Press Release
Police Department

Officer Involved Shooting
DR# 130007911 February 7, 2013

On Thursday, February 07, 2013, at approximately 5:15 a.m., uniformed officers of the Torrance Police Department heard shots fired coming from the area of Sunnyglen Park in the City of Torrance, in proximity to where members of the Los Angeles Police Department was providing protective services related to the regional law enforcement effort to capture murder suspect Christopher Dorner. Test As Torrance Police Officers responded to the location, they observed a truck suddenly leaving the area matching a similar description of suspect Christopher Dorner’s vehicle. A Torrance Police patrol unit, occupied by two officers, encountered the black truck, collided with the vehicle, and an officer involved shooting occurred. Both officers involved in the collision were not injured. The sole occupant and driver of the truck was not hit by gun fire and had no visible injuries at the time of the incident. Members of the Torrance Police Department would like to send our thoughts and prayers to all law enforcement agencies, their families, and all innocent people who have been affected by Christopher Dorner’s actions. This incident is being investigated under the command and direction of Captain Bernard Anderson of the Special Operations Bureau and the assistance of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.


Sergeant Chris Roosen Torrance Police Department Public Information Officer (310) 618-5735

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TPD 181 (Rev. 1/06)

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