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lesson plan english
lesson plan english

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Published by: Wahidah Abd Manan on Feb 10, 2013
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LESSON PLAN - ENGLISH LESSON Date Class Number of Pupils Time Topic Main Skills Integrated Skills Curriculum

Specification : 8th September 2006 (Monday) : Year 4 Dahlia : 36 / 36 : 10.50 am – 11.50 am : Come Rain Or Shine – Four Seasons : Reading : Listening, Speaking and Writing : World of Knowledge – Level 3 1.2.3 Listen to and repeat simple rhymes and songs paying attention to pronunciation, stress and intonation correctly. 3.3.3 Read and understand simple paragraphs 4.3.3 Match words to other words : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: i) Read simple rhymes with correct pronunciation, stress and intonation ii) Read and interpret simple paragraphs iii) Rearrange words to form questions and answers based on the poem read : Pupils have seen and heard about the four seasons : Simple Wh - questions : Graphic organizer, worksheet, flash cards, paper strips : Gratitude and love for the environment : Classify, predict, look for patterns : Bodily-kinesthetic, visual-spatial, interpersonal, verbal-linguistic

Learning Outcomes/ Objectives

Previous Knowledge Language Input Teaching Aids Moral Values Educational Emphasis / Thinking Skills Multiple Intelligences

Teacher talks about the four seasons. Ireland. Resources: Graphic Organizer Multiple Intelligences Visual-spatial Moral Value: Gratitude To refresh pupils’ grammar on Whquestions. France. England. Teacher shows pupils a poem on four seasons. 4. 6. Teacher shows a few examples of simple Wh -questions Rationale To allow pupils to enjoy and appreciate reciting poems Remarks Resources: Graphic Organizer Multiple Intelligences: Verbal-linguistic To widen pupils’ knowledge on the four seasons. Teacher introduces the topic. 3. Teacher ask pupils to recite the poem. 5. Germany. Teacher gets few pupils who have been to foreign countries to share their experiences. 1. 8. the colours and things associated with each season. Teacher gives examples of countries having the four seasons. 2.Stage / Time Set Induction (5 minutes) Content Poem Presentation (25 minutes) Power-point Slides Examples of countries having the four seasons Switzerland. 7. Teacher ask pupils to read the paragraphs that describe the four seasons. 4. 2. 3. Britain Teaching and Learning Activities 1. Teacher shows the Wh-words that are used to ask the Wh questions. Teacher emphasizes the WH – questions. Teacher shows the scenes of four seasons. . Teacher asks pupils to listen carefully while teacher recites the poem.

2. When do the leaves turn brown and fall from the trees? The leaves turn brown and fall from the trees during autumn. 6. Resources: Worksheet Multiple Intelligence: Verbal-linguistic CCTS: Predicting . teacher asks the groups with Wh. 2. teacher asks groups with questions and groups with the answers to show their sentences in front of the class. 3. Teacher asks the latter groups to unscramble the flash cards into sentences and paste them on the paper strips. 4. 2.questions 1. Which season is cold. 1. 4. Teacher praises the pupils Rationale To let pupils match the words to form questions and answers Remarks Resources Flash Cards. Then. After that.questions and answers in their daily interaction. 3. Closure (10 minutes) Riddles Worksheet Teaching and Learning Activities 1. paper strips CCTS: Look for patterns Moral Value: Co-operation Multiple Intelligence: Bodily-kinesthetic To reinforce pupils’ understanding on the topic. Teacher distributes worksheet as homework to pupils.Stage / Time Production (20 minutes) Content Wh. What happens during spring? Flowers bloom during spring. Teacher gives four envelopes containing scrambled Whquestions to four groups and four envelopes containing scrambled answers to four more groups. Teacher shows a slide on simple riddles and asks pupils to guess the answers. Teacher corrects their mistakes and asks them to use the appropriate Wh. 5. white and chilly. 3. Where do the Eskimos live? Eskimos live in cold and snowy places in the Arctic. Teacher asks the pupils to read the questions and the answers. white and chilly? Winter season is cold.questions to find the groups with the correct answers.

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