Major Project - Brief After the success of their game, The Dream Keeper, Generic Name studios are

beginning their next project – The Abhorsen. A game based in the world created by Australian author, Garth Nix, in his trilogy: The Old Kingdom Chronicles. The game will feature many of the characters mentioned in the books, but be set slightly in the future with the player as the new Abhorsen-in-waiting. Your brief is to created the opening cinematic for the game. The opening cinematic must: • Give a summary of the world and its key elements: ◦ The Charter ◦ Free Magic ◦ The Wall ◦ The Nine Precincts of Death ◦ The Abhorsen ▪ The Bells ◦ etc. Briefly summaries the trilogy. ◦ Who are Sabriel and Touchstone? ▪ Who are their children? ◦ Who is Lirael, the current Abhorsen? ◦ Who is Mogget? ◦ What is the state of the Kingdom? Established the current situation? ◦ Who are the antagonists? ▪ The Dead ▪ Necromancers The Player's role in the world. ◦ The Abhorsen-in-waiting

The cinematic must also capture the storybook origins of the game, the archaic and fantasy nature of the old kingdom – and as such you are briefed to created a cinematic in '2.5D', bringing to life vibrant and detailed art through 3D animation methods. Technical Specifications: • • • The cinematic must be no longer than 2 minutes, including credits and title text. Be in a 2.35:1 Cinemascope Ratio. Include a full soundtrack/voice-over.

You must also create a detailed 'Making of' for the cinematic, and a 'Technical Document' outlining one of your methods used in the making of this cinematic.

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