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Washing 6 7 Lecture

Washing 6 7 Lecture

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Published by: Delwar Hossain on Feb 11, 2013
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Super White wash Super white wash is done on the garments made from cotton grey fabrics.

Due to this type of wash, the garments becomes extremely white. •Objects: 1.To make white the garments. 2.To achieve the buyer washing standard. 3.For soft feeling to wear the garments. 4.To remove size materials from the garments, etc. The process of super white wash of batch of 60kg cotton grey fabrics is described below: First step: Desizing -Batch size: 60 kg cotton grey fabrics -Water @ L:R: 1:8 -Machine running -Temperature up to 90°C -Add detergent@2%(OWF) -Cold caustic soda@8% (OWF) -Add Soda ash @ 5% (OWF) -Hydrogen per oxide @ 12% (OWF) -Stabilizer @ 5% (OWF) -Time: 70minutes -Drop the liquor Second step: Bleaching

Time: 5-10 minutes Seventh step: Hydroextractor Eight step: Drying machine .Add Acetic acid @ 1% 2. Add softener @ 0.Hydrogen per oxide @ 6-8% (OWF) 4.Add Caustic soda @ 3-4% (OWF) 3.Temperature: 90°C Third step: Hot Wash 1.Add detergent @1% (OWF) 2.Temperature: 50°C-80°C 2.5-1% 2.Drop the liquor Fourth step: Neutralization: 1.6% 2.Stabilizer @ 2% (OWF) 5.Add optical brightener agent @ 0.5-0.Time: 5-10 minutes 3.Time: 5-10 minutes Sixth step: 1.Cold wash Fifth Step: Brightening 1.1.Time: 45-60 minutes 6.Time: 5-10 minutes 3.

.... By the action of pumic stones... •Add detergent @ 1 gm/litre ...Time: 40 minutes in hot dryer 5.... Second Step:-Hot wash . Thus in this way fadding affect may be developed on the garment by acid wash technique.... and sweater....... •Rinse one for 3 minutes (cold)......After then run 10 minutes in cold dryer.. irregular faddeng affect is developed on the heavy garments like denims. •Add desizing agent @ 1 gm/litre .... 600 Gms.... Ninth step: Delivery Acid wash Ultimate affect of Acid wash •During Acid wash. 600 litres. •Drop the liquor.. The area where more brushing action takes place there more dicolour or fadding affect is developed and the area where less brushing action takes place less brushing action and takes place less fadding affect will be developed. •Add water @ L : R = 1 : 10 . side seam etc area will be brushed more than the single layer areas.Temperature: 75°C-85°C 4... •Temperature.Machine running 3........... thick canvas/twill....1.......... As a result irregular fadding affect will be developed on the garments fabric surface.Load 60kg garments to gas dryer 2.... pumic stones are used. ACID WASH PROCESS A processor Acid wash of 60 kg batch of Denim Trouser as mentioned below:First Step: -Pretreatment/Desizing. The pumic stones act a brushing action on the garment fabric surface.... 60°c..... •Time......600 Gms......... •Start Machine... 20 min.... The multi-layer fabric areas like –collar........ placket... calf. pocket.............

•Add water @ L: R = 1: 10............... •Temperature............... •Stop machine running................ ........... •Soak the stones with the chemical solution .................. •Then load the stones treated garment in another washing machine........... Pumic stones with P......... •Unload the garments from the washing m/c in the trolley.............10 min............ •Load the per-treated stones (about 50 kg) in washing machine... 5 min...... 10 –15 minutes............... •Add water @ L: R = 1: 8. •The stones will pick up the solution......... 100 L •Potassium per manganate......... 40°c -50°c... 600 litres.... •Drop the liquor. •Start machine running for each batch ............. •Stire the solution in a stainless steel tub with dry pumic stone....... 1000 Gms... •Phosphoric Acid... 60°c........... •Add detergent @ 1 gm/litre ... •Unload the treated garment separately............... 560 litres.. •Load the pre treated garments in the dryer m/c.... Then the soaked stones are dried in the open air for.... •Time.....560 Gms.... •Dry the garment completely & unload the garments.... •Third Step:-Wash for cleaning •Batch wt........... 7 to 10 min.... •The pumic stones used for acid wash need to pre-treat in the following chemical solution:•Water ........... 2 to 3 hrs......... 70 kg.. •Time .. •Then pre-treated garment 30 –40 kg per batch load in the dry washing machine..... solution hit on garment surface as a result fadding will be developed....... 250 Gms....................... •Drop the liquor......... •Temperature.P. •Here hot wash is used to remove the adhering materials from the garment surface.

.. 490 litres. •Time 5 min. •Then unload the garments.. 2800 Gms. •Eighth Step:-Quality & Delivery.. •Fourth Step:-Whitening/Neutralization. •Machine running. •Seventh Step:-Dryer machine. •Hydro extractor machine to remove excess water from the garments.. 560 litres........... •After hydro extraction the garments are sent to drying m/c for complete drying. 294 Gms. •After drying the garments go to quality checking & rectify washing fault and then good one delivery... •Add Acetic acid @ 0.... •Add water @ L: R = 1: 8.................. •Fifth Step:•Add water @ L: R = 1: 7..•Here detergent is used to remove the breaking stone dust and chemicals from the garment surface.. •Drop the liquor.. Precaution:- ... •Sixth Step:-Hydro extractor machine...6 gm/litre ....... •Add Softner @ 1 gm/litre .. 490 Gms...... •Add Metabisulphite @ 5 gm/litre................ •Cold temperature. •Machine running...

Stoneenzyme. It is a mater of experience. •Not excess load the garments in the Acid wash processing. Bleach wash etc •Washing Process on Denim/Canvas/Twill garments →Al2o3is very fine & very hard/Sharp. Enzyme. chemicals treatment are required .•Maintain the stock solution properly constant when comes socking the stone. •No water licks age in to the machine when treated pumic stone & garments in to the machine. uniform. . →Operators should have protective masks. →The garments to be sand blasting are placed on the bed of a close chamber. →Garments are faded by frictional affect of Al2O3. earflap. →The Gun has a switch to start & stop the flow. →After mechanical fading. •Sand Blasting →Popular dry process. → Aluminum oxides (Al2O3) through by GUN with dry air to perform blasting action. •Add some new stone after finishing on batch to maintain the volume for 2nd batch. →Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) used which looks like SAND. Helmet. → Al2O3 flow is done at 10ө-20өangles. gloves. →Sand blasting is performed with combine the wash like normal Wash. →A mechanical process.

Whisker: •To make whisker first. the garments are placed in a cabinet. •After spraying the garments look grayish brown. Then KMnO4 solution is sprayed according to the requirement. PP Spray( Potasium per manganate spray): •PP Spray (KMnO4: Potassium per Manganate Spray): •10 g KMnO4 in 1 litre •0r+ Lubricant 1% •5 g KMnO4 in 1 litre •For pp spray. •Finally. Buyer’s given design is plotted on a tracing paper. •It may require more or less than 3 efforts to make whisker pattern to make buyer’s design accurately. the upper surface of the rubber is grinded to a slope or spherical shape and the whisker pattern is prepared. •Caution: . •The next step is to place foam rubber according to the design on ply wood with the help of solution gum. •Then it is neutralized with oxalic acid (COOH-COOH). •Now this pattern is entered through the front opening of the pant and rubbing is done by emery paper at 320 ppm to 500 ppm. faded (white) effect is produced. It is used as the alternatives of sand blasting in some cases. Thus the effect produced on the pant is called whisker. Finally. Then from the tracing paper the design is transferred to the ply-wood or gas kit. Hand scrapping: •To create the impression or visibility of pocketing fabric or any inside materials visibility to the face of the jeans pants with the help of emery paper scrapping is called hand scraping.

Dye fastness can be improved and wet increases. •3.5-1 % on the wt of the goods. . •4. It is also a permanent chemical process.•-The worker must put on mask and hand gloves. Nano finish: Nano process of applying resin and fluro-carbons. In this process of applying resins on the textile material that they cross linked with the amorphous block the free (-OH) that prevent the hydrogen bond formation and thus improve the wrinkle free finishing. •Mainly it is applied on twill fabrics. single jersey. and Denim fabric. Recipe: •Wetting agent: 0. •2. •-It is never done on grey garments. The garments must be desized before spraying. The crease resistance feature keep clothing neat. •Resin: 4-6 % owf •Softener: 2-3 % owf (non ionic) •Fluoro carbon: 4-6 % Wrinkle free: •This process is one kind of resin finishing process. Following are the nano finish advantages: •1. handle and drapping properties of the fabric. It also helps to improve resilience. oil and alcohol repellency but air permeability. •-There must have back glass fountain system to avoid spreading of KMnO4 in air.Water.

•Good water repellency and moderately soil repellency and remove of soil by washing can be achieved by wrinkle free process. »Over grinding / low grinding. »After wash hole. Recipe: •Wetting agent: 0. •resin: 6-10 % . •Softener: 3-5 % .. »Running shading. »Poor hand feel. »Bottom hem & course edge destroy. »Over blasting / low Blasting. •Resin improves resilience.5 % on the weight of the fabric. »Bad smell due to poor neutralization. »Crease Marks. »Bleach Spot. handle and draping properties of fabric. •Then make 60-80 liter liquor put in the machine tank. •Improve wet and dye fastness. DIFFERENT TYPES OF WASHING FAULTS »Colour shade variation.. »Very dark & very light. .Some advantages: •Improve resistance and recovery to creasing by wrinkle free process.

$ 10.00 / DOZ  Boy's item (Denim) .80 .us$ 2.00 / DOZ  Adult item .25 / DOZ  Adult item .50 / DOZ  Adult item .$ 9.00 .us$ 2.00 / DOZ  Adult item (Denim) .us$ 1.us$ 6.$ 7.) .us$ 0.50 / DOZ  PIGMENT WASH / CAUSTIC WASH  Kids / Boy's item .00 / DOZ .00 / DOZ  STONE ENZYME + SAND BLASTING + GRINDDING  Boy's item .00 .00 .us$ 5.50 / DOZ  Adult item .$ 3.25 .) .00 .00 / DOZ  Sweeter item .00 .$ 5.$ 2.50 / DOZ  Adult item (Twill/Canvas etc.50 / DOZ  Adult item " .$ 2.50 .50 .$ 4.) .) .$ 6. RATE FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF WASHING  NORMAL WASH / GARMENT WASH  Kids / Boy's item .00 .00 .us$ 1.us$ 5.$ 1.us$ 7.75 / DOZ  Adult item .$ 1.us$ 7.00 .00 / DOZ  ACID WASH  Boy's item (Woven/Knit) .25 .50 .us$ 7.$ 2. »Spot on garments.50 .$ 9.25 / DOZ  Adult item .75 / DOZ  ENZYME WASH (DENIM)  Kids / Boy's item .00 .us$ 8.$ 4.us$ 4.$ 2.us$ 2.$ 6.us$ 3.00 / DOZ  STONE ENZYME WASH (TWILL/CANVAS/POPLIN/CORDREY)  Kids / Boy's item .00 .$ 7.us$ 1.us$ 5.us$ 3.70 .00 / DOZ  SILICON WASH  Kids / Boy's item .00 . »High or low affect / abrasion on garments.$ 2.us$ 1.50 .us$ 6.00 / DOZ  STONE ENZYME + SAND BLASTING + TINTING  Boy's item (Twill/Canvas/Denim etc.us$ 7.$ 8.us$ 1.»To high hairiness.$ 1.00 / DOZ  STONE ENZYME WASH (DENIM)  Kids / Boy's item .$ 1.us$ 3.00 .25 .00 .$ 6.50 / DOZ  Adult item .00 / DOZ  ENZYME WASH (TWILL/CANVAS/POPLIN/CORDREY/T.00 / DOZ  Adult item (Twill/Canvas/Denim etc.SHIRT)  Kids / Boy's item .$ 8.us$ 1.50 .$ 5.00 / DOZ  STONE ENZYME + SAND BLASTING  Boy's item (Twill/Canvas etc. »Poor brightness. »Out of range / level of pH value of garments APPROX.

0 H&M: 4.0 GAP: 6.0-9.0 .5 AMC: 6.5-8.F.$ 10.0-9.0-8.0 V.P: 5.00 .0-8.C.A: 5.00 / DOZ Some Buyers condition about the Ph:         American Eagle: 6. Adult item .0 J.0 SEARS: 6.0 LEVIS: 5.us$ 8.8-8.0-8.5-7.

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