Basic Signature Reading

Basic Signature Reading

Basic Signature Reading By Jimm Yim

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Read it for the leisure or additional knowledge. By writing this E-book I hope to share with you my readers on the little knowledge which I was introduced many months back which I found very interesting and may or may not seem true. It is entirely up to individual to believe or not to believe in.Basic Signature Reading Foreword This E-book is written purely base on the constant demand I am receiving from my Squidoo Signature Reading Site. Jimm Yim Author of What is Stopping You Now? . can be quite fun the next time you try to read people’s signature. Have Fun Reading. Similar to Palm Reading or Facial Reading.

Basic Signature Reading I was introduced by a friend on Signature Reading in Nov 2009. you may be right. Lesson 1: Time Frames Page 4 . That used to be my signature and it has served me for many years. I signed on. through her friend’s contacts. You may ask why are there vertical lines drawn over my signature? I will fill you in as we go along. My life is full of ups and downs alright. She said went to seek consultation and attended her 1 day lesson for less than $100. it was just introduced to me when I was casually chatting with my colleague. She briefly taught me what she knew and it was etched in my mind ever since. Does it look scratchy and impatient and full of Ups and Downs? Well. First let’s focus on the overall signature. it was my first and only one for everything.

the strokes in the different quarters shows different periods of your life. Page 5 . So the first 25 years of my life has nothing really interesting. each part is 25 yrs of our life. the vertical lines over my signature shows the timeline of my life. I have been through many things in life with little success. which was quite true. So in simple terms. let’s put it as I was silly and getting a lot of life’s experiences. Interesting? There is more. When it hits my 2nd quarter of my life. It is divided into 4 parts and let’s say we all have a life span of 100 years old. little ups and downs. Your signatures also shows you more about your wealth and health and status. there are a lot of up and downs.Basic Signature Reading Let me explain more.

that shows that your life has Ups and naturally what goes up comes down.Basic Signature Reading Lesson 2: Lines As I have mention. you pretty much guess how his whole life has been. It is good to have Ups. the lines in your signature shows you about your life. if you divide his whole life time into 4 quarters. So what if your signature has a lot of ups downs ups downs like the picture below? As taught earlier. but not too many within a short time frame. You may get a bad Page 6 . rollercoaster ride.

.Basic Signature Reading Lesson 3: Bubbles This may be the most interesting topic of Signature Reading. it would work for you? I beg to differ. Bubbles shows 2 things in a Signature. Let’s continue. Notice the HUGEEE… bubble below his name. Now you may be thinking that if you change your signature to a lot of repeating circles and it goes higher and higher. Guess Who’s Signature is that? Its Elvis Presley!!! Notice the bubbles and many bubbles along his Signature? It shows his fame throughout his life as a rock star. it shows the amount of wealth he has accumulated when he got famous. Page 7 . One it shows fame and savings/money in your life.

it ends up with a stroke upwards. he is still remembered for the legend he was in the world. What is your last stroke be? Some finish signing the whole signature and end with a stroke across or underneath their signature or simply end it off with a line flat or down or upwards. Page 8 . What is yours? Notice the signature in the piece of paper. After so many years.Basic Signature Reading Lesson 4: The Ending Stroke The ending stroke is particularly very true and it will display what kind of life will be towards his/her last days. he passed on when he was still well known and he is still living in many people’s hearts till today and probably forever. Note his signature towards the end. it belongs to Bruce Lee.

He is missed by many and he is noneother than Michael Jackson. I wouldn’t say much about it. Let’s analyze. really Page 9 . it may be right. here is another legend’s Signature. How did he end his life with? Notice the pass few years before his passing. he was already well known and has accumulated fame and wealth. its up to you to think about it. his life. down. Will he be remembered for? I believe so. it was full of problems and eventually it went down. Michael Jackson’s Signature. If you divided it into 4 parts. His health.Basic Signature Reading Now. During his mid-life. down. he was famous. his career just went down. it may be wrong. I am just casually analyzing. which I find it is the best example and easiest to look into. during his younger days.

Just some interesting thing to share about. he has problems that require him to sell most of his assets away. note there is no bubble below? After that he was infamous and starts his down. Sorry if I offended any MJ fans. Page 10 .Basic Signature Reading famous with fame but lesser wealth and as he ages. I love his music and dance too.

Page 11 . Once you have found it. practice signing it everyday. if you are 25 years old.Basic Signature Reading Lesson 5: Changing your Signature You may choose to change your signature but do take your time to find a new Signature that suits you. that’s a general guideline to blend your new Signature into your life. sign 40 times a day for a month. if you are 40 years old. sign 25 times a month. your gut feeling will tell you.

There are a lot more in-depth and ways to read Signatures however this is just a basic way of doing so. After reading this short E-book. you will find yourself monitoring or reading other people’s signature. If you believe that you will be successful one day. as you craft your own life the way you want it to be. it will be true. It is the same as fortune telling or horoscope reading. it is quite close to my descriptions on my site but this is more in-depth. it may take a longer route but if you believe in it. not even fate.Basic Signature Reading Conclusions… I hope you enjoy this short read. nothing will stop you. just like what I am doing ever since I learnt about it. If you believe it works and is true to you. Signature Reading. it will come to you. is a matter of believing it or not. Page 12 . Belief is a strong word and thing we all have in ourselves.

Anthony Robbins. President Obama. look at the fame he has gathered recently.Basic Signature Reading Let’s take a look at a few other Signatures and you may analyze it yourself with the new knowledge you have gain. he will retire on a quiet note after fighting hard for his country. world famous personal coach with amazing success with transforming millions of peoples lifes. look at the bubbles on top and all the little bubbles along the way and how would he end his life with? Look at the nice hook upwards. amazing leader for US. Page 13 . that’s around his mid-life. He will be remembered forever and ever.

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