-INSTANCE WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD ZOOM SPECIAL TRIGGERS Custom.pll will be located in AU_TOP/11.5.0/Resource/ We can implement Following actions by using CUSTOM.pll 1)hide the Fields 2)Make the field as Mandatory or optional 3)change field prompt 4)Change the Visuval attaribute Dynamically. Zoom Trigger will be used to call the another forms from the standard forms. Special triggers will be used to attach the menu options. Inside of the CUSTOM.pll we will write the following IF statement to customize t he form. if (event_name = 'WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE') then if (form_name = 'Name of the Form' and block_name = 'name of the Blcok') then Write Customization code whatever we would like to implement. End If; After that we have to Compile the .pll we will get the Executable .plx which will be transfered into the server. When we are customizing any form we should know the following details. 1)Form Name: 2)Block Name: 3)What customization: 4)When customization whould be executed: 5)Name of the Field: We can we can we can (Place find the form name from Help=>About Oracle Applications. find the blockname from help=>Diagnastics=>Examine find field name from help=>Diagnastics=>Examine the cursor on the field)

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