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Year 8 Assessment Task

This is a graded piece of work. You are required to submit a bibliography listing all reference material. Please note down any sources as you research your work. The correct way of writing a bibliography can be obtained from the school library. Complete all of the following five sections. SECTION ONE (30 marks) 1) Find out how many standard drinks are in the following: A) 375ml of full strength Carlton Draught beer B) 375ml of light Cascade beer C) 3 Vodka cruisers D) a 750ml bottle of Yellow champagne E) 2 cans of Vodka & Raspberry UDL (5 marks) 2) List five ways in which you can drink more safely. (5 marks) 3) According to the ADF, what is the maximum number of standard drinks a woman should not exceed per day? (2 marks) 4) Make a table that includes at least three immediate & three long term harmful effects of alcohol consumption: (6 marks) 5) Find an Australian website that focuses on alcohol and gives you information about the topic. List the web address and write a summary of what the site offers. Did you find it an interesting site? Explain your answer. (12 marks) SECTION TWO (40 marks) Make up a game/quiz about alcohol using information you have learned in class or found via research. The aim of the game is to educate players about the possible harms associated with alcohol use. Your game should have a minimum of fifteen questions and answers. The format of the game is up to you: use your imagination and challenge your friends and family! You can make a board game, true /false quiz, card game.. SECTION THREE (10 marks) Find a newspaper or magazine article about alcohol. (not an advertisement) Include a copy of the article in your assignment, stating the date and source of the article. Write a oneparagraph response to the article, giving your opinion on issues it raises. SECTION FOUR (10 marks) You must include a bibliography listing all of your references. SECTION 5 (10 marks) Complete the last sections of your KWL sheet and submit with this assessment task.


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SUBMITTED ON TIME: CRITERIA SECTION ONE 1) Standard Drinks 2) List five ways you can drink more safely 3) Standard drinks for a woman 4)Table of harmful effects 5) Website focusing on alcohol.

Y/N TOTAL MARKS 5 5 2 6 12

MARK DISTRIBUTION MARK GIVEN TOTAL 1 for each 1 for each safe way of drinking

1 for each intermediate effect and 1 for each long term effect 2 for website address, 8 for summary of content and 2 for personal opinion of site. 15 presentation, 20 quality and variety of questions and answers, 5 originality. 2 for relevance of article, 2 for including the article and 6 for response to article 5 for correct use of format, 5 for variety of sources used. 2 for what I Know, 2 for what I Want to know, and 6 marks for what I Learned



SECTION THREE Newspaper article and response


SECTION FOUR Bibliography SECTION FIVE KWL reflection thinking tool



Dimension NA 4 4.25 4.5 Health knowledge and promotion Not Assessed / Not Submitted Student displayed limited learning of alcohol related issues. Student displayed a basic learning of alcohol. Student identified and developed a proficient level of learning of alcohol related issues and harm minimisation strategies Student identified, described and demonstrated a variety of issues related to alcohol, its effects and harm minimisation strategies Plus Produced all parts of the product with precision and met all given timelines. Plus Students product is close to commercial standards (you could sell the work its design is that good) in terms of the quality, creativity and meets the given timelines. Reflection, evaluation and metacognition N/A The student was able to reflect on their learning of alcohol with teacher direction With guidance the student can evaluate their thinking strategies using a reflection sheet The student can describe their thinking processes and can reflect on their learning using the K.W.L thinking tool The student is able to reflect on their thinking processes in different contexts using the KWL, and identify any shifts in their thinking/ viewpoints The student used a variety of thinking tools including mind-maps, fishbone and the KWL to demonstrate their thinking processes The student demonstrates understanding of the conscious changes that have occurred in their own and in others thinking, and their own and alternative viewpoints and perceptions