Noting Details in a Story Read/Identifying Characters, Setting, Events in a Story

I. Learning Objectives • • • Identify characters, setting and events in the story read Act out the part of the story they like best Show enjoyment in going to different places


Subject Matter A. B. Topic: Noting Details in a Story Read

References: PELC Reading 4, 4.1 Books: Communicating Is Fun 2, pp. 70-74, 209-210 by Yvonne Kathleen Sahagun Christian Publishing, 1998 Basics and Beyond pp. 276-278 by Dolor Sim Garcia, Josefina C. Reyes FNB Educational Inc., 1991 Materials: manila paper, short stories


Value Focus: Appreciation of Beauty

III. Procedure A. Preparatory Activities 1. Review The teacher says: Do you still remember the simple present form of verbs? Answer these exercises. Direction: Choose the correct form of the verb on the leaves of the plant to complete the sentences.

scarecrow c. c. Connect with a line. She _______ her room every morning.a. Unlocking of Difficulties Teacher unlocks the difficult words through pictures. Direction: Match the pictures with the words. 3. a. spade b. Mother ________ us with our homework every night. b. e. The school boys _______ their school uniform every day. Our cook ______ the meals every day. d. scenery . Our family ________ our grandparents every summer. Then ask them to name the things they saw on the beach. Motivation Ask the pupils if they have gone to a beach. 2.

The golden sand felt soft and warm at her feet. She waved at some children playing by the roadside. How did Katrina feel about going to the beach? . I packed my red bathing suit. even a shell shaped like a fan. Katrina watched as the scenery rushed by.” After a hearty breakfast. Katrina and her family went home. At the end of the day. What did she see on the way to the ocean? 5. This time. ricefields and a funny scarecrow. Katrina swam all day. Development of the Lesson 1. Katrina was fast asleep dreaming of her day at the ocean. Analysis and Discussion a.long and short shells. Katrina and her parents piled into their car and headed for the ocean. When Katrina went down for breakfast. What did she bring? 4. She also saw a starfish and a crab digging in the sand. Katrina got out of her bed excitedly. Katrina excitedly ran to the water. KATRINA’S TRIP TO THE OCEAN As the alarm clock started with a loud ring. and all of her mother’s delicious food was gone. Who is the main character in the story? 2. Presentation Ask the pupils to read the story silently. Mother had already prepared a big picnic basket filled with all kinds of food. when the sun was like an orange ball in the sky. Katrina didn’t even see the funny scarecrow. fat and thin shells.B. “Do you have your things ready?” Mother asked. Mother. “Yes. Where did Katrina go? 3. She saw many things at the beach. She also built a beautiful sand castle with her yellow pail and pink spade. They were going to the beach today and she didn’t want to be late. Ask these questions: 1. She saw many things. What time did Katrina go home? 7. She saw houses. Distribute copies to the pupils or write the story on Manila paper. What did she see at the beach? 6. She saw different kinds of shells . they reached the beach. -Adapted 2. my yellow pail and pink spade. Finally.

3. Characters are the ones acting in the story. too?” asked Tina and Shiela.” Mother said. D. How do you feel when going to places like the beach? What other places do you enjoy going to? b. Setting is the place where the story happens. Which part of the story do you like best? Why? 10. Let them complete the table based on the story. Application Read the story and answer the questions that follow.” Mother answered. “Can we go. . Did she have a happy time during her trip to the beach? Give sentences that show she was happy. you may. “Yes. Introduce the words setting and events together with their meanings. c. Characters Setting Events C. 9.8. Let the pupils form pairs. Generalization 1. Post Activity 1. Events are the things that take place in the story. GOING TO THE MARKET “I am going to the market. 2.

Can we rest now?” Mother took them to an eatery and bought halo-halo. “Oh! I almost forgot to buy IV. Tina and Shiela rode the jeepney. “Mother. dalagang bukid. When he was asleep. Shiela saw all kinds of fishes at the fish stall.Mother. let’s buy some watermelon. I’m hungry. Shiela said.” Mother said. 5. tilapia and others. Evaluation Read the story and answer the questions that follow: THE BUZZING MOSQUITO Once there was a cruel king. All small creatures and insects were under him. 3. frogs croaked and laughed very loudly. URL Ali and the Magic Carpet http://wwwbritishcouncil. Mother bought meat from the meat shop. he wanted everybody to keep quiet. 4. Tina saw a girl selling plastic bags as they entered the market. Tina and Shiela go after the fish stall? After the vegetables section. They all enjoyed the halo-halo! 1. Ask them to choose between the two stories they read today. 2. Who are the characters in the story? Where did the story happen? What did Shiela see at the fish stall? Where did Mother. He was King Crab.” Tina said. So they went to the fruit stand and bought fruits. One day while he was asleep. . Enrichment Activities Let the pupils form four groups. “Mother. There were bangus. The two girls and their mother went to the vegetables section. where did they go? 2. Let them act out the different parts of the story.


He called for the biggest frog. When the other mosquitoes heard what happened. What happened while King Crab was asleep? 6. “Why do you carry your house on your back?” he asked. Based on the story. Why did King Crab call for the turtle? 8. why do you hear mosquitoes buzz near your ears? .The king was awakened. 5. but flew straight to the king and stung him. The mosquito did not answer. King Crab hid in a hole in the ground.” The king asked the mosquito why he liked to bite the firefly. “Why were you laughing so loudly?” he asked. “Why do you carry fire with you?” the king asked the firefly. “To protect myself from the mosquito who likes to bite me. “We were laughing because we saw the turtle carrying his house on his back. “I carry it on my back because I am afraid the firefly might burn it. The king called for the turtle. they started looking for the king. The king got angry and killed the mosquito. What was the answer of the firefly when King Crab called him? 9. Let the pupils answer the following questions: 1 – 4 Write the characters of the story. Who did King Crab call for after he talked to the frog? 7.” answered the frog.” the turtle replied. Where did King Crab hide when he heard that the other mosquitoes were looking for him? 10. Do you hear mosquitoes buzzing near your ears? That is because they are still looking for King Crab in every hole they see.

Let them identify the characters. .V. setting and events. Assignment Let the pupils copy a short story that they like best.

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