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Verbal Analogy

A parallel that is drawn between two different, but adequately similar events, situations of circumstances. Determine the relationship between a pair of words and then recognize a similar or parallel relationship in a different pair of words.

You are given a pair of words and must choose from the four pairs given as answer choices another pair exhibiting the same analogy.

4 basic types of questions are asked and chances of many more follows.
Test of analogy is test of ones language / vocabulary test of ones ability to reason out relationship It is therefore a test of Psycho-linguistic test

Lexical Problem
Logical Relationship Problem

How to Improve on Lexical Problems

Carry a small dictionary Read News paper Learn/Use an English word daily Learn Antonyms and synonyms for a word

IT related tools

IT related Tools
Google Chrome Scrabble Android Google search engine

Example 1
Philately : Stamps :: __________: _________

a) Cartography: Maps b) Geriatrics: Ailments c) Numismatics: Coins

Tip - I

Always observe the relationship between words

Pseudopod : Amoeba :: ___________:_______

Branch : Tree Tentacles : Octopus Shell : Snail

Tip - II

Specify the relationship between the words

Example - III
Pan : Camera :: ___________: _________

Rotate: Periscope Tune: Radio Charge: Battery

Tip - III

Know the exact meanings to solve the problems

Example - IV
Sap : Vitality :: __________: _________ Persevere : Fortitude Drain : Resolution Enhance : beauty

Tip IV

Looking at the parts of speech