In this study the researcher aimed at computerizing piggery farm management information system. A piggery farm is a kind of farm management where pigs are been reared and care for, for the purpose of production to do this the researcher under want a thorough interview where she was able to discover some problems associated with the existing system of management information system which is manual system. This problems have been hindering the growth of the management till date and that is what called for this research work. The attempt of other researchers, authors are reviewed to know their opinions patterning this problems / topic. Oral interview were used to connect the datas needed for this research work, and to researcher also added some of observation made during the collection of datas. In the chapter three, the researcher described and analysis the existing system in order to tackle the problems in the existing system. Chapter 4 and 5, the new system were designed and implemented to replace the old / existing system which is manual system. Finally, the researcher summarized the findings from the data gotten. And resolved into making some reasonable recommendations before concluding the work at last.


Title page Certification Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of content

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 Background of the study Objective of the study Significant of the study Scope of the study Methodology Definition of terms Project thesis

1.2.1 Statement of problem


CHAPTER THREE 3.0 Overview of the existing system 3.1 3.2 Description and analysis of the existing system Method of data collection

3.2.1 Interview method 3.2.2 Observation method 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 Input analysis Process analysis Output analysis Problem of the existing system Justification of the new system

CHAPTER FOUR 4.0 Design of the new system 4.1 Output specification and design


5 Implementation Program design Program flow chart Pseudocode Source listing Test run CHAPTER SIX DOCUMENTATION CHAPTER SEVEN 7.3 4.6 Input specification and design File design Procedure chart System chart System requirement CHAPTER FIVE 5.2 4.0 5.4 5.3 5.4.0 RECOMMENDATION & CONCLUSION REFERENCES 5 .4 4.5 4.2 5.1 5.

less complex and hence organizations do this extents small sized. STATE COMMAND ENUGU (NPAPSE) Agriculture itself is a science of farming. It can be practice for either animal production or crop production purposes. Before a piggry farm could stand. and infact the activities of the organization in this system is less challenging. Piggry farm is an example of animal farm which is practiced for the purpose of animal production.CHAPTER ONE 1. This study is based on farm management information system” a case study of a piggry farm. there must be a boar at least. pockers and piglet of different stages. Once more the direction intention of this project is to computerize farm management information system have been operated manually. This call to mind the time value of 6 . sow / sows. Management information systems remain the system that aim at providing information for the management on a regular basis.0 INTRODUCTION Diggery farm is a part of animal section in NIGERIA PRISON AGRICULTURE PROJECT. Mis in this organization was essentially operated with a great deal of human efforts.

information which implies that when the required information is received behind the period it will be used. The only information tha can accelerate the management decision performance is the information that process the good quality of information. Management always aim at reading the climax in the decision performance fort attainment of organizational objective but this existing system could not attract such performance due to the lack of effective information tool which can provide the management with quality and needed information and at needed time. Such qualities of information comprises: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Relevance Accuracy Completeness Reliability Timeliness 7 . Mis dries to inform the manager how to provide the information. Quality information is very vital do check in organization. the information become useless. Information they say is power. This system always result to information over local which actually decreases the decision performance in any management.

subtotal. analyse it and suggest a possible solution to the problem. The technology have created an interesting opportunities for all managers and as the technology is growing the researcher demand it necessary to let the blowing wind reach the farm managers (piggry farm managers) in their management information system. The decision performance also depend on the manager himself. total amount grand total etc. define the problem. The manager must be able to identify problem. A software is developed to replace this manual operation of Mis. And for manager to do these. he must be backup with informations required. price. Computerized farm management information system is a software package that contains a lot of files and records the file that was designed in detail is a sales file which each of it record consist of files like varieties of pigs. This form of software is an expert system. quantity.Despite these qualities management cannot achieve their objectives. weight. 8 . Due to the show mentioned faults and errors associated with the existing system of management information an alternative system is suggested which is a computerized system.

State Command (NPAPSCE) stated its operation in Nigeria Prison State Command Enugu between 1980-1981 under the management of MRS MARIA EBUCHE. Thus. there came the expansion of the organization / management. it has contributed a lot to the labor market and to the management itself. (1) (4) Boar Section (2) Piglet Sections. poultry department and crop department. The sections are. the manager (DSP) did not relent at all instead he worked indefatigably expand and introduce other animals to the animal department Around 1990.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Nigeria Prison Agriculture Project. As Nigeria Prison State Command seems to be a world of its owner. The piggry farm are divided into subsection headedby DSP (manager). The management is also divided into management sections. That was when the idea of introducing piggry farm section was accepted in anticipation of the management goals achievement. NPAPSCE started it operation with about three kinds of animals sections. Sow Section (3) Pocket Section 9 .1. This led to the origin of piggry farm in this management. The piggry farm they said has provide worthwhile.

To autonate all the activities of Mis To accelerate decision performance To design an expert system. efficient.(1) (4) Stock keeping (2) Feeding (3) Maintenance Health care. (5) finance. accurate and timely form of management information system. (6) Accounting (7) Marketing and Sales Piggry Sales management is discussed in detail here. The researcher hope to achieve the following after this research thus To equip all the manage with quality information on regular basis. 10 . 1.2 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY. To eliminate the steady decline in the management. That is to replace manual mis with computerized Mis. The objective that led to this research work is basically to expose the Nigeria farmers in general and especially NPADSCE farmer manager with the effective.

Lack of sufficient fund Poor service render by the government Poor perception of economic benefit. It is believed that the introduction of a computerized system of 11 .3 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY In the event of the above mentioned faults and errors discovered in the manual system.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM It is very unfortunate that the technology potentials has not been fully or even adequately realized in the field of farm management information. Lack of specialist in the field.2. Some of the problems militating against high decision performance and achievement of management goals are as follows: Lack of quality information tool. 1. Lack of technical – known how. This has put managers and researchers behind. Management decline Immobility etc.1. Very little farm managers has grabbed this powerful it opportunities.

in the view of the time given for this research such a wide range could not be reached. concentrated on the sales management information of pig in Nigeria Prison Agric Project state command Enugu. The choice of sales Mis was due to the time factor. It will definitely expose and enlighten the staff and managers of farm in NPAPSCE on what they supposed to know about their management. one would like to accumulate information from many areas. 12 . Through the researcher restricted the study to NPAPSCE. it will bring about more noticeable contribution and improvements to both the headquarters and other branches nationwide to be able to defined their problems and find out large on the favourable side. 1. It will totally eliminate the inherent problem which will in turn bring about immense cash value to Nigeria Prison State Command.Mis will change the whole thing positively. But. Enugu and to all farm managers in Nigeria.4 SCOPE OF THE STUDY In the study of this nature. The researcher therefore. the result of the findings will let of immense benefits to all Nigeria farm managers and as well to students conducting similar research work on the same or related topics. In addition.

1. (2) AIP . informations were elicited from the observation techniques during the investigation. 1. Boar -This a male pig that has grown to a point that can pregnant a sow. He checks to ensure that things are going on fine.Assistant Inspector of Prison. ASP is an assistant manager in the management. Thus.Assistant superintendent of Prison concerning Piggery farm management.6 DEFINITION OF TERMS Terms associated to this topic are to be define below. Finally.5 METHODOLOGY The source from which the necessary data were elicited for carryout this research work is basically from primary source. The pigs under this system are controlled they 13 . The researcher underwent a thorough interview. the farm manager Mrs Maria Ebuche was interviewed and she was kind enough to respond to the interview questions. He is a person who visit all department to check rules are being obeyed and standard and acceptable. (1) ASP . Confine System – This is type of management system that does not interact with the system’s environment.

He controls.are not expose to the environment. Computer – A machine used in modern times in organization and homes do manipulate data. arrange. from information gathering to information retrieval and use. Information Overload – A situation which the sheer amount of information in an system is simply too great to be coped with by the information management available. 14 . manage and makes decision in the management. Information – Information is a data that has been evaluated. DSP – Deputy Superintendent of Prison. Database – A collection of interrelated data stared with controlled redundancy to serve one or more application. It is a processed data. organize. their feeding and all management are controlled by a prison or persons. performance. Data – Is a row fact that has no meaning. Information systemA systematic way of organizing the handling of It is overflow of information which slow down decision information. plan. This is a person that oversees what is going on in the management.

The pigs reared in this system are always expose to the environment.Management - The process of procuring. Open System – This a system that interact with its environments. its feeding and every other thing about the management is not controlled Pocker – A pig at the sluter stage. Management Information System – Mis is an integrated and holistic reporting network system in an organization that provides planning and controlling information for effective decision making. System – It is a collection of interrelated and interdependent procedures that are joined together to perform an activity or a task.Young pigs. from one person to another easily and timely. Mobility – This ability of information to move from one point to another. 15 . materials and money) through planning organizing directing and controlling activities of work of the organization member to reach certain stated objectives. Piglet . combing and utilizing or organizational resources expressed usually as 3ms (men. That is the earlier first stage of pigs. allocating.

scope of the study. method of investigation adopted and terms definitions CHAPTER TWO: The ideas opinions and contribution of other researchers and authors were review.7 THESIS / PROJECT ORGANIZATION This project is more or less organized in seven chapters which includes CHAPTER ONE: This introduces you to the topic. problem statement. CHAPTER FOUR / FIVE: the new system CHAPTER SIX – SEVEN: In these chapters the work was documented.Software – The programs that control the computer operation the system programme controls the hardware component of computer which application program controls task performed by computer. runs through the backgroun of the study. These handle the design and implementation of Is about description & analysis of the existing concluded and finally. 1. CHAPTER THREE: system. objective. recommendation and reference were made. 16 . Sow – The female pig.

If new information causes a different decision to make. CONNOR / GERAD D. less the cost of obtaining the information”. HARSH / LARRY J. given a set of possible decisions a decision maker will select on the basis of the information at hand. “In general.0 LITERATURE REVIEW The essence of this chapter is to review the attempt other researchers and authors have made in texts. SCHWAB (1886) in their text MANAGING THE FARM BUSINESS. Although some people failed to understand the importance an appreciation of the opportunity offered by technology will be of a great advantage to the 17 . According to STEPHEN B. it is just about two to three persons have had a contribution to this topic. From the above assertion.CHAPTER TWO 2. There was very limited book or attempt to review. the value of the new information is the difference in value between the out come of the old decision. computerized farm management information system can be regarded as the prior technology for two farm managers. In other words. the value of information is the value of the change in decision behaviours caused by the information less the cost of the information.

The relation of data to information is roughly that of raw material to finished products. Lalittout information. management and decision making in an organization”. Hence. He further enlightened us in the differences between data and information. According to DAVIS who defined management information as “integrated man / machine system for providing information to support the operation. DATA -> PROCESSING -> INFORMATION Transmission of data to information. farm managers will just grind to a at all levels. information is data that have been evaluated in the context of a specific problem situation. “DATA VERSUES INFORMATION. The farm manager typically has a large multitude of data. The true value of information is related to decision that the manager has to make”. Information is obtained from the data. MC 18 . but a limited supply of information. Data is a groups of nonrandom symbols which represents quantities. and so far to. Information is data that has been processed into a form that is meaningful to the receipient and is of real or perceived value in current or prospective decision. actions. things.

It also implies that it is a supporting system which assist the management in his decision for the attainment of organizations objectives. the research 19 . provessing and dissemination of information to computer power. storage. Agbo defined it as “ a supporting system which assist management in his decision for the attainment of organization objective”. Computtering a system is to hand over all man activities / manual activities like data gathering. This shows that poor management information system can lead to a total liquidation of an organization or management. nor due o technological necessity.Donough defined MIS as “Logical configuration of the significant element in a selected problem area: ENGR. Jorue Alvarez & peter Nuthall in their research work (2000) “Given that information innovation adoption is not due to either government or similar edict (eg from Bank lender). The computer make always available accurate efficient ad timely information to the farm managers. In this study effort and intention is geared to effective and efficient means of information. it implies that the basic purpose of MIS in an organization is to provide a means for supplying the decision makers. In view of all these attempt to define management information. (the managers) with information for making decision.

If this knowledge gap is small. 20 . otherwise adoption will not occurs. the adoption will be facilitated. This gap involves the knowledge and information that each farmer possess and use for operating and managing her / hisfarm relative to software developer’s concept. otherwise adoption will not occur. It larges gap may result in different viewpoints of the decision problem and its solution.  The third factor is the SKILLS NEEDED TO MANAGE THE INFORMATION INNOVATION. A clearly perceived benefit will reinforce adoption behaviour.  Second factor is the EXTENT OF FARMER’S PERCEPTION OF THE ECONOMIC BENEFIT and ease of management derived from the adoption of an information system innovation. Adoption will be accelerated if farmers have the skills. otherwise adoption will be showed down.hypothesis is that information innovation adoption depends on the concurrent presence of three factors: Thus  Knowledge gap between the software developer and user.

the more successful the system will be. the greater the use and vise – versa. The better this fit. “Evolution of computer – Based management information system (MIS). • The matching of the information innovation capacity with the farmaer’s decision context. These aspects defines the level of application friendliness. “successful use of information system depends on the three factors. C and UGWU O. interface design. The greater the friendliness. The more flexible the system to accummodate the farmers requirements. • The extent to which information innovation operation fits with the farmers existing work environment. (2004) in their BOOK MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR TERTIARY INSTITUTION. output type and design and integration with the other applications. • Suitable system facilities such as introduction of inputs. I. According to AKUWUDIKE. Thus. This author emphasized on the evolution of computer-based 21 . H. the more likely will the application be successful and vise –versa”.According to them.

Direct support DSS for management and operation function Personal computers under the direct control of users Lining individuals end-users 4 Evolution of CBMIS modified from management concepts and applications by Robbins Stephen 1987 PP.Mis which started from stage one (1) data processing to the last stage which is interactive networks. 502. 22 . It is this last stage that we have up to date. EVOLUTION OF COMPUTER – BASED MIS S/N Stages 1 2 3 Time Period Centralized data 1954-64 processing (Batch processing) Management 1965-85 focused data processing Decentralized End 1980-85 – user computing (real time processing Interactive 186-date networks Description Accounting and clerical applications pay rolling and salary administration.

This call to mind the time value of information which implies that when the required information is received behind the period it will be used.0 OVERVIEW OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM Farm management information system remains a system that aim at providing management with needed information on a regular basis. 23 .CHAPTER THREE 3. less complex and enhance farming was to that extend small in sized. the information becomes useless. MIS is not a new concept in farming. jobs for both managers and their subordinates are change as the farming designs are also changing by becoming flatter and more organic without any loss in control. With the present tempo in the massive acceptability of computers in farming. it was essentially operated with a great deal of human efforts – manual and infact the activities of farming at that time were less challenging.

During this process of data collection. With these goal in mind and due to the nature of this research work. this system was associated with many problems and to wipeout those problem. infact all the activities like input. Just as it has been said earlier farm management information system has been manually operated.1 DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM. hence a call for indebt study of the existing system and automating it in order other to achieve the proosed objectives. This enable him to find out the problems to the system and devised a solution. the researcher underwent a thorough research to investigate the existing system. 24 . understanding the system.2 METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION For the successful completion of this project work. only two methods of data collection were used being interview and observation. process and output analysis have been manually driven and as result. the requirement and how the objectives and requirements are met. and problem areas of the system.3. three things were borne in mind. 3.

PIGS VARIETY QUANTITY PRICE TAKE AWAY 25 . the level of decision performance and how the goal is achieved in the system?.3.1 INTERVIEW The farm manager Nigeria Prison Agric Project State Command Enugu were interview on: how they manage and control the farm?. 3.2 OBSERVATION In the course of the study.2. how the information is being provided to the management?.3 INPUT ANALYSIS This system has its major inputs as the varieties of pig quantity. price and take away.2. 3. the king of problem encountered in the system?. it was observed that management information is not documented and the management goal has not been achieved.

4 PROCESS ANALYSIS At the process point. OUTPUT FORM 26 . Below is the output form. organize. manager then calculate the subtotal and the total to produce an output. 3. After this arrangement.3.5 OUTPUT ANALYSIS The output is produced inform of sales book/form which contain the processed data. and arrange them. it is the responsibility of the farm manager to collect.

400 3. has so many problems such as (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) It makes management boring Lack of sufficient fund Lack of specialist in the field Lack of effective means of information dissemination and acquisition Poor perception of economic benefits.PIG VARIETIES Piglet Pocker Pocker Sow Boar QTY PRICE TAKE 10 5 5 4 6 AWAY N300  N400  N400  N700  N1000  SUBTOTAL 3000 2000 2000 2800 6000 TAX TOTAL GRAND DUE 100 3100 200 2200 200 2200 500 3300 1000 7000 TOTAL 3100 5300 5300 8600 15. 3.6 PROBLEMS OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM The existing system due to its manual nature.7 JUSTIFICATION FOR THE NEW SYSTEM 27 .

This new system make it possible and easy to browse the whole compilation within a second and be equipped with needed information at the needed time for decision – making. It may take the management or manager a day or weeks to make information about all these varieties available but computer does it within a second. you will just select the variety you need and all the information about it will be supplied by computer. 28 . Moreover. the need for a well organized and easy package that put to an end all the short-comings of the manual system. Instead of gathering information from difference source as in the existing system. Hence. Infact.The existing system as mentioned above is associated with many problems. there is a provision for alternative and modification if the need arize. the new system makes work easier and more accurate and neat.

CHAPTER FOUR 4. The output of this system displays on the screen or sends to the printer the structured list of pigs. which shows the step by step of coding the program. designing the files and sub-program and logically linked them together. The program is presented in a diagrammatic form called flowchart. It was automatically designed in away that once you select any of the named variety (i.e. Beside the full format of input and output are also included. The system is capable of displaying the pigs with its informations. Thus. VARIETY QTY PRICE TAKE SUB TAX TOTAL GRAND 29 .0 DESIGN OF THE NEW SYSTEM The new system is designed with pain taking design. The information concerning any choosen variety will be displayed under it.1 OUTPUT SPECIFICATION AND DESIGN. 4. Enter variety) all the information will be displayed and manager or any person can browse through it within a second.

2 X XX XX X XX XXX XXX XXXX AWAY X X X X TOTAL XXX XXXX XXXX XXXX X X X X XXX XXX XXXX XXXX TOTAL XXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX INPUT SPECIFICATION AND DESIGN The system accepts the inputs as regards the pigs and then write the information into the database. SALES INFORMATION Ordered code Quantity Item amount Take away Calculate O O O O Piglet Pocker Sow Boar Sub Total Tax Total due New order summarize exit 30 .CODE Piglet Pocker Sow boar 4.

THE GENERAL FILE STRUCTURE DESIGN FIELD NAME Variety Quantity FIELD TYPE Alphabetic character Numeric character FIELD SIZE Default Auto 31 . the two files have the same field name. as they were entered and store pig records which is produced by the system. The first file “pig record” is written to whenever there is input and stores the data while the second file “Pig record” can only be read from as the output of the system. The two files contain the pig records. However.3 FILE DESIGN Two database files are designed here do serve as a storage medium for the new system.4. the same field type and equal field lengths. It stores all the information concerning all the pigs entered.

4 PROCEDURE CHART Password demand Form Display Processing:. total and Grand total Data Entry Output Display Exit Close 32 RETURN .Price Take away Subtotal Tax Total Grand Total Currency Symbol Currency Currency Currency Currency Auto 1 Auto Auto Auto Auto 4.Calculate subtotal.


4.6 SYSTEM REQUIREMENT For proper implementation and use of this new system. the following requirement should be available. (1) (2) A complete Computer System Comprises Input devices Output devices Processor Storage devices Coloured printer is recommended. Printer 34 .

(3) (4) (i) (ii) VISUAL BASIC (VB) Compiler Human resources like Operator (a Specialist) Engineer (a Specialist) 35 .

The file maintenance enable the users to make changes or modify the file when the need arise and also exit the file which help to take control back to the main menu. file maintenance. It displays information about a particular Pig. The report generation is generated concerning the pigs in this segment of the package. whenever any of the sub-program is selected. it handle standard reports whereas Help subsystem help to handles huk-ups when using this system. The main menu is controlled by the control program and the controlled program co-ordinate the sub-programs. guery system and help system. Query subsystem gives the system an avenue to handle a hardwork / unexpected question. 36 .0 IMPLEMENTATION This system is implemented through main menu.CHAPTER FIVE 5. control will be transferred to the program that is controlling the operation.

1 PROGRAM DESIGN The program is designed in proper consideration of the old system. The old system is divided into unit since it was operated manually and each of the units perform a particular task in the system through manually.5. 37 . In this new system it is broken down into subsystem and the subsystem is further divided into program modules each module handle a specific taxt operations in the system.


3 PSEUDOCODE BEGING ENTER PASSWORD / USER NAME “Is password correct? If yes then load in the main form else Goto step 1 Select from the varieties Enter quantity (ies) 39 .CLEAR FOR NEW ORDER DISPLAY SUMMARY DO YOU WANT TO TERMINATE THIS PROGRAM EXIT STOP 5.

Total Due and Grand Total Display ItemAmount. Then goto step if Clear for New order Display summary sales Do you want to terminate the program? If yes then go to step 10 Else step 1 End 40 . TotalDue And Grand total. if yes. Subtotal. subtotal. then display price of variety and calculate item amount. else display and error Message for empty quantity textbox.“ is quantity entered?”.

CHAPTER SIX 6. how to handle it and so on. The normal VB commands and set of commands defined for implementing conditional statement and procedures are used. To Run the program. Computerized farm management information system (Piggery farm Mgt information system) is a software that gives structural order information to the farm managers in order to facilitate effective decision performance it entails how the system works or function. The Documentation help even a lay man who want to use the software. This software is developed in VISUAL BASIC. take the following procedure below: (1) Start up your system and allow it to boot up 41 .0 DOCUMENTATION All writer-ups about this topic are documented and the document is an written instructions explaining to the users (software users) what the software is all about. process and output. With this document any layman can possible use the software. what the software can do and how to do it. what can be achieved in respect to input.

42 . (11) When you finish and want to terminate the program then click Exit and put off the system. on the program drop down menu. Click Run from the icon D or on the menu if from the menu click start Run. then click “Pig and a farm will appear.(2) (3) Click START button Click PROGRAM.0 and click Click Remove program Insert the diskette and click open Double click “Julieth”. And password “Piggery”. Enter username “Julieth”. (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) Choose MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC STUDIO 6.0 and click Choose VISUAL BASIC 6.

(3) It is suggested that student should not be supervised but should be assisted to ensure that what is said is what is done. (1) All farm managers should endeavour to adopt and use a computerized farm management information system since it is capable to carry out all the managerial function perfectly and effectively. (2) It has the capability to eliminate all the inherent problem of the old system there by projecting the decision performance. It is also suggested that this very project topic should be given to many other students who wish to work on this topic so that difference findings should be available. (4) (5) Students should be given free hand in choosing project topic.0 7.1 RECOMMENDATION AND CONCLUSION RECOMMENDATION The researcher has successfully carried out the necessary study on this topic and now stand in a better position to make sure necessary Recommendation and suggestions.CHAPTER SEVEN 7. 43 .

should be assigned to another student in the proceeding year to ensure the continuity & completion of the topic. facilitate changes and results in easier implementation by encouraging parallel development at different parts of this project.2 CONCLUSION Having identified the shortcomings associated with the old system (manual). The module designed reduces the complexity.(6) As well any project topic which are not properly completed. this software is recommended as decision comparison and facilitation for all farm managers. the new system is developed to put a stop to all the shortcomings. Finally. 44 . A selected option from the main menu leads to a module. It is strongly believed that this new system is by far better than the old system since it has the capabilities to wipe off all the shortcomings of the old. 7. Dach subprogram performs a specific task in the program. This new system is painstakely designed and built with quality. The entire project is made up of five subprograms. obtainable and favourable maintenance cost.

and Nuthall. A Practical Approach to Organization Development Through MBO..REFERENCE Beck. cultural management group (1984) Organization Psychology. Management Information Systems for Tertiary Institutions Alvarez. Jorge Alvarez and Peter Nuthall (2000).. and E. (2001h) Florida.C. Akuwudike. and others (1971). J. G. dkry farmer’s opinions about using computerized farm Information system. I (2005). and others. H.Unification Decision for Agricultural Business. D Hillmer (1972). Phannia and Scheduling Post. A Study of management process of Mid- 45 . Garoyan. (1961) Western Farmers. farm and Hort.. Jr. “Agricultural Extension Johnson. L. Factors Affecting farmer adoption and use of computerized information systems. L. A. C and Ugwu O. P..

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