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Halloween Clo Ze

Halloween Clo Ze

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English worksheet
English worksheet

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Published by: cofoxis8302 on Feb 11, 2013
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Halloween Cloze Fill in the blanks with words from the box: boo costumes werewolf mask haunted

make-up spell witch cauldrons pirate pointy frog

pillowcase mummy vampire black cat jack-o’-lantern candy

trick-or-treat ghost cobwebs brooms bats candle

Costumes: On Halloween, kids dress up in _____________________. Some kids wear a _____________ on their face and others paint their face with ______________. Many boys like to dress up as a ______________ because they can carry a sword. Trick or Treat: At night, kids go trick-or-treating, which means they go from house to house and say _______________________. Then, the owner of the house will give the kids ________________. The kids usually carry a _________________ to carry the treats they get. The house owners usually carve a pumpkin to make a __________________. When they are finished carving, they put a _______________ inside to light up the face. Monsters: There are many monsters on Halloween. A ______________ is a monster that likes to drink blood. A ______________ is a monster from Egypt covered in white bandages. A _______________ is a monster that comes out when the moon is full. Witches: Many girls like to dress up as a _______________. Witches have a _____________ hat and usually have a ____________ as a pet. Witches fly on _____________. If you meet a witch, beware! She might cast a ______________ and turn you into a ___________. Witches also cook magic potions in their _______________. Haunted Houses: A _____________ house is a house with a ______________ in it. Ghosts scare people by saying ________________. Haunted houses often have _______________ in the corners and ________________ in the attic. © 2005 www.bogglesworldesl.com

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