FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, February 11, 2013

Outside Counsel Assisted in Nursing Home Negotiations
“The proposed contract with Upstate Services Group is one that protects seniors and those in need by providing a safety net, protects taxpayers by saving at least $100 million over the next ten years and takes responsibility to make a decision, after years of debate and controversy, which is well thought out, serves the needs of our residents and is fair to the people of Albany County,” said Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy. “I wanted to make sure we made the best decision. As such I retained Peter Millock of Nixon Peabody as outside counsel. He has brought enormous experience to this process including 15 years as general counsel at the Department of Health. I am confident the team made up of my executive staff, with the guidance and expertise of Millock has placed the county in the best position possible. Delaying action on this important issue is not in the best interest of our seniors, the taxpayers or Albany County.” ###

Mary Rozak Director of Communications Office of the Albany County Executive 112 State Street, Room 200 Albany, NY 12207 tel 518.447.7040 ext. 7218 fax 518.447.5589

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