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LESSON SEVEN Compound Words Stress

LESSON SEVEN Compound Words Stress

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Phonetics and Phonology
Phonetics and Phonology

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Published by: Walid English on Feb 09, 2013
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LESSON SEVEN Word Stress Complex words (compound words) Compound words may be analysed as two words, both

of which can exist independently as English words. They normally contain a single primary accent on one syllable, another syllable carrying a secondary accent. Compound words may be composed of: 1. Two nouns: the first element is stressed 2. gerund +noun: the first element is stressed Activity: transcribe the following words and mark stress Word air-raid , air-force clothes brush cardboard Teacup , teahouse cleaning cloth waiting - room shopping- bag Transcription Word Backache , headache earthquake shopping- bag button hole shopkeeper dining -room Swimming-pool Transcription

Stress these compound nouns Notebook, bookstore, toothbrush, keyboard ,armchair, mailbox, headphones, headquarters, rainbow, battery charger, suitcase, lipstick, bus stop Exceptions: headmaster hometown mankind 3. Adjective and ‘ed’ morpheme at the end receive stress on the second element. Activity: transcribe and mark stress Word bad-tempered well-educated barefooted well-dressed Transcription Word long-sighted heavy-hearted blue-eyed long-sighted Transcription

4. Adjective and gerund at the end receive stress on the second element good-looking / / easy- going / /

5. Compounds in which the first element is a number: the second element is stressed Activity: transcribe Word three-wheeler second class one- eyed man bad- tempered father


Word one-eyed three cornered blue-eyed girl half-timbered house


three-card trick

6. Compounds functioning as adverbs are usually finally stressed North –east down-stream

7. Compounds which function as verbs and have an adverbial element first take final stress ill- treat Stress these compound adverbs Upstairs uphill hereby outside back-pedal down- grade

8. Phrasal verbs are stressed on the second element Let down take over turn off

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