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Digital Storytelling Checklist

Digital Storytelling Checklist

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Published by Andrea Hernandez

Checklist-style rubric for digital storytelling projects

Checklist-style rubric for digital storytelling projects

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Published by: Andrea Hernandez on Feb 11, 2013
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information is clear, well-explained & created with audience in mind
Music/audio is used effectively to enhance content

images are original, creative commons, public Domain or clipart images are Thoughtfully selected and used to support and visually communicate message Font is Legible & large enough to be easily read & appropriately timed No more than 2 sentences per frame/ slide Font & Background color choices are audience-friendly (easy to read from a distance) Transitions are used effectively to convey message

All sources, including images, are properly cited

Work Habits
evidence of planning process (script, storyboard, outline, etc)

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