A Report of a Special Study Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements in PH 197/199, AY 2012-2013

By Aseron, Marie Grace A. Cortez, Cathlyn Marie R. De Guzman, Alethea Ann R. Remaneses, Joanna I. Sy, Krizia Felea S.

Fely Marilyn E. Lorenzo RN, MPH, DrPH Adviser

College of Public Health University of the Philippines Manila


Generally. Keywords: Hospital blood bank. it is recommended that non-functioning equipments should be repaired immediately. Assessment of the blood bank services revealed that the hospital adheres to replacement blood donation policy instead of the voluntary blood donation. However. there is a need to improve blood bank services in terms of adequacy and affordability of blood. Being the primary maternity hospital in Metro Manila. Dr. blood transfusion. Inadequate and high prices of blood units were reported by the informants. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital receives the most number of obstetrics admission. Recommendations regarding policies in the hospital include the incorporation of replacement blood donation in the SOPs. and devise SOPs on the ideal turn-aroundtime. accessibility. safety. Data collection methods utilized were key informant interviews. thus it is important that their blood bank services is effective in delivering blood to mothers who are in need. safety and timeliness. To increase the capacity of the blood bank to provide adequate and safe blood supply. and regular mobile blood donations. and timeliness. Blood transfusion is found to be the most effective way to save lives of hemorrhaging obstetric cases. It is also suggested that the hospital extensively promote the importance of pre-natal check-ups as this can reduce the risk of severe blood loss during childbirth. Key findings of the study include: most hemorrhagic mothers were found to be young and poor. update existing national policies (RA 7719). on-site observation.Abstract Hemorrhage is the major cause of maternal mortality in the Philippines. the blood bank was found to be effective in providing blood units to mothers in need in terms of accessibility. The study used a descriptive cross-sectional design to assess the effectiveness of the blood bank services. simple policy analysis. The following criteria were employed to determine effectiveness: adequacy. Strict compliance of the blood bank to ensure safe blood transfusion was observed but miscommunications between the doctors and the medical technologists were reported. hemorrhagic obstetric cases. affordability. and training workshops for laboratory staff be conducted. and time and motion observations. blood bank policy ii . maternal mortality. pre-natal care seemed important in preventing hemorrhage during child birth.

who relentlessly gave her precious time. chair of Pathology and Laboratory Department. support. Leonardo’s Offices and Obstetric Department for their tireless pronouncement and assistance. Flores and Dr. and the blood bank staff for bestowing their place in data collection. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital. and contribution to every part of this paper. Dr. medical director of Dr. Fely Marilyn Lorenzo. blood bank staff and mothers for their steadfast willingness and for sharing their time in interviews. for the divine intervention in the academic endeavour of this study. Staff in Dr. All doctors. Ms. for the warm welcome and recognition. medical clerks. Dr. Dr. and personnel for their understanding and collaboration. Ruben Flores. Most importantly God. chair of Medical Records Department. For the moral and financial support of each researcher’s family and friends. Jeffrey Leonardo. iii . nurses. Lucilla Villareal. chief of Medical Professional Staff. guidance. Oscar Ng. for his kind consideration to this study. researchers’ Special Study adviser.Acknowledgement The researchers would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the following persons who made the completion of this paper possible: Dr.

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