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Swar Vigyan is an ancient science which involves the systematic study of the breath flow through the nostrils (or swar) in relation to the prevailing phases of the moon. through the awareness or observation. means sound or musical note. but swar vigyan says it is the right of ishwar@mayafree. Although we think of 'pranayama' when we think of techniques associated with the breath. raja yoga. it is the association of the breath in relation to the activities or phases or positions of the sun. then control or manipulation of the flow of breath in the nostrils. This ancient divine knowledge was available only for sadhaks. etymologically means www. in Swar vigyan. Quite a few have also ventured to develop inner experience through the use of drugs. The swar vigyan practices related to breathe were used understand the governing forces of life. and from time to time man has been experimenting with the various paths. time of day and direction. it also means the continuous flow of air through one nostril. Through the knowledge of swar vigyan one can become free from all kinds of negative influences of one's destiny and can achieve heightened awareness. etc. high born or low born. Recently modern science has taken great interest in electromagnetic fields and the behavior of bio-energy. For thousands of years mankind has been attempting to penetrate into the realm of inner +91-261-6596725 . many systems of swar have been devised. moon. Therefore. Perfect or imperfect. to understand the nature of the universe and effects of the elements on body and mind by observing the different patterns of breath. which is the inherent energy principle of the Swar. Swar vigyan is the ancient science of pranic body rhythms. Every thinking person has tried his level best to accomplish this great task. all can have that experience. seasons. with the physical and mental conditions of the individual and then taking the appropriate action according to these subtle relations. time of day. and spiritual problems so that they could get rid of their problems by using this divine knowledge of Swar vigyan. others about bhakti yoga. which explains how the movement of prana can be controlled by manipulation of the breath.Swar Vigyan The Science of Brain Breathing’ The word SWAR in Sanskrit. Some talk about karma yoga. emotional. It was used for those who had mental. Many people say that only those who are perfected can have inner experience. theist or atheist. Thus there are many different ways and means to have the inner experience.mayafree. physical. So Swar Vigyan is the science which is about the realization of cosmic consciousness. gyana yoga kundalini yoga. planets.

The physical act of breathing is said to have a very subtle influence on the level of consciousness.‘sound of one’s own breath ‘. swar vigyan emphasizes the analysis of the breath and the significance of different pranic rhythms. Swar vigyan may therefore be said to involve the practices of pranayama. whereas pranayama involves techniques to redirect. body. which involves a different aspect of the breath. and here only 3 of them. 1. Although both deal with prana. but also those who do not have faith and who will also be surprised to discover many truths pertaining to this reality. Pingala 3. rather than on coarse food.” Swar vigyan not only helps those who believe in a supreme reality. “If one meditates upon the breath. Sushumna Yogic view of the human body. In other systems a similar understanding of the swar of the breath is also expressed. Ida 2.mayafree. one can realize the breath as being the medium of the cosmic life force. www. should not be confused with pranayama. The breath has so much importance in human existence that the ancient rishis or seers evolved a complete science around it just from studying the simple process of respiration. however. You have to know about the movement of prana in the body and its relationship with the mind. Prana manifests in different ways and has particular effects on each organ and part of the system. But we generally deal with the principal ten or fourteen only. and therefore the effects of swar vigyan are also very subtle. man has three bodies or forms. Swar and Nadis : This science is based on the nadis or the swars. Swar +91-261-6596725 . Swar vigyan is a path which leads to total experience and awakening of the entire being. swar vigyan enables the state of union to be reached by means of one’s own breath. They are: 1. It aims at directly awakening the highest human potential. When you understand this. store and control ishwar@mayafree. you can predict forthcoming events or cure your illnesses. Through the practice of swar . There are 72. Then the consciousness is able to ascend to the heavens where eternal life is experienced by the body and soul. According to the scriptures. Gross or physical body (Sthula sarira). which need to be understood before the practice can be applied correctly. the cosmic deities or forces can be seen operating in the physical body. palpable. By sustaining oneself purely on the breath. It involves many aspects of the breathing process.Therefore. but in fact it is a much more extensive and precise science. one’s entire being will be purified and strengthened.000 nadis in the astral or energetic body. which is the visible. in Taoism it states that. There are a number of things concerning swar vigyan. For example.

1. the state of Transcendent Reality. Subtle body or Astral body (Sukshma sarira). the acids and enzymes of the body reflect the element of Fire. we begin to see the interdependent and interconnected nature of the universe. Most things at one level have a corresponding manifestation at the other level. Corresponding to these three bodies and the real self. This is brief background of the sukshma sarira (astral body).Dream (Swapna) 3. Subtle body . Each of the five elements is contained within another and thus the five elements exist with in us as the three doshas (humors). When we understand these primordial elements. corresponding to the Atman. We were discussing the three bodies earlier. Gross body . it is the astral body that shows signs and symptoms of any influence. Casual body -.mayafree. the Self or Incorporeal spirit (Asarira atman) which is the Divine spark. What was once a part of the earth goes into the plants and what was a part of the plants yesterday goes into the animal body today and the same will go into the human body.Dreamless sleep (Sushupti) Transcending these three states of experience. So more than the physical body. Though every one of us has the same 5 elements within. The Nadis actually exist in the subtle or energetic body.our prakriti. the element of Air is the breath and Prana and Space is the vibration of our very existence. intellect and ego (or ahamkara). is made of the five elements. So while the nadis are in the subtle body. Casual body (karana sarira). there are the three states of experience. which is composed of mind. Like everything else. billions of atoms traveling throughout the universe become absorbed into billions of life forms. The Astral body has within it.Waking (Jagrat) 2. plant and animal kingdoms. there are nerves in the physical or gross body. Our physical body reflects the element Earth and Water its fluid. each has a unique configuration. corresponding to them. as the Mandukya Upanishad tells us. which is comprised of the thoughts. It is said that our entire body is totally renewed every seven years. tomorrow. NADIS www. Diseases first start manifesting in the subtle body and take some time to reach a gross level. there is the Turiya state. long enough for it to seem like an eternity. the ever-blissful which is transcendental. The astral body is somewhat like a template for the physical ishwar@mayafree. or Antahkarana. This form lasts until liberation. impulses etc that animate the gross body. As the five elements cycle and recycle. Beyond these three is the eternal Atman. the human body too. The five elements aid it in this process. This is our true individual constitution or nature . that animates the physical body. that part of the Whole. our psychic instrument. feelings. 3. The five elements continuously transmute into each other to create the mineral. which is the seed body that is the cause and seed of next +91-261-6596725 . This ever-changing cycle of the five elements goes on for a very long time.2. The casual body takes a physical body as a vehicle for each life.

IDA . Thus in a way. nerves. 2. SUBTLE: invisible channels of subtle energy. 2. cords. Within this network of Nadis. controls all the mental processes and is ruled by the Moon.000) such channels. Of these ten. tubes etc. GROSS: like blood vessels. Subtle Nadis are again of two types: 1. which cover the whole body and through them the inherent rhythm of activity in the different organs is maintained. In the Rigveda it has been used to +91-261-6596725 .The word Nadi comes from the Sanskrit root meaning `MOVEMENT'. Ida which is feminine represents Goddess Parvati.mayafree. three are most important because they control the flow of Prana and consciousness within all the other Nadis of the body. Manovaha Nadis: through which the mental force (Manas Shakti) flows NADIS /\ Gross Subtle \ Pranavaha /\ (Pran-shakti) /\ Vital energy Mentalenergy (Manashakti) Manovaha These two kinds of forces flow through every part of our body via the Nadis.It is connected with the left nostril. `STREAM'. Thus the word Nadi literally means `FLOW'. These nadis also correspond to the acupuncture meridians of the Chinese. The concept of Nadis is based on the understanding that they are channels. Pranavaha Nadis: through which the pranic force (vital force) or prana shakti flows. channels for the flow of consciousness. Ida is like nectar and gives strength and nourishment to the soul and the ishwar@mayafree. any channel through which anything flows is a Nadi. www. There are two types of Nadis: 1. According to the Tantras there are seventy two thousand (there are variant schools like the Tibetan school of Astro Medicine that speaks of 84. there are ten main channels that are connected with the ten openings of the body.

logic. it is the lunar energy. if your left nostril is flowing freely now. The left hemisphere for instance.Moon Atma Shakti (spiritual force) . 9) Kuhu in genital . Prana shakti (pranic force) . the solar energy or Pingala nadi flows. SWAR AND IT'S RISE: www. one can ascertain the dominant hemisphere and do activities that fall under that hemisphere's function so as to go along with the flow of the current. It is good for Yogic practices.PINGALA . The subtle nadi of Sushumna corresponds to the gross nadi of the central canal in the spinal cord.Sushumna (Central canal) . Sushumna is also called as soonya swar. controls all the vital processes and is ruled by the Sun. Thus by ascertaining which Swar is rising. The Kundalini ascends through the Sushumna when it awakens. Pingala is responsible for the growth of the ishwar@mayafree. It is good for difficult jobs. 5) Hastijiwha in right eye. 10) Shankhini in anus. 7) Yashaswini in left ear. through which spiritual force flows and is known as Saraswati. 3) Sushmna in central canal . Whatever the duration of this “rise of swar” is. scientific researchers have also found that there is a correspondence or connection between the nostrils and brain hemispheres.Rahu / Ketu axis. Ida Nadi that is flowing and when the right nostril is flowing. All 10 Nadis are : 1) Ida in left nostril. When the left nostril is open. We have already studied that each hemisphere is concerned with a particular mode of functioning. emotions etc.which is connected with the right nostril. 2) Pingala in right nostril . In other words. The Sushumna is supposed to be destructive for most purposes and all under takings should be avoided during its flow. 6) Pusha in right ear .com +91-261-6596725 . 4). "DURATION OF “SWAR RHYTHM” Researchers who have studied the circadian rhythm say that the nostrils alternate in dominance every 1 to 2 hours.It is connected to the Brahmarandhra at a gross (sthula) level. when one nostril is dominating the opposite hemisphere is dominant For instance. Pingala is masculine and represents Lord Siva. They also say that in children it is every one-hour. controls the functions of analysis. If you observe your nostrils you will find that generally one is flowing freely and the other is blocked.Sun Manas shakti (mental force) Ida (left nostril) . It destroys all actions and is hence inauspicious to start any activity. SUSHUMNA .mayafree. it is your right hemisphere that is dominant now. The nostrils thus provide us a key to tune our behaviour according to the energy available in our body. 8) Alambusha in mouth . maths etc. Ida and Pingala function in the body alternatively and not simultaneously.Pingala (right nostril) . while the right hemisphere controls artistic work.Gandhari in left eye .

Investigations have shown that when the right nostril is flowing. a natural rhythm that it goes by. The nostrils are switches. The solar and lunar forces are the two great forces that affect Nature. divination and answering almost any question.mayafree. animals. length and duration of the breath. Now close the second nostril and breathe through the first. the right hemisphere is activated. It is performed with a fixed periodic rhythm through the left and right nostril alternately. As the Yogis have said. It is said that anything can be predicted. By consciously changing the dominant nostril to the other. All existence is governed by a single principle. Japan has also tried to prove that imbalance in nadis (which roughly correspond to the acupuncture meridians) is related to disease states. This principle of equivalence of the microcosm and macrocosm is a very important principle that all occult sciences share as a fundamental law. At a microcosmic level. the Supreme Being. which can do more than alleviating disease. When the left nostril is flowing. The one that is unobstructed is the dominant nostril. the left hemisphere of the brain is activated. nostrils are the windows to the state of our body and mind. by altering the ratio of inhalation to www. The solar and lunar forces that work at a macrocosmic level are reflected at a microcosmic level in man as his Pingala nadi and Ida nadi. Thus the name Svarodaya (Swar + Udaya) Shastra for this ancient science. Thus research only reaffirms the Tantric-Yogic theory that the nostrils and the flow of breath have many neurological and psychic connections whose functions are not yet appreciated by Modern Science. the source from which everything is born and into which everything returns. This change of nostrils is periodic.) Close one nostril and breathe through the other. rhythm. rate. Plants. Thus the nostrils are switches. retention and inhalation. achieved and attained by one who is adept in this +91-261-6596725 . minerals and even the mighty oceans follow the order of solar and lunar influences. Exhalation itself is the microcosmic parallel of emanation of the universe while inhalation is the microcosmic equivalent of re-absorption of the universe into the Supreme Being. Thus the Nadis control the brain and events of life and consciousness. By controlling the speed. All of nature has a rhythm. sex of the child. Dr. Swar shastra also gives various breathing techniques and meditations for each element (Panchabhutas) as related to the Chakras and a wealth of much more varied and interesting ishwar@mayafree. A person who practices this science of swar is called a Swar yogi and he can control the Prana through Pingala and mind through Ida.The act of breathing is called “Swar” while the switching over from one nostril to another reflects the “Rise of breath” in that nostril or “Udaya” meaning “rise”. METHOD OF KNOWING THE SWAR 1. Swarodaya Sastra also gives many more details of the 5 elements (Panchabhutas) and based on the swar. automatically the breathing passes on to the other nostril for almost an equal time. this is reflected in our breath. The emanation. a detailed art of prediction of diseases. This is at a macrocosmic level. When the period of one nostril is over.Hiroshi Motoyama. one can control his inner functions like brain hemisphere functioning etc. to do whatever he wants any time. one cycle of breath or Swar of Maheswar. maintenance and re-absorption of the universe are all seen as the exhalation..

Pressure on the arm pit by hand Put pressure under the armpit of the active side with opposite hand. It is a www. Verily SWAR is lord MAHE `SWAR' himself! Ish + swar = Ishwar Method to Change the Swar 3. only half of the brain is being used at any given time. The real purpose of swara is self. governed by the IDA nadi. If both hemispheres of the brain. which are intangible to the external sense receptors. which we experience when we breathe. then all these forces can be combined for creative and productive work in all dimensions of life. analytical. By practicing swara vigyan one can become aware of subtle changes which take place all the time in the body and mind. The science of swara is unique in itself. Thus it is responsible for psychic and extra sensory perception. By practicing swara vigyan we are transforming our material mind into subtle consciousness and experiencing our being beyond the realm of elements. They were experts in manipulating the subtle forces in our body through the swara (breath). governed by the flow of breath through the right nostril. and both the nadis can be used ishwar@mayafree. if your right nostril is active and you want to change into left. For ex. as also the experience of intuition and psychic perception. we can activate or tone down neurological and mental processes so as to achieve heightened awareness. Therefore. a sadhaka can experience consciousness behind these subtle changes and understand the dual nature of the universe. Therefore. it is easy to understand that both the nadis have different effects on our body and mind. altered states of Consciousness and even the ultimate goal of liberation itself. by stopping breath. The ancient rishis and saints were not familiar with the anatomy and physiology of the body as it is understood today. The left brain hemisphere or PINGALA nadi.realisation. but they were worthy of being called true scientists.exhalation. which will unite the ida and pingala nadis and lead to the awakening of the sushumna. Benefit swara vigyan : Swara vigyan is the science of becoming aware of the subtle vibrations of the elements. is responsible for the rational.mayafree. is responsible for experiences. as it is not developed by the limited mind of some individuals. then it is possible to understand all underlying phenomena of situation in any dimension. logical and mathematical intellect. Once the physiological connection and the functioning of the brain with the nadis is understood. etc are controlled and guided by the pineal gland. By knowing and becoming aware of these patterns. telepathy. artistic and musical abilities. We can experience our deeper psychic being through the practice of swara . All the psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance. pre cognition. and findings suggest that the pineal is the psychic gland connected with Ajana Chakra. If both faculties can be used together and reason and creativity can be combined. Swar influences our mental patterns. It has been suggested that left nostril dominance stimulates the Pineal gland. Each of the brain hemispheres is active at different +91-261-6596725 . nadis are closely connected with the neuro-endocrine function of the body. Put pressure by your left hand on your right armpit by the thumb and other four finger. and it stimulates creative. Swar will change within 20 minutes Some applications of swar in our daily lives. The right hemisphere.

It is a science. Pranayamas are used to strengthen. The different patterns of the breath either in right. for the welfare of left or both nostrils can influence our worldly affairs. Astrology .com ishwar@mayafree. 2.000 years ago. Therefore. Swar helps in the practical understanding of all the spiritual sciences such as the Vedas. Shankaracharya. We can use this science to bring out the divine in us.vatta. Christianity. swar means 'the sound of one's own breath'. Yoga . Gorakhnath. Bhagavad Gita.Hatha yoga. By becoming aware of the breathing patterns. to improve the quality of their lives and to hasten the process of human evolution. Swara Chintamani. Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Ayurveda By practising swar vigyan. which can be easily applied to our daily lives and it helps to understand life. Indra Swarodaya and others which existed long before many of the spiritual systems and religions developed.yogic astrology and yoga vastu 3. Rishi Gherand and others. the breathing pattern can be altered at will to make our life harmonious and balanced. Swar will show how these aspects can be changed to make life harmonious and healthy. Swar harmony: Etymologically. Although both deal with breath and prana. Upanishads. It also influences the spiritual aspect of life. Gyan Swarodaya. Detailed explanations of all kinds can be found in the Swar vigyan texts. Sound creates vibrations. Swar vigyan emphasizes the analysis of the breath and the significance of different pranic rhythms and understanding their effect on body and mind. however. we can understand the effect that it has on our body and mind. can be found in these ancient Swar vigyan texts Swar vigyan. either positively or negatively. swar vigyan is the science of understanding the union of different vibrations of breath that alters our psycho-physiological activity. Yoga and Ayurveda. Upanishads and by many great saints such as Kabir. Matsyendranath. Once this understanding takes place. Brief history and scientific prospective of swar vigyan: Swar vigyan (the science of the breath) is an ancient science existing from before the Vedic period more than 10. Whatever practices there are. pitta and +91-261-6596725 . Therefore. which was gifted to worthy recipients by the divine. Jesus Chirst.mayafree. such as Shiva Swarodaya. www. Swar vigyan is the union of three important sciences: 1 . we can understand the ayurvedic composition of our body . The practice of swar vigyan makes one realize that the breath is a cosmic life force. jnana yoga and Kundalini yoga. Along with other practices the addition of swar vigyan practices will help to lead a healthy and harmonious life with full awareness. We can also understand the mind and the governing forces of our life. The importance of breathing practices in spiritual life and in understanding inner and outer life is mentioned in all the great texts and spiritual systems such as Budhhism. Raja yoga. swar vigyan enables the state of union to be reached by means of one's breath. should not confused with pranayama. The glorious and valuable science of swara vigyan should be utilised by all sadhakas. purify and balance the nadis.

and that blockages in the ida nadi lead to depression. Different rhythms create specific physical. Thus it is responsible for psychic and extra sensory perception. as also the experience of intuition and psychic perception. but from the cosmos.half Siva and half Shakti . This also justifies the theory that blockages in the pingala nadi lead to schizophrenia. mental. The ancient concept of dual nature of our personality that is symbolized as Ardhanariishwar . Modern research on the ancient concepts of swar vigyan: Different laboratories suggest a close relationship of the brain rhythm with the nasal cycle. and emotional patterns and alter the state of consciousness at all levels ie conscious. is responsible for the rational. subconscious and unconscious. which are dominant in ones life. cardiovascular function. where the nasal cycle is connected with the brain hemispheres. The linking force between the individual body pinda and the cosmic body brahmanda is breath. which emanates not from the mothers womb. logical and mathematical intellect. and the left nostril is connected with right brain hemisphere.mayafree.also finds place in Swar vigyan.Swar vigyan. which are experienced in daily life. deals with the interaction between cosmic rhythm and individual pranic patterns in each person. the science of breath.the planets. and findings suggest that the pineal is the www. is responsible for experiences. the last breath of ones life activates elements. During the flow of Pingala or the right nostril. The right nostril is connected with the left hemisphere. The breath is a cosmic energy. Similarly. the first thing through which he starts life is +91-261-6596725 . Studies have indicated that the performance efficiencies of verbal and spatial tasks during both phases of the nasal cycle demonstrated that verbal efficiency is greater while the subjects were breathing primarily in the right and that spatial skills were enhanced during left nostril dominance. which are intangible to the external sense receptors. he breathes continuously. and the different functions of nadi. The left brain hemisphere or PINGALA nadi. constellations etc. It has been suggested that left nostril dominance stimulates the Pineal gland. Studies have also shown that schizophrenia is associated with greater left cerebral hemisphere dysfunction and that depression and the other affective disorders are associated with greater right hemisphere dysfunction. When a child takes birth. and it stimulates creative. the left brain hemisphere is active. The right hemisphere. the right brain hemisphere becomes active. analytical. It has been suggested that the pituitary hormonal secretions. artistic and musical abilities. and fuel regulation are associated with the nasal cycle. governed by the IDA ishwar@mayafree. Dominance by the left nostril improves the functioning of the immune system. Swar vigyan places emphasis on the first breath of life. Depression is the result of emotional blockage. creates an archetype of the whole life of a person. the arrangement of the cosmic energies . Swar vigyan justifies this concept as it states that the left nadi provides nectar and strength for the body. governed by the flow of breath through the right nostril. At the moment one starts to breathe. and during the flow of Ida or left nostril dominance. This supports the theory of contralateral dominance in the nostril hemisphere relationship. which are responsible for reincarnation and for experiences on a different astral plane. because it activates certain elements. and from then until he dies. Applications of swar vigyan in our daily lives : Swar vigyan influences our mental patterns. which is controlled by the Ida nadi.

etc are controlled and guided by the pineal gland. telepathy. it is easy to understand that both the nadis have different effects on our body and mind. Each of the brain hemispheres is active at different times. and both the nadis can be used together. Once the physiological connection and the functioning of the brain with the nadis is ishwar@mayafree. There are some important applications of swar vigyan. If both faculties can be used together and reason and creativity can be combined. Therefore.mayafree. If both hemispheres of the brain. nadis are closely connected with the neuro-endocrine function of the body.psychic gland connected with Ajana Chakra. Therefore. All the psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance. only half of the brain is being used at any given time. which can be used in daily life to save the vital force and to avoid negative influences in daily life. then all these forces can be combined for creative and productive work in all dimensions of life. pre +91-261-6596725 . : www. then it is possible to understand all underlying phenomena of situation in any dimension.