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What is litter? Why do people litter? Who is more likely to litter?

Litter is waste products that is not disposed properly. You will usually find plastic as litter. People litter because they don’t care about the envirment.

It showed people under 30 is more likely to litter. Define these acts of littering Drop with Intent: the person subtly dropped the item on the Ground, with notable intent to litter. Blatant littering of objects out in the open Flagrant fingers: Inch away: inches places their litter besides them and slowly Inch away from it until its not litter Wedgers: individuals who ”stuff” disposable objects into small spaces Sweepers: collect their litter by brushing it Are there any littering can help plants Advantages of Littering? Explain. What are some disadvantages of littering? you can get a large ticket


What are some strategies You can try putting more To prevent littering? Trash cans around the place.