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Corruption Free Churches

Corruption Free Churches

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Corruption Free Churches
Corruption Free Churches

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Published by: rausyanfikir on Feb 11, 2013
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Churches and related Christian institutions, such as schools, seminar-

ies, universities, hospitals, development projects and agencies, mission

councils, specialised ministries, and publishing houses, as well as na-

tional, continental and international church councils around the world,

can and should further develop clear anti-corruption policies. Many ef-

forts have been started but much more still needs to be done in order to

become corruption-free churches worldwide. Church-related institutions

can refer to existing national, continental and global policies, conven-

tions and strategies in their own anti-corruption efforts in order to show

that they are part of common international commitments and that it is

not just a personal affair of a few activists.

The following thirty-five recommendations cover the following

seven areas:

1. Theology and Ethics

2. Governance and Leadership

3. Resources and Projects

4. Preaching and Teaching

5. Gender Empowerment

6. Sanctions and Courts

7. Databases, Media, Campaigns, Programmes

164 Corruption-Free Churches

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