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13073039 Reliance Fresh

13073039 Reliance Fresh

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Published by Guri Randhawa
reliance fresh retail store
reliance fresh retail store

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Published by: Guri Randhawa on Feb 10, 2013
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Jaishri BA 0807 Kiran BA 0808 Mayank BA0810 Divya BA0813 Hema BA0814 & PRAKASH DHANDOLE

RELIANCE FRESH  Reliance Fresh is the convenience store format  Part of Reliance Industries of India which is headed by Mukesh Ambani  RIL’s dream of retail revaluation got kickedstarted in AP when its Reliance Fresh supermarket opened its doors to World .

25000 crores venture  It sells fruits . vegetables. company opened 10 more stores as a first step towards creating a mega retail chain across the country  The Reliance Fresh supermarket chain was Ril’s Rs.groceries. and dairy products . stapels .Cont…  Following the first .

Cont…  Retail chain closely follows the moves of global players like Wal-Mart store Inc and Metro AG seeking to open shop here in country  It has almost more than 500 fresh across the country .

a well established retail chain of Southern India Took over Fabmall about 50 stores Plans to set up 15 Hyper Markets in Pune alone Additional 1000 Super/Hyper markets across the country in next 3 years  Bharti  Joint Venture with Walmart  Plans to begin operations next year   Metro AG  German Retail Giant  Operating in Cash & Carry segment in the Indian Market .Indian Retail  Spencers  Oldest Retailer in India  135 Stores in 27 Cities  Plans to open 365 Stores in 365 days   Big Bazaar  53 Stores and fast expanding Subhiksha  700 stores operational  Plans to touch 1000 in this financial year  Aditya Birla Group     Acquired 160 stores of Trinetra.Corporates .

 Food and Beverages.  Ready to eat items.  Refrigerated products.PRODUCT STRATEGY Product range  Vegetables and fruits. .  Non food items.  House hold Items.  Dairy Products.  Groceries.

 Product Quality.PRODUCT STRATEGY  Product Labeling. .  New products.  Home Delivery.  Arrangement.  Launched new products of its own.  Product Packaging.

 Accept coupons.PRICING STRATEGY  Discount pricing strategy.  Wide price range of each items.  Competitive prices. .  Credit card acceptance.

.PRICING STRATEGY  Price marked in paisas.  comparable cost.

Distribution Srategy  Inefficient food chain supply  Intermediatory profit margin  Wastages in transit  Sourcing out requirement  Eg. Banjara hill outlet (A.P) .

Cont.  Up to mark inventory  Target urban citiess ..

Orgnising events Providing gifts-Free goods. All these are common strategies.Promotional Strategy         Advertising Sales Promotion Festive season special offers Live announcement & spot discounts Reliance Fresh membership cards Promotes new product. .

New concept of promotional strategy. .  Providing concessional long term loan to Farmers.  One to One Marketing Direct & Long term relationship with farmers &manufacturers.What Reliance Fresh is doing?  To increase sales volume- Concentrate on Visual Merchandising.

FUTURE PLANS  Plans to add more store across different geographic by 2011.  Reliance plans to label sale to kirana store.  Reliance is aiming to touch almost every Indian consumer. Reliance wellness Reliance digital Dairy pure Reliance trends Reliance select Beauty & wellness Consumer durable Dairy product Apparel Staples & food item .

-.FUTURE PLANS  Bring new format of food and café.Reliance food  Reliance ready to launch pharmacy retail store  Invest 20k cr expected sales of 2 lkh cr  reliance center will house everything that town needs .

Jharkhand on 8 May 07 .Great opportunity v/s The Big problem Roadside vegetable vendors demonstrated in front of a Reliance Fresh Store in Ranchi.

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