Go green in the great outdoors of The French Ardennes

The 2013 Discovery Guide to The French Ardennes is inviting everyone to sign-up to “The Green Community”. A Facebook campaign in the virtual world of social media, it is also a very genuine invitation in the real world - with holiday-makers from the United Kingdom amongst those who are now being invited to discover and explore one of the greenest regions in the whole of France. One area in particular - stretching from the steep cliffs at the Pointe de Givet, through the wooded valleys of the Meuse and Semoy, to the peat moors of the Plateau de Rocroi - was even awarded its own “quality label” last year: The Ardennes Regional Nature Park (www.parc-naturel-ardennes.fr). What this all means, of course, is that there are some great opportunities for holiday-makers to enjoy the great outdoors in The French Ardennes. And full details can be found in the English language version of the Discovery Guide, which is available now by telephoning +33 (0) 324 56 06 08, or by e-mailing info@ardennes.com. Examples include the Trans-Ardennes Green Way (www.voesvertes.com) - a 50-miles long, well-marked track which runs all the way from Givet in the north, to the region’s capital CharlevilleMézières, and which can be followed on foot, roller-skates, horseback, bicycles and even specially adapted family go-karts. Half way down that valley, TerrAltitude (www.terraltitude.com) Adventure Park in Fumay contains a host of outdoor activities and experiences, including one of the longest zip-wire runs in Europe, The Fantasticable, which takes it “passengers” at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour over the Meuse Valley. Water-based activities on the lakes and rivers of The French Ardennes, and walking and mountain biking through the world famous Ardennes Forest - not to mention a host of camping options, or accommodation in tree houses, gypsy caravans and yurts - help to transform this part of France into one very big and very green outdoors playground. There are even opportunities to go in search of wild boar - or see wolves and their cubs in a forest setting. Further information on horse trekking and hiring mountain bikes, bicycles or canoes can be found in the brochure Balades at www.ardennes.com.

For press information, contact: Djamila Daoud TEL: +33 (0) 3 24 56 67 77 E-MAIL: daoud@ardennes.com

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