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Published by: Bogdan Darius on Feb 10, 2013
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As mentioned previously in “Font Formats” on page55, many font foundries
expressly forbid embedding their web fonts in your pages using @font-face.
They forbid this because linked OpenType or TrueType fonts are easy to
locate and download and can then be used illegally in both on- and offline
applications. The new WOFF file type was created in response to this; WOFF
is a web-only format and can contain licensing information to help track down
copyright infringers. Many foundries have already committed to selling this
format, and I hope many more will follow.
In general, the best policy is to check that the font you choose has a
license explicitly allowing you to use it for web embedding; don’t assume that
because a font is free to download, it is free to use online. That said, many
good-quality free fonts that do allow embedding are available online; some
examples are given in Appendix B.
While the licensing situation is in a state of flux, many web font service
providers have created mechanisms to embed fonts legally in your pages. By
adding JavaScript to your pages, the provider is authorized to serve the font
files from their network, so you can call the font families in your stacks. The
method is known as Fonts as a Service (FaaS).
Some of these services are provided by the foundries themselves—
Typotheque (http://www.typotheque.com/webfonts/) is one example—but probably
the best known at the moment is Typekit (http://www.typekit.com/), a third-
party provider serving fonts from many different foundries and creators.
Typekit has a limited font set available for free, so you can use it on your per-
sonal website if you want to experiment.
I’ve provided many more links to font tools and services in Appendix B
and will update the list on the website that accompanies this book.

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