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February Journal

1. Choose a sentence. 2. Copy it on a new journal page. Then complete the sentence.


Please write at least 5 to 6

sentences about the topic. 4. Draw a picture to go with your writing 5. Check off the square when you are finished. 6. Dont forget the date.
Describe the weather today. How does it make you feel? If I had a million dollars, I would To celebrate the 100th day of school, I can collect 100 Write down 5 things you know about Abraham Lincoln Do you like to send Valentines Day cards? Why or why not? If I could have any type of pet, it would be a ________ What is your favorite holiday? Why? If I could give a Valentine to a famous person, It would be This Valentines Day I want to buy _____ cards because My favorite 100th day activity was ______ If you could make up a holiday, it would be

I think Valentines Day is _____________ I like February because______________