The Register News-Pictorial (Adelaide, SA : 1929 - 1931), Thursday 19 September 1929, page 7



Bushman's Strange Yarn Creature Of Fearsome
To Editor. tha article In Mr. Charles Barrett s recent headed 'Secrets, of Great Mystery Lake.' to reference is made 'a strange creature, in of a and urecic.' Tne uoopers loiiowmg incident, which haB some bearing on this matter, may be interesting: 40 was About mustering years ago, .1 'of Cooper's Creek, be cattle in the channels tween Mt. Howitt and old Wombunderry Stations. I two stockmen had with me, cattle dogs. and to a two We rode over large waterhole, and the -two in dogs went for- a of one swim. Almost immediately seized the dogs was by something in the water. and dragged under. A violent struggle the soon took place, under water, which



become stained* with blood. Presently the dog and the 'thing' came to. the. surface, top. with the dog on We grabbed the dog and hauled him out. He and was badly cut in the neck behind thp the 'thing,' which we of saw shoulder. All disappeared -quickly, was what appeared to b» its body, a light part of brown, smooth sur
face, much like





we When questioned the blacks about it, they said it was 'debil debit,' but I think this bears out what Mr, George Alston, of Station, Mulka has heard recently of 'a strange creature, huge and fearsome, living in a pool in Cooper's Creek,' and probably new science.— Yours, E. to P. H. BIRT, Tnmbellup, W.A.

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