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Humble Exhortation to Revive the Church

Humble Exhortation to Revive the Church

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Published by: Angelo Shaun Franklin on Feb 09, 2013
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A Humble Exhortation to Correct Conditions in the Body of Christ

THE MISSION OF TRUTH MINISTRIES Our mission is to spread a passion for the glory of God in all things by leading all peoples to embrace, enjoy, and express the Truth of Biblical Christianity in a lifestyle of holiness and happiness through faithfully applying knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from the Word of God. Truth Ministries does not exist to increase our material comforts or to make our lives easy or to receive the praise and glory of men or to make a name for any human person or institution. We exist to lead people to the allglorious Truth of God found in the all-satisfying Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. We exist to be passionate worshippers of the Triune God, personal witnesses to the gospel of sovereign grace, and pioneering workers in the global harvest of humanity.

A Heartfelt Desire to Promote God-Centered Reformation in the True Evangelical Church, Expressed in Twelve Christian Proposals to Help Accomplish This Sacred and Noble Endeavor
“But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you, and will remove your lamp stand out of its place—unless you repent.” REVELATION 2:4-5

Angelo Shaun Franklin Truth Ministries, 2003

There is no doubt that American culture is dying. we must ask the Spirit to guide and lead us in to all truth. but for what it really is. a pietistic call to reform the tragic state of the churches in Germany during the ? century.. It is the responsibility of every God-fearing disciple of the Lord Jesus to seek for and discover that suitable medicine by which a cure may be applied. and she is hopelessly searching for a remedy. But my prayer is always that the reader will “accept it not as the word of men. at first. Yet. which also performs its work in you who believe” (1 Thess. with knowledge of what we should do” (1 Chronicles 12:32). 2:13).Dedicated to all true Christians who seek to please the Lord Jesus Christ in all things and desire to see His kingdom advance on earth. Introduction This concise proposal is written in a similar style to Jacob Spener’s Pia Desideria. . the word of God. I must in all fairness and honesty regard myself as among the very least. And in light of our pressing world crisis. according to this basis of dignity and maturity in the things of God. We need men are able to interpret the times and lead the church to make appropriate changes for the glory of God. The precious body of Christ is greatly afflicted with disease and sickness. I present this . we desperately need more godly “men who understand the times. the wretched conditions and sins that all true Christians deplore are clearly evident to all who are eagerly willing to “search out the matter” with spiritual discernment (Proverbs 25:2). I hesitated in presenting these simple suggestions and principles for fear that they should be not be properly received. So..

In church history we can discover those special moments when God used 1 Francis Schaeffer. 1984). “If we truly believe that the Bible is inspired and inerrant. or pragmatic philosophies. We must not allow the integration of psychology. and express the Truth of Biblical Christianity by pursuing. When the word is in our hearts guiding us in truth and guarding ius from error. are unable to interpret reality from its proper Christian presuppositions.” 1 Today. there is something wrong. use of all of Scripture to guide us in our fauth and practice in all areas. Scripture alone is our source for wisdom in our faith and practice. {2} Our emphasis must be on a comprehensive use of Scripture. and therefore. If our reflex action is always accommodation regardless of the centrality of the truth involved. most Christians no longer possess an authentic Biblical worldview. or postmodern ethics to our interpretation of God’s Word. complete. God blesses the works of their hands (Psalm ???) Emphasis should be placed on hermeneutics and exegesis for the benefit of the church. when God’s people return to God’s Word and embrace it as their only infallible rule for faith and life. This excusive use of the word excludes all pragmatic philosophies of success and ? • • • • Is our message Biblical? Is our mission Biblical? Are our methods Biblical? Are our ministry programs Biblical? These questions deserve serious attention and reflection by every true Christian. then we must consider that truth carries with it confrontation. Ill: Crossway. The church has a great legacy of men who have been persecuted. but confrontation nevertheless. philosophy. We must accept the self-authenticating revelation of Jesus Christ in the Holy Scriptures as our authority. We must not merely accept partial obedience to the commands of God as a meager aim of Christian ? We must aim at total. suffered. we will live pleasing untot the Lord. The Great Evangelical Disaster (Westchester. Truth demands confrontation—loving confrontation.PROPOSAL 1 We must place greater thought. 64. promoting. We need to ask the following questions: the Bible to inspire reform movements. we must not supplant the word of God with man-made ideas. During the Protestant Reforamation. their rallying cry was Sola Scriptura or Scripture alone as our guide. {1} Our emphasis must be on an exclusive use of Scripture. prayer. and dies for the Word of God The same testimony is true today. Sola Scriptura. and practicing a more exclusive and comprehensive use of the Word of God. enjoy. and emphasis on faithfully seeking to embrace. We must correct this travesty. .

Trusting in ministers may be a sin. but all are full-time ministers. Church government is to be congregational in our circles. An unwarranted and unhealthy dependence upon the clergy divides the people of God into two unnecessary classifications—the clergy and the laity. The doctrine of the priesthood of the believer is not taught today because we prefer to pay a pastor to do our job for us. prayer. when God commands us to trust in Him above all. not everyone receives financial remuneration or their work. All Christians are full-time ministers. PROPOSAL 3 We must place greater emphasis. and thought on {1} faithfully establishing the Biblical functions of the New Testament church not personal agendas or goals {2} seeking to follow the New Testament pattern of ministry not modern pragmatic ministry techniques and {3} evaluating the progress of our ministries by God’s blessing not by ideas of human success or achievement. and thought on faithfully establishing the diligent and ? exercise of the spiritual priesthood of all believers. These functions include: (1) God-Centered Worship: [1]Personal/private [2] public (ordinances) (2) God-Centered Doctrine [1]Sovereignty [2] Supremacy/Gory[3] Sufficiency (3) God-Centered Prayer [1] Asking [2] Seeking [3] Knocking [4] Receiving (4) God-Centered Fellowship [1] Unity [2] Joy [3] Accountability (5) God Centered Ministry [1] Evangelism/Missions [2] Ordinances [3] Giving . prayer. everyone is called to be a minister. Many churches have committed idolatry by trusting in their leaders rather than God.PROPOSAL 2 We must place greater emphasis.

3:23. 12:25). Employ your spiritual gifts in serving one another (1 Peter 4:10). Our lives are always to be under the rule and dominion of God’s will as revealed in His Word. Encourage one another day after day (Heb. and build up one another (1 Thess. Teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs (Col. 6:2). Have the same care for one another (1 Cor. 5:11). Consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds. Do not judge one another. Admonish one another (Rom. 15:12. 10:24-25). 4:2) Speak truth each one of you with his neighbor (Eph. just as Christ also accepted us to the glory of God (Rom. not forgetting our own assembling together. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. The phrase “one another” is an often repeated expression in the New Testament. 15:5). against one another (James 5:9). Be hospitable to one another without complaint (1 Peter 4:9). 15:14). 4:7-12). 3:13). and joy with other believers in the body of Christ. Bear with one another and forgive each other (Col. tender-hearted. 14:13). Be at peace with one another (Mark 9:50). Fervently love one another from the heart (1 Peter 1:22). Greet one another with a holy kiss (Rom. 2:3). 3:16). This phrase “one another” clearly reveals the recipients of our duty. 15:7). Encourage one another. Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another (1 Peter 3:5). Do not lie to one another (Col. 5:13). Regard one another as more important than himself (Phil. give preference to one another in honor (Rom. thought on faithfully obeying our Christian duties in personal relationships. 4:25). but determine not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother’s way (Rom.16:16).PROPOSAL 4 We must place greater emphasis. Be subject to one another in the fear of Christ (Eph. 3:13). Love one another (John 13:34. 12:16). Do not speak against one another (James 4:11). Do not complain [groan]. and pray for one another (James 5:16). unity. 12:10). forgiving each other. Always seek after that which is good for one another and for all people (1 Thess. Be kind to one another. we must demonstrate true love toward other Christians and to all people. Comfort one another (1 Thess. a variety of very significant appeals and exhortations are made to Christians to live in harmony. prayer. as is the habit of some. 4:32). 5:15). 4:18). Confess your sins to one another. just as God in Christ also has forgiven you (Eph. but encouraging one another (Heb. [Show] forbearance to one another in love (Eph. Be of the same [lowly] mind toward one another (Rom. brethren. in accordance with the moral will of God as revealed in His Word. 5:21). but when we are disobedient to God’s moral will. 3:9). 1 John 3:11. Be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus (Rom. Serve one another (Gal. Accept one another. Bear one another’s burdens (Gal. sin is . peace.

and accountability in all areas of life. joy. changing. and prayer on faithfully implementing and administering Biblical church discipline. then we are evidencing a factious and divisive spirit that is contrary to the humble and gentle spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ. These inspired texts must guide us to understand and appreciate the importance. nature. thought. No doubt. He is loving and merciful and forgiving. so that there is only one God in three persons. logic. We Proclaim to Roman Catholics: You must embrace the Truth that no one will be justified by works (Galatians 2:16). ideas. and prayer on faithfully teaching people that it is not enough to have a bare intellectual knowledge of the Christian faith. confronting. PROPOSAL 8 We must place greater emphasis. and life does not cease to exist after death. reason. honesty. devising. and purpose in demonstrating true love as God prescribes. and devotion to the glory of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. matthew 7:21 We need to teach and preach upon th absolute necessity of that holiness without which no man shall see God (Hebrews 12:14). thought. Heartfelt obedience to these neglected duties will encourage our fellowship to progress spiritually in love. realm. He is sovereign and holy and just. defending. for true Christianity consists rather of personal devotion and practice and holy religious affections. and forgiving our brethren in a spirit of gentleness (Gal. holiness. PROPOSAL 5 We must place greater emphasis. Titus 2:14.11. and practices the standard by which to measure others’ consciences. and fatal religious deceptions. Son. 1 Timothy 5:20 (4) Church discipline reclaims and restores fallen believers.dominating our lives. 6:1-6). Missions and evangelism are our priority after worship. If we maliciously condemn those who differ from us only in their apprehensions about little things. We proclaim to Muslims: You must consider that all of God’s attributes are consistent with His essence. thought. thought. We live in eternal pleasure (heaven) or in eternal punishment (hell). Matthew 18:15. Acts 5:5. understanding. this will often include righteously judging. We Proclaim to Hindus and Buddhists: You must embrace the Truth that your soul is not one with the universe. (1) Church discipline honors Christ since men will glorify God as they see the good works of His people. example. 1 Cor. moral issues. Their hearts have not been changed by the grace and love of God and they are still in “the gall of bitterness and bondage to iniquity” (Acts 8:2?). restoring. cults. rebuking. and wisdom that come from the absolute standard of the Word of God. and world religions. Galatians 6:1-2 PROPOSAL 7 We must place greater emphasis. 5:6-8 (3) Church discipline warns others who might succumb to similar temptations. We must seek the knowledge. Father. We must not make our own opinions. and developing ministries that reach out to people who are lost without Christ. We have to be able to distinguish betweent he righteous and the wicked (Ma3:18). perfectly one with God the Father in divine essence (John 1:1). Christians must be trained and equipped in apologetics. gross doctrinal errors. PROPOSAL 6 (2) Church discipline purifies the church. Christians must live in a community which is marked by harmony. We must invite and encourage debates on specific Biblical and social. There are many people who are members of a church who are not members of the kingdom of heaven. we must humbly seek only to edify and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ to walk in holy and joyful obedience. We must preach on the calling and elecetion and assuranc of Christians and lead people to self-examinnation. philosophy. disciplining. unity. Christ died for our sins and rose from the grave to give eternal life to those who believe in Him. You must trust only in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ by faith (Romans 1:16) and be reconciled to God by accepting Him as your righteousness (2 Corinthians 5:20-21). Matthew 5:16 We must place greater emphasis. and prayer on faithfully explaining. New works on assurance of salvation must appear to counterattack the modern carnal presumptions and dangerous assumptions of peace and hope in Christ. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. and prayer on implementing. Numbers 26:9-10. and protecting the true faith against false heresies. We Proclaim to Unbelievers: You are not really pursuing true happiness until you embrace the Truth that only Jesus Christ can fully satisfy your hungry soul with its deepest longings for pleasure and joy (Psalm 16:11). purity. Worship is first. and Holy Spirit. 2 Cor 7:1. missions is second We must deliberately seek to make a difference for Christ in this world .

We must place greater emphasis. We must realize that prayer. witnessing. and prayer on liberty and freedom of conscience. mediation. Maturity will help us properly evaluate the Scripture in light of its teaching about conscience of other believers and our duty to accept different views on certain matters. . thought. and ? are all important. thought. which will lead to better unions with other denominations and community projects. and prayer on establishing the importance and maintaining the practice of the spiritual disciplines in the pursuit of true Christian spirituality and maturity.PROPOSAL 9 We must place greater emphasis. giving.

and goals. We must be God-centered in all of our activities. thought. . Writing literature. prayer and emphasis on leaving a spiritual legacy and heritage for future generations through specific educational focuses and goals. CD’s must be a priority.PROPOSAL 10 We must place greater emphasis. PROPOSAL 11 We must place greater. writing songs. PROPOSAL 12 We must be missions minded and people-group focused in all endeavors. ministries. videos. and prayer on magnifying the Gospel of Christ and the name of Jesus through making His name famous and not our selves. thought. tapes. pamphlets. We must proclaim the all-glorious sufficiency of our Savior.

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