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Published by: Jens Weinreich on Feb 10, 2013
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The ACC has identfed that ant-ageing clinics, supplement suppliers and
online stores in Australia are sourcing peptdes and hormones through domestc
compounding pharmacies.

As opposed to standard pharmacies, which dispense prescripton medicines and
therapeutc agents, compounding pharmacies provide a range of services in relaton to
pharmaceutcals such as:

• altering or limitng the dose of a medicine

• changing the physical form of a medicine (for example modifying a pill into a
syrup or gel)

• supplying compound drugs that have been discontnued or are no
longer available.

Compounding pharmacies are a principal domestc source of peptdes and hormones
given their capacity to produce medicines and pharmaceutcal compounds that are not
readily available or commercially produced. Given their ability to manufacture various
ant-ageing medicines, compounding pharmacies play a key role in the dispensing of
substances prescribed by or distributed through ant-ageing clinics.

Based on available informaton, compounding pharmacies producing peptdes are
predominantly sourcing their raw materials from wholesalers based in China.

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