Benjamin Franklin s The Sale of the Hessians (1777) Commentary by Kirk H.

Beetz, Ind ependent Scholar, Davis, California Share | The Sale of the Hessians (1777)

From the Count De Schaumbergh to the Baron Hohen-Dorf, Commanding the Hessian Tr oops in America. Rome, February 18, 1777. Monsieur Le Baron: On my return from Naples, I received at Rome your letter of the 27th December of last year. I have learned with unspeakable pleasure the courage our troops exhi bited at Trenton, and you cannot imagine my joy on being told that of the 1,950 Hessians engaged in the fight, but 345 escaped. There were just 1,605 men killed , and I cannot sufficiently commend your prudence in sending an exact list of th e dead to my minister in London. This precaution was the more necessary, as the report sent to the English ministry does not give but 1,455 dead. This would mak e 483,450 florins instead of 643,500 which I am entitled to demand under our con vention. You will comprehend the prejudice which such an error would work in my finances, and I do not doubt you will take the necessary pains to prove that Lor d North s list is...

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