Ashok Hall Girls Residential School

M.T June -2010
Subject: Mathematics Class- VI Instructor: Sumant Max Marks: 20 Time: 30 Minutes

Read all of the following information before starting the exam: • Show all work, clearly and in order, if you want to get full credit. I reserve the right to take off points if I cannot see how you arrived at your answer (even if your final answer is correct). • Circle or otherwise indicate your final answers. • Please keep your written answers brief; be clear and to the point. • Good luck!


(4 points) Simplify the following 2 1 3 1 +2 − 3 2 4

2. 3.

(4 points) The product of H.C.F and L.C.M of two numbers is 192. If one number is 16, find the other number. (4 points) A man spends Rs 500 on food. This is
5 6

of his salary. Calculate his salary.

(a) (b)

(4 points) Check the divisibility of the numbers Is 18273645546372819 divisible by 11 ? Show your steps. Is 18273645546372819 divisible by 4 ? Show your steps.


(4 points) Prime Numbers (a) What are Prime Numbers ? (b) Why are they so important in Mathematics ? (c) Give first 10 prime numbers ? (d) Is 243 a prime number ? Justify your answer Hint: Check if its divisble by some number

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