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APU presentation

APU presentation

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Published by Nejmeddine Halfaoui
presentation sur l'APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)
presentation sur l'APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)

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Published by: Nejmeddine Halfaoui on Feb 10, 2013
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CH-47D Auxiliary Power Unit

Terminal Learning Objective (TLO)

Action: Describe components, operational characteristics, functions, restrictions and limitations of the CH-47D Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Condition: In a classroom, and given a student handout
Standard: Correctly answer in writing, without reference, three of four questions, pertaining to Components, Operational Characteristics , Limitations, Functions, and Malfunctions of the CH-47D APU, IAW TM 1-1520-240-10 and the student handout

Terminal Learning Objective (TLO) (Cont)

Safety Requirements: None Risk Assessment: Low

Environmental Consideration: None
Evaluation: Each student will be evaluated on this block of instruction during the written examination. This will be a criterion type examination requiring a GO on each scored unit. You will have 90 minutes for the exam

Learning Step/Activity (LSA)#1 1. Describe operational characteristics. of the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Components .

General Characteristics        Model: T-62T-2B Manufactured by Turbomach Consumes 89 PPH Rated Power is 95 SHP Weight is 74.8 W/O generator Single stage centrifugal compressor/PT Mounted at station 600 .

APU Mounting Points  Mounts:   The two forward allow the APU to rotate down The two rigid links provide vertical and lateral support .

APU System Components .

APU Assembly N G R AI N ® Vi e we r .

Describe Principles of Operation for the APU .Learning Step/Activity (LSA)#2 1.

Sections of the APU .

Air Inlet Section .

Screen protects the APU from FOD ingestion. . Not a free-air type turbine.Compressor Section    Single stage centrifugal-flow (Impeller).

Power Turbine Section   Impeller turbine rotor Part of the intake assembly. .

. Contains spark plug. Directs expanding air to the power turbine rotor. start fuel nozzle.Combustor Assembly     Receives air from the compressor diffuser. Air and fuel are mixed and ignited. and fuel manifold.

Reduction And Accessory Drive Assembly  Reduces – Power Turbine Shaft Rotational Speed  Hydraulic Motor/Pump  Generator  Fuel Control .

APU Hydraulic System .

APU Start Accumulator

Located at Sta.555 right side
Stores Hydraulic Fluid  APU Start  Emergencies

Utility hydraulic sub-system Indicator should read 3,000 PSI

APU Start Module

Located Sta.584 right side Controls the mode of operation of the Motor/Pump Indicator should read 3,000 PSI

APU Motor/Pump

Mounted on the forward portion APU Functions:

N G R AI N ® Vi e we r

Motor: Drives APU (Starting) Pump: Supplies 3350 PSI for engine start.  Provides 16.5 GPM for the utility hydraulic system.

APU Fuel System .

.Fuel Boost Pump   Rotary vane pump Supplies fuel at 7−40 PSI to the APU driven fuel pump  Energized when the APU switch is placed to the RUN position.

Fuel Solenoid Valve    Mounted on the boost pump Normally Closed. Electrically Opened Valve Controlled by the ESU to start or stop the fuel flow to the APU . .

Pressure Fluid Filter   Paper filter element in an aluminum housing. . Low pressure filter.

APU Fuel Control .

Contains a wire mesh filter (25 Micron). Delivers 400 PPH at 400 PSI. .APU Fuel Pump     Mounted to the accessory drive Positive Displacement Gear Pump.

Acceleration Control Assembly  Fly-weight governor section   Driven by the fuel pump Controls the maximum Operating Speed of the APU .

000 feet.  .Main Metering Valve  Controls the amount of delivered fuel to the combustor during start. Automatic altitude compensation up to 15.

. When open it allows fuel to the six main fuel injectors.Main Fuel Solenoid Valve   Operate on 28V DC from the ESU.

Fuel Manifold  Consists of a metal fuel line with six bosses equally spaced. Fuel injectors spray fuel though the injector into the vaporizer tubes.  .

Start Fuel Solenoid Valve   Normally closed Opens during the start sequence allowing fuel flow to the start fuel nozzle .

7 O’clock Position Purpose: Sprays Fuel – Directly – Spark Plug .Start Fuel Nozzle Assembly   Mounted: Combustor Housing at Approx.

  . Compressor discharge pressure closes the valve during operation.Combustor Drain Valve  Located at 6 O’clock position on the combustor assembly. Spring loaded open to allow residual and unburned fuel to drain from the combustor.

Used to shut down the APU during emergencies.Manual Shutoff Valve   Located left side of the ramp. .

APU Electrical System .

Electrical Panel  Battery switch:  Two position:OFF  ON   APU switch:  Three position:OFF  RUN  START  .

.APU Fault Relay     Mounted on the left side at Sta. 360. Operated by a 28V DC signal from the ESU. Normally closed relay. De-energizes the airframe mounted fuel boost pump and solenoid valve.

  Spark Plug Mounted at the 7 O’clock on the combustor housing Shunted surface gap type plug  . Convert DC input into a high energy (AC) output.Ignition Exciter Box/Spark Plug    Exciter Box Mounted on the turbine section.

Extends down into the exhaust gas stream from the 12 o’clock position of the exhaust duct. chromel/alumel thermocouple. Senses exhaust gas temperature (RGT) as it heats it produces a voltage proportional to the heat and provide the signal to the ESU.Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe   A single-element.  The output signal is used by the ESU for overtemperature protection.   240° F at speeds less than 90% 1140° F at speeds greater than 90%  . shutting down the APU if EGT exceeds safe limits.

Generates a pulsating signal that is proportional to the APU speed.Magnetic Pickup    Sends the speed signal to the ESU. . Mounted on the accessory drive section.

compressor rotor has a 6000 Start life limit.Event/Time Meter  Tracks  Rotor starts. .  Operational Time as the main fuel solenoid valve opens.

APU Oil System .

Maintains APU system oil pressure between 15 and 40 psi. Spring loaded baland-seat type valve.Oil Pressure Relief Valve    Located on the inside of the reduction drive housing. .

Oil Sump    Bowl type with a three quart capacity. Contains:  Sight gage  Filler cap  Magnetic plug . Mounted on the reduction drive.

Oil Pump  Gear type pump.  Produces 15-40 PSI .

Oil Filter   10 Micron disposable filter Bypass Oil filter at 15-40 PSID .

A vent line runs from the vent port to the #2 side of the ramp area.Oil System vent   The oil system vents through a port in the front of the accessory drive pad. .

Oil Pressure Switch .

Oil Flow .

585 Sequences the start procedure. . Contains four BITE indicators. Continuously monitors the APUs operation.Electronic Sequence Unit (ESU)     Mounted on the left side at Sta.

BITE Information .

New Modification (ESU) .

Describe Start Procedures. Operational Restrictions and Emergency Procedures of the APU .Learning Step/Activity (LSA)#3 1.

Start Procedures .

APU Control Switch .

Start Procedures  Three Positions Switch:  Off  Run  Start  Place Switch to RUN for 3-5 Seconds Move switch to START for 2 Seconds and Release to RUN  .

ON UTIL HYD SYS Caution Light OUT – 30 Sec .Master Caution/Advisory Panel Check: APU Advisory Light .

APU Operational Restriction .

Tail In The Wind!!! APU Exhaust The APU shall not be started with a tail wind in excess of 25 knots .

Emergency Procedures APU Fire Page: 9-23   APU Switch – OFF ABORT START .

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