They’re swept away In a savage Diaspora Forever banished from their own land Their homes in their own

land Except for a luck few who Return in first class splintered “Rest in Peace” boxes Mothers, daughter, wives Of an entire nation exiled Since birth to an inherited Life sentence of economic shackles
1 Their 2 Their 3

8 Polishing

silver in

West Van homes from Dusk ‘till dawn
9 Caring

for babies that are to their children’s

Not their own
10 Listening

Strangeness over the Cold hard phone
11 Serving

the needs of others

Until their bones crack dry Disposing their cheap labor Until there’s nothing left to buy
12 Stripping

existence comodified bodies objectified

in Japan

Their voiced denied

For the golden Yen Selling their sex to Foreign gentlemen Chasing pipe dreams that Will never come Working, hoping praying Until their bodies are cold and numb
13 Execution

Steadily trafficked Through seedy roads, intersections and free ways
4 Of

The Labor Export Policy
5 The

Live-in Caregiver Program Order Bride destinations

6 Mail

Licensed to agencies, pimps Husbands and middle class families Who vilely impose their Extreme malicious liberties On Third World Women Who bear no importance Third World Women Who bear no Importance
7 And

in Singapore

Was is for slaving Pinay maid Flor
14 100

bloody slashes was

Vanquished upon Sloven Sara B And still you ask Where have all the women gone?

still you ask

Where have all the women gone?

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