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What is Flyas brick? Fly ash brick (FAB) specifically masonry units. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 2 . is a building material.

(The bricks have natural color of low-carbon fly ash. lime. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3 . Assorted fly ash bricks of different colors made at ET. Fly ash bricks are lighter than clay bricks. gypsum and cement.Raw material for Fly ash brick The raw materials for fly ash brick are: fly ash. sand/stone dust. the dark ones have natural color of high-carbon fly ash. the red ones are made with 1 to 2% of commercially available red colored pigments.

Raw material for Fly ash brick COMPOSITION: The important compositions of fly ash bricks are as follows. FLY ASH CEMENT SAND WATER Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4 .

NATURE OF POLLUTION CAUSED BY FLY ASH: Fly ash causes severe pollution of air and water. These power stations generate nearly 40 million tones of fly ash annually. industries using coal as a fuel emits unwanted ash and smoke from which fly ash is produced. In all the power plants and industries. and its disposal gobbles up large tracts of land.SOURCES OF FLY ASH: 72% of India’s power plants are coal based. Well-planned programs for proper management of fly ash are therefore being undertaken to enhance the use of fly ash in various applications. they separate the fly ash by using the cyclone converter. so that our already perilously imbalanced environment can be protected Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 . This fly ash is then used as a raw material for manufacture of bricks. Fly ash contains Co2 emitted from Thermal power plants.

•The manufacturing method saves energy.000 psi. the brick is described as "selfcementing".Manufacturing: • It contains Class C fly ash and water. reduces mercury pollution. •Owing to the high concentration of calcium oxide in class C fly ash. • Compressed at 4. • Cured for 24 hours in a 150 °F (66 °C) steam bath. and costs 20% less than traditional clay brick manufacturing. • Then toughened with an air entrainment agent. the bricks last for more than 100 freeze-thaw cycles. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6 .

At this of rate of pressure and with holding the pressure for a desired time gives ultimate strength to fly ash bricks. While the mix is pressed at low pressure at low moisture content in hydraulic machine. In fly ash mix also the fly ash.Manufacturing: The fly ash brick is nothing but a slow setting pozzalona cement mix. in the order of 350kg/square inch. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 . And it is mixed and ground to cement. which contains clay from the mines. The process is same as making cement in cement factories whereas the clay and limestone are burnt with coal and gypsum. When hydrated lime powder. gypsum are mixed and ground in a pan. which is burnt clay particles (oxides of clay) obtained from burning coal. which is specially designed to give high pressure load at a slow rate. the mixture gives a slow setting pozzalona cement.

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Manufacturing Plant of Fly ash brick Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 .

Manufacturing Plant of Fly ash brick Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10 .

(2) Compressive Strength : Avg. 7.230 x 150 x 80 mm 230 x 150 x 100 mm Can be available in other suitable sizes depending on the quantity.5 N / Sq.230 x 100 x 75 mm 230 x 100 x 100 mm Size [6 Inches ] :.Technical Specifications (1) Fly Ash Brick Size Details : Size [4 Inches ] :. ( As against 3.5 N/Sq.Fly Ash Bricks .mm. mm for handmade clay bricks ) (3) Water Absorption : 8-12 % ( As against 20 to 25% for clay bricks ) (4) Efflorescence : Nil Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 .

(5) Density : 1700 Kg/m3 (6) Weight: 230x100x75 mm ( Weight about 4.75 to 5.75 – 0.approx ) 230x150x75 mm ( Weight about 2.00 kgs.90 – 1.Lime Powder (ii) Thermal Station Fly Ash (iii) Crushed Sand / Stone Dust (iv) Chemicals (8) Thermal Conductivity : 0.00 kgs.05 W/m2 0 C ( 0.approx ) (7) Composition : (i) Cement : Best Quality OPC 53 Grade Cement / Gypsum Powder.04 % (10) Brick Colour :Gray / Dark Gray Free Powerpoint Templates Page 12 .035-0.75 to 3.90 K cal/m2 hr 0C ) (9) Drying Shrinkage : Maximum Average drying test shrinkage 0.

5 Thapi cement in one patty of sunala. • Sound absorption – very good sound absorption properties. • Eco-Friendly – Totally envoirmental eco friendly product. • Life –Long lasting self life due to Pozzolonic properties.: •Coverage – 300 sqft. packs only. • Thermal Insulation – good thermal insulating properties.PROCESSED FLY ASH PLASTER – INSTENT SUNLA. bag. • Packing –Available in temper proof 40 Kg & 17 Kg. • Utilization – use 1. • Perfectly blended mixture to obtain uni-grade surface. • Economically improved & tested Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13 . • Coating – Super smooth bright coating. Area covered in 40 Kg.

Compressive strength achievable:Avg. density. 7.1700 Kg/m3. Inspection and quality control: the bureau of Indian standards has formulated and published the specification for maintaining quality of product and testing purpose.5 N / Sq. co-efficient of softening (depending upon water consistency factor) unlike conventional clay bricks fly ash bricks have high affinity to cement mortar the joint will become stronger and in due course of time it will become monolithic and strength will be consistent. IS: .Quality Checking Process : •Monitoring and improvement of achieve continual improvement of the quality management system & they are dried and water cured for 14 days. mm for handmade clay bricks ) Water absorption: 8-12%. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 14 .mm ( As against 3.5 N/Sq. •The bricks are tested and sorted before dispatch.

ADVANTAGES: 1.Uniform in shape & size and more durable as strength increases with passage of time 5. Limitation of size. But this can be rectified by adding marble waste. 2.Less mortar consumption in masonry & saving in plastering cost. Large size will have more breakages. Mechanical bonding strength is weak.More resistant to salinity and water than conventional bricks 3.More lighten than conventional bricks 4. Only modular size can be produced. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 15 . DISADVANTAGES: 1.compressive strength is more than conventional clay bricks 2.

Free Powerpoint Templates Page 16 .Price of fly ash brick : The prices of fly ash bricks are likely to increase by 20-25 paise per brick because of the hike in cement prices.50-Rs 2. But the manufacturers were forced to raise its price to Rs 2-Rs 3 each recently. “Each fly ash brick used to cost Rs 1.00 a year ago. In view of rising cement prices .

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