Animal cruelty Nowadays although there is more awareness of animal abuse it still happens.

People of all ages abuse animals, adults, children teenagers. Sadly teenagers are the ones who abuse the most of these defenseless animals. Some studies state that usually people who abuse of animals have been victims of violence and abuse themselves by some other family member and this is seen more often in boys. Males have already a higher aggressiveness than females and this is reinforced by school especially if the child doesn’t achieve great marks, children who are bullied, have few friends, low self-steem and among other bad behaviours. That leads me to conclude that most people who abuse animals may have grown up in an abusive home, such as during a divorce etc. and to let their anger out they attack their pets, it is a horrible thing to do but even worse than that there are of course people who do it for no apparent reason. There have been videos on youtube of teenagers hurting animals, because sadly, they have fun at that. They throw puppies into the river or attach fireworks to cats among many other examples which I rather not mention. What they do is pure stupidity and it should be stopped. Luckily there are agencies today that help to rescue animals that have been abused or abandoned. Some of them are SPCA which is the society for prevention of cruelty to animals, Animal Aid, and the city of Burlington Animal Control Bylaw Officers. These agencies rescue over a thousand abandoned animals however not so many are lucky enough to survive because they are either too ill or too injured. It is very easy to help this cause, if you ever see anyone abusing an animal you can call the police, people who get arrested for abusing animals can get up to 6 months of jail and a 2000$ fine.

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