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War of 1812 Writing Assignment

Part BDocument Based Written Response Directions: Using the information in the documents provided, and your knowledge of history, write a well-organized essay that includes an introduction, a body of several paragraphs, and a conclusion. Historical Context In 1809 when James Madison became president, he found himself facing the problem: How could the United States force Britain and France to respect American rights on the high seas without being forced to war? Finally, after three years of failed diplomatic efforts, Madison asked Congress to declare war on Great Britain. Task Using information in the documents and your knowledge of US history, write an essay in which you answer the question: What forces led Americans to declare war on Britain in 1812?
Be sure to: Address all aspects of the assignment by accurately analyzing and interpreting at least three of the documents. Use information provided in the documents in the body of the essay. Incorporate relevant outside information as needed. Support your argument with facts and information that address the theme. Organize your essay in a clear and logical way.

Criteria Points Possible Peer Evaluation Self Evaluation Teacher Evaluation

Document-based questions answered in its entirety Essay Contents The thesis is supported with facts that appropriately addresses the theme; relevant outside information is included as needed Information provided from at least three of the primary documents are included in the essay Primary sources are accurately referenced in the document Finished Product The essay is organized in a clear and logical way with an interesting beginning, strong development, and effective ending The essay is neat and well-written TOTAL Points earned without deductions (100 points possible) Point deductions

40 15

15 10 10

10 100


Points will be deducted as follows: * No final copy (40 points) or planning guide not submitted (10 points) * Less than 5 paragraphs (5 points for each missing paragraph) * Thesis not detectable (10 points) * Lacking elaboration (2 points for each missing supporting detaileach reason should have at least 3 distinctive supporting details; facts, explain, expand, extend, describe, cause-effect, antidote, testimony, statistics) * Not typed (12 point font, double-spaced) OR written in blue or black ink (5 points) * Sentence fragments (1 point ea), GUM (grammar, usage, mechanics1/2 point for ea), use of you, we, I believe, In my opinion, etc.1 point ea