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Astrology Books

Astrology Books

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Published by: Ali Muhammad Khan on Feb 10, 2013
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Astrology Books 1000 Aphorisms on Love and Marriage by Gopesh Kumar Ojha A Catechism in Astrology by B. V.

Raman A Glimpse of Kerala Astrology by O. P. Verma A Guide For Astrologers by William Lily A New Light on Jyotisha by Prof. K. S. Krishnamurty A Thousand Suns: Designing Your Future with Vedic Astrology by Linda Johnsen Accurate Predictive Methodology by Umang Taneja Advanced Predictive Astrology Vol 1 by Dr S. S. Chatterjee Advanced Predictive Astrology Vol 2 by Dr S. S. Chatterjee Advanced Principles of Prediction by Gayatri Devi Vasudev Advanced Techniques of Astrological Prediction by K. N. Rao An Indian Ephemeris; 1800 to 2000 AD by L. D. Swamikannu Pillai An Introduction to Vedic Astrology by Howard Beckman Analysing Horoscope Through Modern Techniques by M. S. Mehta Annual Horoscope (Varshaphal or Tajik) by M S Mehta Application of Yogini Dasha by Rajeev Jhanji Applications of Cuspal Interlinks 2 Vols. by K. Bhaskaran Art of Prediction by J. N. Bhasin Arudha System of Prediction by C. S. Patel Ashtakvarga Concept & Application by M.S.Mehta, Shiv Raj Sharma, C B Prasad Ashtamangala Prasna Horary in Indian Astrology by Prof N E Muthuswamy Aspects in Vedic Astrology by Gopesh Kumar Ojha and Ashutosh Ojha Astakavarga System of Prediction by B. V. Raman Astakavarga by C. S. Patel Astro Secrets and Krishnamurty Paddhati PartI by K. Subramainiam Astro Secrets and Krishnamurty Paddhati PartII by K. Subramainiam Astro Sutras by J. N. Bhasin Astrological Application of Kota Chakra by K. K. Joshi Astrological Biographies by Bepin Behari Astrological Counseling by K. K. Pathak Astrological Diagnosis of Diseases by Prof. K. S. Krishnamurty Astrological Exploration of The Soul and Other Esoteric Astrological Essays by Bepin Behari Astrological Journey Through History, Mystery, Horoscopes by K. N. Rao Astrological Key In Mahabharat The New Era by Paule Lerner Astrological Science (For Beginners) by Rasendu Thaker and Lata Thaker Astrological Secrets of Friendship, Love and Marriage by Gopesh Kumar Ojha Astrological Studies in Weather Forecasting by K. K. Pathak Astrology Concepts Explained by S K Duggal, G S Agarwal, Chander

Raman Bhrigu Astrology: Planetary Exchanges.) K. Santhanam Brihat Samhita by M. N. Raman Astrology in Vedas and Puranas by K K Pathak Astrology in Vedas by J. (Mrs. N. P.) K. Bhasin Astrology in predicting weather by B. Rao Astronomical Dating of the Mahabharat War by E Vedvyas Astronomy and Mathematical Astrology by Deepak Kapoor Be your Own Astrologer. G. Saraswathy Brighu Sutram tr. Vedic Astrology Made Simple by Pandit Ajai Bhambi Bhargava Nadika by Sage Bhargava Bhavartha Ratnakara by B.S. Saraswathy Book 21 Astrological Notes on Counseling by Dr. N.S. S. Agarwal Astrology For Beginners 16 Vols (Encyclopaedia of Astrology) (set) by K. (Mrs. Kapoor Brihat Jatak tr. V. Sapre Astrology And Diagnosis by Maj. Bhat Brihat Samhita of Varahmihir by N. S.) K. Iyer Chamatkar Chitamani trs by S. V. Subramainiam Astrology and Religion in Indian Art by Swami Priyananda Astrology for Beginners by B. Saraswathy Book 17 Anga Vidyaa (Body Signs) by Dr. (Mrs. Saraswathy Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra 2 vol set tr. (Mrs. C.) K. (Mrs. Destiny and The Wheel of Time by K. R. Science And Philosophy by Tejen Bose Bliss And Agony of Marriage (An Astrological Exposition) by Z Ansari Book 02 Patanjali Yoga by Dr. Khot Astrology And You by Gopesh Kumar Ojha and Ashutosh Ojha Astrology Applied by Dr S S Chatterjee Astrology Concepts Explained by G. (Mrs.) K. G. Saraswathy Book 16 Shakuna Phala or Effect of Omens in Computer Age by Dr. Sharma Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra by R. N.) K. Subramainiam Astrology Simplified by Bepin Behari Astrology and Education by K. Usha and Shashi Brihat Jataka (Varahmihir) by Swami Vijnana Nanda Brihat Jataka of Varamihir by Dr. by G. Sareen Classical Muhurta Vedic Electional Astrology by Ernst Wilhelm Clues To Interpreting Charts by Gayatri Devi Vasudeva . N.S. A K Gaur Astrology. N. Saraswathy Book 03 Life After Death by Dr. N. Raman Astrology of Professions by Col. C. Shastri Brihat Jatak tr.Bhalla Astrology : Different Systems Explained by R. V. G. N.

Raman Hora Ratnam Part I by Santhanam . N. Rao Fortune and Finance (an astro analysis) by Dr S. K. Santhanam Gems. V. Santhanam Dispositors in Astrology by J N Bhasin Divisional Charts by Dr. Pathak Garga Hora tr. Murthy Gochar Phaldeepika. S. R. by R. Charak Events and Nativities by J. R. Rao Essentials of Horary Astrology by M. Pulipani Golden Key to unfold Nadi Granthas by Surendra K. S. Charak Empirical Insights into Vedic Astrology ed. N.K. S.. Bhat Fundamentals of Rao's System of Nadi Astrology by RG Rao Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology by Bepin Behari Ganesh Hora Shastram by S. Ansari Deva Keralam 3 Vols. S. Rao Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions Vol 2 by K. N. Astrology and History by K. Chatterjee Fundamentals of Astrology by M. K. Gola Famous Women AstroPortraits by Women Astrologers by K. R. S. Bhat Essentials of Medical Astrology by K. Wishwakarma Employment Prospects and Krishnamurty Paddhati by Prof.. N. Bhasin Dictionary of Significators in Astrology by Umang Taneja Dips Into Divinity. Kapoor Glimpses of Hindu Astrology & Some Aspects of Indology by S. Torch on Transit by U. Rao Finer Techniques of Astrological Predictions Vol 1 by K. Krishnamurty Enigma in Astrology by K. Bhagat Hindu Astrology and The West by B.. Santhanam Dots of Destiny by Vinay Aditya Elements of Astronomy and Astrological Calculations by V P Jain Elements of Vedic Astrology in 2 Vols by K. S. Happiness. Raman Hindu Astrology by Shil Ponde Hindu Dasa System by K. Pathak Hindu Predictive Astrology by B. by Guari S. Bhasin Experiences in Horary Astrology by S. N. Santhanam Dictionary of Astrology by G. S. K. R. Astrology & Guide to Health.Core Yogas Yokes to the Fruits of Karmas by Ernst Wilhelm Crux of Vedic Astrology by Sanjay Rath Daivagna Vallabh by Varah Mihira Dasa Nirnany by Z. N. Agarwal Dictionary of Astrology by J. N. N. V. by R. Dinesh Sharma Doctrines of Suka Nadi Retold by R. Ganesh Garga Hora Shastra by K. Rao Discoveries and Lessons in Practical Vedic Astrology by R.

N. R.Hora Shatak by J. Santhanam K. Krishnamurty Krishneeyam by N. Dr Harishanker Pathak Jatak Saardeep by Narsimha Daivagya Jatak Satyachareeyam by C. R. Sharma Jatak Chandrika by Prof. K. K. Sareen Lagna Darshan 4 vols by Pt. Raman How to Judge a Longevity by Prof. Cusp Sublords & its Significance by Prof. S. S. Jataka Phaldeepika (Mantreswar) by Dr. Krishnamurty Kaal Sarp Yoga Why such fright? by Shri K N Rao Kalaprakasika by N. Rajan Jatak Tatwa tr. S S Sareen Jataka Des Marga tr. `s Universal Table of Houses by Prof. the SuperScience by K N Rao Jyotisharnava Navanitam by R.Pathak Jyotisha.S. S. E. K. V.P. Iyer Karma And Rebirth in Hindu Astrology by K. Krishnamurty K. Rayudu How to Judge Horoscope Vol 1 by B.S. Suryanarain Rao Jatak Parijat by Vaidyanath tr.P. K.S. S. V. Muthuswami Laghu Parashari Siddhant tr. Krishan Ashant . V. Lunar and Planetary by L. S. S. Sastri Jaimini's Sthira Dasha by Akhila Kumar Jatak Bharanam by G. N. C. Krishnamurt K. Rayudu Impact of Ascending Signs by V.P. Saraswathy Jyotish Dohawali by Gopal Das Neeraj Jyotish Ke Das Mahatvapurna Adhyaya by K. R. Raman How to Judge Horoscope Vol 2 by B. Swamikannu Pillai Interpretation of Planetary Transit by S K Duggal & Neiraja Taneja Introduction to Esoteric Astrology by Bepin Behari Issues in Vedic Astronomy and Astrology by Haribans Pandya Jaimini Astrology by P S Shastri Jaimini Sutras by Prof P.) K. (Mrs. V. C. Rao Krishnamurty Paddhati A Study of Astrology by Prof.K. S. G. S. Choudhry Indian ChronologySolar. S. Bhasin Horasara tr. Sareen Jataka Parijata by Vaidyanth 3 Vols. N. Santhanam Horoscope Construction and Organisation by R S Chillar How To Find Out A Birth Chart From FingerPrints by Manubhai Shah How To Judge A Nativity by Prof. K. G.Krishnamurty How To Read A Horoscope by P. Rao Kashyap Hora by R. S. Sareen Jataka Alankara tr. `s Horary Astrology ScientificTables of Houses for All (1249 Tables by Prof. Krishnamurty How to Match Horoscopes For Marriage by P. K. D. K.

S. Mehta New Dimensions in Vedic Occultism by Bepin Behari New Rules and Combinations in Hindu Astrology by S K Mehta New Techniques of Predictions 3 Vols. Saraswathy Navamsa in Astrology by C S Patel New Dimensions in Hindu Astrology by S. Sharma Muhurta Traditional and Modern by K. Krishna Kumar Medical Astrology by Nauman Medical Astrology by J. V. Agarwal Nadi Astrology by C. I Narayan Dasa by Sanjay Rath Natal Chart from Palm by R. K. Krishan Ashant Lal Kitab By Beni Madhav Goswamy Lal Kitab Jyotish Prishtabhoomi Aur Vyakhya tr by Pandit Krishna Ashant Lal Kitab Ke Totke & Upaya (HINDI) By C M Shrivastav Learn Astrology the Easy Way by Gauri S. Bhasin Medical Astrology for All by K. S. N. C.Lal Kitab System of Progression and Curative Measure by R S Chillar Lal Kitab Astrology. Patel Nadi Jyotish A Stellar System of Astrology by R Gopal Krishna Row Nadi Predictions by Wing Commander Shashikant Oak Nadi Rectification by Dr Bh. by Sheshadri Iyer New Techniques of Predictions Vol 1 by Sheshadri Iyer New Techniques of Predictions Vol 2 by Sheshadri Iyer . Satyanarayan Rao Nakshatra (Constellation) based Predictions with Remedial Measures by K T Subhakaran Vol. N. K. Joshi Muhurta by B. Rao Navagrahas by B. G. Background and Exposition by Pt. V. V. K. G.) K. An Introduction To The Astrology Of India by Hart De Fouw Light on Relationships by Hart De Fouw and Robert Svoboda Manual of Hindu Astrology by B. K. K. Subramainiam Muhurt Chintamani tr. Raman My Experiences in Astrology by B. Rao Light On Life. N. (Mrs. S. Raman My Experiments on Krishnamurty Paddhati by Prof. Chaturvedi Navagrahas by Dr. Raman Market Forecasting by Fakir Chandra Dutt Medical Astrology by Dr. II Nakshatra (Constellation) based Predictions with Remedial Measures by K T Subhakaran Vol. Krishnamurty Mystery of Rahu in a Horoscope by Shivraj Sharma Mystics of Sarvatobhadra Chakra and Astrological Predictions by M. Kapoor Learn Hindu Astrology Easily by K.

Swamikannu Pillai Panchasiddhantika Varahmihir by G. V. Mehta Planets and the Next World War by B. Raman Practical Mundane Astrology Basic Principles by J.New Techniques of Predictions Vol 3 by Sheshadri Iyer Newly Discovered Secrets of Hindu Traditional Astrology by P. Rao Planets and Signs and Houses by Bepin Behari Planets and Travel Abroad by M. Sareen Prasna Marg tr. V.Saraswathy Notable Horoscopes by B. Using Annual Horoscope by Mariella Anjaneuyulu Predicting Through Dwisaptati Sama Dasha by Manoj Pathak Predicting Through Jaimini's Chara Dasha by K. N. V. S. by B V Raman Prasna Marg tr. Thibaut Panchasiddhantika Varahmihir by T. Rao Predicting Through Karakamsha a & Jaimini's Mandook Dasha by K. V. S.C. S. (Mrs. Luthra Practical Vedic Astrology by G. S.) K. S.) K.S.C. N. Raman Planets in Orbit by Mahendra Pratap Singh Practical Horary Astrology by B. S. N.S. Krishnamurty Panchang and Horoscope or The Indian Calendar and Indian Astrology by L. Saraswathy Perpetual Market Forecast & Business Astrology by Pt. K. Sareen Phaldeepika by Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha Picking Winners by Bradly Planetary Influence on Human Affairs by B.S. Agarwal Prasna Ganam by Bhattotpal tr. Rao Predicting Through Navamsa & Nadi Astrology by C. Kuppana Sastry Parasara Samhita by Dr. D. S. L. Patel Predicting Through Navamsa & Nadi Astrology by C. Luthra Practical Mundane Astrology How to Judge a Mundane Chart by J. Ganga Prasad Phala Deepika of Mantreswar by V. Raman Predict Effectively Through Yogini Dasa by V P Goel Predicting Earthquakes and Calamities by Lachhman Das Madan Predicting Marriage by Mridula and T. N. Gumpaswamy Nine books for Nine Planets by Dr. (Mrs. Patel Predicting through Chatursheeti Sama Dasha by Naval Singh Predictive Astrology and Financial Prosperity by Mahan Vir Tulli . Subrahahnaniam Sastri Phala Deepika of Mantreswar tr. Raman Notable Persons and Krishnamurty Paddhati by Prof. N. Patel Planets and Children by K.Raman Planetary Influences on Markets by Mars by N. by J N Bhasin Prasna Tantra by B. R. Trivedi Predicting Marriage. V.

Krishnamurty Reader VI Horary Astrology by Prof. Krishna Kumar Secrets of Vimshottari Dasha by O. Krishna Rau Saturn In Transit. Baskaran Profession by K. N. R. K. K. S. Boundaries of Mind.S. Santhanam Sarvartha Chintamani by Venkatesh. Pathak Research Studies in Hindu Astrology by R. Trivedi Shani Shaman Vol 2 by Mridula and T. S. tr. K. K. Krishnamurty Sade Saati a Balanced View by K.Charak Prenatal Astrology by Fakir Chandra Dutt Principles of Cuspal Interlinks by R. Trivedi . Married Life & Children by Prof. & The Birth Time by K. Gola Reader I Casting The Horoscope by Prof. (2 vols) tr. R. Krishnamurty Remedial Astrology by K. Subramainiam Punarphoo (Saturn and Moon) by K. Body and Soul by Erin Sullivan Secrets of Astrology by L R Chawdhri Secrets of K. Guari S. Krishnamurty Reader IV Marriage. S. Subramainiam Secrets of Occult Sciences by L R Chawdhri Secrets of Vargas by Dr. K. K. S. J N Bhasin Sarvatobhadra Chakra (Hindi) by Motilal Nagar Sarvatobhadra Chakra by N. S. S. K. S.Lakshmanan Retrograde Planets.Traversing the Inner Landscape by Erin Sullivan Revelations of Medical Astrology with Remedial Measures by S K Duggal Revelations of Zodiacal Signs and Lunar Mansions by Bepin Behari Risks and Tricks in Astrological Predictions by K N Rao Ruling Planets and Krishnamurty Paddhati by Prof.P. C.Predictive Astrology by Fakir Chandra Dutt Predictive Astrology of the Hindus by Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha Predictive Techniques of Varshphal by K. K. Krishnamurty Reader III Predictive Stellar astrology by Prof. Krishnamurty Reader II Fundamental Principles of Astrology by Prof.Pathak Sambhu Hora Prakasa by Santhanam Sanketa Nidhi tr. Verma Shadbal Rahasya by Krishna Kumar Shani Shaman Vol 1 by Mridula and T. Krishnamurty Reader V Transits by Prof. S. S. K. S. P. K.Jain Rationality in Astrology by S. Krishnamurty Rectification of Birth Time by Prof. Kapoor Saravali. R. Subramainiam Rahu and Ketu in Predictive Astrology by M. Rao Sage Bhrigu on Predictive Astrology by K.N.

Parsai Stree Jataka. Verma Text book of Scientific Hindu Astrology by Prof.Raman Timing Events Through Vimshottari Dasha by K. Sastry Textbook of Varshphal by K. Rao Timing of Marriage by M. Caland The Man And His Mission by Gayatri Devi Vasudev The Nakshatras : The Lunar mansions of Vedic Astrology by Dennis Harness PhD.K. K. Rao Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide by J. N. The Celestial Delivery Boy by Col. P. The Rahu Ketu Experience by Prash Trivedi The Timing of Events by Bepin Behari The Upadesa Sutra of Jaimini by Prof.) K. Kedar Transit. V.B. Donald Walters Sun The Cosmic Powerhouse by Prash Trivedi Surya Sidhanta by Ed by Gangooly Surya. P. S. S.P. A. S. Female Horoscopy by Dr.Shasti Hayani Dasha by V P Goel Shripati Paddhatti by Subramanyam Shastri Shuka Nadi Jyotish Part I & II by Gopal DasNeeraj Significators in Astrology by Shiv Kumar Chadha Solve your problems Astrologically by Bepin Behari Sports And Astrology by S K Sathyanarayana Rao Star Guide to Predictive Astrology by K. V. Charak Successful Marriages with Jupiter in Simha Successful Techniques of Hindu Astrology by K. the Sun God by K. N. & D. K V Abhyankar The Yantras of Deities and their Numerological Foundations by Fredrick W. Charak The Textboook of Astrology by Umang Taneja The Art of Matching Charts by Gayatri Devi Vasudev The Astrological SelfInstructor by Prof. Saraswathy Studies in Jaimini Astrology by B. Saxena Tajikashastra Guide to Varshapala by R. Gour . Bunce Three Hundred Important Combinations by B. (Mrs. K. Suryanarain Rao The Astrology of Seers by David Frawley The Best Bet by Jaya Sekhar The Book of Nakshatras by Prash Trivedi The Correct Value of Ayanansa An Investigation by Swami Sadasiva Giri The Divine Path of Prediction by Tom Hopke The Greatness of Saturn by Robert Svoboda The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation by Marc Edmund Jones The Indian Calendar by Robert Sewell The Jaiminigrhyasutra by W. Raman Subtleties in Medical Astrology by K. N. Wishwakarma Text Book of Transit of Planets by O. S. N. Charak Tajik Neelkanthi of Acharya Neelkanth by D.

Varshphal by B. V. Rao Udu Dasa by Dr. G. Chaudhury Vedic Remedies in Astrology by Sanjay Rath Venus in Astrology by K. N. Kuppanna Sastry Vedic Astrology – An Integrated Approach by PVR Narasimha Rao Vedic Astrology Reprints in 2 Vols by K. S. Destiny and The Wheel of Time by K. by T. Raghuraman Vedic Numerology by G. Rao Utopia And Anarchy of Stars by U K Jha Uttara Kalamrita tr.Tried Techniques of Predictions by K. V. S. K. S. S. Rao Yoga Pushpanjali (A Treatise on Astrological Combinations) by Sunita Jha Yogas in Astrology by K. Saraswathy Understanding The Moon's nodes Rahu and Ketu by Keven Barrett Upadesa Sutras (Jaimini Sutram) by Sanjay Rath Ups and Downs in Careers by K.Charak Vedic Astrology in Money Matters by P.) K. N. C. (Mrs. N. Saxena Vidya Madhveeyam by Vidya Madhav Wonders of Life from Hundreds of Palm and Birth Charts by R. Vasudev Vedic Chronology And Vedanga Jyotisha by Bal Gangadhar Tilak Vedic Nadi Astrology and Career by V. Charak Yogis.S. Rao . N. Sareen Varahmihira Horasastram by Srinivasaraghava Aiyangar Varga Chakras by Various Authors edited by Sanjay Rath. Raman Vastu Astrology and Architecture by Gayatri Devi Vasudev Vault of the Heavens A Textbook of Vedic Astrology by Ernst Wilhelm Vedanga Jyotisha of Lagadha tr.

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