Cable Seal Requirement: Ocean Container Shipped from a High Risk Country

A priority of Walmart Stores is to protect its supply chain from interruption and cargo theft as well as secure it against illegal transport of smuggled contraband, people, or as a vehicle for terrorism. The Walmart Supplier Agreement requires supplier facilities to participate in a security program that accomplishes supply chain security. Ocean Container – Global Shipment 1. Apply a cable seal to an ocean container prior to departing the facility. 2. Supplier or facility/consolidator must purchase the cable seal as follows: Use only the Sealock “Keeper” cable seal (pictured below); Purchase the cable seal from Walmart’s designated origin cargo manager;
Seal cost is between US $7 and $10 each based on the country making the shipment. 3. 4. 5. The facility/consolidator must record the cable seal serial number on shipping documents. Install the cable seal as illustrated below with the seal number facing out. If necessary to apply another carrier or facility seal, install this other seal on the container’s right door, outermost door handle location. 6. Implement a Seal Control Log immediately upon receipt of the cable seals. The control log must include the

serial number of all seals received in number sequence before use. Record container information, date seal used, and the name of the person applying the seal. See the sample Seal Log below. Please contact or with questions regarding this cable seal program.

Cable Seal Requirement – High Risk Country | 1 March 2011 (ds)

Cable Seal Requirement – High Risk Country | 2 March 2011 (ds) .

Cable Seal Control Log Cable Seal Number Date Seal Used Container/Trailer Number Name of Person Applying Seal Cable Seal Requirement – High Risk Country | 3 March 2011 (ds) .

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