Aafreen Gets Her Fill

By Elton Camp Aafreen is waiting inside the front door She’s had enough and won’t take more Day-by-day she endures being isolated It’s a life that she has thoroughly hated She can just barely read and write To learn even that, she had to fight Because she’s not allowed to drive a car It isn’t easily possible for her to go far Anywhere outside the house she does go She must wear a burka from head to toe That makes it hard to see where she’s going But nothing but her hands can be showing From her husband she takes a beating If any strange man she is greeting Even if Aafreen is seriously ill No male doctor, lest he get a thrill She must speak only in a hushed tone Lest by her voice she becomes known It’s a pistol she has leveled and waiting For the husband she’s intensely hating The moment the tyrant steps inside She ends forever overbearing pride Though execution she has to expect Such a life she just had to reject

Aafreen can’t take it anymore