthusiastic 81.Fri: Noon to 9 p. “What load did you put in there?” I asked. Inc. Sinclair. The equipment is only rated up to 65. Hornady. Address your questions to the author Steve Carpenter Phone: 920-833-2282 E-Mail: shoot45120@centurytel.200 psi! It says a lot for the old 1896 Swedish Mauser action that the pressure barrel is screwed into that it didn’t let go. Don Heath of Norma Precision: A Reloading Warning Reputable companies that sell bullets or powder go to a lot of effort to produce reloading manuals. Lyman K&M. Holland Bullets: Hornady. www. Our over 25 P.betterbullets. Church Road King of Prussia. Ramshot Call For Your FREE 110 page catalog or check out our full selection of items at www. Maximum loads for the 150-grain Nosler Partition and BST (Ballistic Tip) are a couple Handloader 263 Find us online at: www.1⁄2-MOA groups with them. He had loaded some in a . I thought. Berger. Starline Powder: IMR-Dupont.000 products! Hodgdon. They are shooting sub. it was the maximum listed – 81. better not fire another. Accurate. I set up a pressure barrel and fired a round. There are also a lot of folks with a CNC lathe who think they can make bullets.

They were just within CIP maximum. 4778 N. I came down another grain. Safety notch cut..30-06 will drive a 150-grain bullet!” There could be little arguing about the www. OH 45061 513-867-0820 www. reticles.meachamrifles. Cast steel. 20 cal PH: (406) 395-4079 Cleaning.” velocity was down to 2. Blued. The micro-meter top returns you to the correct seating depth. It also showed the journalist there is a lot more “science” to producing a good bullet than a CAD program.. To change calibers just replace the sleeve and stem within the same body.) and not overly uniform! The bullets were also fatter than any other “monolithic” hollowpoint in .000 psi. 208-486-7171 www. Dayton Traister Trigger Co. Don Heath.500 psi. there were almost no visible pressure signs on the case or primer. Striker spring. you can get it to go as fast as a . an idea and a CNC lathe. Fully adjustable trigger included. Interestingly. I dropped the charge to the recommended starting load for the Nosler Partition. MEACHAM T&H.. WA 98277 EASY SEATER • Faster and more convenient • Saves damage to the bullet base • No need to bell the case mouth.jamescalhoon.just chamfer • Micrometer adjustment of seating depth • Available for . I needed a magnifying glass to see the cratering around the edge of the primer.” I said. then took the load that was judged safe with the new bullet (74 grains of MRP) and stuck a Barnes TSX in the case. Monkey Hill Rd.of grains less.handloadermagazine. Pressure was still over 68. but nobody (in the know. It showed that the grooves were cosmetic (They were too shallow to relive the pressure.000 fps. anyway) makes bullets that fat! It showed both of us just how dramatically changing a single component can alter pressures – and precisely why there are different loads for bullets of the same weight in a given cartridge. Velocity was over 3. “Great bullet.000 fps. Ross. The journalist was a little put out (to put it mildly).com 11 . INC.Sc. 22.980 fps.. complete restoration Please call for information Specialists in vintage scope repair since 1989 '93-'96 MAUSER Cock-on Opening Conversion Cocking piece. Box 19 CALIBER RIFLES & Re-Barrel Kits Varminting Articles! Bullets: 17. Technical Support. Straight Line Seating Die Inner guide sleeve and seating stem works for any case of the same bullet diameter.45 cal. D.30 caliber we have ever measured. but pressure was a very relaxed 48. We then wandered over to the lab and took a rough scan of the new bullets (rough – down to 1⁄4 of a thousandth of an inch). but the velocity was a lackluster 3. and although pressures were at “Weatherby maximum.19.O. “At maximum loadings. – Dr. Oak smeacham@idaho. I test fired a few CIP (European equivalent of SAAMI) “proof” rounds to calibrate the equipment.22 through . Norma Precision AB • December-January 2010 Target and Vintage Scope Repair Parsons Scope Service P.

in both accuracy and velocity.223 Remington.0 grains while watching for signs of excess pressure. – J. I am unaware of the what powder Weatherby is currently using in factory ammunition. Meadville PA A: Weatherby lists the . I have researched the subject some but am getting conflicting information.300 Savage are the same ones producing superb results in the . even exceeding factory load velocities.300 H&H Magnum. And none of my reloading manuals contain data for that bullet.. Can you suggest how much powder to use.300 Savage with 150-grain bullets. but using 86..handloadermagazine. Can you suggest a .F.0 grains and work up to a maximum charge of 42. My goal is to duplicate Weatherby factory loads Hodgdon Varget will produce accuracy and near top velocities in the . 12 www. I sighted in that rifle with 180grain Winchester roundnose bullets and have never had to adjust the sights in the years since.L. but today I am looking for data for a Weatherby Mark V . In my part of the country. which remains my favorite deer rifle. That load was developed in Weatherby cases capped with Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum primers. which duplicates or exceeds factory ammunition velocities and has proven accurate. The point being.0 grains of Alliant Reloder 22 behind the slightly heavier 168-grain Triple-Shock X-Bullet will reach 3.330 fps when fired from a 26-inch barrel.300 WEATHERBY MAGNUM BULLETS & BRASS by Brian Pearce • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • load? Your comments will be appreciated.300 SAVAGE Q: More than 30 years ago. Montgomery AL Brian uses IMR-4350 in the . Should you choose to stick with that powder. start with 39.300 Magnum rifle. because of those two cartridges’ extreme popular- Alliant Reloder 22 will duplicate .300 Savage. I am planning a mule deer hunt in Montana and expect distances will be significantly farther so am switching to a lighter 150-grain bullet (either Hornady or Sierra spitzers) to increase velocity and flatten the trajectory. A: IMR-4895 is a good powder in the . my father gave me a Savage Model 99 . which clocked 3.300 Savage. Q : I am a new handloader with many questions. With 180grain bullets I always used IMR4895 powder. a long shot is 150 yards with typical distances being between 50 to 75 yards. or is there a better powder for the lighter bullets? – T..300+ fps from a 26-inch barrel.300 Weatherby Magnum factory load velocities. Powders that are ideal for the . but it will not achieve the highest velocities with 150-grain bullets.295 fps from my personal rifle.308 Winchester and in many instances the .300 Weatherby Magnum with a 165grain Barnes Triple-Shock XBullet at 3. I have already purchased four boxes of 168-grain Barnes Triple-Shock X-Bullets and am ready to Handloader 263 .

I would suggest trying 42. The primers are CCI 250 Large Rifle 13 www. My old handloads (developed many years ago) are finally depleted.ity worldwide. As to which bullet weight is best for western hunting. pronghorn. etc. The load I am using is published and includes a 180grain bullet with 66. Both loads will easily group under one inch December-January 2010 for five . with three or four shots often touching.300 H&H Magnum in hand.300 H&H Q: I read with interest your hunting Africa with a . Using the 180grain Nosler bullet. while the 200-grain bullet is preferred for larger species such as bull elk. either will do the job very well. Switching to the 200-grain Partition. A Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum primer is suggested. If I recall correctly. . and I’m starting over with 500 new Winchester cases.” Good luck on your mule deer hunt. but the 180-grain version would likely get the nod as most versatile. 1s. This load is compressed and should be ignited with a large rifle primer. . IMR-4350 was a top choice.handloadermagazine.H.700 fps from a 26-inch barrel.300 WSM Q: I have a Browning A-Bolt rifle chambered in . I saved that article for the purpose of duplicating your handloads in my Ruger No. elk or black bear? – J. which should help extend the effective range of your old “favorite deer rifle. Can you suggest powder charges with the 180. and I suspect it will still hold its own in terms of accuracy and in producing similar velocities as factory fodder.0 grains gives an honest 2.900 fps.300 H&H Magnum.and 200-grain bullets.0 grains of Hodgdon Varget with either of the 150grain bullets you mention. 66. 1 but have temporarily misplaced it.. the same barrel length Ruger installed on its No. Velocity is over 2.300 WSM.0 grains delivered 3.118 fps from the 26-inch barrel of a Winchester Model 70 pre-64 type. Using my handloads it regularly blows primers and case extraction is difficult. Boise ID A: Long before the huge wave of new powders that have become available the last couple of decades.0 grains of Hodgdon H-380 powder. you used both 180. moose. 68.and 200-grain Nosler Partition bullets? And which of those two do you prefer as the best general-purpose bullet for hunting western deer. there have been many excellent powders developed for them. I developed many loads with the best powders of the era for the old .

95 and you won’t have to spend the $300+ to buy 42 powder bushings and 23 standard charge bars. Or you could switch to a slower-burning powder such as 70. Model D/DS works with MEC Grabber.0 grains with a 150-grain bullet. 3840 E. as the 35-degree . cannot find any credible sources that list a 66.300 WSM shoulder does not require special or unusual die adjustment. steel shot and bismuth! Add the Model “C/CS” or “D/DS” to your MEC shotshell reloader for just $31.0 to 7.. which will certainly generate greater pressures. then back it off one full turn and set the lock ring. PMB. #320 Amherst. but sized cases are difficult to chamber and extraction remains hard. Multi-Scale Charge Ltd. all used in conjunction with 180-grain Nosler Partitions. Models “C/CS” and “D/DS” Features & Benefits: • Handles all gauges.0 grains. velocities were obtained from a Winchester Model 70 with a 24-inch barrel using Winchester cases and Winchester WLRM primers. • Powder capacity: 12 grs. • 3-year guarantee.95 Add one of these bars to your MEC Reloader and save more than $300! For more information on all our products ask your dealer or write to.95 Bar with Baffle $38. 70.multiscalecharge. MEC 650.5 grains of Alliant RL-19 (2. etc. which should solve your sticky extraction and blown primer issues.L.. etc. • Lead shot capacity: 1/2 oz to 2 1/4 oz.0 grains of Winchester WXR (3.. Powder Baffle $10. None of the above loads exceed SAAMI pressure limits of 65.300 WSM with 180-grain bullets.994 fps). • Handloader 263 Simple Addition Now one Universal Charge Bar for lead shot. Sizemaster 77. but not 180 .but it will last a lifetime! • Available at major shooting sports distributors and gun dealers.. – T.000 fps) or 68. Model C/CS works with MEC 600 Jr. A guy that works at the local sporting goods store tells me I don’t have my dies adjusted correctly for the cartridge’s sharp shoulder. Each bar comes with a Powder & Shot Chart with 487 settings.960 fps). The advice that you received on die adjustment is wrong. I would like your opinion as to why the problems. while yielding significantly greater velocity than your comparatively high-pressure loads.95 Bar without Baffle $34. Your powder charge should be reduced at least 5. and I Alliant Reloder 19 is a top choice for handloading the . Precision products that add up to big savings for you. Robinson Road. NY 14228 Tel: (905) 566-1255 e-mail: multiscale@multiscalecharge. For www.0 grains of IMR-4831 (2. I have tried that.000 psi.handloadermagazine..Magnum. to 55 grs.0-grain charge of Hodgdon H-380 powder with a 180-grain bullet. He suggested screwing the sizing die down until it just touches the 14 www. Some manuals list up to 65. Salt Lake City UT A: Your load is clearly producing excessive pressures. • Steel shot capacity: 1/2 oz to 1 1/2 oz.


turkeys at 385 meters and Handloader 263 . Note the wind flags are blowing hard to the left.THE VERNACULAR OF BPCR SILHOUETTE MIKE’S SHOOTIN’ SHACK by Mike Venturino • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ©2009 Photo by John Worthington W hen newcomers watch their first BPCR Silhouette match.” As can be seen. I’ll explain some of it starting with the terms that actually are based on reality. Missing them all means a zero will be placed on the scoreboard for all to see. Since all experienced BPCR Silhouette shooters have their rifles and sights set to hit dead center under calm conditions.” The first is an exclamation often said in relief when a shooter is having difficulty in hitting the offhand chickens at 200 meters. An aid to this is that the spotter uses a plotting board with an MOA grid overlaid on it. and it makes little sense to outsiders. meaning this is not a “Mary Poppins” relay. They are shown here: pigs at 300 meters. the participants of this shooting discipline have developed their own vernacular. but you got Mary Poppins. Darrell Smithson’s hair standing straight up. Three-quarters of a BPCR Silhouette match can be fired from prone position using wooden cross sticks for support.” Shooter back to spotter. One-fourth of every BPCR Silhouette event is fired offhand.” means only to move the sight two one hundredths of an inch to the right. When a shooter is having a bad day and finally hits a chicken. two and so forth with a direction such as right or up. “I don’t care. if the shooter’s last shot impacted on a 300 meter distant pig silhouette about 6 inches left of center. “Good score. An MOA is roughly one inch at 100 yards. When a spotter tells a shooter to give him a half.” Shooter #2. Here is one example: Spotter to shooter: “Give me a half-right. one. If that sort of sight correction is made and the shot following is a hit. No zeros!” Here is another example: Shooter #1. but you John Deered that chicken. Next is “No Zeros!” That shouldn’t be confused with “go to zero. it means the spotter is very. 16 www. Therefore. turkeys at 385 meters and rams at 500 meters. very good.” Note how the wind has Mike’s hair and his spotter. On the other hand. “go to zero” is a direction the spotter gives a shooter when wind or mirage conditions have reversed.handloadermagazine. he is relieved he will be saved from having that embarrassing zero next to his name. The targets then are pigs at 300 meters. the spotter is simply giving sight corrections in minutes of angle (MOA) as read on the sight. I did. Then the spotter will usually follow that up with a “give me two. going to zero with the windage adjustment of the rear sight means sights are now centered. “ “Lay down loads” and “lay down targets” are pretty simple. because you only helicoptered that one. and that’s when targets get “John Deered. “Give me two right.” three or whatever and to the right or left as the case may be. that’s the amount of movement the spotter would have the shooter dial in to center him better for the next shot. ©2009 Photo by Ted Tompkins “Lay-down targets” refers to those three in BPCR Silhouette fired at from prone position over crosssticks. they invariably get puzzled looks on their faces upon hearing shooters and spotters conversing or listening to the banter from shooter to shooter.

• “Spotting boards” such as these help the BPCR Silhouette spotter give corrections to his shooter.” – is also pretty simple. Just last weekend I was spotting for my shooting partner. Because of their shape and lighter weight. what on earth could it mean if a shooter “got Mary Poppins?” A movie by that name starring Julie Andrews had her floating about supported by an umbrella. which are in turn “lay down targets. Whatever it is. Now we get to the really obscure terms. mirage or even the rifle’s barrel heating. second and third shots on the 500-meter rams were dead center.©2009 Photo by Yvonne Venturino rams at 500 meters. knock over the proper target. What we’re saying here is that if a rifle of known accuracy suddenly has a shift in point of impact during a relay. Some bright wit of a silhouette shooter figured that when the conditions were extremely gentle. offhand position.” He didn’t and his fifth shot was a miss right under the ram’s bellyline. the bullet can hit so far low as to “John Deere” a chicken. In fact some competitors will have a different load for each distance. Lastly. It can work out that with some relays the wind dies down completely but then comes up on others. hence the simile to helicopter rotors. because they are fired at from standing offhand position. The difference is that usually the offhand chicken load will be lighter in regards to bullet weight and/or powder charge so that recoil is milder. chicken and turkey silhouettes sometimes spin when hit around the edge. the amount of spin can be dramatic. Hence those people shooting in worse winds accuse the others of getting “Mary Poppins. then rest assured that something has changed. Then his fourth shot hit low and right in the front leg. Naturally she wouldn’t be floating so gently if dealing with considerable winds.” The above are just some examples of the language developed in the BPCR Silhouette game so far. What does it mean when a shooter John Deeres a target? In the various silhouette games. If the bullet is heavy enough and the hit just right. If a shooter gives the trigger a severe jerk. but experienced competitors understand. “trust the rifle” means to adjust for the shift before shooting the next round. that was “Mary Poppins weather. I couldn’t see a change in conditions but advised him to “trust the rifle. “Trust the rifle. That something could be wind.handloadermagazine. It is very difficult for a spotter to actually see a hit on a “helicoptering” target.” Now that may seem like an odd phrase. it counts as a hit. Most competitors use a different load for those targets than for the 200meter chickens. Therefore to “John Deere” a target means that your bullet plowed up so much ground in front of the intended target that 17 . The grid is in minutes of angle for the specific targets and ranges – this one being pigs at 300 meters. Hence the term “lay down loads” refers to those used for the targets fired at from prone. They mean little to the uninitiated. This gen erally happens with chicken targets. Machines made by the John Deere Company are usually designed to move dirt by one method or another. from a standing.” Helicoptered – as in “You helicoptered that one. which are fired at. His first. if a bullet ricochets off the ground but still manages to December-January 2010 the secondary projectiles actually knocked it over. as long as it’s the proper one in sequence.” Wind and mirage conditions can vary enormously in a match. It also counts as a hit if secondary fragments such as gravel or dirt knock over the target.

000 fps or more. slightly smaller than today’s “standard” figures. the date was 1905. It wasn’t even the second use of a belted case! First goes to an ob- . .30 Government 1903 (or 1906) case to .319 I .097 scure number called the . The desired result was more or less achieved. sporting rifles were moderately Handloader 263 • Reliable and uniform ignition. 27. PHONE: 888-757-WOLF (9653) WEBSITE: www. developed after extensive experimenting by a few wellknown riflemen.Rim Diameter ----------------. and then only because the . Jones then designed a larger case. Highest velocity possible was in the 2.280 caliber.275 H&H Belted Magnum F I G H E D C B A E . Ross was a rifle designer who had emigrated from Scotland to Canada.Head Diameter --------------.wolfammo. so Eley ballistition F. we often read that the 7mm Remington Magnum was the first 7mm belted hunting cartridge. The first attempt was to neck the U.275 Belted was recorded by H&H as a magazine rifle completed in October 1910 for the Crown Prince of Bhopal.S. For 18 www.260 B .275 H&H BELTED MAGNUM CARTRIDGE BOARD by Gil Sengel • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • I t is amazing the amount of knowledge folks can have.240 Weatherby. There isn’t 4¢ worth of difference between that round and the 7mm Weatherby of 1944.handloadermagazine. even though both were plagued by numerous problems. however.400/375 H&H Belted Nitro Express. Wrong. Like many at the time. There can be no doubt about this date.375 H&H was the first use of a belted case. While military usage was elusive.Length to Neck------------2. Wrong WOLF Primers Find Success with Handloaders Nationwide! PERFORM AN GUARANTE CE E 100% . • Consistent functioning under the most adverse weather conditions.500 C . So the 7mm Weatherby Magnum was really the first modern 7mm magnum? No. Its case derived from Henry Holland’s British patent No. the .275 H&H in late 1910. essentially the same as the modern . he was a firm believer in small bores and smokeless powder. Ross wanted 3. Another “fact” we hear is that the great . rifle magnum & 209 shotshell. Ltd.700-fps range using a bullet of about 140 grains. Ross contracted Eley Bros.532 F .Length to Shoulder-------2.Case Length----------------2.280 Ross wasn’t quite a 7mm.W. how much they can know with absolute certainty. to develop his idea of a proper cartridge.220 D . This is most obvious in the current political mess we have gotten ourselves into and from which our republic may not survive. The round’s base and belt diameters were.Overall Length -------------3.912 of 20 Dec 1904. Yet it also applies in a smaller way to cartridge history. if they just don’t let any facts get in the way. You guessed it – the ..513 G .Neck Diameter --------------. • Match quality designs result in better groupings. That title belongs to this month’s cartridge. His intention was to produce a military rifle. Our story begins in 1906 with Sir Charles Ross.Shoulder Angle ---------------29° Cartridge Dimensions A . as the first . Now about that second belted case. • Non-corrosive WOLF Primers include large & small pistol and rifle.455 H .275 H&H Belted Magnum.Shoulder Diameter ---------.

Holland & Holland. a . Nevertheless. The large case volume kept pressure down while the body taper helped extraction. The December-January 2010 www.000 fps velocity was selling new hunting rifles. H&H wisely decided to experiment with large cases having a good bit of body taper and a slop ing shoulder. a comparatively small diameter bullet at near 3. Strike bone or thick hide. The final design was a belted.284-inch grooves or simply a 7mm. Just like the later .280 Ross was a true .com 19 . especially at very close range. While the .288-inch grooves – H&H employed a .280-inch bore diameter. British riflemakers. If pressure increased too much.250-3000 and .680 fps.22 Savage HiPower.675 fps and a 175-grain slug recording 2.275-inch bore meant . Even if the problem was cleared quickly.handloadermagazine. There was no end of testimonials and tombstones to prove it. hooves. all muzzle velocities. Original loadings show a 140grain bullet at 2. . Case capacities were also essentially the same. shock caused by the rapidly expanding (or disintegrating) bullet was amazing. which was a bit less than the Ross but whose base diameters were about equal. If placed by an experienced game shot who avoided bone and hit heart or lungs. and someone was in trouble.275 H&H Belted Magnum. a 160grainer at 2. Bullet diameter was something else. Velocity was held back a bit as well. however. it still gave a big. Thus the new round’s title of . rimless case of 2. there was the temperature thing. Still. obviously desired to offer a rifle hunters wanted. had another problem.275 caliber. the light. Of course.220 Swift. This is probably the reason for the slightly increased belt and base dimensions of Holland’s second belted case. not exactly what was wanted in Africa or India where temperatures were often high and animals large and dangerous. .28 caliber – . high-speed bullet sometimes killed like lightning – and sometimes didn’t. horns and teeth – singly or in combination – seldom miss. The then incredible velocity simply demanded the rifle be hauled off to Africa and India and applied to all manner of four-legged creatures – animals often far too large for the cartridge. Their early smokeless powder was quite temperature sensitive. a fired case would stick in the chamber.successful. mean animal an opportunity to get in a shot at the hunter.5 inch length. being a maker of premier double and magazine (bolt-action) hunting rifles. Claws.287/.650 fps.

A flanged (rimmed) version of the . Kynoch 20 www. probably some of the same used in the 7x57mm. Western Cartridge Co. Several different powders are listed early on. MD 20636 (301 373-3719) similar speeds for varying bullet weights show someone understood the limitations of the game bullets available at the time.275 is shown with the same bullets but 100 fps lower velocities. Eley P.000 fps muzzle velocities. Ltd. Hollywood. Samples of this load in my collection have rather blunt points with only a tiny bit of lead exposed.handloadermagazine. solids and varieties of tipped and capped designs. odd.qual-cart.275 produced for double rifles having both the Eley and Kynoch headstamps but containing only the cartridge identification of . An undated Holland & Holland catalog in my library shows the .275 Magnum ELEY. loaded the first cartridge with headstamps showing Holland . apparently in an effort to moderate the temperature/pressure situation.275 Magnum. After the merger of British ammunition companies following World War I. Only one bullet weight was offered. also began loading the .800 fps. A 1925 Nobel Industries.• Custom. All slugs were available at various times as softpoints.O.950 fps. obsolete and specialty ammunition • Wildcat development • Loading OVER 200 different calibers • Correct headstamped wildcat brass WEBSITE: http://www. This may have been the loading referred to by the H&H publication. Specimens exist bearing the Kynoch name as well. Box Handloader 263 . There was also a rimmed version of the . but no bullet weight is given.275 and speaks of 3.680 fps at the muzzle of an unspecified length barrel. a 175grain softpoint boat-tail achieving 2.275 H&H and continued until at least 1938. For some unknown reason. the waters get very muddy. Also shown are a 160-grain softpoint and copper-tipped slug listed at 2. (Kynoch) catalog lists 100-grain softpoints and copper-tipped bullets at 2. British bullets can be blunt or pointed and generally have more lead visible. the Holland name was omitted.

Such bullets will penetrate enough to get in and finish the job. hunters. Despite all the ammunition variations. It might eventually die. but not before dashing up to the shooter and introducing itself in a violent manner.275 H&H after World War II. those 80-yard deer and elk shots (no mean stuff. . a bit of case forming.handloadermagazine. rhino.275 H&H was doomed from the day it was born. though perhaps not instantaneously.275 H&H is just a slightly deformed 7mm Remington Magnum or 7mm Weatherby. Powders. didn’t penetrate and animals sometimes got away. Perhaps this is what attracted Roy Weatherby’s attention to the 7mm so early. modern powder and bullets now give the cartridge the performance Holland & Holland had hoped for – but could not obtain – right on 100 years ago.275. don’t turn it down.275” and such in American literature between the wars. since the . Suddenly coming across a recalcitrant buffalo. A set of loading dies. This was when imported telescope sights were beginning to be favored by those who could afford them.275 H&H seems to have had somewhat of a following for long-range use among certain U. • December-January 2010 www. with the trick bullets now available. the . The same goes for an original Griffin & Howe or Hoffman Arms rifle. please) just result in a lot of eatin’ meat being reduced to blood-shot worm food. Folks were carrying a rifle capable of killing moderately large game at 350 to 400 yards but generally firing at creatures only 100 yards or less distant.S. if one has the opportunity to possess a fine Holland & Holland magazine rifle. lion. The bullets broke up.280 Ross or like rounds. The small diameter cupand-lead-core bullets just could not survive close-range impact with tough hide and thick bones of big game animals – not at the velocity achieved by the . Strangely. Therefore.ammunition in some form existed until at least 1940. Today. and the outcome favored the animal. pressure concerns and the fact that just anyone couldn’t afford a new Holland & Holland magazine rifle had little to do with it. tiger or other such beast at a range of only a few yards. One gets bits and pieces of comments on the “British 7mm” or “7mm H&H” or “the magnum .com 21 . the . One also had to realize that carrying such an arm in places that held really big stuff could be fatal unless someone was immediately available with a real rifle. Noted gun writer of the time Phil Sharpe even mentioned that Winchester had considered chambering the Model 70 for the .

which will probably never need adjusting again. Based on those observations. and it may need to I n the past few months. If this is the case. as long as it is used in conjunction with the same press and shellholder and the locking devices remain tight. they are not beginners. which if followed correctly. then screw the die into the press until it just barely touches the shellholder. it becomes clear that many have not mastered die adjustment. The pin should extend just far enough to reliably punch out spent primers. it may break or the decapping Sizer dies featuring a carbide ring should be adjusted so they don’t contact the shellholder. Most modern dies feature a decapping unit as part of the sizer die. Now tighten the locknut of the decapping assembly.002. and in many instances. will produce perfect cartridges the first try without damaging a case or bullet. or just enough to reliably punch out spent primers. This unit should be adjusted so that the decapping pin extends below the bottom of the die about 3⁄16 inch. which is found at the top of the die. but some press/die combinations do not allow enough adjustment for the expander to be properly adjusted. If the pin extends too far below the die. or just enough to allow the bullet to seat without catching on the sides of the case. and contacting the hardened shellholder may cause it to break.” for lack of a better way to describe . it may cause breakage or can bend the decapping assembly. The sizer die is now . therefore a sheet of paper helps establish a . or top of the press stroke. its highest point. Carbide is hard but also brittle. which might bend or cause damage to the assembly. In discussing processes and techniques. The sizer die is probably least problematic. For example I was recently on a handloading “seminar. it has become clear that many struggle with adjusting dies. While holding the die body to keep it from turning. I’ll share the methods I use for setting and adjusting three-die revolver and pistol reloading dies. or breakage can occur. Some die manufacturers suggest screwing the die body down until it contacts the shellholder when the ram is raised to its highest point. wherein at least one writer and a couple of employees of the sponsors struggled their way through what was a simple and easy die adjustment.handloadermagazine. turn the lock ring. keep in mind that it is not necessary for the expander die to contact the shellholder.003-inch gap. down until it firmly contacts the press. aka 7⁄8 x14 locknut. Insert the shellholder into the ram and raise it to The decapping pin should extend below the die body around 3⁄16 inch. If it protrudes excessively.DIE ADJUSTMENT TIPS FROM THE HIP by Brian Pearce • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • assembly may contact the inside head area of the case. and then tighten the setscrew. insert a piece of paper between the shellholder and the bottom of the die. If you are using carbide dies. Handloader 263 www. 22 The case mouth should only be expanded around 1⁄16 inch. The expander die is also easy to adjust.


then lower the ram slightly and screw the seating plug down slightly. With the bullet seated to the Handloader 263 1485 LIVELY BLVD. just enough to allow the bullet to “start” seating without catching on the sides of the case. big bore & paper-patched bullets. but if it does. Examine the “started” cartridge to determine how far the bullet has begun to seat. Once it is properly adjusted. Before beginning it is important to understand that the die body applies the crimp. MT 59106 • Tel: 406-655-8163 PERFECTION IOSSO Case Polish cleans and polishes brass casings to a high luster. with the cartridge present. Likewise most cast bullets for revolvers will feature a crimp groove. then raise the ram to its highest point.A.Quality hand-cast bullets for reloaders. It works with the media to reduce tumbling time and gives brass casings a like-new finish. case life will be shortened due to splitting at the mouth. stopping before the die body begins to contact the case. .com MADE IN THE U. then raise the ram to its highest point.iosso. and the bullet should be seated so that the case mouth is on the upper portion of the groove.loadammo. oxidation. high enough that it absolutely cannot expand the case mouth. and the mouth of the case should be on the upper portion of it. Screw the seat/crimp die into the press.” so to speak.0 Once dies are correctly adjusted. the expander can be adjusted to properly flare the case mouth. tarnish and discoloration. which is usually around 1⁄16 inch.437. inspect and repeat in small steps until the case just begins expanding. Houston.500 bullets or permits you to design your own custom cartridge and develop load data. then screw the expander downward until it begins to enter the case mouth.S. TX 77089 Email: www@loadammo. Adjust (or lower) the expander a small amount and again insert the same case. but it is also very simple to adjust. 7730 Hesper Rd. This should be accomplished in “steps. Now screw the seating plug down until it touches the bullet. while the seating plug controls the bullet seating depth. If expansion is excessive. The bullet seating and crimp die is the one that often gives the most trouble. and it may be difficult for cases with the wide mouth to enter the seat/crimp die. That die is now set and will probably never need 24 www. Visit our web page at www. IL 60007 PHONE: 847.MontanaBulletWorks. Begin by placing a case that has NEW LOAD FROM A DISK FOR WINDOWS V5. Lower the ram (or case) and insert a bullet into the case mouth. • Billings. Square Enterprises. place a sized case in the shellholder and raise the ram to its highest point.. Unscrew the seating plug to its highest possible setting. neck expanded.8400 WEBSITE: www. tighten the locknut on top of the die. Dept. it will only require a slight change to the depth of the expander. which can be felt. primed and charged with powder into the shellholder. VH 9826 Sagedale Dr. Keep track of your firearm information and log range data for comparison. or belled. Repeat the above in small “steps” until the bullet is seated to its proper depth. Lower the ram and inspect the case. Make the adjustments slowly to prevent seating the bullet too for details or to download our FREE DEMO. IOSSO PRODUCTS ® This new version includes a database of over 1.400 cartridges and 2. the setscrew locks the lock ring. which is probably not expanded enough to accept the bullet. Jacketed revolver bullets usually feature a cannelure. This unique polish also protects casings from tarnishing once they are cleaned. rifle. Once the expander die is locked in place.handloadermagazine. Website: www. competitors & recreational shooters! Extensive selection of pistol. ELK GROVE. The case mouth should only be expanded. until it is fully inserted into the die. then raise the ram to begin seating the bullet. With the expander adjusted high in the die body. Polished be locked with as much as 1⁄4 inch or more space between it and the shellholder. Available in a variety of sizes for the at-home reloader to the commercial reloader. previously been sized. IOSSO Case Polish removes powder fouling.

the die and begin loading firstif it does. which tighten the setscrew. MISCELLANEOUS TIPS Cases tend to “shorten” upon crimping. as an overseated in small increments until the desired overall die. The point being. unbullets. once it is mastered. Difcrimp. The case mouth is flared hold the die body to keep it from applied. again raise the cartridge all the way into the die (the highest point). The adjustments are complete. It is beneficial for some cartridges to seat bullets and apply the crimp as separate steps. and you are ready to seat bullets and crimp in one step. and even how much crimp is applied. • With the die body set for the correct crimp. In these instances simply seat the bullet to the correct depth but without a crimp. To lower the press handle obtain consistent crimps. which can preferent bullet designs revent the cartridge from upper side of the crimp groove or chambering. but With the above cartridge when loading swaged in the shellholder and lead or cast bullets. while screwing the die uniform case length is body down in very small critical. bullet being loaded. Once the prin ciples of to prevent the bullet from catchturning and turn the lock ring die adjustment are learned. After that is accomcase length or the type of case to buckle below the plished. increments until the desired amount of crimp is Continual die adjustapplied. correct depth or overall When loading jacketed cartridge length. Raise and the side of the bullet. Trust me. primaonly be turned slightly When setting the seat/crimp die. not need to be great. due to variations in crimp will cause the cartridge length is 25 . turn must be adequate to the die body down until prevent the case mouth it begins to contact the from shaving lead from case mouth. can be accomplished much quicker than even a speed-reader can skim these paragraphs. the crimp (far right) can be applied. it the ram fully raised. the case mouth should be on the December-January 2010 www. then screw the seating plug down until it firmly contacts the bullet and set the locknut on top of the die. the flare does screw the seating plug. almost always buckles rate ammunition. The above adjustment method eliminates the need for “dummy” cartridges and. Once the correct quire seating depth adjustments cannelure before the crimp is amount of crimp is obtained. bullets should be rily with the seat/crimp for each try.handloadermagazine.the case and ruins it. The die should ment is necessary. this is far more difficult to put into words than it is to do. then apply the crimp as a separate step using the above die adjustment methods. it ing on the edge of the case durdown against the press and takes only a few seconds to set ing the seating operation.

but the ever increasing cost of ammunition or components can put a real crimp in anyone’s shooting style. you can shoot the . Using average mass merchant prices.22 conversion unit is on a Taurus 1911 frame.22 convercan use. or substitute. 1930s. but the rimfires use an alloy slide. I have happily shot one of CZ’s units for the CZ-75. we called it . Individuals who already have those skills can polish them and The SIG P226R can handle all rail-mounted accessories. so tactical accessories will fit.handloadermagazine.22 for a nickel or less a round. when I visited the Olympic Training Center. 26 www.22lrconversions. A student who has trouble with those two can profit enormously from a rimfire’s ease of shooting and then be gently transitioned back to the service cartridge. they called it “training. I The real question that comes to mind is whether or not you happen to know that .advantagearms. The answer to that is obviously yes . Advantage Arms (www. The minimal recoil and muzzle blast of the rimfire can be highly beneficial in learning to control the trigger and avoid flinching.22 conversion kits are available. SIG Sauer has taken a slightly different tack. Or if you already have a centerfire version. a rimfire sion units or dedicated pistols as a training tool for a duty or have been available since the late de fensive pistol. All shooting skills are perishable.” But the more I think about it. Because of this we’re seeing more and more use of the lowly .TRIGGER TIME PISTOL POINTERS by Charles E. and you maintain them only by regular use. com). and the slight difference in weight is not an issue. which almost always involve drawing from a also has the same units of its own manufacture. The Tactical Solutions . P228 and P229 as complete guns and later add a conversion to the appropriate centerfire caliber. . work on the muscle memory elements of presentation and first shot accuracy. The only way anything centerfire can compete is if you cast your own bullets and get free lead. The frames are identical. Recently I’ve been able Handloader 263 As a devoted fan of the 1911. Petty • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • T he first time I ever heard anyone use the term “trigger time” was in a class I was taking from Ken Hackathorn back in the 1980s. Good training policy should seek to duplicate real world situations. “trigger time” is the best of all. When I was a bullseye shooter. You can buy rimfire versions of its popular P220. . . and no. I have used his 1911 units several times with success and have heard favorable reports on the others but have no personal experience. Glock and Hi-Power from Jonathan Arthur Ceiner (www. P226.22 rimfire for things other than highvolume blasting. but it is only recently that we have seen conversions for other “duty” type pistols such as the Beretta (Taurus).

Little birds tell me 27 . but I use. and all the with strikers. ous Glocks. do not believe it to be an Springfield XDs and S&W insurmountable shoot a new P226R and found it to be completely reliable and very accurate. I know enough Within the law enforceabout springs and mass/ ment community.handloadermagazine. but at this tols. so the hammer does not slide to work nicely with the rethat will change in due time. some of stroke where the recoil spring and chamber a round.22.22 is not must provide enough energy to tional hammers are usually a substitute for full-load training. Convenyou are thinking that a . duced recoil of the . The various Glocks. there balance relationships to has been a dramatic be the first to admit that shift toward polymerthis sort of work is far frame pistols for duty above my skill level. by now. markedly impede slide velocity. and that’s When it’s done it sure should be a The hammer is not an issue fine because a relatively lightbetter mousetrap. be sure that the striker achieves cocked by the very first recoil im- December-January 2010 www. With conversions it time none are available for the pulse where the slide has barely is very common to use an alloy XD or M&P. on the way back and still have to his door. They involve mass and springs. so the slide – weight recoil spring will serve to maker has to do is sit back and whether aluminum or steel – can protect the slide from battering wait for the world to beat a path travel back with relative ease. the initial “pre-load” condition and still have enough left to strip a cartridge and finish closing the slide. M&Ps present some difBoth Ceiner and Advanferent problems to solve because of the mechanThe rimfire version is the spitting image of the 9mm tage Arms already offer conversions for the variics of striker fired pisP226 but is just a bit lighter due to the alloy slide. The hang-up is on the closing enough oomph to close the slide I’m sure that.

If the exact gun you want is not available.00 plus shipping Tr i m m e r c o m e s c om p l e t e w i t h o ne c a r t r i d g e h o l d e r. chamfers and deburrs in one operation. • Trims. so even though a . To me that makes the . new shooters cannot tell that they are making those errors because the recoil of the gun masks them. • Case holders for most bottleneck cartridges. Guns can qualify for both. All of us possess the startle reflex that causes us to jump on hearing a loud noise or to pull away from something painful. And until we can train ourselves to control those. the chances are you can find something close. there was a . jerking the trigger will produce a shot that lands in the lower left quadrant of the target. they won’t be as severe as they are with a . now convertible to standard cases. Check or Money Order FREE METALLURGY & CASTING INFORMATION Bill Ferguson. • Registers on the shoulder of the resized case.matchprep. so be sure to use something that is similar. my coach would say.700 points for a complete match is the holy grail. we’re getting close with automatics. With the exception of law enforcement recruits. Sadly. 28 www. Metallurgist Tel: 520-458-5321 Cell: 520-559-5321 e-mail: bulletman1@cox. all have started with a . CA 93561 (661) 822-5383 www. The good news is that reflex responses are proportional to the stimulus. heavy-recoil cartridges are more likely to result in shooter errors. For a right-handed GRACEY CASE TRIMMER “An Integral Part of the C h a m p i o n ’s Competitive Edge!” $280.600 out of a possible 2. we are doomed to mediocrity in the shooting world.22 – and if I were king. But targets don’t lie and the hole in the target is judge and jury. “I can tell you how to shoot 2.600 in 25 words or less: Align the sights with the target and cause the gun to go off without disturbing that alignment. For lefthanded shooters those are simply reversed. Flinching – also called anticipating recoil or “heeling” – will find the round in the upper right. the important thing to remember is that . It is surely true that large-caliber. a score of 2. but those are just normal human reflexes.22 equivalent for every service revolver. The two fatal errors in shooting are jerking the trigger and flinching. • 50 MATCH PREP 21204 Carriage Drive Tehachapi. Back in the day when revolvers website: www. shooting’s equivalent to the 4-minute mile. Over the years I’ve worked with any number of people who are shooting a handgun for the first time. • Completely finishes many cases per hour.handloadermagazine. • Handloader 263 HARD HARD ANTIMONY/LEAD ALLOY ALLOY Alloy Antimony @ 700ºF in Most Electric Casting Pots Cash.22 an ideal training platform.44 Magnum.22 can still elicit those reactions. I’ve had more than a few students argue with me when I tell them they’re committing one or both of those sins. Both of those become errors in sight alignment.” For those of you unfamiliar with bullseye . When I was a young shooter in the USAF. but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beneficial.22s are not only economical they are also great training aids. the cops-to-be would too.You’re right. the most important thing is that first shot. However. For duty or CCW training. and between conversion units and dedicated pistols.theantimonyman.


56 NATO cartridge.5 56.0 25. No.0 42. Author’s Selected Loads Hodgdon’s H-335 bullet (grains) charge (grains) velocity (fps) . The temperature was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.30-06 . the . and with the extraordinary array of canister powders available to us today. extruded or spherical. 51. The late Bob Hagel reviewed H335 in Handloader No. 94.HODGDON H-335 PROPELLANT PROFILES by R. The powder is the same: spherical.717 2.H.0 50. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • H odgdon’s spherical reloading powder H-335 has been available to handloaders since approximately 1963. I did.950 fps. November-December 1981. I used them throughout these tests.308 Winchester. using standard strength.223 Remington 7. most other reloading manuals do not make such distinctions for H-335.62x39 .222 Remington and the . Both loads shot into about 11⁄2 inches at 100 yards – pretty typical for that rifle with that bullet. I dare say the results would have been different if it had been 20 degrees or lower. Today. however.896 fps with an extreme spread of 37 fps. Florida. It would be rated as a fast-burning rifle . old powder.0 34. meaning it is comprised of both nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin.982 2. The exceptions seem to be with the . According to Hodgdon data with its 24-inch barrel.289 3. VanDenburg.45-70. Although Hodgdon purchases H-335 from the former Olin facility in St.0 grains H-335 and Hornady 150-grain jacketed bullets.302 2. Still. W-748 is close but somewhat slower burning in most applications.8 Remington SPC where the standard large rifle primer is employed.886 2. there is no comparable Winchester propellant.30-30 .22 PPC and 6mm PPC cartridges where Speer calls for its CCI BR4 primers and the 6. of fine granules with an exceptional metering capability. Jr. or possibly magnum. I loaded Federal cases with both Federal 210 and 215 primers. decide to try a comparative test with a cartridge admittedly not best suited for the powder – the . it compares favorably with the various 4895s.0 51.225 2. 14 agrees with this reasoning as it calls for magnum primers almost exclusively when using H335. It was originally developed by the Olin Corporation for the military as a propellant for the 5. The magnum primers clocked 2. it can be completely satisfactory in cartridges as diverse as the . I should have gotten about 2. Notably.0 32. primers for all the powders listed for a given cartridge.303 British 8mm Mauser . Marks. H-335 is popular in a wide variety of cartridges but is most at home in small-capacity cases or in larger-capacity cases with a high expansion ratio. it is perhaps time to revisit this fine.858 fps with an extreme spread of 8 fps for five shots with the standard primers.30-30 Winchester and the .078 Be Alert – Publisher cannot accept responsibility for errors in published load data Because I tend to favor the Speer approach and employ magnum strength primers when loading spherical powders. Somewhat slower burning than IMR-3031. many of us would naturally conclude that magnum strength primers are automatically called for.handloadermagazine.222 Remington. The most recent Speer Reloading Manual.3006. Its earliest reloading commentary suggested it was particularly well suited for use in the .165 2. we need to consider the matter of primers. As that is closing in on 30 years ago.0 3. Consequently. 30 50 55 123 150 150 150 150 300 26. In handgun cartridges Speer uses standard primers with H-335 in the 7mm TCU and 7mm BR. I’ll stick with the Handloader 263 www. double-based. Because H-335 is a spherical powder. I recorded 2.45-70 Before we get into a review of some of the cartridges for which H-335 is suited. Distance from the muzzle to the midpoint of the start-stop screens was about 12 feet. With my 22-inch tube. This is because such powders are known for being more difficult to ignite as they tend to be more heavily coated as a means of controlling burning speed than are extruded powders.

Suite A • Prescott. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $3.S.$6. .00 Foreign.25 U. classic firearms from Doug Turnbull Restoration. Arizona 86301 TOLL FREE: 1-800-899-7810 ONLINE: www. $12. AZ Residents add 8.35% tax.riflemagazine. SPECIAL PRICE! $12. Wolfe Publishing Company 2625 Stearman Road.Two Great Ways To Keep Up To Date In 2010! 2010 “Reflections” North American Wildlife Calendar CLASSIC FIREARMS CALENDAR 2010 Featuring 13 months of stunning wildlife photography by Stan .95 Plus shipping & handling.95 Plus shipping & handling. 13 months of exquisite.50 Canada .$8.

Even the .4570: with the 330-grain cast Gould bullet at midrange pressures and with a 535-grain cast bullet at Ruger No. Accurate Arms of McEwen. Noted for its consistent metering and clean-burning nature. All the following tests were conducted with this latest iteration of 2015. A comparison of suitable cartridges varies little from one compiled for H335. and the American importer. Montana. The BR suffix was dropped. No. however.45-70 300 330 400 27. a couple of newer ones catch our eye: the . It compares most closely with IMR4198.458 Winchester. This is the same facility that manufactures the IMR line of smokeless powders and Western’s new black powder substitute. All in all.450 Marlin.204 Ruger and . with the . The Lyman Reloading Handbook. throughout all this has remained remarkably consistent.22 and 6mm PPC and BR rounds. magnum primers for most uses with H-335.30-30 Winchester 110 7. In 2004. dropping the prefix. all of which make it a bit faster burning than IMR-3031. however. the original source dried up. or about.0 28. .222 Remington with 40grain bullets. the . Accurate 2015 doesn’t necessarily produce the highest velocity in either. Blackhorn.0 32. the powder impressed a lot of people early on.4570 and . H-335 is spectacular www.223 Remington.5 52. With several weights it also produced top velocity. 49 rated 2015 “potentially most accurate” with 36-. 1 pressure levels.031 inch and a length of . It does the same in the PPC parent 7. a very useful powder. As so often happens. Handloader 263 The powder. At. • with all bullet weights.039 inch.and 60-grain bullets.645 3.901 2. I began my tests with the . I found 2015 to be an excellent powder. Canada. . In the .20 Tactical. No.204 Ruger. When loading the . 50.188 2.0 3.860 1. producing high velocity and small groups. 6 found 2015 to be the most accurate powder tested. Its bulk density is listed at . generally with 2015 better suited for lighter bullet weights.479 2. 2015 and 110-grain bullets match up very well.439 2.303 British with 123. Reloder 7 and Vihtavuori N133. and the powder became simply Ac curate 2015. In the .396 Be Alert – Publisher cannot accept responsibility for errors in published load data. Tennessee.30-30 with varmint or plinking bullets for off-season practice. the smokeless powder division of Accurate Arms was purchased by Western Powders of Miles City.0 38. it early on attracted the attention of the benchrest and varmint shooting clans. turned to the Czech Republic. Its burning rate makes it a rather fast-burning rifle powder particularly suited for such cartridges as the . With 40.458 Winchester. Developed by and imported from IMI in Israel. the powder we now know as Accurate 2015 was initially called 2015BR. Although sometimes bettered by other . A final change occurred in 2009 when Western Powders began to obtain all of its extruded Accurate powders from the General Dynamics facility in Ontario. the Nosler Reloading Guide.107 1. but it’s close and its clean-burning nature produces very accurate loads.62x39 with 123-grain bullets. At the big-bore end of the spectrum. among others.17 Remington where it performs satisfactorily if not spectacularly. It is an 125-grain bullets perks up when fed 2015.45-70 and . and the powder became known as XMR-2015.22 and 6mm PPC and BR cartridges.223 Remington. 2015 still performs at a very high level in the .5 43.444 Marlin. making it one of the first of the “short cut” generation of powders.223 Remington 40 50 . Likewise with the . this time the labeling changed again.222 Remington.62x39 Russian 123 .222 and .880 g/cc. 2015 will do anything we want done in such cartridges as the .0 24. single-base powder with a nominal diameter of . Lyman rated 2015 best twice in the .303 British 123 . Hodgdon begins its H-335 data 32 Author’s Selected Loads Accurate 2015 bullet charge (grains) (grains) velocity (fps) . which is where we came in. As we check the list of suitable cartridges for 2015.5 50.and 50-grain bullets in the .223 Remingtonsized cartridges and such high expansion ratio examples as the .ACCURATE 2015 I ntroduced in 1990.handloadermagazine.

200 fps and fine groups from a 20-inch barrel. A perusal of the loading manuals will disclose that some of our newer powders can outperform H-335 in terms of pure velocity. 56. Those who choose to go back and read Hagel’s earlier comments should not attempt to use the Hagel-generated maximum loads. The Lyman Reloading Handbook. In the 8mm Mauser. the 7.and 55-grain bullets.for which the powder was originally developed. In my tests the powder was very accurate with both 50. achiev- ing over 2. showed a respectable 2. Fifty-four grains got me very close in my gun. 49 found H-335 to be the most accurate powder with 123. The 33 . the most recently published.and 130-grain bullets in this cartridge. laboratory-tested data is our best source.5 grains of powder from a 24-inch barrel. Lyman recorded its top velocity with 150-grain bullets in this cartridge. As usual. Hodgdon data.45-70. where it produced top velocity of Hodgdon powders when paired with 125grain bullets and almost as well with 150s. the .000 psi.20caliber . The .078.0 grains in a 22-inch barrel to reach my goal. .45-70 and the 300grain Hornady hollowpoint. Accuracy was good but not exceptional. 6 found H-335 to be the most accurate powder tested with 55-grain bullets. again with 150-grain bullets.3030 with 150-grain bullets. when keeping pressures under 28. Modern pressure testing equipment will almost always dictate a somewhat lower maximum charge.22 and 6mm. The Speer manual suggested it would take about 60. it is a fine powder with quite a wide range of usefulness from the new . but spreads began to open.356 Winchester and . my results with H-335 exceeded Hodgdon velocity projections.358 Winchester are also suitable homes for H-335 with most bullet weights. • December-January 2010 www. depending on bullet weight. H-335 is very good in the two PPC cartridges. No. and would make a fine hunting load. especially with bullets of 150 grains or so.880 fps from my 26-inch barreled Marlin.303 British. This would make a nice deer load with the right bullet. I got excellent results in the . My biggest surprise with H-335 came with the .143 fps using 63. Another place where H-335 more than holds its own is in the .handloadermagazine.62x39. however. Trying to dupli- cate the old Winchester high velocity load of 1.0-grain load shot well. In summing up H-335.0 grains left me 200 fps high at 2.35 Remington.204 Ruger and . No. and also shines in their parent case.20 Tactical to the old . The latest Nosler Reloading Guide.

220 Swift to make a long-range shot when coyotes hang up and refuse to come any closer.94 inch. The Sierra 50-grain BlitzKing grouped as tightly as . 8 fps for Reloder 19 and 12 fps for H-1000. Often. Extreme velocity spread was 74 fps for Accurate 2700.22-250. While I’m still a big fan of the .77 and . or both. One or the other. I’ve been shooting these powders in a Winchester Model 70 Varmint Swift made in 1961. A few of these powders produced low extreme spreads of velocity in my Swift. that I’m wondering why I didn’t buy a Swift a long time ago.33 inch with Accurate 2700. The Swift has always been known as an accurate cartridge. The average group size of the Sierra bullets was .178 inch at 100 yards.220 Swift these days. anyway. and the heavier bullets are longer and protrude down into Speed and Accuracy New Pow the case farther.5 inch and tighter at 100 yards. Reloder 17 and Big Game produced spreads between 36 and 41 fps. make the Swift just as good or better than it ever was as King of the Varmint Cartridges. Recent powders from Accurate.handloadermagazine.0 grains of Hunter last spring in preparation for a day of sending ground squirrels to that clover patch in the sky. commercially. Ramshot and Vihtavuori provide a new array of options for loading the Swift. Calling in the wide open of the West often requires a cartridge like the . This proves good bullets group well when fired through a good barrel. of these situations keep the powder in a uniform position so it burns more consistently. With 55-grain bullets. however. Hodgdon. The last three bullets I fired landed in . heavier bullets in a cartridge produce the lowest velocity spreads. A bunch of new powders. IMR. The Sierra 53-grain Bench Rest hollowpoint shot consistently well with four different powders.223. The Swift’s barrel remained fouled after nearly 100 rounds when the Sierra bullets were fired. Norma. 34 www. Alliant. That may be because heavier bullets require slowerburning powders that fill more of the case. with groups between . Norma’s 203-B turned in velocity ranges of 41 fps with 40-grain bullets and 29 fps with 50-grain bullets. and everyone is shooting the .John Haviland Y ou don’t hear much about the .com Handloader 263 . I sighted in the Swift with Remington 55-grain Power Lokt hollowpoints and 44. Vihtavuori N150 went as low as 9 fps with 40-grain bullets and 18 fps with 53-grain bullets. these powders made the Swift sing an accurate and speedy song – so much so. My Model 70 Varmint shot a few loads in .22-250 has stolen its long-range thunder. The . That was certainly the case with the relatively heavy Sierra 63-grain Semi-Point bullet.81 inch for the four groups. 20 fps with Hybrid 100V.

ders in the . Swift cases did stretch quite a bit in the Model 70 December-January 2010 www.handloadermagazine.220 Swift is hard to beat for long-range coyote and red fox hunting. In fact.220 Swift Certainly the shape of the Swift’s case has nothing to do with its precision. Its rim sticks out like a sore thumb and that can’t be beneficial for a precise fit in the chamber. still the Swift shoots well. . 35 The . the Swift case is the antithesis of what is considered a correctly shaped case for the best accuracy. Its long tapering case body and sloping shoulder also fall short of providing an exact cartridge fit.

I inserted a bullet into all the fired cases used to shoot the loads listed in the load table. That’s quite a bit of stretch. Even though the inside of the necks were lubricated. The bullet easily slipped into the case necks. pulling the expander ball back out of the cases took a bit of elbow grease on the press handle. 36 www.220 Swift. Then I threaded the stem back into the die and pulled the expander ball out of the case mouths. expanding the necks decreased case length ever so slightly.204. I unscrewed the expander ball stem. Sierra 53-grain Bench Rest hollowpoint.5 inch. 2. they include: Nosler 40-grain Ballistic Tip. Sierra 40-grain BlitzKing. So we can lay to rest the old myth that pulling a case neck over an expander ball increases case length. fired and completely resized varied as shown in Table I. The Winchester cases that had been fired a couple of times were sized enough to set the shoulder back . There have also been reports for years on end about the Swift’s high pressure causing brass to flow forward and increase the thickness of case necks. indicating no brass had extruded forward on firing to thicken the These Winchester 48-grain Super Speed pointed softpoints were Winchester’s original load for the . and with the expanded ball still in the case.205 and 2. removed the case from the die and measured the case lengths. The cases were trimmed to 2. and then some more when the cases were run into the sizing die. those measurements are right at the maximum case length for the Swift.002 inch. These bullets were fired in a Winchester Model 70 Varmint .195 inches and then fired. and then partially pulled out the case enough to loosen it from the die. In fact.handloadermagazine. Sierra 50-grain Handloader 263 . But this force did not lengthen the cases. One at a time.220 Swift when fired with maximum loads. The lengths of all three cases in various stages of loaded. The Swift cases did stretch quite a bit on firing. I measured the cases in the various stages of sizing to determine if the cases grew in length more during sizing and at what stage of sizing.206 inches. Remington 55-grain Power Lokt hollowpoint and Sierra 63-grain Semi-Point. in the Several of the new powders produced low extreme spreads of velocity and groups under .220 Swift. Combined Technology 55-grain Ballistic Silvertip.000 fps from the 26-inch barrel of a Model 70 Varmint. In fact. They had an average speed of 4.New Powders . From the left. I ran each case into an RCBS sizing die. Three of the fired cases had lengths of 2.

225 Winchester by about 100 fps. with its 4-inch shorter barrel. However.22-caliber cartridges will all burn out a barrel if long strings of shots are fired through them. necks. fired from 24-inch barrels. The average group size of the Sierra bullets was .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum. the faster a bullet leaves the muzzle.22-250 Remington cases I’ve reloaded over the years.81 inch.223 Winchester Super Short Magnum.22-250 cases usually last about 12 firings.22250. and the . shows. with top loads the . CARTRIDGE COMPARISONS New and old handloading articles suggest problems with the Swift will disappear if powder charges are backed off a couple of grains. come up about 100 fps short of the Swift. a couple of cases out of 100 split on the neck after they were fired five times.22-250 Remington. .220 Swift cases did stretch quite a bit.22caliber cartridges. They also stretched some more when run into a sizing die. in turn. Swift cases did not lengthen when they were pulled back out of the sizing die and over the expander ball.Above left. .220 Swift. The . This comparison proves the more powder burned and the higher the pressures. Right. The Cartridge Comparison table lists some top velocities with various bullet weights from the Swift and several other high-speed. From the left: . beats the Swift by 100+ fps. and then a few out of a batch will crack in front of the head. but that turns the Swift into a . beats the .22-250 loads. the . two of the Swift cases out of 100 have splits on the necks after being reloaded five times. As the table These hot . I also measured the thickness of the necks of a few cases that have been fired several times. and the measurements remained the same. If these four cartridges are fired December-January 2010 www.handloadermagazine. Top speed .22-250 Remington and . That has never happened to me with the thousands of . .225 Winchester. 37 .

their barrels would function only as tomato stakes.sympatico.204 2.212 2.220 Swift at a prairie dog town 500 times a day over a long weekend.205 2. Box 159. That’s why my old Model 70 Varmint Swift will make only brief appearances on the prairie and the hay field. Recoil was P. the Swift’s rimmed case would bring up slurs of cartridge feeding problems.handloadermagazine.22-250 cartridges. Would the Swift be received on better terms today as a new cartridge than back in the 1930s? No. we never observed any distinction between the two.725 fps from the . 2 part die insert construction . Wildcat Development and hydraulic forming services available.223 Winchester Super Short Magnum.22-250 in the same model rifle. Woodland Caribou & Black Bear Hunts NEWFOUNDLAND.9521 * Warner-tool.195 2.215 2. However. NL. the cartridge would wear a black eye as a crippler of deer. it would parallel the short and unhappy life of the . Even before Swift rifles were on sporting goods shelves. over two days of shooting. Every die is custom made based on your fire formed brass. The Swift was introduced in 1935 in the Winchester Model 54 This Winchester Model 70 Varmint was used to shoot the .O. and my partner banged away with a . 2.wheeler@nf. Concentricities of . Table I Case Measurements fired length (inches) length run into die (inches) length pulled over expanded ball (inches) trimmed length (inches) Tired of Run Out? Tired of Over Sizing? Want to Extend Brass Life? The WTC Sizing Die is the Answer to your Sizing Headaches! Minimal brass sizing for flawless chambering and maximum case life.212 2. CANADA 38 www. We both shot Remington EtronX loads with Hornady 50-grain V-MAX boattails. 10x scopes are often seen on . one for the neck and shoulder. the barrels heated Handloader 263 18 Lucinda Terrace * Keene.210 Of course. Head space adjustment within the die via hardened and ground tool steel retainer rings. Now introducing the Magnum die body that will accept larger cartridges up to 416 Rigby.biggamecanada. Today. The scope is a Leupold VX-L 3. even in rifles built with much more wear-resistant barrel steel. Before hunters even had a chance to shoot a Swift.206 2.5-10x 50mm. It was said the heavy amount of powder the Swift burned and the high velocity of its bullets quickly ironed out the Model 54’s mild steel rifling lands as flat as a road-kill jackrabbit on a paved highway in the heat of an August afternoon. The solution is to in the Would the Swift be received on better terms today as a new cartridge than back in the 1930s? keep the rate of fire at a slow and reasonable rate so the barrel on a Swift and these other cartridges will last years on end.213 2. The Swift was also said to produce squirrely pressures with maximum loads. NH * 03431 603.220 Swift loads listed in the table.22 rimfire rifles. Before we started shooting. we decided to compare notes on any differences we saw between the Swift and .780 fps from the Swift. the Internet would be ablaze with tales of torched barrels after firing as few as 300 rounds and a cartridge whose accuracy fell off to dismal after firing as few as 20 rounds. On a prairie dog shoot-’em-up a few years ago.195 2.0005" or better from top to Book now for 2009 & 2010 • Tel/Fax: (709) 681-2191 dean. I shot a Swift in a Remington Model 700 electronic ignition EtronX.211 2. Canada A0L 1L0 Moose. Those criticisms and condemnations have pestered the Swift ever for the body. Articles about the Swift from 30 and more years ago suggested using a scope of 10x to allow precise bullet placement at long range.195 .22-250 and 3.New Powders . bolt action. York Harbour. The stated velocity of the V-MAX bullet was 3. Standard die body will accept die inserts for any caliber from 6mm to 30-06.352.


5 44.75 1.035 3.22 rimfire rifle’s headspace is determined by case rim thickness). when the wind blew.724 3.95 .0 32.77 . Loads were fired at 100 yards through a 26-inch barreled Winchester Model 70 Varmint with a Leupold VX-L 3.21 .39 .0 44.724 3.34 53 Sierra Bench Rest hollowpoint About 20 years ago.5 36.730 3. 40 www.95 1.620 3.939 3.the Swift made somewhat of a comeback. set on 10x.32 1. This information about group reduction comes from the .0 40.088 4.205 3.225 Winchesters through a Ballard Rifle & Cartridge Company Model 1885 Single Shot with a 28-inch barrel.0 33. By sorting the shells into various groups by rim thickness. Owner (NRA Benefactor Member .22-250s through a Nosler Model 48 Varmint with a 24-inch barrel and the .22-250 Remington .22 rimfire ammunition (a .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum .220 Swift .5 The NEW BALD EAGLE Rimfire Cartridge Gage “The Gage That Works!” Notes: All loads used Winchester Large Rifle primers and Winchester cases.235 4. We hit prairie dogs quite regularly. buying a new Swift because the immense popularity of the .035 3.0 44. Winchester dropped the Swift in 55 Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip 55 Remington Power Lokt hollowpoint 63 Sierra Semi-Point AA-2700 Big Game N203-B RL-15 Big Game Hunter VV-N150 RL-15 Hunter Hybrid 100V RL-17 RL-19 Big Game Hunter IMR-4007 SSC Varget AA-2700 Hybrid 100V RL-19 H-1000 44.0 4.15 1.83 .90 .707 3.220 Swift powder charge (grains) velocity (fps) group (inches) 40 Nosler Ballistic Tip 40 Sierra BlitzKing IMR-4007 SSC N203-B Varget VV-N140 VV-N150 RL-15 Varget 45.90 .0 39. the .764 3.740 3.80 . All of the top shooters sort their shells into groups by checking rims and weighing the unfired cartridges. Be Alert – Publisher cannot accept responsibility for errors in published load data.0 39.709 3. a reduction in group size of up to 25% can be realized in some IF NOT MOST rimfire rifles. We shot at prairie dogs from 100 to somewhat over 400 yards.0 39.5 39.0 42.507 3.334 1.40 .337 3.223 Winchester Super Short Magnum loads were fired in a Cooper Firearms Model 22 with a 24-inch barrel.139 BALD EAGLE Precision Machine Company 101-E Allison St.220 Swift .22250 meant many more rifle and ammunition choices.225 Winchester 50-Grain Bullet: . The more consistent the rim thickness.0 37.3 42.0 48 Winchester Super Speed pointed softpoint 50 Sierra BlitzKing 4.225 Winchester H-4350 IMR-4007 SSC AA-2700 H-4895 47.220 Swift up at equal rates.5 40.5 39. PA 17745 TEL (570) 748-6772 FAX (570) 748-4443 Bill Gebhardt.902 3.71 1.86 .5 38.0 40.225 Winchester 55-Grain Bullet: . Be Alert – Publisher cannot accept responsibility for errors in published load data.714 3.22-250 Remington .378 4. off to the side.5 44.5 42. We also missed high and low.handloadermagazine.0 39.33 1.New Powders .80 1.22-250 Remington .5 35. In other words.0 42.223 Winchester Super Short Magnum . the firing pin will fall the same distance every time if the same rim thickness is used on every case being fired for a particular group.674 H-4895 AA-2700 Benchmark H-4895 42.49 . the .553 3.0 40. We decided by the end of the shoot there was little sense Table II bullet (grains) in the Loads for the .575 3.5 39.0 4.5 39. $8500 Table III cartridge Cartridge Comparison powder charge (grains) velocity (fps) This is a gage to measure consistency of rim thickness on .0 40.020 4.05 .IBS Life Member) Notes: The .com Handloader 263 .906 3.235 4.5 42.68 1.9 44.191 3. 40-Grain Bullet: .69 . the more consistent the ignition of the primer and the powder charge in the case.0 41.55 1. Lock Haven.778 3.5-10x 50mm.000 4.53 1.979 4.0 36.706 3.109 4.94 .665 3.0 3.223 Winchester Super Short Magnum .0 45.92 .117 4.220 Swift .203 4.220 Swift from a Model 70 with a 26-inch barrel. and the barrel bores seemed to foul the same when we cleaned them.599 3.528 3.800 H-4895 VV-N150 RL-15 TAC 43.41 1.0 42.603 3. and.19 .22 rimfire benchrest participants who compete in the extremely difficult BR-50 matches.2 37.

But Remington is the only major manufacturer still chambering the Swift. the Model 700 Varmint. and that’s in a single rifle. the Swift made somewhat of a comeback.handloadermagazine. Still. chester.1 2 3 4 This series of groups was fired with a Winchester Model 70 .com 41 .225 Win- December-January 2010 www. Ruger and Savage chambered rifles for the Swift but dropped the cartridge a few years ago.220 Swift at 100 yards. (4) Sierra 40-grain BlitzKing and Varget. They include: (1) Sierra 63-grain Semi-Point and Hybrid 100V. Cooper Firearms will still make you a Swift in its Model 22 single shot. About 20 years ago. The replacement . I plan on shooting the King of the Varmint Cartridges for a long time. (3) Sierra 50-grain BlitzKing and Accurate 2700. I finally got mine in the Winchester Varmint and with these new powders. there are lots of Swifts out there. was an immediate dud. • 1963 when it revamped its Model 70. which was sort of an abbreviated Swift. (2) Combined Technology 55-grain Ballistic Silvertip and Hunter.

Then all that is 42 www. The furnace thermostat should be set at a temperature to match the optimum melting point for the alloy being used and not excessively high. many things are if they are eaten.Cast Bullet Myth T Mike Venturino Photos by Yvonne Venturino here are so many myths surrounding handloading and shooting home cast bullets that I sometimes wonder if there is a misinformation campaign in operation. thus inhaling the fumes.” A pile of lead can sit in the corner of a garage or shop for years and remain completely harmless. rubbing one’s eyes or smoking. Ingesting lead into the body can happen by getting the lead pot too hot and then casting with one’s face right over it.” They are not.handloadermagazine. Lead is only harmful if ingested into the body.” Huh? Lead is certainly toxic. Lead does not give off “death rays. A good setup is for the lead furnace to be under a window with an exhaust fan in operation to pull out the fumes. HEALTH HAZARDS Here’s one for starters: Awhile back I got a letter from a reader asking where he could buy bullets such as I feature in articles. Probably not. but it need not be done in the outdoors Handloader 263 . Casting should not be done in an enclosed area. He said he didn’t want to take up casting due to the “well-known health hazards associated with the practice. most likely they are just items that have been printed in a mag azine article along the way and then repeated so often they gain credence as “cast bullet truths. More likely lead is ingested into the body from handling it and then doing something such as biting one’s fingernails.

This is a serious matter. A friend found me out Busting When casting his BPCR Silhouette competition bullets that must be very accurate. An official of Lyman Products Corp. It takes only one time for a bullet fresh from a very hot mould rolling off the bench and landing inside your loose fitting shoe to break you of casting in such. a face mask. They can be purchased at Home Depot-type stores for a few bucks. Mike’s setup for casting includes an exhaust fan to remove fumes. That’s not a bad idea at all. Proper apparel is one precaution. There is no doubt that if someone handles molten lead alloy often enough. as in washing hands with soap and hot 43 . Below. I cast bullets in a short-sleeved shirt once. Only once! I cast bullets in Bermuda shorts once. And lastly. Here a piece of bullet lubricant has been added to the pot. In my opinion the worst potential dangers to bullet casters are burns from molten alloy. a long-sleeved shirt and gloves to prevent burns. The above has been my method for over four decades without suffering any ill effects.Nothing but the Truth necessary is to perform basic hygiene after handling lead. causing it to smoke heavily. avoid getting anything in the lead furnace that does not belong there. December-January 2010 www. Only once! One time I cast bullets in loose fitting moccasins with no socks. The idea then is to keep the damage incurred to a minimum. recently told me that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates that their employees wear full face shields when casting on the job. he/she will get burned. Once I tossed in some Linotype pieces that still had some sort of printer’s chemical on them. Mike fluxes only at the beginning of a run of bullets. Such injuries can range from tiny blisters on hands or arms to severe eye damage if proper precautions are not taken – and I’m not just paying lip service to basic safety procedures to keep liability lawyers at bay.handloadermagazine.

gasping for breath. but I’ve learned in 20 years of trying to cast bullets for precision shooting that fluxing often indeed does harm. This was the first cast bullet group Mike fired with the German K98k after firing over 200 rounds of jacketed . primers.5x scope. none of which I’ve introduced to a pot but know of others who have. It is said that fluxing “keeps the various metals in the alloy from This is Mike’s second try with the German K98k with cast bullets after firing over 200 rounds through it with jacketed bullets. The same goes for moisture. Therefore bullets poured immediately afterwards do not fall into that weight range.handloadermagazine.S.” That’s something I bought into at an early age and shamefully repeated in articles over the years. Model 1903 . The flyer was shot number 5 to the right. Model 1903 . They are rejects. the bullets cast immediately after will vary considerably in weight. metals are forever alloyed. separating. My method is to flux heavily at the beginning of a session and then cast 15 bullets rather quickly without even looking at them. When pouring a run of bullets for BPCR Silhouette. and any that weigh outside my 0. so Mike fired a second five-shot group as shown in the far left photo.” It does not. Avoid getting anything in the lead furnace that does not belong there. There was no cleaning between jacketed and cast bullets. Then I start keeping all bullets with perfect appearing bases until I have 115. Then he shot his favorite cast loads without cleaning the barrels. Handloader 263 www. Then the lead pot is shut down. For casting many types of bullets. It’s a very rare casting session that doesn’t net me 100 FLUX OFTEN Another myth often repeated is “flux heavily and flux often.30-06 with a 3x Leatherwood scope (top) and over 200 jacketed bullets from the German K98k with Numrich ZF41 1. Once alloyed.Myth Busting on the porch on my hands and knees. My throat was raw for days afterwards. There was no cleaning between using jacketed and cast bullets. My personal criterion for BPCR Silhouette bullets is a range of ±0. Mike fired over 100 jacketed bullets from the U. Fluxing brings impurities to the surface.6-grain limits are set aside too. Fluxing changes both the temperature of the alloy and the cadence of the pouring. Any with visible defects are rejected. 44 This group was fired from the U. fluxing often does no actual harm. if a break is made to flux.3 grain. and the bullets are taken from the shop to the house where they’re inspected and weighed. gunpowder and even loaded rounds.S.30-06 with 3x scope using cast bullets after it had fired over 100 rounds of jacketed bullets.

and sometimes better. What about the “stuff” on top of the lead furnace that gathers if it’s not fluxed often? It’s dross or slag.handloadermagazine.” That’s more nonsense I bought into earlier. . Those barrels will shoot cast bullets as accurately as jacketed.or more perfect (by my standards) We supply all of CorBon’s cast bullets! REMOVE ALL JACKETED BULLET FOULING This one is repeated endlessly: “All jacketed bullet fouling must be removed from a barrel before shooting cast bullets. It’s just not so.45 440.5mm to . You can clean them with a copper solvent until your elbow wears out. • Gas Checked & Plain Base Match Grade Cast Bullets • Everything from 6.395 Gr. or the results will be dismal. 349 NW 100 St. KS 67576 Tel: 620-549-6475 Website: www. 20-22 BHN • Real Keith Bullets .41.460 S&W . discard it and forget it. Skim it off with a spoon. . 465 & 500 Gr. As a test recently I did the following: A Springfield Model 1903 fitted with a 3x Leatherwood scope was fired with over 100 jacketed December-January 2010 www. that have had jacketed bullet fouling in their barrels for decades.proshootpro. in .500 S&W. and the patches will still come out greenish.357. These big and small bullets have no visible flaws. I’ve been shooting a variety of World War II military rifles Mike says it may be true that a flaw that will be of no consequence in a big bullet will ruin a small bullet. John.. . For several years now. • St. but the answer is just don’t cast bullets with flaws.44 & .500 S& 45 .

Myth Busting

Left, Mike won the Arizona 2008 State Championship for Scoped BPCR Silhouette using bullets that were sized. Above, Mike has experienced just as much precision from sized bullets as from unsized bullets. At left is one of his favorite .45-caliber cast rifle bullets. It is a 560-grain Creedmoor style from a custom Brooks mould. At right is his favorite .40caliber cast bullet. It is a 425-grain “turkey killer” style bullet also from a custom Brooks mould.
bullet loads. With no cleaning a five-shot, 100-yard group was then fired with my favorite .30-06 cast bullet handload: Lyman mould 311299 casting a 195-grain Linotype bullet over 25 grains of Western Powder’s 5744. The group measured 1.50 inches. Next I fired over 200 rounds of jacketed bullet loads from a German K98k fitted with a Numrich 1.5x replica ZF41 scope. Again with no cleaning, a five-shot, 100-yard group was fired with my favorite 8mm Mauser cast handload: Redding/SAECO 81, which casts a 180-grain Linotype bullet, over 27 grains of Western Powder’s 5744. The first four shots went into 1.50 inches, but the last one was a flyer to the right making the group 2.25 inches. So I cheated and fired another five shots. Those did go into 1.25 inches. The point here isn’t that you should let your barrels get fouled to the point of ruination. It’s that if they are clean enough to shoot decently with jacketed bullets, they should shoot decently with cast. That’s not the same thing as saying they will shoot any old cast bullet load well. It must be a good load.

Left, Mike and Clint Smith with the bison cow Mike shot in Nebraska using an original Sharps Model 1874 .44-77 with bullets from RCBS mould 44-370-FN. The bullets were cast of soft 1-40 (tin-to-lead) alloy.


Handloader 263

Myth Busting
Well, of course, it will. That “myth” is true as far as it goes. The key, however, is just don’t cast bullets with defects. And if you did cast a defective bullet inadvertently, then don’t load it. If you did load it inadvertently, then don’t shoot it for any worthwhile purpose. Use it for a fouling shot or whatever. In my opinion a “defect” of any sort isn’t okay in my bullets, big or small. That’s in regard to rifle bullets used for precision shooting, as with BPCR Silhouette. I don’t worry about defects in handgun bullets, because they’ll be fired at short range. They can look terrible and

Besides fitting a cast bullet’s size, shape and weight to the shooting purpose, it is also necessary to cast it from an alloy suited to the purpose. At left, the bullets are sitting on a bar of 1-20 (tin-to-lead) alloy used for all BPCR Silhouette bullets and light to moderate velocity revolver bullets. Right, bullets, sitting on a bar of Linotype, are fired from Mike’s military rifle collection and his autoloading pistols.
still shoot nicely at 25 yards, especially if used in speed shooting. I’ve cast bullets as small as .22 caliber of straight Linotype for .22 centerfire rifles with results that surprised even me. Groups down toward minute of angle at 100 yards came from finely accurate varmint rifles. But, the bullets were good and handloaded properly. Entire articles can and have been written about casting good bullets and handloading them properly. Those procedures can’t be covered here, but there’s plenty of such information in back issues of this magazine.

That’s more nonsense that gets repeated over and over. No sizing is best if the bullet is perfectly round, and if it fits the rifle’s barrel perfectly. Schuetzen riflemen of old had their bullet moulds

Right, this is a regulation metallic silhouette turkey as shown on the range at the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, New Mexico. Below, to hit those tiny silhouettes requires fine cast bullet accuracy. Here Mike is shooting at the turkey silhouettes (third row back) at 385 meters under the number 12.

Mike fired this 12-shot group at 25 yards with .44-40 bullets of 1-20 (tin-to-lead) temper from Yvonne’s U.S. Fire Arms single action.


Handloader 263

45-70.handloadermagazine. The myth that no sizing is best also stems from the fact that lube/sizing dies used to cut bullets instead of swaging them. arguing the point with him would be silly.0 grains of Swiss 11⁄2 Fg black powder in my Lone Star Rolling Block.410 sizing die that merely applies lube without actually touching the bullet. I couldn’t hit a wash tub at 25 yards with my first .30-06 cast bullet handloads. To be honest I also repeated this particular myth for many years. After I bought a new lube/sizing die. Its bullets have a Creedmoor-style nose and weigh 560 grains. Therefore he sizes all bullets. he would rather shoot a perfectly round bullet than one even minutely out of round.409 inch. From my mould with 1-20 (tin-toDecember-January 2010 game with targets out to 500 49 .459 inch. www.40-65 BPCR Silhouette handload still uses bullets that are unsized.45-70 fitted with a 6x Montana Vintage Arms telescope. then bullets from the same mould and rifle shot nicely. lead) alloy. My favorite . I won at the 2008 Arizona State Scoped BPCR Silhouette Championship. They are sized to . for in 1967. Mike’s most recent BPCR Silhouette rifle is a Lone Star Rifle Company rolling block . I know. me. an old-timer at my gun club pawned one off on Above. Such “cut” bullets wouldn’t shoot worth a hoot. and I run them through a . He calls this design the “popcorn” bullet because he sells so many of that particular shape. as a young fellow. With that bullet over 57. They fall from the mould at . Mike will not compete in BPCR Silhouette with a rifle if it will not shoot cast-bullet. He once told me that for our BPCR Silhouette Don’t load cast bullets with defects. those bullets fall at . In fact my favorite .carefully cut by the same gunsmith who put the rifle together. Right. Since he has won the national championship for our sport twice and numerous state and regional championships. I won the 2000 Montana State BPCR Silhouette Championship. Such a combination logically should not need bullet sizing. Actually it was Steve Brooks who got me to thinking about cast bullet sizing.45-70 BPCR Silhouette handload uses bullets from another Steve Brooks custom mould. blackpowder handloads into groups like this at 300 yards. They are poured in a Steve Brooks custom mould (his 425-grain turkey-killer style).458 inch. Loaded over 64 grains of Swiss 1 1⁄2 Fg and fired in my Shiloh Model 1874 .

The key is to just match the bullet to the purpose.50 to be specific. They don’t even have to be fired from big magnum boomers. The difference is I’ve used big calibers – from . On the other end. And sometimes. moderately hard bullets are better. In fact I’ve personally experienced more bullet failures on game with jacketed types from both rifles and handguns. Again the bullet needs to be fitted to its specific pur- 50 www. bison and uncounted var mints with cast bullets without experiencing any problems. which is no good. I’ve shot oneton bison bulls with cast bullets with great success. soft 1-40 (tin-to-lead) alloy.000 fps should sail through most any deer at normal handgun ranges and put it down if hit properly. elk. For . It also helps to use a flatnose (FN) bullet – such as the one from RCBS mould 44-370-FN used on the last bison cow I brought home. if some common sense is used. with those .22-centerfire Linotype bullets mentioned above. I’ve shot numerous whitetail deer. and it definitely showed signs of expanding.4477. The bullet was cast of very With the low pressures of black powder.22 Long Rifle bullet but not as good as hollowpoint . Softer cast bullets are sometimes better. Most of us who have long read the pages of this magazine are familiar with the fact that in hand- guns the semiwadcutter (SWC) and FN cast bullet shapes work excellently even without expansion.45-caliber SWC or FN bullet at 1.44 to . although it punched completely through that beast diagonally.handloadermagazine. the only animals I ever shot with them were ground squirrels. They work as good for that as a regular . That one was shot with an original Sharps Model 1874 .41.22 rimfires. Smallbore cast bullets poured of extra hard alloy are going to act just like full-metaljacketed (FMJ) bullets in going through Handloader 263 . A . THE HARDER THE CAST BULLET THE BETTER Harder cast bullets are sometimes better. mule deer. hard bullets do not obturate.Myth Busting CAST BULLETS ARE NO GOOD FOR HUNTING Cast bullets are just fine for hunting.

if any at all. if I put bullets poured of Linotype alloy through my BPCR target rifles. Most calibers and twist rates. (Continued on page 80) Q uinetics C ORPORATION High Plains Reboring & Barrels. I have. Portable Offering Button and Cut-Rifled Barrels. This doesn’t just happen with BPCRs either.L. With the low pressures of the black-powder December-January 2010 www. seal the bore and prevent that gas cutting.pose. which is darn hard to remove. Experience has shown that the hard Linotype bullets with a nominal Brinell hardness number (BHN) of 22 travel up rough feed ramps and into chambers more positively than softer bullets. The difference is bullet obturation. Elderberry Avenue Spokane. Then shoot a 1-20 alloy bullet through the same revolver at the same speed and look.handloadermagazine. there will likely be streaks of lead fouling in the barrel’s grooves. so at this point it’s proper to stiffen the alloy a bit. Anyone who has fired hard Linotype alloy bullets out of a revolver at about 700 fps probably has seen a surprising amount of lead fouling left in the barrel’s forcing cone. Upon ignition of the powder. The same holds true for low-pressure handgun cast bullets. For example. the result will be severe barrel leading.SPG S t u key ’ s S t u rd y www.C.5. Quinetics’ NEW ULTIMATE MODEL with “NEW TWIST” Chuck Assembly www. Conversely. WY 82435 Powder Coated Steel Construction Cabinet Grade Plywood Top Benches $545.quineticscorp. Lyman’s much publicized No.quick-measure. respectively. and it’s no good 243 14th Avenue NW . 2 alloy with a nominal BHN of 15 is a good moderately hard alloy. Those alloys have nominal BHNs of 10 and 8. Contact: Norman Johnson Phone: 701-448-9188 E-Mail: nrjonsn@westriv.shootingbenches. in shooting my above-mentioned World War II military rifles and in shooting any autoloading 51 . most of us avid shooters are using blends of pure lead to pure tin in proportions from 20 to one to 30 to one. L. if that soft bullet is next fired in the same revolver at 1. WA 99208 • 509-464-0697 smalstuf@mindspring.00 + S/H JDS Quick Measure Cut Your Reloading Time! Not Your Powder! • This powder measure will not cut powder! • Charge directly into the cartridge cases • Charge 100 cases in less than 4 minutes Johnson Design Specialities 4607 W. I use only Linotype. The result is gas cutting around the bullet’s base with those alloy particles plating the bore. ND 58575 Rock Solid Tel: 281-351-1885 • Fax: 281-351-9585 SHOOTING BENCHES “The best portable shooting bench on the market “ .com Royal Stukey • Tel: 307-754-2060 694 Lane 13 • Powell. hard bullets do not obturate to seal the bore. the softer bullets’ bases swell.200 fps.Turtle Lake. For BPCRs. There’s a minimum of lead fouling. That’s friction leading.

and its Agent and Detective Special models were very successful.Charles E. Now I admit to traveling in a circle largely populated by gun guys. Today there is an enormous demand for the smallest-lightest gun you can carry. Colt walked away and gave S&W the market. Someone big is finally going to compete with Smith & Wesson in the arena of small. but I don’t know a soul in the group who doesn’t own a J-frame. at the SHOT Show last January. but for awhile Colt was the only serious competition. There had been some vague rumors that Ruger was going to enter the small revolver market. in the mid-1980s. Since its introduction in 1950. they were – and still are – carried as backup guns by the uniform guys and standard issue for plainclothes work. pocket revolvers. Petty wonder what took so long. the I LCR (Light. Colt had sold snubbies since the 1930s. although the switch to autos has changed that. the J-frame continues to prosper. It was a hot topic all over the show floor.handloadermagazine. but the word I heard most often was ugly. however. The fact that part of the frame was made of polymer was big news. There are imported versions. the S&W J-frame in its many iterations and models has thrived in a virtually private pond. I carry one on a daily basis. I’d bet the number of J-frames sold probably outnumbers all the other S&W models combined with the possible exception of the Model 10. Though I can’t prove it. When I was a cop. What we didn’t know was that development had been underway for about two years and that prototypes were test fired with “many thousands” of rounds of 158-grain +P ammunition. Compact Revolver) was Handloader 263 . and with the growing number of states that allow good citizens concealed carry. Generations of us have grown up with Ruger 52 www. and sure enough.

As is the case with all super-light revolvers. Big Business LCR December-January 2010 www. comfort of carry rather than shooting is its goal in life. What the folks at Ruger have done is blend proven technologies of aluminum. I’d be the first to say they look different. so anything that departs from those lines is foreign (non-traditional).the J-frame. The S&W loyalty is not lost on Ruger either. but if you can put aside a different appearance. One of the criticisms I heard at the SHOT Show concerned the shape of the cylinder and the unusual design of the flutes. the LCR is absolutely innovative and interesting. Little Guns.38 Special ammunition up to +P levels. but they are not. doubleaction only revolver capable of handling .handloadermagazine. stainless steel and polymer to produce a 13. as some suggested.5-ounce. and I’m sure it is just pure coincidence that it fits J-frame holsters – and the speedloaders work 53 .

marily due to differences in bullet weight. a weakness. non +P ammunition isn’t always easy to find. the shooter’s ability to manage recoil The line between the polymer and alloy segments of the frame is clearly visible. Two justly popular loads are Winchester’s venerable 110-grain Silvertip and the much newer Federal Personal Defense with a 110-grain Hydra-Shok bullet. Ruger LCR 54 www. and I like to oblige. sense here. Unless we’re talking about superslick PPC revolvers. although the light bullet can lead to shifts in point of impact with the fixed sights. with a lightweight revolver. and I’ll let you in on a little secret: The famous 148-grain HBWC (hollowbase wadcutter) is a joy to shoot and makes neat. we can choose bullet weights from 110 to 158 grains with 125 the most common. sharp holes in flesh as well as paper.38 loads are just as lethal as hot ones if the bullet is properly Handloader 263 . I firmly believe the choice of ammunition should be governed by the owner’s ability to shoot accurately with any given load. but mild . We can still find the original 158grain lead roundnose or semiwadcutter (SWC). Recoil of +P loads can range from moderate to obnoxious pri- A variety of ammunition was used in the tests. Testing a gun like this at 25 yards is probably a waste of your time and mine and. We also need to apply common A blend of proven technologies. Bigger is better. Moving up to +P loadings. because the first consideration of any gunfight should be the ability to put holes in your adversary. but this is where we ought to start. although Win- is the major accuracy factor.38 Special – and most handgun cartridges – occurs before the bullet leaves the case and sometimes before it even moves at all.The cylinder appears different but is more than adequate for +P ammunition. The screw above the cylinder latch is one of two that join the sections. The cylinder walls are just as thick as other similar guns. really accurate double-action shooting is a rare skill. Readers always want to know accuracy test results. Folks who know a lot more about this stuff than I do have told me that the maximum pressure in the .5-ounce gun. Both of these work well in snubbies. And that is done more easily if you don’t have “this is gonna hurt” lurking in your subconscious mind. is a greater test of my skill in trigger control than the inherent accuracy of the gun. and the area that receives the maximum pressure is the back half of the cylinder. and minute of belt buckle is more than adequate accuracy. Just because the LCR is approved for use with +P ammunition doesn’t mean that is what you have to use. As with any 13. Today.handloadermagazine. however. but there is a good reason these things are called belly guns.

and few of the +Ps score high on the fun factor scale. chester has a 130-grain SXT and Speer a 135-grain Gold Dot that are worthy of consideration. side by side. the barrel liner is shrouded by the alloy frame. and finally I worked my way up through the factory loads shown in the table ending with a sizable quantity of 148-grain wadcutters. The handloads were a mild cowboy load of 3. My experience with polymer-framed auto pistols suggests the polymer moderates recoil a 55 . then the same charge with a 158-grain LSWC that has long been my standard plinking load. in an S&W Model 342 that weighs about an ounce less but is probably the most directly comparable competitor. and myself. To me there wasn’t much difference in felt recoil. Just out of curiosity.Table I Ruger LCR Ammunition Test Results bullet (grains) velocity (fps) brand Black Hills Cowboy Winchester Silvertip Winchester Match Winchester Federal Personal Defense Remington Golden Saber +P Winchester Personal Protection +P Speer Gold Dot +P 158 LFP 110 148 HBWC 158 SWC 110 Hydra-Shok 125 130 SXT 135 647 739 643 751 860 852 843 828 Left. I shot the same ammunition. I decided to test the LCR.0 grains of Titegroup with a 125-grain LRN.handloadermagazine. although the Ruger seemed to be slightly less than the 342. with an assortment of handloads and factory ammunition. As you would expect. recoil increases proportionately with bullet weight. and that December-January 2010 www.

95 • We Accept Trade-ins If it If it doesn’t doesn’t unfold . I’m sure most of you are familiar with the outroar that followed S&W’s addition of a trigger locking mechanism in its revolvers.0 529 584 Be Alert – Publisher cannot accept responsibility for errors in published load data. 1-800-385-3161 3840 E. a waste of time Handloader 263 SHOOTING CHRONY The Greatest Bang for Your Buck! • For Precise Ammo Velocity Measurement • For Rifles. and it wasn’t until I belatedly read the instruction manual that I learned the Ruger did. I thought the trigger was pretty good. Loads for the Ruger LCR velocity (fps) 125 LRN 158 SWC Titegroup Titegroup 3. The polymer portion of the gun is called the fire-control housing and contains all the trigger elements. Robinson Rd. it’s it’s not a Chrony! Chrony! Have a look at our Shooting Chrony Ballistics Program on our Web Page: SHOOTING CHRONY. When I handled a couple of different examples at the SHOT Show. so one of the first things I did with the LCR was look for a keyhole.95 to $205..shootingchrony. But it is cleverly concealed under the grip. The LCR really breaks some new ground in Ruger design and is the first Ruger double-action revolver I’ve ever shot that did not get richly deserved criticism for the trigger pull. indeed. And to warm the heart of this old PPC shooter. at least for little guns like this. but the production gun I have is even nicer. Construction consists of the polymer fire-control section. unfold . Handguns. NY 14228 e-mail: chrony@shootingchrony. have a lock. 56 www.. The LCR breaks some new ground. I didn’t see one. an alloy frame and barrel shroud and a stainless steel barrel liner. Instead of formal accuracy testing which is.0 3. a dark silver-gray stainless steel cylinder and crane. The frame is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized with a highly corrosion resistant coating. The front sight is held in with a roll pin. must be the case with the LCR as well.. INC. It consistently takes 10 pounds to fire but without any of the inconsistencies or stacking often seen in revolvers with coil mainsprings. so there is no visible dividing line between frame and barrel. Airguns & Paintballs • Choose from 10 Models • MSPR: $89.. which must be removed to engage it. Shotguns. The aluminum portion also includes the barrel . PMB #298 Amherst. so we’ll probably soon see replacements in the form of fiber optic or tritium night sights. I was able to quickly index – or stage – the cylinder to the locked position leaving only a bit more pressure needed to fire the shot.Ruger LCR Table II bullet (grains) powder charge (grains) The grip is removed to show the locking mechanism.


875 inches Weight: 13.5 ounces Capacity: 5 rounds Trigger: 10-pound DAO Sights: fixed Grips: Hogue Tamer Price: $525. In this case the standard pressure 158-grain SWC works for me. found that the fixed sights were right on with a center hold at that range. much to my surprise. Instead my first concern is to make properly placed holes from which bodily fluids can leak. Ammunition selection for little guns like this is almost always going to be a controversial subject. Again with the 158-grain handload and Handloads printed just above the points of aim on the center of the “A” zone at 7 and 15 yards. the LCR doesn’t look familiar. I am just as tradition-oriented as the next guy. at least. it was no trouble to keep shots within the 10 ring of a B-27 target.38 load. Some believe enough velocity will solve any problem. glass-filled polymer. but a chat with Ruger’s Ken Jorgensen tells a different story. shooting slowly. of aim. But the best accuracy test of all was shooting at a 14inch steel gong at 70 yards.Ruger LCR and ammunition. I had to shoot a bit slower and had a couple of rounds wander out into the 9 ring. very strong. but I like to think that. Specifications: Ruger LCR Mechanism type: double-action only revolver Material: frame: Series 7000 aircraft aluminum. I don’t know if there is a formal definition of good accuracy for little guns. I chose to revert to an old cop training regimen of two-shot drills at ranges of 3 to 15 yards. and it all boils down to a matter of opinion rather than any objective way to measure effectiveness. I was able to ring it 8 out of 10 tries regularly and. Doesn’t that describe a good carry revolver? • A lock is cleverly concealed under the grip. Newport NH 03773 www.38 Special +P Barrel length: 58 Handloader 263 . fire control group: long strand.ruger. but I am not among them. At typical combat ranges with the same load. but the trigger is great. point of impact was slightly above the point This shot demonstrates the effect of full recoil with a +P load. When I moved up to the 135-grain +P Gold Dot. and then I want as much bullet weight as I can get without punishing recoil. but the LCR has it. Crimson Trace model: $792 Manufacturer: Ruger Firearms 411 Sunapee St.” he said. and I can hit what I want when I want. I have an open mind. barrel and cylinder: stainless steel Caliber: . “Orders are very. My sense from listening to others talk about it at the SHOT Show was that people weren’t taking the little gun very seriously. No. Using my 158grain handload that is roughly equivalent to the original .


“Sure. long lines. There were only 4 of us 11 children left at home.44 Special. rubbed my eyes and glanced toward the fire. it was time for a growing teenage boy to wake up.” His list was long and included putting up the rest of the hay. doctoring cattle. filled the canvas side packs with only A fter several months of hard work. Washington. but we tied into it and had it completed in about two and a half long days. This announcement was startling. combined with the hot evening sun.” We took the plan to our father. . “Let’s stay home and take a pack trip up Indian Creek. I had no interest in attending the World’s Fair with crowds. building a half-mile of six-strand barbedwire fence. but there are a few small things I would like you to do before you take off on horses.44 Magnum . as my father was about hard work. and my brother would be off to college that fall and then to other parts of the world. fishing poles and sixguns with plenty of ammo. baling and stacking hay. stay home if you want. I sat up. There was a week’s worth of work on his list. poor food and booths that had nothing to do with guns or hunting! I cornered my brother. We’ll take our best horses. I found rest under the shade of sweet smelling locust trees. It had been a long time since breakfast. cutting.3 Brian Pearce THE . rarely taking a vacation. who in effect said. We saddled our cow ponies.45 Colt. We were close and knew that we would see little of each other in the years ahead. and keeping equipment maintained. fixing fence. and he didn’t have to call me twice! . When the aroma of sizzling trout filled the air. taking little time to sleep. We’ll scout for a big buck and elk. as my older brother announced that supper was nearly ready. . along with a Decker pack saddle.45 COLT Sixgun Cartridges This all started when my father announced that we would be going as a family to the World’s Fair (Expo 1974) held in Spokane. And a cattle ranch in the summer requires long hours irrigating. Even while sleeping I was aware of my surroundings – the nearby horses with their occasional snorts and stomping of feet. the musical tones of Indian Creek as it rolled crystal clear water just a few yards away and the campfire occasionally popping. saying. splitting firewood and a few other “small” items.

and they gave the same results. The water was clear. It has accounted for deer and mountain lion. going into shallower water. The bullets had no trouble reaching them. so we hid behind the bushes and boulders to prevent the fish from seeing us. while I had a new-to-me preWorld War II Colt Single Action Army . After unsaddling and hobbling the horses and making camp. salt and seasonings. we caught a few grasshoppers and began fishing.44 Special. The grass was green and ideal for our weary horses.This custom Colt SAA pattern revolver is a duplicate of the Elmer Keith No. 5 . a little beef jerky. We had brought some food but would soon be on the December-January 2010 www. The remaining fish scattered. The trout were something around 3 feet down. and Indian Creek made a bend leaving a natural pool that was full of trout. Both were loaded with cast bullets. but they wouldn’t bite. allowed for the angle and cut loose. basic cooking utensils. Clearly this was a survival situation! My brother was wearing a 6-inch barreled Smith & Wesson Model 28. and we aimed just behind their heads. We made camp at a special place where there was a large grove of trees.45 Colt fitted with a 51⁄2-inch barrel and custom sights. verge of starvation without the trout. including sleeping bags.handloadermagazine. then spent the rest of the day riding toward the back of our ranch. the essentials. sixguns and 61 . We dug worms.

black bear. rather than the highpitched. terpiece that had been stuffed in our packs.3 Sixgun Cartridges but it only took a minute until we had all the fish we needed. Over the next few Handloader 263 . camped. Over the next few months. elk. tried fishing with regular fishing poles and shot our sixguns at rocks. the old . I have never wondered what the World’s Fair held. coyotes and other targets. rockchucks. not to mention a large hole for an easy-to-follow blood trail. leaving a blood trail on both sides then piled up dead. which passed through both lungs and exited. I continue to use the . all featuring throats of . 25-9 and 25-5.45 Colt fitted with a 4-inch barrel is a favorite. She ran about 30 or 40 yards.45 Colt loads employ cast bullets. ear-ringing tones of the .357 Magnum. as a legitimate big game cartridge. This was in the period prior to the widespread use of hearing protection.handloadermagazine. coyotes and pests. but I doubt it could have even come close to matching the adventures. Top to bottom include Models 625-6. We also practiced hitting tossed aerial targets with a Ruger Single-Six and a Smith & Wesson K-22 Mas- Brian considers the Colt Single Action Army .0 grains of Hercules (now Alliant) Unique gave a muzzle velocity of around 950 fps. In spite of its rather leisurely velocity. While my brother built a fire. and I quickly appreciated the lower muzzle report of the . Its large caliber seems to deliver unusual shock to an animal’s nervous system.45 Colt a top choice for a working gun. Two of Brian’s favorite . a doe at 60 yards was my first big game animal taken with a handgun. Today. The 255-grain Keith bullet (Lyman mould 454424) pushed with 9. Over the years that cartridge has been used to take a number of mule deer. we rode into new territory. just as it has for many generations.45.45 I have never wondered what the World’s Fair held.451 to . experience and fun memories we found on our pack trip. The Smith & Wesson N-frame .452 inch for good accuracy. the 255-grain Lyman 454190 (left) and 280-grain RCBS 45-270-SAA.45 Colt was proving itself. then decided to take the desperately needed nap. 62 www. I cleaned fish. I practiced daily with the old Colt until I became confident enough to take a deer that fall.

produces a bullet between 280 and 285 grains.44 Special is the Lyman 429421. The . pushed with 6.0 grains of Alliant Red Dot.000 Below 51⁄2-inch barrels. especially with the relatively low pressure factory loads that typically generate less than 14. I’ve used it successfully on black bear and other game.handloadermagazine.458-inch throats that generally robbed accuracy. it is effective on game with its large caliber and deep. Keith-style bullets are preferred for hunting big game. accuracy is good.These two custom Ruger Blackhawk . try Lyman mould 454190.44 Specials are among Brian’s favorite.) Just last year an iron-sighted Smith & Wesson Model 25 was used to take an Idaho buck in open country – a challenge by any measure. The Colt cartridge also finds favor when chambered in a Smith & Wesson Model 25-5 or Model 625-6 Mountain Gun. To duplicate it. which drops bullets weighing around 255 grains. And in spite of its mild velocities. Overall cartridge length should be 1. Right. (Note that some S&W Model 25s featured oversized . Colt in a brace of Colt Single Action revolvers for hunting and everyday wear. I now prefer RCBS mould 45-270-SAA.452- Brian considers the Colt Single Action Army (top) and Smith & Wesson Model 1950 Target . arrow-straight penetration.S. psi and feature a 255-grain bullet at around 860 fps. www. and while the original Lyman version (454424) is good.5 grains of Hodgdon Longshot powder for 940 to 975 fps from most guns with 4.580 inches with a roll crimp being placed over the ogive. Naturally. each fitted with a 4-inch barrel and featuring . depending on the alloy. the primary cast bullet that Brian uses to handload the .45 Colt is a joy to shoot. which inch throats.451/. The extra bullet weight is appreciated in terms of deep penetration on big game. try 63 .44 Specials as top working sixguns. Alliant Power Pistol delivers excellent results in the . while the flatnose and full-caliber front driving band cut a reliable wound channel and deliver shock. For postwar Smith & Wesson N-frame and USFA SAA revolvers. I’ve been deeply impressed with the quality and improved strength of the U.45 Colt is a joy to shoot. a 250-grain Keith. The . and for the last 10 years. Fire Arms SAA pattern sixguns.44 Special.

observation and experiences.44 Magnum with a variety of bullet weights.Above. but at this point it is more horsepower and requires a heavier gun than is preferred for an everyday hip carry. perhaps such loads would be a favorite.300 fps in heavy-framed . Redhawk and others.44 SPECIAL The .handloadermagazine. the Smith & Wesson Model 629 .44 Magnum is unusually versatile. If I lived in the Alaskan wilderness around the great bears.44 Magnum unusually Handloader 263 . Frankly. 255-grain Thompson gas check Lyman 429244 and 310-grain gas check RCBS 44-300-SWC. Frankly. it accounted for an elk with a single shot. 246-grain Lyman 429383. Alliant 2400 and Power Pistol give excellent performance in the . but the average handgunner certainly never has understood what an outstanding cartridge it is. including elk. This practice is absolutely safe and one I have promoted and still endorse. Hodgdon H-110. THE . 64 www.45 Colt revolvers. I am not talented enough with complimentary words to do it justice so can only report on my own opinion. Many handloaders and in-the-know sixgunners have recognized its value. Right. with greater recoil and a less than pleasurable muzzle report.44 Special has never achieved the widespread popularity it deserves. Examples of such include (left to right): Speer 240-grain Gold Dot HP. When the . it is like an entirely different cartridge. Below.44 Magnum 3 Sixgun Cartridges 340-grain bullets at velocities around 1. In a Ruger Blackhawk. It has become popular to employ 300. the .44 Magnum is top choice for hunting deer. Brian considers the . and I would not hesitate to use it on grizzly or other dangerous game. depending on the bullet and load chosen. 250-grain Keith/Lyman 429421. This Smith & Wesson Model 29-2 with a 4inch barrel has accounted for many head of big game. such as the Ruger Blackhawk.

it is easy to assemble loads that shoot very well. another appealing aspect of the .True action. mount scope.44 Special has traditionally been factory loaded with a 246-grain roundnose bullet at around 755 fps. pillar bed. Unlike others have claimed. such as Ruger Redhawks and Blackhawks. appeared in 1955. but in an accurate gun.44 Magnum (left).200 fps. a practice that continues to this day. but a 250-grain cast bullet at those velocities will take big game reliably. In addition to utilizing powder efficiently and having a shorter case that ejects from revolvers with ease. It also makes a good accounting in jackrabbit country or when a cranky rattlesnake needs its tail cut off just behind the ears. Gunsmith 6593 113th Ave.050 fps.$325 + Ammo (No extra charge for fitting aftermarket stock or trigger) *Mil-Spec Polymer Metal Finish (Excellent lubricity and corrosion protection) Long gun with scope mounts . It was decades before such notables as Skeeter Skelton praised its virtues.For those wanting to load the .44 Special to be more accurate than other revolver cartridges of similar design. Using Lyman mould 429421.45 Colt to 30. LLC CUSTOM RIFLES *Many Styles *Over 150 Chamberings CUSTOM STOCKS *Walnut *Hardwood Laminate *Fiberglass *Vais™ Muzzlebrake installed . to the root of its tail. pushed to between 900 and 255-grain cast bullets 800 to 1. penetrate a black bear from spine to chest.$240) *Cerakote Metal Finish (Extreme corrosion protection and durability) Long gun with scope mounts .$275) Let us e-mail or send you a color brochure! www. and the Special was almost lost. Suite C. finally convincing Colt and Smith & Wesson to again offer limited runs of new guns.handloadermagazine.Starting at $550 (Includes action truing) *Factory Rifle Accurizing . NE. It can also push 310-grain cast bullets around 1.000 CUP in strong revolvers.200 fps in Colt Single Actions and Smith & Wesson 1950 Target LITTLE CROW GUNWORKS. range test . modern solid head . it seemed to get all the attention. It may not offer as much velocity as its magnum offspring. Brian finds the cartridge more effective if stoked with SWC-style bullets and pushed between 900 and 1.44 Special has to do Dale Hegstrom. lap 65 . recrown. adjust trigger. The Special is at its best when pushing various 246. Spicer MN 56288 Telephone: 320-796-0530 Email: littlecrowgunworks@clearwire. completely penetrate a bull elk at over 100 yards and will ruin a mountain lion’s lunch from chest December-January 2010 The . which penetrate unusually well.$245 (Includes return shipping or muzzle cap) *Krieger Barrels installed . it will zip through deer with ease. I have not found the .200 fps (only in guns of suitable strength for the latter velocities/pressures).45 Colt cases (right) are equally as strong as the .

45 Colt handload containing Lyman 255-grain cast bullet from mould 454190 pushed with 6. Some may wonder why so much Above left. naturally with the exception of the recent S&W Mountain Guns and the Model 329PDs.44 Magnum single actions. handier guns it has been offered in. the Smith & Wesson Model 629-4 . as well as previous N-frame revolvers. typically weighing around 37 to 38 ounces. Likewise the Ruger Blackhawk .0 grains of Alliant Red Dot duplicates the ballistics of traditional factory loads. Brian’s . are close to the ideal size and weight for wearing in a well-designed holster. discussion over a few ounces of weight or the size of a gun. are handy “working” sixguns. the Colt Single Action Army remains an ideal weight and size for an everyday working gun and is lighter than . Right. riding a horse or kicking around the hills. just wear it on your hip for 12 to 18 hours while working. And the Smith & Wesson 1950 Targets.44 Magnum delivers good accuracy with a variety of handloads. Yet 66 www.357 Magnum (19551972) when converted to this cartridge.3 Sixgun Cartridges with the lighter. as well as the recent New Model Blackhawk .handloadermagazine. respectively. hunting.and 4-inch barrels. are lighter and handier than the Model Handloader 263 . Rather than taking a favorite sixgun to the range once a month in a gun case. It soon becomes apparent that guns the size of a Colt Single Action or Smith & Wesson N-frame with 4 3⁄4.44 Special (as offered by Lipsey’s). For instance.

Brian used a custom Ruger .200 fps in most guns.5 grains of Hodgdon H-110 with CCI 350 67 THE .5 grains of Alliant Power Pistol deliver over 900 fps from a 4-inch Smith & Wesson. and I was impressed with its accuracy. Brian encountered this rattlesnake. Right. I have taken a number of whitetail deer with cast and jacketed bullets.44 Magnum. primers. Below. 7. in spite of its modest velocities. using cast bullets.Left. The real key is to use the correct bullet for the task at hand.000 fps from a 51⁄2-inch Colt SAA and is the load used most for general purposes. Particularly good results have been obtained with the Speer 240-grain Gold Dot hollowpoint (GDHP) and the Hornady XTP of the same weight pushed around 1. it has delivered perfect scores and tight groups at 200 meters. lion. including elephant.44 Special an excellent working gun.45 Colt is a proven performer on big game.500 psi. while staying within SAAMI pressure limits of 15. For long-range work.2 grains of the same powder produce 1. 8. steady and shoot accurately while offering enough big-bore power for most tasks ranging from hunting to defense. power and versatility. with both proving their value. Alaskan brown bear and all members of the deer family. but only suitable for post-World War II Colt SAA and Smith & Wesson N-frame revolvers. Due to new guns and improved bullets. such as the demanding silhouette (IHMSA) competition.44 Special to down this Idaho mule deer.5 grains of Alliant 2400 with CCI 300 primers or 24. even with the minimal “resis- remains a personal favorite.44 MAGNUM It has been 35 years since I first obtained a . it is even more impressive today and December-January 2010 . This Idaho mule deer was taken with a Smith & Wesson Model 625 Mountain Gun. It has demonstrated its ability to take any game animal on earth. Expansion is reliable at distances exceeding 100 yards.0 grains of Alliant 2400 produce around 1. On target ranges. Cape buffalo. I have tried many . Brian considers the .44 Special handloads over the years but continually settle on the 250grain Keith cast bullet (Lyman mould 429421) as a general-purpose bullet. All the above loads are capped with CCI 300 or Federal 150 primers. For a light load. While out cutting firewood. 17.400 fps using either 21. they are heavy enough to manage recoil. the . For a bit flatter trajectory.

offers a certain advantage when shots exceed 100 yards in two ways. I was the only one using an iron-sighted sixgun. At the shot. Of the two-dozen handgun hunters in camp. None required a second shot and none were lost. with the right bullet I would not hesitate to tackle moose. however. with others using scope-sighted revolvers or single-shot handguns chambered for bottleneck rifle cartridges. when deer hunting out of state. and shots could be out as far as 200 yards when the deer came in to 71⁄2inch barrels.44 Magnum velocity promotes reliable expansion at these longer distances. Again. exceeding that of the .44 Magnum. and there were concerns that I might be too handicapped with the open sights and .handloadermagazine. I have reports of such loads driving through Cape buffalo. Velocity produced by the . With the proper bullet. I have shot 250-grain Keith bullets through black bear and elk from a Smith & Wesson Model 29 with a 4-inch barrel. deer were reliably hit in the lungs at 150 measured yards.400 fps from revolvers with 6. the added . most would turn and run into the timber some 20 to 40 yards distance. it is a . not to mention countless diseased livestock. such as the 270-grain Belt Mountain Punch Solid. nonexpanding solid bullets. From a steady shooting position. Both bullets exit reliably and open a substantial wound channel.44 Magnum load for Smith & Wesson and Ruger Blackhawks with the Lyman mould 429421 is 8. which aids in making longer shots.44 Magnum revolver that accompanies me. trajectories are flatter. then pile up stone dead. Handloader 263 . Both of these loads should only be used in conjunction with a large pistol primer. My standard . 21.350 to 1. grizzly or even Cape buffalo.0 grains of Alliant 2400 produce around 1.44 Special by 200 to 250 fps. which allows easy following of the blood trail when the animal enters thick brush.44 Magnum cartridge. 68 www.3 Sixgun Cartridges tance” (necessary for expansion) associated with broadside double-lung shots.8 grains of Alliant Power Pistol for 950 fps from a 4-inch barrel. For a heavy load.44 Magnum changes personalities when stoked with tough. Generally speaking. I recall hunting whitetail deer in Alabama wherein I “drew” the largest meadows. The . or cast bullets ranging in weight from 250 to 340 grains. Second. Alaskan brown bears and other heavy game that require a cartridge capable of delivering deep penetration.

Auburn. Over the last 35 years. but they are certainly worthy.275 fps in most revolvers. and the lighter weight. For instance there are two Smith & Wesson Model 29s with 4-inch tubes that have been shot so much that I have had to completely rebuild them by setting back the barrels. small game load. recutting the forcing cones and installing new bolts. will handle most situations where the .300 fps or more using 22. and in a couple of cases.and 7 1⁄2-inch barrels as general-purpose field guns. try the 245-grain cast roundnose bullet from Lyman mould 429383 pushed by 6. a Model 629 with a 6inch barrel that will stay inside 11⁄2 inches at 50 yards with correct loads usually accompanies me. The above loads. yokes. For a light. with 4 5⁄8-. unusual accuracy and improved “endurance” lock works. it’s easily 69 . Box There are some very good revolver cartridges that did not make my “three favorites” list.3⁄4 to 43⁄4 gallon capacity . center pins.heavy polyethylene bowl heavyduty. deburring and tumbling equipment since 1959” www. When traveling out of state to hunt deer. many favorite . • BRASS MASTER ULTRA VIBE CASE CLEANERS Made of durable steel construction . Their Colt SA-like grip frame helps them point naturally. etc. sealed ballbearing motors .such as the CCI 300 or Federal 150. Send for our free brochure! TRU-SQUARE METAL PRODUCTS. along with the previously mentioned loads for the 240-grain Speer GDHP and Hornady XTP bullets.industrial and rotary models available. either the Mt. I am especially fond of Ruger Blackhawks. where everything that you need to live for weeks is in your pack – and ounces become important.5 grains of Hodgdon H-110 with a CCI 350 primer. I feel almost guilty for leaving them out. aka Flattops. Nonetheless. quiet operation . If the airline loses it. They are now in semi-retirement. The 270-grain Belt Mountain Punch solid bullet can be pushed to 1. Moving up to the 310-grain bullets. Cody WY 82414) or the RCBS mould 44300-SWC over 21.0 grains of Hodgdon H-110 capped with a CCI 350 primer will yield 1.225 to 1. hunting and carrying them as general-purpose sixguns. P.O. having been largely replaced by a pair of Model 629-4 Mountain Guns with tighter throats. cylinder stops. In recent years I have become fond of Smith & Wesson’s Model 329PD that weighs 26 1⁄2 ounces and is a favorite when hunting the Alaskan wilderness.thermally protected . mine were chosen based on real world experience shooting. makes them more practiDecember-January 2010 cal for belt carry. Washington 98071 TEL (253) 833-2310 or Toll Free 1-(800) 225-1017 FAX (253) 833-2349 TH TU UML M ER BL ’S ER “Manufacturers of quality case cleaners. compared to Super Blackhawk and Bisley models. Yet it is capable of driving bullets through a large bear’s head or downing a moose. Baldy Keith design (PO Box 835.0 grains of Alliant Red Dot for around 850 fps. INC.44 Magnum revolvers have been put to work. 6 1⁄2. firing pins.44 Magnum will be employed.

In 1965 a brilliant firearms designer.22 R em Stan Trzoniec M y association with Thompson/Center goes back a long time. As a writer and hunter.22caliber wildcats. With my passion for . from the left side. With the firearms business starting to grow stronger each year.handloadermagazine. the rest is history with the first Contender going out the door in 1967.. you can see the mounting screws for the scope mounts. the shop expanded. and by 1962 his gross sales approached about $180. Starting in his garage. Facing page. The rings and base are from T/C. the .000 annually. Thompson Tool Company. 70 Handloader 263 . you could find a never-ending supply of present-day and near-obsolete cartridges. Above. and with his design of the famous single-shot pistol. It all began in 1945 when Ken Thompson decided to start a company fathered by his convictions and a strong desire to own his own business. you could end up with a gun that could shoot standard or magnum cartridges. Warren Center. Also from the T/C Custom Shop.W. this not only extended my shooting time in the field. but also offered a new dimension to the hobby of handloading. His claim to fame was making moulds and tooling for the investment casting industry. and by just switching barrels. The Thompson/Center organization is a small business American dream come true.500 square feet. joined the firm. he put together a game plan and emerged with a business called the K. not often done in a long barrel. and in 1964 the plant was expanded to 10. I was always impressed by the fact you could purchase one receiver.22 Jet is a pleasure to use for small game and varmints. In 1963 he moved to New Hampshire.

ingto n Jet
T/C rescues defunct handgun cartridge in rifles.

December-January 2010

.22 R em ingto n Jet
Since the Contender has been reviewed many times by this and other magazines, I won’t go into the heavy details outlining the gun but will just skim over the more important parts, as I’ve modified the gun for my own use through items from its custom shop. The current T/C web page offers about 120 different chamberings, from the small rimfires to the larger African cartridges. Standard and wildcats are offered for those who may want to use off-the-shelf ammunition or roll their own. To me the list is never ending and offers a chance to explore cartridges like the .17 Ackley Bee, .219 Zipper and .223 Ackley Improved without the heavy burden and expense of a big-ticket, custom-made rifle. This time around, we are dealing with the .22 Remington Jet, a cartridge that seemed destined for handgun use. When I discovered the Jet on the list, I called the custom shop to get the project going. Since I like the lighter frame of the Contender, versus the Encore, for summertime chuck hunting, I picked the tapered 24-inch barrel. Highly polished and detailed, this would be the perfect mate for a new .22caliber reloading project while fitting in with other wildcats, including the .22 Mashburn Bee

Rugged construction and a powerful ejector leave the Contender open for a lifetime of use.
and the .22 K-Hornet. With a positive ejector at the chamber end, it carefully lifts the spent cartridge case so you can pluck it out of the barrel and reload it again without the hassle of it flying off into the pucker brush. able stock to shoot with. Everything is right about this stock, right down to the length of pull and the finger grooves on the pistol grip; and for offhand shooting it comes up as if it were made especially for you. There is an extended, rollover cheekpiece, and the forearm that came with this stock is flat and long – perfect for those opportune rests you come across in the field when small game is spotted. My Contender is the previous model, but the newer and improved G2 Contender sports the same receiver outline as the Encore, is easier to open, allows more room between the trigger guard and the stock and incorporates a newly designed automatic

The .22 Remington Jet was developed by Remington and Smith & Wesson in 1961.
At the same time, I ordered a thumbhole stock like I have used a few times for other projects. While the folks at T/C still make a thumbhole stock, they do not make the same one I currently have. I say that only because I have never had a more comfort-

Right, the hammer on the Contender is made to fire both rimfire and centerfire barrels. Note the dual firing pins just forward of the hammer. Far right, the trigger guard is wide and roomy enough for all-season use, and the trigger was adjusted to break at 21⁄2 pounds.


Handloader 263

Above, for varmint hunting, this long forearm is perfect in the field. Flat on the bottom, it lends itself to a wide variety of field rests. Right, the long cheekpiece accommodates a variety of field situations.
hammer block safety with an interlock. In any event, regardless if you pick up the early or newer Contender, barrel switching is the same. To finish off the gun for bench and field use, I mounted a Thompson/Center 3-9x scope with its proprietary ring and onepiece base set. The .22 Remington Jet was developed by Remington and Smith & Wesson in 1961 to be used in the Model 53. Although it was popular at the time, enthusiasm waned after a short time, as shooters were having trouble with their new handguns. Apparently the tapered case of the Jet was backing out of the cylinder causing lockup problems, not to mention the frustration of having a new gun and being unable to shoot it correctly with factory ammunition. Today, it seems, the cartridge and gun have been retired with only a mention here and there around the collector’s roundtable, but not at my house. In working with this cartridge, there are a few things to be put in order concerning bore diameter. While loading manuals quote the bore on the .22 Jet as .223 inch from the S&W Model 53 pistol barrel, a call to the T/C Custom Shop confirmed they are using the same traditional diameter of .223 inch (not .224 inch), which seems to be right in line with all the reference material I can dig up. On that note, the order for bullets went out to Hornady, Sierra and Speer for Hornet-type 40- and 45-grain, .223-inch bullets. Next, the issue of brass comes up, and you can deal with this a number of ways. First, if you can find factory-loaded ammunition (good luck!), you can fire off the rounds to have brass fireformed to your chamber. Calling around to various collectors is an iffy situation, expensive at best, so we move on to the next alternative. I called the folks at Huntington Die Specialties (866-RELOADS),

Here are all the tools you’ll need to process .357 magnum cases into .22 Remington Jet.

To prepare for shooting, all components such as powder, bullets, cases and primers are readily available to load the .22 Remington Jet.

December-January 2010


and they had 60 cases in stock.22 74 www.22 Remington Jet handloads.302 . considering the size of the case and its capacity.22 Remington Jet Die and Form Sets from Redding custom form #1 die custom form #2 die custom form and trim die custom full-length die set extended shellholder shellholder. Brass or nickel plated is okay. Center. with the file and form die. my preference is CCI 550s. Right. an extended shellholder is required. Even though 60 cases is a good start. Stock up on small pistol magnum primers.. this shows the various stages in forming it to .22 Remington Jet 90304 94304 83304 80304 11512 11012 ditional brass cases from start to finish. Encores. Table I lists what you’ll need to turn out first quality . Custom barrels for Contenders. Powders are next. .357 magnum case neck down to . SSK chambers over 400 calibers.handloadermagazine. starting with a new .sskindustries. Left to right. This was taken care of by Redding Reloading Equipment (1089 Starr Road. .357 magnum case. This case is ready to be checked for length and chamfered. The last solution is to make your own brass using a special die and form set. I found the forming process seemed to go easier with the traTable I . Wild wildcat ideas welcomed.375 .338 . the Redding #1 form die narrows the neck down for the next step. 590 Woodvue Lane Wintersville. OH 43953 Tel: 740-264-0176 www.22 R em ingto n Jet Above left. I wanted more in my stash. The next thing on your list is at least four boxes of brand new (not once-fired) . Cortland NY 13045) in short order. bolt guns and semi-autos as well as complete guns and the cans to keep them quiet are Handloader 263 SSK Industries . and to save you the grief of looking through endless pages of catalogs for custom die sets.298 inch in preparation for the file and form die. the #2 form die takes the . but I will get to that in a minute. which were promptly sent.357 magnum brass from Remington or Winchester.416 Whispers® are developments of SSK Industries.

however. on my die set it came out as . From the onset. then pushing them over in the water to quench and cool them. I found no problems as compared to a fired factory case.” Here they discuss the possibility of increasing neck thickness when forming these cases to the . the overall case length is 1. so everything was in order to go ahead. heating the neck area almost to the point of redness. Once you get a rhythm going. which reduces the neck to . I use an old bread pan and a Micro or hobby torch that runs on Ronson butane fuel. the case should emerge with an overall length of around 1.230 inch. In order to push the case up and into this last die for trimming. which puts it in the same range as the .357 magnum brass without the annealing step is a lost cause in both time and materials.25 inch of water.288 inches. the deburring tool is used to chamfer the inside and outside of the neck. To finish the case. most folks will be surprised how fast the process goes. you will need to install the extended shellholder as shown in the photographs. When filed down.22 Jet. an inside diameter of . and split or crushed necks will cause a 100 percent fatality rate.22 Remington Jet cases from . quick and consists of nothing more than placing a case in about . Next. when you get the Redding dies. perfect for the . I like to trim them back to 1.22 Remington Jet holds 18. lube the cases and start pushing them up and into this die.290 inches.357 Magnum cases. The .223 bullets.278 inches. move on to form #2 die and run all the cases through it. This first die will reduce the neck from . take note of the information listed on the sheet regarding “case forming the . Run the whole batch through this die before moving on. check the inside diameter of the case mouth.375 (new case) down to .handloadermagazine. Read it through and check a sample case as it comes out of the last or full-sizing die. the 10th and every 10th of the run.221 inch. and you will have a pile of cases ready to go in short order.255 inch with December-January 2010 www. Annealing is easy. After that.22 Remington Jet from . After that. trying to form 75 . Here the neck will be reduced to .298 inch in preparation for the next file and trim die. run it through the fulllength sizing die. set up the Redding form #1 die. For shooting. The cases will not take the sharp angles needed to produce this brass.9 grains of water. I used Remington brass and measuring the first case. After they are fully dry.336 inch on the first pass.218 I choose to go with H-110 and W-296.

for example.650 inches.0 14. If I had to pick the pet of the day.009 fps.8 14.75 1.9 averages: 3.139 3.919 3. considering this round was made specifically for a handgun.8 14. I was limited to only 14.032 .6 grains of H-110. but just to keep everything on an even keel.137 2. velocities would be in the neighborhood of 3.132 3. some of the 100-yard. such as barrel length.50 .22 Jet in a rifle.75 1. I applied a light crimp on all rounds.301 2.00 40 Remington softpoint factory load Notes: All three-shot groups were fired at 100 yards.288 3. Lil’Gun. To my surprise.170 Speer spitzer velocity (fps) 1.43 1.5 inch.28 3.259 3. and the results were very encouraging.00 1. Since there are no references made on using the . The temperature was 75 degrees Fahrenheit when the 40-grain bullet groups were shot and 70 F.099 3.00 1.25 . I fired 25 groups in two different days with a temperature spread of only five degrees. I choose to go with H-110 and W296 for velocity readings and the say.050 .0 grains of propellant. when firing the 45-grain bullet groups.136 2. Velocities were clocked on an Oehler Model 35P Chronotach.161 CUP. Be Alert – Publisher cannot accept responsibility for errors in published load data.6 13.50 1. Considering the smaller case volume of the Jet.962 3.6 averages: 2.25 1. With the cases ready.50 1.102 3. I decided to stay with H-110 and W-296 for at least the first go around.. Testing went smoothly.500 CUP.106 2. you have the option to crimp if you like.75 1. loading and bullet seating were uneventful.75 1.959 3. Looking up 2400 with the 45-grain bullet.875 1.25 . ease of powder flow through the measure.117 3.550 inches and the 45grain bullets at 1.202 fps but with pressure readings in excess of 50.187 1.75 1..750 .996 3.114 3. Jet H-110. Since this is a single-shot rifle. I seated the 40-grain bullets to an overall loaded length of 1.864 1. Putting in all the parameters.037 3.22 Remington Jet Loading Data Hornady Jet velocity (fps) group (inches) velocity (fps) Sierra softpoint group (inches) Speer softpoint velocity group (fps) (inches) H-110 W-296 Handloader 263 .37 group (inches) 3. When it came to the results of the 40-grain bullets.931 3.00 1.278 3.625 .500 . Counting the factory loading. Houston TX 77089) “Load from a Disk” program.25 1. it would be the 76 www.949 3.625 .25 1. group size was pretty much spread between H-110 and W-296.176 3.18 group (inches) 45-grain bullet: powder charge (grains) Hornady Hornet velocity group (fps) (inches) H-110 W-296 13.75 1. Considering past experiences. W-296 and a few others I Bee. Remington cases and CCI 550 primers were used throughout.147 fps and 48.197 Sierra softpoint velocity (fps) 1. Compared to using.284 3.25 1.875 1.9 grains with 2400 gave 3.03 2. 14.0 14.625 2.handloadermagazine.22 R em ingto n overall length of the bullet and the bullet used. priming.248 3. Table II 40-grain bullet: powder charge (grains) did not have in stock. I turned to Wayne Blackwell’s (9826 Sagedale Dr.5 14. the program came up with using 2400. Moving up to 14. . three-shot groups went into . which gave 3.999 3.029 2.

114 fps. • Speer softpoint with 14. but now that he’s seen the results. this . Using the heavier bullet would be my choice for midsummer woodchucks at closer range than say the . With velocities out of the Contender matching that of the more popular (read available) . Placing the crosshairs just below neck level will deliver the bullet on any part of the body.625 (5⁄8) inch. When I first started this project. because I’ll be the one flying high on the North 40 with the . and there isn’t enough powder to get decent velocities. the Sierra softpoint was the top performer in all categories and all powders with the heavier bullet with an average of .6 grains of W-296 for 3. this is a good load to zero at 100 yards.” That’s a quote.” And besides. he went on. bullet drop at 200 is only 3.handloadermagazine. Pick of the day is the Sierra softpoint with 14.223 or .75-inch group with the lighter. this is a small-caliber cartridge using lighter-than-normal bullets.9 grains of W-296 for almost 77 .22 Remington Jet. so limit your distances depending upon the game. “It’s only a pistol cartridge. and by closer.250 fps. I don’t care what he thinks.friends said it couldn’t be done. Below. the bullets are too light. Above. As a footnote. one of my varmint shooting December-January 2010 www. “The case is too small. I was indeed impressed and look forward to taking this rifle into the fields shortly. Looking at drop tables. 40-grain bullet is a fine example with the Speer softpoint. he might have to eat some of his words.22-centerfire rounds. Just keep in mind.22-250 Remington. the 45-grain Sierra softpoint became the leader in all classes with this .5-inch group at 100 yards – the perfect load for varmint hunting. I’m talking roughly 100 yards.6 inches.

com . Measurements are made using a digital indicator that is secured with its own holder 78 tapered Delrin cap screws into a spring-loaded shaft and will accept most case heads.25 ACP. prototypes or other product development. anodized aluminum of 1⁄4-inch stock. and severely distorted cases might best be discarded or saved for practice or fouling shots. the digital indicator is installed as is the neck pilot and the base pilot assembly adjusted so a case can rotate freely. and he has developed a handloading aid that incorporates many of our measuring requirements into a single tool. A case neck pilot mounts to the fixture at the left end.32 ACP or . the indicator is resting on the bullet ogive.5 inches. and all cases to be checked must be first full-length sized with a die having an ex- www. and rim thickness of rimfire cartridges. One of the most frequent measurements many of us will want to check is the variation in case neck thickness. The mounts are adjusted so that when the cartridge is rotated on the bearings. This is to make certain the case neck is a good fit on the pilot and to push any irregularities to the outside of the neck so they can be recorded. diameter of round surfaces. Rampro President Robert E. or upright. vertical section. The maximum case rim diameter accepted by the cap included with the tool appears to be about . 5 1⁄2 inches wide by 5 inches high. To measure bullet runout. case dis tortion or out-of-roundness. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • and attached to the upright in the appropriate holes depending on the measurement being taken. The base has two threaded holes and the upright 18 nonthreaded holes to accept the fixtures used in making the various measurements.RAMPRO AMMOCHECK UNIVERSAL RELOADER GAUGE PRODUCT TESTS by R. An insidepander plug. The Case Measuring Fixture can be adjusted so that measurements can be taken on the case other than at the neck. case length. for example) or the very large (the .45. At the right end is the base pilot assembly. Pilots are currently available for most calibers from . The base pilot assembly moves in a slot cut in the upright and accepts case lengths from about 1. The forward. The right bearing mount has a stop against which the cartridge head will rest.17 to .6 to about 3. Most revolver cartridges can also be accommodated. This can be quite enlightening. such as bullets. In use.H. Since most of our efforts involve the cartridge case. so do the tools. is a small company involved in custom CNC machining for inventor assistance. Colorado. case neck thickness. It is im portant when using the Case Measuring Fixture that case rims center themselves in the base pilot for measurements to be accurate. It consists of a base and two roller bearing assemblies called bearing mounts. Doty is an engineer with an interest in handloading. It is L shaped and two piece with a steel base or horizontal surface about 5 1⁄2 inches wide by 3 inches deep and an aluminum.530 inch. VanDenburg. Jr. It attaches to the upright with cap screws and washers. It is difficult to be certain. Both are of 1⁄4-inch stock. It is red. before and after trimming. The indicator must be zeroed on the neck pilot. cartridge overall length. but it appears the fixture can be adjusted to measure runout on just about any rifle case except the very small (wildcat cartridges based on pistol cases such as the .handloadermagazine. It is gold in color and also 1⁄4-inch aluminum stock. This means no nicks or other irregularities on the rim that might cause the case to be offset in any way. The AmmoCheck Universal Reloader Gauge begins with a base or foundation. A Case Measuring Fixture was designed for this purpose. Rampro Corporation of Sheridan. Provisions for accepting larger case rims is under development. very well made and capable of the precision measuring of such things as: bullet concentricity. or left. If we wish to measure overall cartridge length or simply case Handloader 263 M ost of us as handloaders over time assemble a variety of tools for measuring our efforts at the bench to make our ammunition as fine and consistent as we can.50 BMG and such). The Rampro AmmoCheck Universal Reloader Gauge is a very well thought out design. bearing mount is adjusted so the case neck is supported by the bearing. mount the Concentricity Fixture to the upright.

COLORADO SHOOTER’S SUPPLY Shop 575-627-1933 • Home 575-627-6156 910 N. Doty and arranged a meeting in which we discussed the tool at some December-January 2010 length. . Long and Long Rifle cartridges. Toll Free: 800-545-9376 www.40. begin by installing the Cartridge Locator on the base.length. CB cap.) With the flat indicator tip in place other measurements such as bullet length and diameter can be made quite accurately.17-caliber rimfire cartridges that use the same case.” he said.0002 inch. certainly. most standard or custom designs made to order.” Doty went on to say he is working on the software now and with it we will be able to record our measurements as they are being taken for future massaging and analysis. Inc. such as the BB cap. The standard rounded indicator tip must be replaced with the flat tip (included) and the indicator rezeroed. This fixture. RIMZ 610 fits 610-2 and newer 10mm/.com. Rotating the cartridge then provides the rim thickness and any variation. visit Rampro’s website: 79 .com RIMZ THE “NO TOOLS NECESSARY” POLYMER MOONCLIP . None do the job any more accurately or with greater ease when a large number of cases are to be checked. The case being measured is then inserted in the holder and carefully slid under the tip. This is accomplished with the aid of calibration standards. I contacted Mr.001 inch despite much use and being of modest original cost. A V notch serves to ensure alignment. RIMZ 625 fits 625-4 and newer . NOW! ZERO P Box 1188 • Cullman. Cartridges made on the magnum rimfire case would require another fixture. and much of the rather laborious data gathering I often do on new lots of cases by hand could be expedited significantly.45 ACP.beckhamdesign. the must-have tool for your 1911 pistol . “plus it has an interface that allows it to be connected to a computer. Cylindrical (straight) or tapered. SHOWS safety orange with slide open . When I asked why he chose a digital indicator rather than a dial type.handloadermagazine. The rounded indicator tip is used.GVMT & Commander bushings. AL 35056 . The fixture is made of Delrin and is installed with nylon thumb screws. or holder.22 Long Rifle www.hochmoulds. Rifle & pistol designs available. RIMZ 646 fits S&W 646 “L” frame . “It’s more accurate. I have other. These include those based on .com For toll-free ordering call: 1-866-726-2658 Beckham Product Design 1048 Irvine Ave. none has the electronic interface potential of this impressive new tool. The possibilities here are endless. #614 Newport Beach. Two are enclosed with the Universal Reloader Gauge: a one inch and a 2 inch. not currently available. .zerobullets. as well as those . The final fixture included with the Universal Reloader Gauge is designed to allow the user to measure the rim thickness of standard rimfire cartridges.45 ACP. I was comforted to find my own micrometer and caliper were still well within . And. For a closeup look at the AmmoCheck Universal Reloader Gauge and its operations.ram proco. The digital indicator is mounted on the upright in the holes most appropriate to what is being measured. (These standards present an excellent opportunity to check the accuracy of other tools. CA 92660 www. We also discussed the possi bility of other reloading tools from www. • HOCH CUSTOM BULLET MOULDS Tool room quality. As a final note. Tel: 256-739-1606 • Fax: 256-739-4683 Zero Bullet Company. also is made of Delrin and mounts on the upright under the indicator. . I’ve come to expect the company is one we will be hearing a lot more of in the future. as well. Pistol Bullets Ammunition and and RIMZ 25 fits 625-3 and older . Both standards have a length tolerance of ±.O.40. separate tools designed to take the same measurements as the Universal Reloader Gauge. nose-pour. and the indicator is zeroed on the holder. THE ULTIMATE BUSHING WRENCH! STORES in the mag well of your pistol. his answer was thought-provoking. Short. . NM 88201 davefarmer@hochmoulds. Delaware • Roswell. After working with the AmmoCheck Universal Reloader Gauge for awhile.

62x54mm Russian sniper rifle. Time will tell. They were loaded over 23. until doing the little test mentioned above. I had never fired a single cast bullet through the German K98k. cast bullets can usually be made to equal jacketed bullet accuracy.wineland-walnut.) 80 www. I also fired my very first cast bullets in a MosinNagant Model 91/30 7.0 grains of Western Powder’s 5744.5 inches. In it I use . For instance. CAST BULLETS ARE NOT ACCURATE Well. But in a real world scenario. that’s just nonsense. or if ultra-high velocities are part of the equation.0 to 2. but their chambers accept loaded rounds with bullets only as large as . Why that was done is a mystery. Chico. The groups ran around 2. except when taken in its truest sense. which are slightly larger than what that rifle routinely does with jacketed bullets.446 inch.451 inch across the grooves. On the same day.handloadermagazine. To make such a rifle shoot well. I think a little tinkering can improve those cast bullet groups. Again I turn to my experiences with my military rifle collection.311-inch jacketed bullets. such as when fired from ultra-specialized benchrest rifles. the trick is to use a soft bullet and let the powder’s ignition swell it to fit the Handloader 263 . Most of them digest cast bullets just as well as winelandwalnut@hotmail. as will be covered next. CA 95928 Tel: 530-345-4012 Fax: 530-345-0990 www. but such was common in the 1870s. so the first cast loads carried . Amazingly that works well – not benchrest well but certainly hunting well.44-77s were cut with barrels measuring .Wineland Walnut Claro and English Walnut Gun Stock Blanks In control of the process from tree to finished blank! Cast Bullet Myth Busting (Continued from page 51) Highly Figured and Plain Grain 9009 River Road.313inch Linotype alloy bullets from Lyman mould number 314299.0 and At this point a sharp-eyed reader is probably wondering then why I chose 1-40 (tin-tolead) alloy for that last bison hunt. Then jacketed bullets are needed to realize the most precision. the jacketed bullet fouling had not been cleaned out of that rifle before shooting cast bullets. It’s because many original Sharps Model 1874 . That load had been worked up for an iron-sighted K98k. (Incidentally. so I wasn’t surprised when it also did well in the second 8mm Mauser rifle.

Consider that for a moment. even magnum revolvers. say. I’ve been a cast bullet shooter from day one in regards to my handloading career. so what would be the point in driving them to 2. CAST BULLETS CANNOT BE DRIVEN AS FAST AS JACKETED No myth here: That’s absolute truth. even from a huge bison.30-40 Krag with no special fuss or bother. Actually some dedicated experimenters have driven cast bullets to 3.000 fps or more. but again what’s the point? They’re not useful for anything in the real world. From rifles it’s December-January 2010 . easily doable to drive cast bullets in the 2. That sounds awfully slow to modern riflemen.200-fps range. I’ve done so with rounds as small as . True again. the bullets must be good and the handloading done properly. but launch one of those huge 550-grain cast bullets at 1.222 Remington and as large as .5-MOA groups for 5 or 10 shots at 200 or 300 yards.handloadermagazine. cast bullets can be used at the same speeds as jacketed bullets. a . If the quarry is game instead of steel. Not the least of which is to not just repeat what I’ve read about pouring.250 fps. Past 100 yards they start to cover up a considerable amount of whatever is being aimed at. in my experience in reloading cast bullets in pistol cartridges as small as the . I limit myself to about 150 yards with such a rifle. I’ve not seen jacketed bullets offer an accuracy advantage. a rifle must deliver two MOA size groups in order to be 2. If the rifle won’t shoot with that much precision. Some would say that the trajectory would then be flattened. Sharps Arms.Our BPCR Silhouette game is geared toward precision shooting with cast bullets. It’s still packing plenty of punch. but the sights on BPCRs are the limiting factor.454 Casull. loading and shooting cast bullets. In handguns. Personally in magnum handguns. • www. those big.30-378 Weatherby as fast as it can shoot jacketed bullets. The cast bullets just need to be prepared for the specifics of the handgun in question and handloaded properly. As for handguns. Lone Star Rifle Company or Italian-import Pedersoli single-shot BPCRs will do so with cast bullet/black-powder handloads.000 fps or more.200 fps. I still like making my own bullets.000. Of course. It’s better to just report what actually happens with them.000 fps? It would just make a bigger crater in the ground on the other side of the animal. C. But what’s the point? Why would anyone want to drive a cast bullet in. Extra velocity then gains me nothing but more 81 Dedicated experimenters have driven cast bullets to 3. I get best results with gas check bullets after about 1. They generally just plow right on through. Our BPCR bullets usually leave the muzzle at about 1.100 to 1. Personally my criterion for BPCR Silhouette rifles is 1. again with no special fuss or bother. I won’t compete with it. We are talking about shooting those groups with peep sights and using black powder as the propellant with all its fouling tendencies. Except when a scoped BPCR is used. and it seems like every project in which I’ve delved has taught me something new. but the differences can’t be realized short of strict machine rest testing. but what’s the point? Does a rifle have to be “tricked out” to shoot cast bullets at that level? No way! Most any ordinary Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing.100 fps and watch it smack a 50-pound ram silhouette down at 500 meters. At the very worst.30 Luger and revolvers as large as the . slow-moving lead bullets are nearly impossible to recover.

Sedalia MO 65301. 2156C) list at $180. For more information. 2156 Palma bullet has a longer. the HD (High Definition) Torch from Bushnell offers something new in flashlight technology. although other bullets and calibers are also used. 2155.30-caliber. The course of fire includes 15 shots at 800. more streamlined ninecaliber ogive. Boxes of 500 bullets (stock No. 2156M) have an MSRP of $203.89 per box. slightly longer OAL and a pointed meplat. The . which will continue to be available). The new Palma bullets are available in boxes of 100 with a suggested retail of $38. However. The new HD Torch projects a perfectly square beam of light. A 44inch-diameter black circle surrounding a 20-inch 10-ring is the target.81 per box. or visit www. Long-range Palma matches date back to 1876. Dept.46 per box. while moly-coated bullets in boxes of 500 (stock No. Bushnell’s High Definition Flashlight I thought I’d seen everything flashlights had to offer – super high-intensity beams. phone 1-888-223-3006. I can see no dim areas or “doughnuts” of light. which is a first for Sierra. flashing strobes and blinding brightness in a tiny 14-pound bolt rifles fitted with iron sights (no scopes allowed).sierrabullets. but I soon found the new flashlight offered some real advantages. typically with custommade 12. Competitors have typically shot .handloadermagazine. 900 and 1. Shooting is done prone. 155-grain hollowpoint boat-tail Palma is an entirely new bullet intended to fill the exacting demands of Palma and other long-range Handloader 263 .com online. the new No. The projected light produces consistent brightness from the center all the way to the edge of the pattern. Conventional flashlights throw circular beams of light that may produce uneven and irregular patterns.SIERRA MATCHKING PALMA BULLET INSIDE PRODUCT NEWS by Clair Rees • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • S ierra has added a new bullet to its MatchKing lineup. 1400 West Henry Street. Twenty minutes are allowed for each course. The illumination is surprisingly even. 82 www. When I shine the light on walls. Compared to Sierra’s existing Palma bullet (No. HL.000 yards. At first I thought this was simply another gimmick to attract customers.308 Winchester cartridges loaded with Sierra’s 155-grain MatchKings. contact Sierra Bullets.


Deceptively simple in appearance. Bushnell claims this is a great tool for searching for lost objects.xssights. It’s 91⁄4 inches long and weighs 9 1⁄2 ounces. Objects stand out from the It will operate continuously for 1. a glowing “B” on-off button on the rear cap that doubles as a battery life indicator by changing from green to red when the batteries need replacing.5 hours and two. • 84 www. rugged duty sight for AR-15 and M4-style rifles. Howe spent 10 years with U. Howe is the lead instructor for Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT). For more information. phone toll-free: 1-800423-3537. 9200 Cody. sniper and senior instructor. HL. The HD Torch can light up a wall without being moved from side to side.S. the new XS CSAT Combat Sight offers two instantly available aiming options for targets that are only feet away or at extended range. Overland Park KS 66214. There are two operating modes: high beam and a flashing safetystrobe to signal an emergency. Sighting through the notch allows you to hold dead-on when the target is only feet away.bushnell. The height of the sights above the barrel causes bullets to impact as much as 2.5 inches below point of aim at close quarters. This eliminates guesswork or the need to stop. The flashlight comes with two batteries and a lanyard.99. The HD Torch also has a “Find Me” feature. offering better clarity and definition. or visit the XS Sights website: www. the Senior Manager with Triple Canopy Law Enforcement Training. The HD Torch is machined from Here’s an ultra-compact. MSRP: $79. 3volt lithium batteries power it. while the aperture permits accurate shooting at extended ranges.aircraft-grade aluminum. or visit the website: www. For more information. remove your hands from the rifle and adjust the sights when switching between close and long-range shooting. call 1-888744-4880. The XS CSAT Combat Sight features a square notch above the aperture. with O-ring seals for waterproofing. When engaging up-close targets with typical AR-15 or M4 iron sights. The CSAT Combat Sight was designed by Master Sergeant (Retired) Paul Howe. Military Special Operations as an assault team leader. because the square beam lets you search by quadrant or zone for more precision and efficiency. contact Bushnell Outdoor Technology. XS Sight Systems CSAT Combat Sight The HD Torch doesn’t seem to create the shadows typically produced by traditional flashlights.handloadermagazine. See the new HD Torch at your Bushnell dealer nationwide. Its LED lamp produces 165 lumens of Handloader 263 . holding high has been the standard procedure. MSRP: $35.


Publication offices remain at Krause Publications (owned by F+W) in Iola. and Steve Gash fondly remembers his old Ruger Single-Six. but a few of the highlights include an interesting piece by Harvey T. Terry Wieland on the Nitro Express and Wayne van Zwoll on the . Given annually to the author of the Gun Digest article deemed best by a jury of reviewers. able 9.000 is augmented. The feature section – much to my pleasure – has grown.GUN DIGEST 2009 BOOK REVIEWS by R. Amber Award. as well as muzzleloading.” and David R. an article on the vener- O ne of the highlights of my own annual calendar is the arrival of the Gun Digest. an imprint of F+W Publications. Ruger’s Charger. Gone.” The Testfire section has five short reviews. Reports from the Field has shrunk a bit from 104 pages last year to 86 this time around. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The 2009 edition is the same size as the 2008 book. handloading and guns Handloader 263 86 www. Foral also won in 2006 for his 2005 piece “Lever . optics.” No one does a better job of researching and presenting American shooting’s past than he. Page count for 2009 has remained at 568. with looks at SIG Sauer’s P250.handloadermagazine. Weatherby’s MK XXII and Ruger’s SR9.3x62. from the first edition in 1944. “Walter Hudson – Krag Specialist” that appeared in the 2008 edition. this year. There are also Toby Bridges on the Sharps rifle. the feature section is the book. with the number of articles now 20. as it has for years. The prize for the award of $1. too.300 Savage and a likewise interesting article by Mike Thomas on the efficacy of sorting rimfire ammunition. is the separate review of single-shot rifles.” and Norm Flayderman has a fascinating article. and the growth is welcome news indeed. You might be surprised by his findings. all editions have been a nominal 8 1⁄2 x11 inches. Bolt.H. rifles and shotguns. covering handguns. The book begins. There are too many articles to recount all of them. however. beginning this year. Pennington on the . the 2009 award once again goes to Jim Foral for his exceptional piece. For many of us. with the announcement of the winner of the John T. VanDenburg.30-30. “About Dueling and Dueling Pistols. Jim Foral presents us with another look back in time with “A. Hardy – Local Boy Makes Good. up from last year’s four. Remington’s R-15 VTR. Robert Keen has a very enjoyable piece on the “Origins of the . The 2009 issue – Gun Digest 2009 – is the venerable book’s 63rd edition. Jr. Wisconsin. The rest remain. Physically.220 Swift.H. Ownership has changed over the years but seems to have settled down of late with the publisher as Gun Digest Books. The use of the pages has shifted a bit this time. the book has been a marriage of feature articles and catalog. with a handsome brass plaque on a wood base.” Tom Turpin has a pair: his annual “The Art of Engraved & Custom Guns” and. The One Good Gun section includes another look at the Savage Model 99. Pierce complements Pennington’s piece with “The Overlooked Savage Model 99. up from 14. Although the format has evolved over time.

lists of pertinent periodicals. Works with . and a Directory of the Arms Trade. Cartridge Brass Annealing Machine.90. Ken.for P. Enterprise Services. and available here in the U. For those whose attention is not solely absorbed by the features.00 for our catalog today. Ballistics & Components and Ammunition Ballistic Charts & Prices are included as well. fax and e-mail address. ™ # WA N T # Largest selection of handcrafted stocks available. in full color. Inc. Prices Starting at $ MPI Stocks www. Technical support. For your copy of Gun Digest 2009. has retired as of the publication of Gun Digest 2009.40 S&W to . except there has been a change in the paper used. but the result is less pleasing. other than the catalog section. 2 Alloy. If it’s a gun. telephone number and. and that’s sad. The photography and the printing have been extraordinary. SHAPES AND CALIBERS. LLC Box 180994 . Ammunition. Box 83266 • Dept. for an excellent job.mpistocks. particularly in the recurring Tom Turpin piece on engraved and custom arms. • December-January 2010 VICKERMAN Inline Seating Die GMW. It’s all here again.handloadermagazine. sometimes. this is the most interesting part of the book. Robertson Blvd. including muzzleloaders and air guns. Precise Temerature 87 . Send for FREE information to: • Stainless Steel or Chrome Moly • –AFFORDABLE QUALITY– Write for free information to: DAKOTA ARMS Logo used by permission INC. We are a refinery with low prices.. Including Linotype. WV 25313 304-776-1341 FAX 304-776-8560 WORLD’S FINEST PRODUCTION RIFLE BARRELS ACCURACY? MPI Fiberglass stocks. Included here are a Website Directory. A tip o’ the hat.S. OR 97283-0266 Call us at (503) 226-1215 www. Editor Ken Ramage.50 BMG.O. Finally. It is the most complete listing of arms and related products found anywhere. This latter is a listing by product and a Manufacturers Directory. Synthetic stock mfrs. Beverly Hills.gmwvickerman. an arms library from Ray Riling Arms Books Co. Wheel Weights and No. 485 S. DOUGLAS BARRELS. the Gun Digest has been. AR 72918 Tel: 479-629-5566 A NNE A L -R ITE DOUGLAS ULTRARIFLED BARRELS IN MOST SIZES. no doubt. strong & extremely stable. Tel: 509-382-4159 www. Art Green. 5504 Big Tyler Rd. often under lessthan-ideal conditions. CA 90211 (310) 274-1283 BULLET CASTING METALS! Speedy. who has been at the helm for the last nine editions. contact Gun Digest Books at 1-800-258-0929 or your local book seller.of Europe. Send $2. Now the catalog Lead • Tin • Antimony • Lead Alloys. alphabetically by E-Mail: mpistocks@comcast. it’s listed here. A Reference section winds things up.Fort Smith. There are economic justifications for such decisions. INC. over 25 years in business. Lightweight.. HL12 Charleston. HL Portland. For the last several editions. Also Fluxes and Ladles. You will be missed. and the oftenspectacular photography is simply not shown in its best light. Also included are accessories from reloading presses to sights to chokes and brakes.

com 88 www. KS 67752 Tel: 785-754-3609 E-Mail: bullets@ruraltel. as well as more angular in overall shape. Ackley.375 H&H case and necked it up to .Cody. other alloys available.250 fps with a 500-grain bullet.25 to 8 Bore and Beyond! Tel: 307-754-5255 Fax: 307-754-5355 P.577 NE to back up their .458. reliability is everything. Unfortunately. Cowboy Action Shooting bullets. for the Lott. 2. If the situation warrants something bigger. however.O. Lyman #2. maximum pressures can also cause case-sticking and ejection problems. So such attempts to obtain absolutely maximum ballistic performance can seriously compromise function and reliability – and in a dangerous game rifle. INC P.80 inches.375 H&H) length action. you will probably have to compress powder – and sometimes quite drastically.mtbaldybullets. Box 189 . it is quite a different story.450 Ackley is not an easy cartridge to fit into a standard (. such compression can lead to all kinds of ills. then the logical move is to a .handloadermagazine. Any of these cartridges will comfortably deliver velocities between 2. under almost any conditions.500 Nitro Express or . and ballistically that’s TOP QUALITY BULLETS! . For one In Range (Continued from page 90) true. but doing so requires a number of compromises.450 Ackley (and one of my favorite rifles is a .PURE TIN Linotype.O. 16/1-20/1-30/1.450 Ackley on an FN most parallel case walls.505 Gibbs.400+ fps with the Lott and Ackley. and with its straight sides it is very difficult to make feed effortlessly and reliably. Pure Lead. in handloading. Others included the . Box 835 . That is a devastating and reliable load for any animal on earth. handloading folklore trumpets the goal of 2. This is the area where P. with its near-parallel walls.450. with his insistence on maximum performance and “improving” cartridges by blowing them out. Functionally.458 Win chester. Nominal case length for the Watts and Ackley is 2. WW alloy. Ackley was just one of several wildcatters who took the .85 inches. This makes it somewhat longer than the Lott. What’s worse. none of these efforts at a larger .O.Quinter. especially bulged case necks and bullets migrating under recoil. On the surface.150 and 2.458 seems to offer any real advantage over the others. This puts us right back where we were originally with the .com Handloader 263 . In a cartridge like the Ackley. WY 82414 www. ACTION BULLETS & ALLOY. which fell somewhere in between the Lott and Ackley designs. That is why some old-time elephant hunters carried a . Such velocity can be squeezed out of any one of them. The . When you stand back and look at the . Manfacturer of hard cast pistol bullets. created more problems than he solved.450 Watts.

I’ve found that each cartridge and rifle has a “discomfort curve....... Inc......... an experienced hunter of dangerous game under adverse conditions........ Inc........ “Nice try................11 Puff-Lon ......8 Colorado Shooter’s Supply.......................................................10 Gracey Case Trimmer ...................... not just for my own comfort..8 Wineland Walnut ................... 89 .. plotted on a graph........................................................... Inc...............................49 Multi-Scale Charge Ltd ................56 Shotgun Sports . The .................... Inc................88 Alliant Techsystems. With today’s trend to mono-metal bullets like the Barnes X................................................................................... no floorplates flying open..........33 Little Crow Gunworks........ As velocity climbs.............. Heritage Packaging....28 Berger Bullets......79 Conetrol Scope Mounts.........................................80 Sierra Bullets ......69 New York Mint........ Some authorities recommend going to a shorter...88 MPI Stocks.......50 Stukey’s Sturdy Shooting Benches. Inc.....................” Action Bullets... That’s right: down.................................................................. 41...65 W..........240-fps mark.................20 Parsons’ Scope Service ...... LLC.............79 AD INDEX December-January 2010 www..10 Vais Arms.................. ........................................87 Enterprise Services.............................. Jack Lott...... the bolt lugs to set back and the wire reticle of a Swarovski scope to break loose..............................88 Shooter’s Choice ............... Inc........... I never consider actual velocity to be much of a consideration in handloading these cartridges....2 BOG Gear....91 MBI Promotions......... ...........10 Leadheads Bullets .........40 Ballistic Products............................................................ Stock & Barrel Shooting Supply....... one has to say.................11 Midsouth Shooters Supply Co...................... Inc.....150 and 2...................... I measure performance more by the feel of the recoil...............75 Sinclair International.............24 Warner Tool Company............................... ......51 Rapine Bullet Mould Co..............20 Barnes Bullets . One principle applies equally to all of these cartridges.......14 Neco-Accuracy Products ..................88 Rim Rock Bullets ...........92 Redding Reloading Equipment ........................... Now..................7 Bullet Metals / Bill Ferguson .. ........65 Lock.... This rather expensive lesson taught me to keep loads down................. LLC/Hicks Production ..... 2.............38 Western Powders .........86 Tru-Square Metal Products .............................10 Lyman Products Corporation ..................15 Sonoran Desert Institute............... Enterprises..... some ill-advised loads caused the floorplate to fly open. Inc...........................24 James Calhoon Mfg..... Mr..20............................ ............14............69 Shooting Chrony................. Inc............................11 Dillon Precision Products.............. E........ 13 Graf & Sons.............................................77 Bald Eagle Precision Machine Co.................................................. Inc.....450s....................... which are longer for weight than traditional lead-andcopper bullets............................................................................... 76 Starline ......................................... ..........80 Bruno Shooters Supply .......................80 Wolf Performance Ammunition .................. making it easier to fit into a standard action. Above that........................................... LLC....57 North Fork Bullets.............. I would stick with the 500-grain bullets and settle for slightly lower velocity... years ago...9... Arthur................. It has tapered walls..... Attaining this balance is especially important in a dangerous game rifle............9 Timney Mfg.............9..87 Get A Grip Gunbooks................................45 Thumbcocker Specialties......................................................... ...220..........51 King Shooters Supply......................................................... would look like a boomerang..14 Savage Arms......................... for reasons of reliability alone........................................ & Supply...........10 Meacham Tool & Hardware.................................................... lighter bullet (such as a 450 grainer) in the big .. no migrating bullets.......27...............51 Harbor Freight Tools..........5 Beckham Product Design LLC .......................88 Montana Bullet Works .............................. LLC ...................................................................28 Gradient Lens Corporation ...............................51 Hornady Manufacturing Co...... 87 Cooper Arms .................... 82 Magma Engineering Company.......... and that is the advantages of keeping velocity down... . 87 IOSSO Products ...................87 GSI International...........9 RCBS c/o Federal Cartridge Company ..Supreme action).........84 Nosler Bullets ......................................... ........... Inc..........25................... Square Enterprises............................ Arthur (metals for casting)......... recoil climbs with it – gradually at first and then suddenly taking a sharp turn upward... Inc..... ....................................88 Zero Bullet Company........ Inc...................85 which........87 Bandera Gunleather .12 The rifles purr their way through a range session and head happily back to the kennel for a dose of Hoppe’s No............... Inc.............................................................................87 MTM Molded Products Company........................21 Clearwater Custom Bullets .. For both my Ackley and the two Lotts I shoot regularly...................... this occurs around the 2........... but ........... Inc...........................................79 Bellm TC’s....................... ................................” With his cartridge............... I have no extraction or ejection problems.17 Sheep River Hunting Camps... Inc.. ..............51 Target Shooting............... which gives easier feeding and largely precludes any problems with case-sticking from high pressures.............. • RB Outfitters........................ Inc....... Everyone will be happy except the Cape buffalo.......81 Berry’s Mfg.................................28 Sou’Wester Outfitting ........66 Williams Firearms Co.............19 Sharp Shoot R Precision Products ........................... I generally settle on any load that delivers good accuracy between 2.............9 Belt Mtn. crumpling or malformation in bullet seating is instantly discernible.......... recoil becomes far more jarring and unpleasant.. ..........59 MLV Enterprises ................................................... Inc...........20 Quality Cartridge................................... any bulging............ Inc.................... The brass lasts forever with no loose primer pockets or split necks.......11 Johnson Design Specialties........... 39 Oregon Trail Bullet Company.........87 Gemmell’s Machine Works...200 fps will get your attention – but it is neither excessively punishing nor damaging............................................ 31 XCalibers Reloading Supplies........ Ackley..................................handloadermagazine........ Inc............................................... within reason.............. the problems listed above are magnified because they encroach more on powder capacity.................. The recoil is certainly noticeable – any 500-grain bullet at 2..... avoided all these problems...................... Inc........... .........458 Lott is a little shorter................ ....45 Lee Precision....................... 11.....45 Gunstop Reloading Supplies.........28 Burris Company...38 SPG Lubricants .................... ......................................37 Douglas Barrels...... 9.......................250 fps.........................20 Quinetics Corporation.. ................ Because it has a straight case. In the Ackley.76. Instead................47 Huntington Die Specialties ...................... ....69 UniqueTek....67 High Plains Reboring & Barrels......... but for the good of the rifle.................................18 Wolfe Publishing Company ... ........23 Corbin Mfg...... . 24 Dayton Traister Trigger Co....... In fact............. Inc.....68 Rigel Products................ Inc.......29 Green.....................55 Pacific Tool & Gauge......24 Mounta Baldy Bullets........ ......................83 Brown Company.. Inc............

Denizens of the Los Angeles gun-magazine world dreaded the sound of Lott coming loudly down the hall.458 Lott was born. delivered its promised velocity.458 Winchester itself. The bullet failed to do the job. the . which was necked up to .IS BIGGER BETTER? IN RANGE by Terry Wieland • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Where their names come together is in the realm of the . the Winchester engineers stuffed in too much powder and compressed it unmercifully. short. Ackley created dozens. In one. The story of Jack Lott and the Cape buffalo is fairly well known. while one of Ackley’s most successful creations was the . and wrote books and magazine articles promoting his own creations. P.458 Winchester. Ackley.458 Winchester’s performance. The evolving . and therein lies a lesson for anyone today who wants to handload for a dangerous-game rifle. The problem was.O.3 inch and. P. When Lott’s name is mentioned today. they roll their eyes.458 Winchester case was too T he annals of handloading are replete with tales of difficult characters. It delivered . however. Even at its best. the .150 fps).450 Ackley was touted as delivering the maximum velocity possible from the basic .450 Nitro Express ballistics (500grain bullet at 2. a bullet from a .450 NE ballistics with no stress and no problems of any kind. Ackley’s .O.458 Lott by a dozen years. Lott limped back to the states. thumbing through back issues and muttering expletives. P. but a singleminded individual who wildcatted cartridges the way others bake cookies. in the tropical heat. the . on the other hand. Ackley. unable to muster the energy even to reach the backstop.458 factory round hit the dirt well in front of the 100-yard target. from left: . to sprawl for a morning in their offices. the compressed powder tended to solidify and create ignition problems.450 Ackley.458. Lott’s enduring legacy is the .458 Winchester never 90 Handloader 263 . Jack Lott created only one cartridge bearing his name. was a decent guy. while Lott was spending months on end in Africa during the era of colonial wars and insurrections. and embarked on a series of tests. he took on a Cape buffalo while armed with a .O. and Lott set out to correct that. The Lott’s additional length solves all velocity and powder-compression problems. Introduced shortly after the . but you would have to go a long way to find two more difficult – or more disparate – than Jack Lott and P.458. They are ballistically identical. .458 Lott and . In essence.O.450 preceded the . understandably bitter about the .357.375 H&H case.458 Lott. who ventured into various rifle projects. and ended it all with a . His memory is that of a self-styled mystery man who wore a beret long before it was fashionable.458 and then blown out to give it a shoulder and al(Continued on page 88) Jack Lott with a custom Mauser chambered for the . in 1971. and the buffalo did a job on Lott before it expired. He did so by the simple expedient of lengthening the case . simply. that the . In an attempt to replicate .450 Ackley. but functional opposites.458 Winchester.458 Lott cartridge.

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