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Objectives: Distinguish changes in meaning of sentences caused by stress (1.0) Use the correct intonation (Yes-No Questions/Questions introduced by Interrogatives) (1.2) Decode meaning of unfamiliar words using structural analysis, the dictionary and context clues (1.0) Write a composition showing introduction, body and conclusion (1.0)


Subject Matter: “Sweet Aurora” Listening: Speaking: Reading: Writing: Distinguishing Changes in Meaning of Sentences Caused by Stress. Using Correct Intonation (Yes-No Questions/Questions Introduced by Interrogatives). Decoding Meaning of Unfamiliar Words Using Structural Analysis, the Dictionary and Context Clues. Writing a Composition Showing Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

References: English for All Times 6 Reading by Agnes P. Galapon, et. al., pp. 94-99. English for All Times 6 Language by Agnes P. Galapon, et. al., pp. 3-13. English for You and Me 6 Reading by Elodie A. Cada, 2-12. English for You and Me 6 Language by Elodie A. Cada and Joyce H. Ternio, pp. 2-6 Materials: Graphic Organizers, illustrations of the topic, text books, charts of activities and task cards. Value: Be kind to animals III. Learning Activities: A. Pre-reading 1. Pronunciation Drill /a/ ankle Grandma candles 2. Unlocking of Difficulties Identify the meaning of the following words through: 2.1. palatable (pleasant taste) 2.2. souvenir (remembrance) “gestures” “real objects” hands back bad snapping

2.3. bunting (a kind of bird)


2.4. mystery (something unexplained)

“context clue”

[Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period


7.His life is something unexplained.5. veterinarian (an animal doctor) doctor : people 2.6. what will you do? Why? (Answers may vary) 4. afloat (on board) 2. Motivation Show the illustration. impression (strong effect) “gestures” “context clue” The first impression is considered lasting because it gives strong effect to one’s feelings..8. Ask: What does the picture illustrates? What do you think probably happened to the bird? If you saw a bird got hurt. 2. Prediction Chart [Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period 2 . dusk (twilight) “analogy” veterinarian : _____________ “picture” 3. full of mystery.. 2. Motive Questions Show the title of the story… Using the Prediction Chart. create queries to the story that about to read and make some guesses out of the queries made.

Cada Questions Guesses Really Happened Write the queries given by the pupils on the first column. SWEET AURORA First Then Afterward Finally GROUP IV “For All You Know!” [Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period 3 . C.SWEET AURORA By Elodie A. B. Then let them give their guesses that will be written on the second column. The third column will be filled in after reading the story. Shared Reading Activity will be used. Then make a short explanation about the origin of the said festival. While Reading 1. Quezon. GROUP III “The Bottom Line!” Using the Story Pyramid. Give your impressions about the event. Collaborative Work Group the pupils into four… Each group will be given a task card to perform. Post Reading 1. Standards of Silent Reading. make a summarize report on the story read. GROUP II “Act It!” Create a short skit showing how Pahiyas Festival is being held in Lucban. 2. GROUP I “Draw It Right!” Draw Sweet Aurora before Celine found her.

But how can we decode or identify the meaning of a word in a sentence? It can be decode by the following approaches: 3. 2. What a refreshing sight to watch a field covered with beautiful flowers like dandelions. Who is our new librarian? Do you always consult the dictionary for word meanings? When I grow up.2. Structural Analysis Using affixes… (Please refer to English for You and Me 6 Reading. My uncle worked as a field reporter for a popular radio and television station. The Dictionary (Please refer to English for You and Me 6 Reading. Mastery of Structure in the English Language (MSEL) 1. Mark and his friends went to the park.1. Our Science teacher asked us to do a research on the solar system. 3. Spelling (Horn Method)           An interrogative sentence is one which asks a question. pp. Engagement Activity Group Presentation… Deepening: Who is Sweet Aurora? How close was Celine to her Grandmother? to her mother? to her sisters? What family tradition do they follow upon reaching the age of thirteen? Was Celine an obedient girl? Why? What made the family members feel close to each other? Why? If you were Celine. encircle the word or words that can give meaning to the italicized word. [Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period 4 . picnicked there and enjoyed a biking spree. 3. A long journey on foot along a mountain pass could be hard and tiring. Critical Thinking Words in the English language may be formed in different ways.3. D. pp. The number of words in your essay must not exceed three hundred words. Our library is spacious enough to accommodate about one hundred pupils at a time. I find the pronunciation of Japanese words easier than Chinese words. Context Clues In each sentence. It has natural ventilation because the windows are wide open.Make a four-line slogan about taking care of animals. The gruff old man frightened the children as he shouted at them to get away from his fruit trees. 9-12). I want to be a successful engineer. On his birthday.      The powerful hurricane brought about great winds and floods that destroyed houses and crops. would you set the bird free? Why? What particular part of the story do you like most? Why? Answering the Prediction chart… 3. 49-50). It can also give different meaning depending on how they are being used in the sentences.

then write the intonation pattern required. Motivation How do you feel today? How do you feel when you see again your classmates? How do you feel about your new classmates? School Life is very exciting.2. See you then! Her name is Ms. p. Practice Exercises Read the following questions. no when else to come) (It’s to see you. a. Language Integration What kind of sentence are the following?      Who wrote Mrs. May I borrow your pen? b. Can you take good care of your pet? 7. Elicitation Where are the girls? Why are they excited? Whom does Lora want to see? Why? Whom does Carol want to meet at Lora’s house? Why? If you were Lora and Carol. How far can you swim? d. 5. Generalization May I borrow your pen? Is your father an engineer? How far can you swim? Which seats are ours? Can you take good care of your pet? [Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period 5 . isn’t it? 3. Which seats are ours? e. De Vera. Nice to see you again. Is your father an engineer? c. What intonation pattern I used in the first question? Second? Third? Fourth? Fifth? 6. nobody else) Remember that stress patterns affect the meaning of sentences. would you be happy to meet your new classmates? Why? Listen to the following sentences as I read them and try to identify its meaning. Rosales? How did she find her visit? (Interrogative Sentences) What did you notice about the following sentences? What word begins each question? Listen carefully as I read the following interrogative sentences and examine the way I read each sentences. Lora! Have you met them? She’s young and very pretty! Come to our house on Saturday. (It’s to see you not anything else was nice) (It’s to meet them not anything else were asked) (That she’s pretty aside from being young) (It’s on Saturday. De Vera. nothing else then) (It’s Ms. Presentation Listen to this dialogue… (Please refer to English for You and Me 6 Language. Rosales a letter? Where does Carmen live now? Did she spend her visit to that place? Do you think Carmen wrote a letter to Mrs. 2) 4.

It was indeed a memorable one. ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ 1. The third part is the conclusion. Who are in the picture? What are they doing? Did you eat your breakfast? Can you sing our national Anthem? How long have they stayed there? F. 5. 2.Use the rising intonation pattern for questions answerable by Yes or No. It was begun by an opening prayer. a get-together was held and the foods brought by the members were shared among themselves. Evaluation: Write  on the blank if the question requires rising-falling intonation pattern and  if it requires rising intonation pattern. The introduction. The awarding of medals followed. a dog or a cat? 4. The Introduction tells what your composition all about. 3. Which do you like better. body and conclusion. one should know the three basic part of it. Whose paper is this? V. Write a short composition about your impressions on the first day of the school showing introduction. Teams B and C had to play for the second and third place and Team D as the fourth placer. The Badminton Club held its culminating activity on February 20 at one o’clock in the afternoon. the body and the conclusion. Team A was already declared the champion. Enrichment Activity: [Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period 6 . Examine the example below. The moderators assigned the final teams for the tournament. E. Use interrogative sentences carefully. The Body is the elaboration of the introduction you may write all the things about your topic. After the awarding. Do you wish to talk to? 2. Application Say the following questions with proper intonation pattern. Why is he going to Davao? 3. Are you referring to me? 5. Some members were awarded as the best players. Transfer Stage In writing a model composition. IV. 4. it gives the ending statement of the composition. Use the rising-falling intonation pattern for questions introduced by interrogatives. 1.

ALVAREZ Master Teacher I District English Coordinator Noted: OLIVIA DL. Prepared by: JULIUS P. Draw their intonation pattern. BACHICHA Teacher III Reviewed by: FLORITA O.Study the picture below. SAN DIEGO Principal II LESSON 2 [Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period 7 . Write 5 questions that are answerable by Yes or No and 5 questions that are introduced by interrogatives.

Before Reading B. References: English for All Times 6 Reading by Agnes P. Santos. 130-135. pp. 51-52. charts of activities and task cards. Questions and Commands) Learning some common idioms. English for You and Me 6 Language by Elodie A. Cada. After Reading D.. et. Galapon. Critical Thinking E. Learning Activities: A. Questions and Commands) (1. Mastery of Structure of the English Language (MSEL) Evaluation: Enrichment Activity: IV. Subject Matter: “Sweet Aurora” Listening: Speaking: Reading: Writing: Listening to the short sort. English for All Times 6 Language by Agnes P. Galapon.0) II. body and conclusion (1. illustrations of the topic. 14-23. Materials: Graphic Organizers. English for You and Me 6 Reading by Elodie A. pp. [Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period 8 . Relaying information accurately using different discourse (Statement. 144-147. Using figurative language to describe people and events. Isabelita M. al.. Writing a Composition Showing Introduction.1) Learn some common idioms (1. Ternio. V.1) Use figurative language to describe people and events (1. 4-6 Enhancing Reading Skills 6 by Menelea Mutuc Chiu and Dr. pp. Body and Conclusion. al. 206-211. Cada and Joyce H.. Value: Be kind to animals III.2) Write a composition showing introduction. Objectives: Listen to the short story carefully Relay information accurately using different discourse (Statement. During Reading C. et. pp.I. text books.

[Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period 9 .

[Lesson Plan in English 6] First Grading Period 10 .

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