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Published by Matt Grason

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Published by: Matt Grason on Feb 11, 2013
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“You guys make it so easy to get information.

I've had no luck and no direction and keep getting the run around until I called you guys. I feel so much better.”

“You all really helped me last week. Was suicidal and you helped me put the knife down and start using my coping skills. Really appreciated it. Though I take meds for my schizophrenia,

I have unpredictable episodes that are real bad –
triggered by many things.

Helps to know you are here.”

“Thanks so much for listening.”

“Not everyone has such an open ear.”

"You have given me a light at the end

of the tunnel, thank you for listening.

Thank you for caring."

“Love this line - talking to you and getting information just gives me a little more hope.”

“I'm glad you asked me
how I was holding up, that was the nicest thing to hear this morning, to know someone cares means so much!”

“Matt was extremely helpful. I really appreciate what you all do there. Just talking to him made me feel so much better”

“Dana is awesome! All of you are you help me through so many things - the support is awesome.”

“Every time I talk to you all, it makes my day!”

“Even if this agency can't help, you gave me hope by showing that you care”

Caller was so happy to have help finding the VITA sites, kept saying thank you :) over and over

“Thanks for

being patient and for listening.

God Bless you.”

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